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[S][R]Ultima V: Lazarus Enhanced Graphics Mod Recovered

26th April 2024 by Dino

Someone who was recently trying to locate the Enhanced Graphics Mod by XiDragon for Ultima V: Lazarus was able to locate it thanks to help from the Ultima Dragons Facebook Chapter. This is not the first time such help was offered by the Ultima community; indeed some of you might remember that Dino's Ultima Page started with a similar story.

As a result, I've added a(n Ultima V: Lazarus) Mods subsection to the Ultima 5 Projects page, with info on this mod and others for Ultima V: Lazarus. I'm also hosting a copy of the Enhanced Graphics Mod since it has all but disappeared from the web.

[S]Ultima 9 Info Spreads Out

29th January 2024 by Dino

Three of the longer sections in the U9 Info page have been moved into their own dedicated pages. These are the new Ultima 9 Geography, Ultima 9 Fun, and Ultima 9 Development pages. At this point, there are enough Ultima 9 info pages to warrant them getting their own navigation, which is likely to happen sometime soon.

[S]Ultima 9 GOG Link Additions

12th December 2023 by Dino

Just a minor update: I've added a couple of new links to the U9 Info page, including where to buy the game on GOG, and how to change the keyboard controls.

That's all for now, and it will probably remain quiet here for a bit as we approach the Christmas season. Happy holidays!

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