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Welcome to my BSc IT page! This page was created to form a hub where everyone can find out where to get IT-related notes, and eliminate the former confusion of running around websites and stationers. This page was created with accessibility in mind; you can use it in any browser, and can even see the news via RSS or WAP.

Any notes to be photocopied should be taken to Konica on Campus (underneath the canteen). Not that I'm getting any commission from them, but it's the closest stationer around and it's easier to take all notes there than to scatter them around the various stationers.


This page is not officially affiliated with the University of Malta in any way. In the case that something stated here is contradicted by the University of Malta, the University of Malta should be considered official and correct.

This page is an informative hub with links to various resources. I will not host any notes of any lecturer without the lecturer's consent. All notes remain copyright of the respective author.

While I will do my best to keep this site updated on a daily basis, I reserve the right to discontinue its maintenance should I lack the time to update it.

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