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In this page you will find the answers to all the copy protection answers in the whole Ultima series. I compiled this information on Thursday 29th August 2002, for the comfort of those who have legal copies of the games and either misplaced their copy protection answers or whatever. I understand that these answers are legal, because they can be found on Origin's own website.

Ultima 6

Lord British's Questions

How wert the headlesses produced?Wizard
What valued item canst one find near the spawning grounds of Hydras?Nightshade Mushroom
What art reapers remnants of?Enchanted Forest
How canst one fend off Rotworms?Torch
How doth Sea Serpents attack?Fireballs
Where hath images of the Silver Serpent been seen?Tomb walls
How doth giant squids cruch their prey?Beak
What part of the tangle vine doth put one to sleep?Pod
What doth Trolls lack?Endurance
What creature art wisps oft mistaken for?Firefly

Mariah's Questions

What does the magic syllable 'Hur' mean?Wind
What does the magic syllable 'Jux' mean?Danger/Trap/Harm
What does the magic syllable 'Ort' mean?Magic
What does the magic syllable 'Quas' mean?Illusion
What does the magic syllable 'Zu' mean?Sleep

Selganor's Questions

Where does Sulfurous Ash come from?Volcanic Eruptions
What are the Black Pearls used for?Kinetic propellent
What kind of fork should mandrake roots be prepared with?Silver
What part of the nightshade mushroom is used in spellcasting?Cap

The Savage Empire

1Who is shown on the cover of the Ultimate Adventures Magazine?Coatlicue
6In your dreams, what did you think of as an old trusty friend?Knife
6In your dreams, you saw birds. What sort of eyes did they have?Reptilian
6In your dreams, what was it that you lacked?Memory
22What sort of cover does Jimmy's notebook have?Weatherproof
24What does Professor Rafkin think the Valley is akin to?Time Capsule
25What is the first tribe Rafkin discusses in his notes?Nahuatla
25What does Rafkin say happens frequently between tribes?Clashes
40What expedition has returned?Wild Basin

Martian Dreams

The Martian year is how many Earth days long?687
What gas keeps the Martian airsquid aloft?Pydrogen
Which creature fills the Martian ecological niche of Earth's wolves?Pedgehog
Which plantimal uses crude weapons?Proto-martian
What type of Martian tends a birthing plot?Cultivator
What type of lens topped the towers discovered by Peary?Ruby/Red
Marie Curie discovered the radioactive properties of radium and what other substance?Polonium
Percival Lowell built his observatory in which state?Arizona

Ultima 7 - The Black Gate

Finnigan's Questions

What is the latitude of the northernmost point of the island Spektran?120
What longtitude runs through the center of the island Buccaneers Den?60
What longtitude runs through the center of the island Terfin?120
What latitude runs through the center of Dagger Isle?0
What latitude runs through the center of Skara Brae?30
What latitude runs through the center of the Deep Forest?60
What latitude runs through the center of Buccaneers Den?60
What longtitude runs through the center of Skara Brae?60

Other places that list these questions and answers include:

Batlin's Questions

How many times must Ginseng be reboiled in order to be properly used as a magical reagent?40
How many runes are in the archaic script of the outdated Britannian Language?31
How many places may the mandrake root naturally be found?2
How many bandits can be seen surrounding the old man in the illustration on page 3?6
How many parts of the body should one wish to protect with armour?6
Fewer than how many pearls in 10,000 are black?1
On what page is the spell known as An Zu?42

Ultima 7 - Serpent Isle

How many areas are mentioned in the section 'Other places of interest?'4
According to Erstam's book, how many spells are available in the Ninth Circle of Magic?8
How many different materials can armour be made from?4
How many beasts are discussed in the Bestiary included in Erstam's book?52
How many different types of Reagents does Erstam write about?11
How many Reagents are required to cast the 'Mass Death' spell?6
What is the number of times ginseng must be boiled before it becomes syrup?40
In what Circle of Magic does the Create Automata Spell appear?6
For how many reasons did Erstam put down the history of the land in writing?1
How many characters are there in Ophidian writing?36
How many cities were established in the Serpent Isle?3
How many forces, when combined, form the Principles of Balance?6
How many clans divide Monitor?3
How many types of weapons are described in Erstam's book?4
How many Words of Power are there?27
How many letters in the name of the woman who made fine-fitting lambskin gloves?6
People from how many cities chose to emigrate from Britannia to the Serpent Isle?4


  1. Natreg Dragon provided most of the Serpent Isle copy protection questions and answers above.
  2. Crowley added the first Serpent Isle question and answer, which was missing from other copy protection question lists.
  3. Artaxerxes originally pointed out that the last two Serpent Isle copy protection questions are never asked. This led to a discussion about Thoxa's questions in June 2004, wherein Gallara discovered that the last two questions are only asked if Silver Seed is not installed; and on the other hand, the first question (the one added by Crowley) is only asked if Silver Seed is installed.
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