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[S]UW1 Additions, Other Codex Link Cleanup

10th February 2016 by Dino

Following a recent playthrough of Ultima Underworld, the Ultima Underworld 1 Info page is getting a lot of new additions. As if the recently released Magic page wasn't enough, there is now a Lizardman Language reference and translator, and a new Fun section. A subsection on combining items has been added, and a correction has been made to indicate that there are actually 2 resilient spheres in the game. More information has been collected during the playthrough, and will be added gradually to the site.

I've also gone over all the links to the recently departed UltimaInfo.net, and changed them to point to an archived version instead.

[S][W]Ultima Underworld 1 Magic; CRPG Book Alpha 3

27th January 2016 by Dino

If you're planning to journey through the Stygian Abyss anytime soon, I think you'll like the new Ultima Underworld 1 Magic page I've just added. It's not just a list of spells. You can pick what runes you have available from the rune bag on the right, and the spells you can cast with those runes will be highlighted.

In other news, don't miss the third (300-page) alpha release of the CRPG Player's Handbook. There's a review of my own in there (look for Ravenloft: Stone Prophet), and another one is in the pipeline.

[S][W]New Info Added; Sir Cabirus' UW2 Walkthrough; The Other Codex's Demise

19th December 2015 by Dino

I've made a bunch of info additions to this site:

In addition to this, Sir Cabirus has recently launched his new Ultima Underworld 2 walkthrough. And Paulon Dragon's fantastic Ultima Info site (home to The Other Codex among other things) seems to have recently disappeared from the web.

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