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[W]CRPG Book Released; Houston Dragon's Ultima Page Returns

13th February 2018 by Dino

As promised, the first complete (online) publication of the CRPG Book came out last week, on 5th February 2018. Since then, Felipe Pepe, the man behind the project, has released a slightly updated version 1.0.2 of the book, the project files he used to create it, and an ePub version. He also answers a few common questions about a possible print version, proofreading, and plans for the future.

Those Dragons who have been around for a while will probably remember Houston Dragon's Ultima Page, a fantastic resource best known for its Who's Whos of Ultima 7: The Black Gate and Ultima 7: Serpent Isle. This site had disappeared from the web many years ago, but just yesterday, Houston Dragon restored it at a new location. It's great to see it back online! I've updated its entry in the WebDB2, and will update any links from Dino's Ultima Page in due course.

[W]CRPG Book Release Date Announced

28th January 2018 by Dino

The CRPG Book Project has some very exciting news: after four years in the making, it is finally ready! It is due for release on 5th February.

The Ultima series has a strong presence in the book, and I and several other Dragons have authored reviews for it. Look out for it in just over a week from now!

[S]Dino's Ultima Page Turns 15

27th July 2017 by Dino

This year is a year of anniversaries! The most important was probably the 25th anniversary of the Ultima Dragons, which many of us celebrated together at Disneyland California last February.

Today, we have another reason to rejoice, for it marks the 15th anniversary since Dino's Ultima Page was launched to host The Lost Vale fanfiction. A warm and heartfelt thank-you goes out to all those who have followed and contributed to this site for all these years!

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