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[S]Dino's Ultima Page Turns 19

27th July 2021 by Dino

Another year has gone by, and today, Dino's Ultima Page is 19 years old!

This past year has seen a revival of activity on this site, particularly with the migration to the 7th design (see "The Evolution of Web Design at Dino's Ultima Page") which was completed a few months ago. Except for the U1 and U8 Guides which each have their own individual design, the entire site has been consolidated into a consistent layout that is technically sound, mobile-friendly and more accessible to search engines. At the same time, the look and feel of the site itself have remained mostly the same, retaining its character. There were also a lot of changes to the content, the most notable being the responsive image galleries which you can find throughout the site (e.g. U6 Geography).

During the past year I have also restored two of the best Ultima sites (the Ultima Web Archive and UltimaInfo) to the web.

Thanks for continuing to follow Dino's Ultima Page for all these years! I'll do my best to continue making it well worth your time to visit.

[S]Ultima 6 Playthroughs

4th July 2021 by Dino

The Walkthroughs section of the Ultima 6 Guide now has a Playthroughs section, into which I've moved the playthroughs by The CRPG Addict (enhanced into a list of posts) and Nakar (updated the link and the description), and also added the one by Ophidian Dragon.

[W]CRPG Book Three-Year Update

13th June 2021 by Dino

I have recently been reading through the hardcover edition of The CRPG Book, so it's quite exciting to see a recent update three years after the book's PDF launch.

In this update, Felipe Pepe shares some information about the success the book had in terms of downloads, sales and money raised for charity. He also mentions the goals for an updated version of the book that is currently in progress - it will feature games up to 2019, add a few new sections, and fix some issues with the original release.

Finally, Felipe has also shared in the update some other content he has created or been involved with, including an article on MUDs and MMORPGs, another on Chinese RPGs, and a podcast interview in which he talked about The CRPG Book.

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