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[S]Minor Updates

7th October 2021 by Dino

Here are a few updates I made to Dino's Ultima Page recently:

[S]SE and U6 Link Additions

31st August 2021 by Dino

I've sprinkled a few new links in different places. The most interesting of these is probably the one I added to the end of the U6 Fun page. According to an old thread I came across, you can break the game by having a secondary party member cast Armageddon.

I've added a few other links to the Savage Empire Guide, including to Ultima Journeys (Main and Walkthrough pages) and StrategyWiki's Savage Empire wiki (which has some very detailed item lists). In the section about the Myrmidex caverns, I replaced the mention of five entrances with a list of sources that list or show them, and the section on Remnants of Ultima 6 has been elaborated based on information from the Codex of Ultima Wisdom.

[W]Yet Another Savage Empire Speedrun

23rd August 2021 by Dino

The record I set for speedrunning The Savage Empire a couple of weeks ago didn't last very long. In fact, a couple of days ago, I set a new record at just 15 minutes and 27 seconds. This speedrun was verified and listed on speedrun.com today.

During this speedrun, I notably sacrificed my companion Rafkin to a T-Rex. Don't worry though... he was absolutely fine in the endgame.

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