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[W][R]DrashRL on itch.io

24th January 2022 by Dino

A couple of days ago, Slashing Dragon announced on a Twitter thread that he would "be uploading one game a week from slashie.net to itch.io. This week, DrashRL, the traditional #roguelike themed in the world of #Ultima".

The Mount Drash Roguelike page at itch.io provides more information, screenshots, a video, and a download of the game:

"Mt. Drash: The Roguelike, takes some ideas from the setting of the ancient VIC-20 game "Escape from Mt. Drash", trying to make it more compatible with the rest of the Ultima series while at the same time providing hardcore traditional roguelike fun.

"In the game, you must decide carefully how you want to shape your character based on the limited options that you are given; there are no experience points or levels, all advancement is made by transversing the levels of the arena. There are combat tactics and magic spells for a great variety of interaction types."

In the aforementioned Twitter thread, Slashie also points out that DrashRL actually has six different visual modes you can use to play the game.

[W][R]New U5 Redux Pre Alpha Release

10th January 2022 by Dino

There's fresh news at the Ultima 5 Redux Development Blog, where new pre-alpha builds for Windows, Mac and Linux have just been released.

The blog post explains what you need to get started, and the release page lists known issues and features added over the past year or so.

[S]UW Adventures and U5 Redux Screenshots

27th December 2021 by Dino

In the U5 info page, I've added a handful of screenshots of U5 Redux, and moved the project into its own subsection.

I've also done the same with Underworld Adventures in the Ultima Underworld 1 info page.

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