Dino's Guide to Ultima VII - The Black Gate

In Trinsic

When you arrive in Britannia through the red moongate, you find a peasant crying over Iolo's shoulder. Iolo recognises you, and explains that 200 years passed since he last saw you. He will tell you to look in the stables (the building exactly north of where you start) as Petre, the peasant, reminds him of the horrible thing that happened. Iolo will automatically join your party. If you have Forge of Virtue, the ground will shake and he will tell you that something is wrong with Britannia and that you should see Lord British about it.

Finnigan, the mayor, should approach you in a few seconds and will tell you that a murder has occurred. The local blacksmith, Christopher, and a gargoyle have been murdered. He will commission you to investigate it. Accept his offer. He will ask whether you searched the stables. It doesn't matter what you answer; the conversation will end and you will be free to roam around Trinsic.

Go into the stables and you will see a gory scene - a mutilated body cut up in pieces with candles and a bucket of blood, as well as a gargoyle corpse with a pitchfork embedded in his abdomen. Bloody footprints lead to the back yard but don't go anywhere. Take the key beside the victim's body, and you can take the bag beside the dead gargoyle, which contains a torch, bread and 3 gold coins (which aren't anything special but are useful when you're starting off).

West of the stables is the Fellowship branch. Talk to Klog (the monk) and ask about the murder until he tells you that his companions, Elizabeth and Abraham, have gone to Britain. This is essential because the plot revolves around those two, and if you don't ask Klog about them, you won't be able to ask about them in later stages.

Go west of the Fellowship branch and talk to Finnigan. He will ask if you searched the stables. Tell him you found a key, and he will tell you to ask Christopher's son. Go northwest of Finnigan's office and you will find a small, 2-storey house. There should be a child running around and in the house. There are 2 fun things in his house:

Talk to Spark (the child) as much as you can. Ask him about the key you found earlier and he will tell you it opens his father's chest. Ask all you can about the murder, and you will learn that he saw a man with a hook and a wingless gargoyle running away the night of the murder. Let Spark join you when he asks (note that ironically, even though he says he doesn't eat much, he's a real pain because you continuously have to feed him).

Open Christopher's chest on the first floor of his house using the key you found at the stables and take its contents - 100 gold coins, a Fellowship Medallion and a scroll. Do not wear the Fellowship Medallion but just put it in your backpack.

It's time to visit Christopher's shop now. Of course, this is optional. Go to the southwest of town and you'll find a ruined building. As soon as you enter, the Guardian will laugh. For some reason, your party members will puke. They usually do this when they see some dead bodies, but it's strange that they do this since there's nothing scary or macabre in the blacksmith's shop. Take the hammer on the firepit - you'll need a hammer later, and although you can get just any hammer from anywhere, it's best to collect what you need so you won't have to go back and find one.

The building will get a little spooky when the chairs start turning on their own. Ignore them and go to the south room - in the chest of drawers you'll find leggings and leather gloves which you can give to Spark. There's also some money you can take - 3 gold coins on the floor and 8 in the bag. Note that this shop is also the source of a major cheat - you can stack crates (or use the hackmover) to climb on the roof and go behind the chimney, where you will be teleported to the cheat room. I'm going to assume you didn't do this, because winning the game so easily takes away all the fun.

Go to the healer's house, just northwest of the blacksmith's shop. There, you will find an injured guard called Gilberto. Talk to him until he mentions the Crown Jewel (a ship), and he will tell you to ask Gargan (the shipwright) about it. At this point, you have enough information for Finnigan, but you may as well go to Gargan's office at the northeast part of town and ask him about it to learn that the ship went to Britain.

Either way, go to Finnigan's office and agree to give him a report about the murder. Answer his questions - if you didn't speak to Spark or Gilberto, you'll find one or two of the essential answers missing. He will then give you 100 gold coins, and ask you questions, which are the copy protection. In fact, the walls around Trinsic are intentional so that anyone without the answers to the copy protection will be stuck in Trinsic. These are the questions and answers:

What is the latitude of the northernmost point of the island Spektran?120
What longtitude runs through the center of the island Buccaneers Den?60
What longtitude runs through the center of the island Terfin?120
What latitude runs through the center of Dagger Isle?0
What latitude runs through the center of Skara Brae?30
What latitude runs through the center of the Deep Forest?60
What latitude runs through the center of Buccaneers Den?60
What longtitude runs through the center of Skara Brae?60

Once you answer correctly, he will tell you that the password is 'Blackbird'. You can now leave Trinsic by telling the password to one of the gate guards. Note that if you choose the right dialogue options, Finnigan will tell you that another murder occurred a few years back in Britain, and this will allow you to ask the Britain mayor about it as well.

Around Trinsic

At this point, you can head to Britain through Paws. However, there are a couple of things you can do first. Southwest of Trinsic, under a yellow maple tree (at this location to be precise), you will find a locked chest. Bash it 4 times, and it will open, revealing a large treasure! Wear the full suit of magic armour and arm your hands with the fire sword and magic shield. Don't throw away your leather armour though, because you can give it to your new companions later on - most of them join you without any armour.

You can also go a little way down the southeast shore to this location where you can get some fighting practice against a band of pirates. Pirates usually have quite a bit of loot on their bodies including poison daggers, lots of regular daggers, full suits of leather armour and quite a bit of gold. Be careful though - at this point your party is small and inexperienced, and a band of 5 pirates may be able to kill you even if you are wearing a full suit of magic armour and carrying a fire sword.

When you're done having fun, go back to the north gate of Trinsic, to head towards Paws and Britain.

Quick Summary

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