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The following online Ultima encyclopaedias are still available:

The links below used to hold large quantities of Ultima-related information. Alas, they are no longer available, but they remain here for a bit longer so that I can keep track of them and perhaps find a way to restore them.


Copy Protections

Check out my list of copy protection questions and answers from all the Ultimas.



Ultima 4 revolutionised the RPG genre with the introduction of a system of virtues that would be affected positively or negatively depending on what actions you choose to do.

The eight virtues stemmed from the combinations of three principles, which in turn were based on the underlying principle of infinity.

Although these virtues remained present in Ultima until the end, there were also other virtue systems introduced throughout the course of the series. In Ultima 6, the gargoyles turned out to have a similar system of beliefs. Also in Ultima 6, a man named Mandrake devised his own virtues from the principles of Wine, Women and Song. Serpent Isle introduced a new virtue system with a totally different combination system, leading to nine virtues.

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Some Ultima music can be used as a ringtone for your mobile phone. If your mobile phone is WAP- or GPRS-enabled, use it to go to http://gigi.nullneuron.net/ultima/ugeneral/tones/.

The ringing tones are provided for free. The only costs you might have to incur are those of using WAP or GPRS to download them.

The ringing tones currently provided are:


The above wallpaper was sent to me by W G, with the following email:

I see you are an Ultima fan, by your web page. I made a fanart desktop with all reconizable faces from Ultima games. I wanted to share it with the ultima community.

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The following are locations of downloadable Ultima music:

For the more musically inclined, check out the Ultima Songbook [PDF, ~7.92MB] by Stratocaster Dragon (hosted here with his permission).

Sheet music for Ultima 4 has been transcribed by Yofa Dragon. A video of the music (with sheet music download links) is available on YouTube. Copies of the sheet music are available here at Dino's Ultima Page with permission (NTSC tuning [PDF] and PAL tuning [PDF]).


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Richard Garriott:

Dr. Cat:

Sheri Graner Ray:

Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter

The Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter (UDIC) is the largest Ultima fanclub on the net. While the actual site, maintained by Fallible Dragon, is far from active, the rosters (chronological or alphabetical) are still active, boasting over 15,000 members.

Becoming a Dragon doesn't give you any special power or rights, but lets you bear the "Dragon" suffix to your nickname, and makes you a member of the evergrowing fanclub.

Parcival at UltimaDot had compiled a series of biographies about Ultima Dragons who have given an outstanding contribution to the Ultima series, called the Dragon Gallery. Although UltimaDot is long gone, you can still read them thanks to a mirror spotted by Houston Dragon:

  1. Daniel D'Agostino aka Dino the Dark Dragon (8th November 2003)
  2. Christian Hackl aka Hacki Dragon (17th November 2003)
  3. Laura Campbell aka Shadow of Light Dragon (26th November 2003)
  4. John Hosie aka Houston Dragon (6th December 2003)
  5. Paul Ryan aka Paulon Dragon (24th December 2003)
  6. Paul Gilham aka Samurai Dragon (17th January 2004)
  7. Ron Windeyer aka Gaseous Dragon (26th February 2004)
  8. Joseph Morris aka DOUG the Eagle Dragon (31st July 2004)

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