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ImapTalk 2.1 beta released

Today, I released a beta of the next version of ImapTalk, which is 2.1. This new version brings a number of small enhancements and features, but the biggest new feature is that of batch commands. This allows you to send multiple commands at once by entering multiple lines of text – very handy when you prepare a text file full of commands and don’t want to execute them one by one.

Visit the ImapTalk project page to view the full release notes and download the beta.

IMAPTalk 2 (final) Released

The final version of IMAPTalk 2 has finally been released. This version is mostly the same as the beta 3 release from last week. IMAPTalk 2 had been in beta since October, allowing ample time for testing.

The IMAPTalk page has also been updated to reflect the new version. Some older downloads, instructions and screenshots from the early versions have been removed. Go there to download the latest version!

Remember that since beta 3, IMAPTalk can be used for manual interaction with Redis servers. I am planning some new tools (for upcoming releases) that should be useful when using IMAPTalk for Redis.

IMAPTalk 2 beta 3 released

I have just released a new beta release of IMAPTalk 2. While the changes involve fairly minor enhancements, I am more excited to have found another protocol that IMAPTalk is compatible with. It’s RESP, the protocol used by Redis. You can use IMAPTalk to communicate with a Redis server instead of the Redis CLI on Windows, giving you several advantages including colorization and standard rich text features.