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[S]Ultima 7 Guide Migrated to New Layout

17th January 2021 by Dino

Today, the Ultima 7 Guide became the latest part of Dino's Ultima Page to migrate to the new layout. This means it gets a new logo, fancy navigation images, and mobile responsiveness. I've also reorganised the content of the Guide since there were a lot of empty pages and sections.

The Ultima Underworld 1 Lizardman Language page has also been migrated to the new layout.

Finally, the Ultima 5 Guide got a new logo.

With all the recent changes, hopefully Dino's Ultima Page is looking pretty fresh by now. The site is now in advanced stages of a long-term modernisation project with the goals of having a consistent look and feel, looking decent on mobile, ranking better in search engines, and making it easier to add new information.

[S]U9 Galleries from Silva's World

8th January 2021 by Dino

Silva's World is one of many websites that were around in the early 2000s and that have since disappeared. Like many of its kind, this website was a treasure trove of Ultima information and pictures.

In fact, digging through my archives, I have managed to recover two galleries from Silva's World, with gorgeous screenshots of Ultima 9 by Silva Dragon and Xenerkes Dragon. I've added these to the Ultima 9 Gallery (with proper attribution) for everyone to enjoy!

[W]Ultima 6 in German: Umlauts and Updated

7th January 2021 by Dino

Sir John shared on Twitter that he's working on a new German translation patch for Ultima 6. The upcoming version 1.5 has umlauts not only in the game itself, but also in the introduction, character creation and the endgame.

In fact, Sir John also shared a video on YouTube of the Ultima 6 endgame in German, sporting letters bearing the aforementioned pair of dots throughout. Additionally, the video shows another modification: The final "Report thy feat" message has been updated, asking successful players to reach Richard Garriott on Twitter.

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