Visual Studio Bug with Spaces in Path

About a year ago, I ran into a weird bug. After having cloned a repository from Azure DevOps, I was baffled to see that the Solution Explorer in Visual Studio was not showing any files, even though there were plenty:

This problem still annoys my colleagues to this day. What happened in every case was that there was a space in the name of the project in Azure DevOps, so cloning the repo resulted in a folder that included %20 in the name. As I’m sure you’re aware, that’s the URI-encoded version of a space.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Visual Studo does not like this very much. It’s not a big deal though. Simply change that %20 to an actual space, and the files suddenly show up in Solution Explorer:

This problem seems to apply only to .NET Core projects. I haven’t been able to replicate it for older .NET Framework projects.