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[W]Lands of Britannia Map - Version 2

28th October 2023 by Dino

Earlier this year, Reddit user u/rwgosse posted a number of lovely Ultima maps (see news from 30th May and 18th June). There is now a new map called "Lands of Britannia - Version 2 - Full DM map (non-canon)". It seems to have based on Ultimas 4-7.

Check out rwgosse's DeviantArt gallery for all their Ultima maps.

[S][W]Moonring Released; CRPG Addict Finishes Serpent Isle;

22nd October 2023 by Dino

Last month, a retro, Ultima-inspired game called Moonring was released for free on Steam. I haven't tried it yet, but reviews have been very positive, and I hope to play it soon when time allows.

Meanwhile, after an eight-month slog, The CRPG Addict has finally beaten Serpent Isle. As can be expected from anyone who has been following his progress, his summary and rating of the game hasn't been too kind.

You can find the full list of The CRPG Addict's Serpent Isle posts (all 25 of them) at the end of my Serpent Isle Info page.

[S][W]Origin vs SSI & Other Updates

16th September 2023 by Dino

I've been quite busy over the past few weeks writing my new Menzoberranzan walkthrough, which was published yesterday. However, there have been some updates here in the meantime that I'd like to share:

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