Public Talks

Occasionally I present a particular topic as part of a community meetup or conference. Below are the talks I’ve given so far, starting from the most recent.

Building Flexible APIs with OData

Date: 2-3 June 2020

Event: Virtual APIDays Helsinki 2020

Location: Online/Virtual (due to COVID19)

Video: Apidays Virtual Helsinki – Daniel D’Agostino, Cleverbit Software

A Practical Introduction to RedisGraph

Abstract: RedisGraph is a relative newcomer in the realm of graph databases, but its excellent performance and adoption of the familiar Cypher language make it very accessible. In this session, we take a first look at how RedisGraph can be used to model problems with a graph representation, which are a lot more common than one might think.

Date: 12-13 May 2020

Event: RedisConf 2020

Location: Online/Virtual (due to COVID19)

Featured in: The Best On-Demand Sessions from RedisConf 2020 Takeaway | Redis Labs

Video: A Practical Introduction to RedisGraph (YouTube)

Virtual Actors with Microsoft Orleans

Abstract: In order to address the ever-growing demands of computer systems, developers have turned to parallel and distributed systems. However, harnessing the power of such systems results in a whole new set of challenges. The actor model provides a lock-free programming model that is suitable for representing a large number of concurrent computational elements. In this talk, we will delve into Microsoft Orleans, a Virtual Actor implementation for .NET.

Date: 1st August 2017

Event: Ignite MT session

Location: Ixaris / Entropay offices, San Gwann, Malta

Presentation: [PPT]

Source code: OrleansTalkDemos folder under the Gigi Labs BitBucket repository.

What’s New in C# 6.0

Abstract: Visual Studio 2015 will bring a number of radical changes, including C# and VB .NET compilers that have been completely rewritten based on the “Roslyn” .NET Compiler Platform. Although much of the work on C# has been done under the hood, in this session we will see a preview of the new features coming to the language in C# 6.0.

Date: 29th January 2015

Event: Tech Spark session

Location: Microsoft Innovation Centre, Skyparks, Luqa, Malta

Presentation: [ODP] [PDF]

Source code: Cs6TalkDemos folder under the Gigi Labs BitBucket repository. Note that these demos were written for Visual Studio 2015 Preview, and some of them may not work in subsequent releases.

Visual Studio 2010: What’s New for Coders

This is the presentation about the new features of Visual Studio 2010 that I delivered at Microsoft DevDays 2010.

Date: 26th March 2010

Event: Microsoft DevDays 2010

Location: Hilton, St. Julian’s, Malta

Presentation: [PDF]

DirectX: A Brief Overview

This is the 5-minute presentation I delivered for local Microsoft user group Tech Spark, which won the Tech Spark Speaker Idol Competition in February 2010.

Date: 11th February 2010

Event: Tech Spark Speaker Idol Competition

Location: Rookies Sports Bar, Bugibba, Malta

Presentation: [PPT]

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