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News articles

[S][W]Savage Empire Speedrun Listed; C64 Tilesets

26th September 2020 by Dino

The Savage Empire speedrun I did a couple of weeks ago has since been approved and listed on speedrun.com. It is the only listed speedrun of The Savage Empire to date, and thus currently holds 1st place. I have added a Speedruns section to the Savage Empire walkthrough page with links to this speedrun.

In another small update to the Savage Empire Guide, I removed an acknowledgement about the Cheatbook database, in connection with a mistake I made years ago and recently corrected.

Finally, Minstrel Dragon has extracted C64 tilesets of some of the earlier Ultima games, and kindly contributed them to Dino's Ultima Page. You'll find them in the Ultima 2, Ultima 3 and Ultima 4 info pages under the respective File Format Information sections.

[W]The Savage Empire Speedrun

13th September 2020 by Dino

Today, after a fair amount of preparation over recent weeks and months, I've created and published a speedrun of Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire. As far as I'm aware, this is the first speedrun of this game. The recording shows the game played from beginning to end in less than an hour and a half, with room for improvement.

[S]U8 Docks and Tenebrae Walkthrough Revamped

26th August 2020 by Dino

I have continued replaying Ultima 8 with the intention of updating and completing the walkthrough. Having explored Tenebrae, I have made the following updates to the Ultima 8 Guide:

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