I’ve never been an avid reader, but I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I’ve written long stories as early as 7 years old, and when I started my websites at the age of 14, I continued writing on the world wide web. This blog, and all the other websites and blogs before it, are merely the latest manifestation of my oldest hobby.


My article, Project Management is a Graph Problem, was featured on the Neo4j blog article This Week in Neo4j: VS Code Extension, Geospatial Data, Closeness Centrality, Project Management, and More!


I’ve continued to write technical articles professionally, diversifying my portfolio. Not all are credited, but the following are:

I have also:


  • I finally got a copy of the CRPG Book, which I contributed to (see 2015/2018 below).
  • I am writing technical articles professionally on a freelance basis, currently with a focus on the ELK stack.

Fresh Stuff (2018)

  • The CRPG Book Project, for which I wrote a review of the Ravenloft: Stone Prophet (with brief mentions also of Ravenloft: Strahd’s Possession and Menzoberranzan) was finally published, four years since its inception, on 5th February 2018.
  • I wrote a poem for a St. Valentine’s Day poetry competition, and won. This is very ironic because there was nothing romantic about the poem. It was a limerick centered around a dirty and negligent truck driver, with imagery inspired by Denis Leary’s “Asshole” song. I wrote it just for laughs, and looks like it worked.

New Stuff (2017)

  • I was awarded Honorable Mention in the Ultima Dragons 25th Anniversary Essay Contest.
  • I wrote dialogue for an NPC representing myself in a game called Morgaelin.
  • I occasionally contribute documentation to the Microsoft Orleans project.

Recent Stuff (2015)

Game Walkthroughs

Ancient Stuff (2002-2003)

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