The Ninth Anniversary

Another year has gone by. Considering I’m supposed to be retired from tech blogging, and that I moved country this year, and wrote extremely detailed walkthroughs of Day of the Tentacle and Menzoberranzan, I’m surprised that I managed to write as much as I did.

Among the 26 articles I’ve published over the past year are:

Having stopped working with .NET has clearly opened up the way to more interesting things. Given that the three most popular articles in the last three months were written in the last year, I like to think that at least some of what I’ve written has appealed to a wide audience and is helping them to solve problems.

I’m not sure what the tenth year will be like for Gigi Labs, but I hope it will be fun!

One thought on “The Ninth Anniversary”

  1. That’s a lot of remarkable stuff! Hope the tenth year goes even better than the past ones. I highly thank you for sharing your knowledge, may God bless you!

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