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[W]Blogging Avatar Touring Britannia

20th April 2017 by Dino

As she wrote at her Blogging Avatar, Great Siberian Dragon continued her quest through Ultima 7. In the recently published Day 5 and Day 6, she has been around New Magincia, Skara Brae, Despise and Moonglow, along with a brief stop in the Deep Forest. She is currently gathering what she needs to defeat the magical generators.

[W]Guardian Theory at Ultima Dad Blog

19th April 2017 by Dino

Many Ultima fans never accepted Ultima 9's silly explanation about the origins of the Guardian, i.e. that he is essentially the Avatar's evil twin. In his latest post at the Ultima Dad blog, Save vs Dragon discusses his own theory about where the Guardian came from.

[W][R]U1Revenge resumes development

18th April 2017 by Dino

Over the past few days, I have resumed working on Ultima 1 Revenge, having taken a bit of a break around the UDIC 25th Anniversary Bash. The most recent additions include the first sound effect in the game, rendering optimisations, and the ability to save screenshots as well as the entire world map to disk.

While there are many areas of the game that need work, I will probably be dedicating some time to implementing overlay tiles as well as basic animations. These features will be fundamental to important subsystems such as combat. I also believe collision detection is due to be implemented very soon.

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