ImapTalk is a simple IMAP client that allows you to talk to IMAP servers manually by typing in your own commands. It is a learning tool written to allow people to learn more about email technology and how IMAP works.

Despite being made for the purpose of learning IMAP, it works just as well as a diagnostic tool for most line-based internet protocols, including IMAP, POP3, SMTP, HTTP, FTP, chess servers, RESP, and possibly others.


Download Stable version – ImapTalk 2.1

For version 2, IMAPTalk has undergone a major overhaul – it now uses the latest asynchronous technologies and has been optimised for dealing with large amounts of data. It has many usability enhancements, and some new features such as chess server support and the new Analyze Window, allowing you to select text and view its IMAP parse tree.

Aside from a number of small fixes and enhancements over ImapTalk 2.0,  ImapTalk 2.1 brings support for batch commands, i.e. you can enter multiple lines of input and have them all sent at once to the server. This is particularly useful if you prepare a number of commands in a text file and want to paste them into ImapTalk and have them executed all at once, rather than entering them one by one.


  • Supports SSL and non-SSL connections
  • Remembers settings
  • Auto-generation of command tags (IMAP)
  • Context highlighting (messages are coloured according to whether they are from the client or server)
  • Shell-like command history (Up and Down keys)
  • Automatable login and folder selection (IMAP)
  • Notification sounds (disabled by default – can be toggled)
  • Some predefined settings of well-known servers are available
  • Easy saving of message log as RTF, HTML or TXT
  • Assisted APPEND command via dedicated window (IMAP)
  • Protocol recognition for IMAP, POP3, SMTP and FTP
  • Email notifier for IMAP (using IDLE and keep-alive)
  • Check for updates
  • Analyze window shows IMAP parse tree
  • Chess server support
  • Password concealment (IMAP) – better support in 2.1
  • Batch commands – since 2.1

Supported Protocols

IMAP is the only protocol that is fully supported by IMAPTalk. POP3, SMTP, HTTP, FTP, chess server and RESP support is experimental in the sense that they work under basic conditions, but have not yet been thoroughly tested.

Internet Chess Servers (ICS) use a text-based protocol that works somewhat differently from standard internet protocols (due mostly to non-standard LF+CR newlines). As from version 2, IMAPTalk works well with chess servers when the “Chess Server” setting is selected.

Supported Platforms

IMAPTalk 2.x is regularly tested using Windows 7 (x64). It should work on any Windows from XP onwards as long as it has the required version of the .NET Framework.

Unfortunately there is no way to run IMAPTalk under Linux, since Mono has no plans to support WPF (apparently due to funding issues) and WINE needs Mono to run .NET applications. No progress has been made in this area for a number of years.

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