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[S]Ultima 9 Info Spreads Out

29th January 2024 by Dino

Three of the longer sections in the U9 Info page have been moved into their own dedicated pages. These are the new Ultima 9 Geography, Ultima 9 Fun, and Ultima 9 Development pages. At this point, there are enough Ultima 9 info pages to warrant them getting their own navigation, which is likely to happen sometime soon.

[S]Ultima 9 GOG Link Additions

12th December 2023 by Dino

Just a minor update: I've added a couple of new links to the U9 Info page, including where to buy the game on GOG, and how to change the keyboard controls.

That's all for now, and it will probably remain quiet here for a bit as we approach the Christmas season. Happy holidays!

[W]Lands of Britannia Map - Version 2

28th October 2023 by Dino

Earlier this year, Reddit user u/rwgosse posted a number of lovely Ultima maps (see news from 30th May and 18th June). There is now a new map called "Lands of Britannia - Version 2 - Full DM map (non-canon)". It seems to have based on Ultimas 4-7.

Check out rwgosse's DeviantArt gallery for all their Ultima maps.

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