Gigi Labs is only one of the latest in a series of websites I’ve made since 2002. Below is a list of other websites I’ve made that have survived over the years. is a new personal website that lists some of the things I’ve done over the years in a manner that is more focused and concise than on Gigi Labs. It was first opened in September 2020, but was not launched in public until a revamp in November 2021.

Programmer’s Ranch

Programmer’s Ranch is a blog launched in May 2013 where I wrote and published a large number of programming articles on a regular basis. Despite the blog’s huge success, Blogger proved to be a very sub-par platform for writing programming articles, and thus the site was discontinued in October 2014 and superceded by Gigi Labs.

Gigi on Games

Gigi on Games (launched in 2009) was a short-lived blog which I used to post information about games that weren’t Ultima. Not content with the WordPress platform at the time, within a couple of years I ended up preferring to add game info to Gigi’s Computer Corner instead.

Gigi on IT

Gigi on IT (launched in 2008) was my first blog, and it was intended to be a place to write about random stuff encountered in the IT world that didn’t need to be structured like the information in my other websites. I used it to write about useful information I needed to remember as well as rant about bad software. It is superceded by Gigi Labs.

Swords and Software

Swords and Software

When Gigi’s Computer Corner was launched in 2006, it was the latest in a series of computing-focused websites starting in 2003. Gigi’s Computer Corner contains various information about programming, games, and computers in general; it also hosts several of my older projects, as well as some online tools. For many years, it has served as my primary website, but was superceded by Gigi Labs in October 2014. It remained dormant for many years until, in 2021, I began restoration efforts. In 2023, it was rebranded to Swords and Software.

Dino’s Ultima Page

Dino’s Ultima Page, my first website, is a website about the Ultima series of games. Launched in 2002 to host a long-lost fanfiction, it expanded over the years into one of the leading Ultima news and information sites. Some of the games have extensive guides detailing every aspect of the game. I have also used this site as a test bed for new technologies, so while much of the site is now quite dated, you’ll find some shiny new sections such as the Ultima 1 Guide, the Ultima 1 Map Viewer, and the interactive Ultima 4 dialogues. I still regularly maintain this website.

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