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[S]Dino's Ultima Page Turns 15

27th July 2017 by Dino

This year is a year of anniversaries! The most important was probably the 25th anniversary of the Ultima Dragons, which many of us celebrated together at Disneyland California last February.

Today, we have another reason to rejoice, for it marks the 15th anniversary since Dino's Ultima Page was launched to host The Lost Vale fanfiction. A warm and heartfelt thank-you goes out to all those who have followed and contributed to this site for all these years!

[W]Blogging Avatar Concludes U7BG

7th May 2017 by Dino

Great Siberian Dragon has recently finished playing through Ultima 7: The Black Gate, as you can read at Blogging Avatar.

Great Siberian Dragon commented on Facebook: "Days 9 and 10 are up and I finish the game! I also posted some post-game silliness. I build a house on New Magincia (no cheating, no hacking, all 100% authentic found Britannian materials), and do something for an environmental cause.

"Very excited to start on the Serpent Isle soon. I bet it will take me longer than 10 days though."

So on Day 9, she visited the Meditation Retreat, and after a brief detour to Ambrosia, defeated the Cube Generator. After that, armed with a powerful tool necessary to foil The Fellowship's plans, she landed on Buccaneer's Den.

On Day 10, Great Siberian Dragon continued through Buccaneer's Den, obtaining the key to the Shrine of the Codex among other things. She used it soon after at the Isle of the Avatar, where she battled her way through the dungeons, defeated The Fellowship's inner circle, and destroyed the Black Gate.

Finishing the game wasn't enough, so there is another post with post-game fun, in which she built a house on New Magincia, and became an environmental activist.

[W]Blog Updates

3rd May 2017 by Dino

At Blogging Avatar, Great Siberian Dragon proceeded to visit Serpent's Hold, Terfin, Spektran and Dungeon Deceit (Day 7), followed by the Isle of Fire and Vesper (Day 8).

Ultima Dad has also seen a couple of updates, with some reckless charging into a swamp in Ultima 6, and a couple of screenshots of the Ultima/Minecraft project's world.

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