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[S][W]Origin vs SSI & Other Updates

16th September 2023 by Dino

I've been quite busy over the past few weeks writing my new Menzoberranzan walkthrough, which was published yesterday. However, there have been some updates here in the meantime that I'd like to share:

[W]CRPG Book Expanded Edition Available to Order

15th August 2023 by Dino

Felipe Pepe from The CRPG Book has announced today that the hardcover physical version of The CRPG Book is now available to order from Bitmap Books:

This Expanded Edition brings 156 pages extra pages [sic], 65 new game reviews, several new articles, a lot of revised content and a glorious cover art gallery! And it goes beyond the usual CRPG canon, exploring more French, Korean & Chinese-only, RPG Maker, Flash and online RPGs!

Thanks to Bitmap Books, this release was fully proofread by a professional, as typos were one of the biggest issues in the 1st edition.

Of course, the CRPG Book is a non-profit project, so once again 100% of the author’s revenue will be donated to Vocação, a Brazilian NGO that helps kids and teenagers from poor areas to get a better education and find employment. The 1st edition raised £22,845, hopefully this one does even better!

You can also get the PDF version of The CRPG Book: The Expanded Edition for free from The CRPG Book, although Felipe notes that it's not yet up to date with the print version.

[S][W][R]Ultima VII: Revisited Website Launched

7th August 2023 by Dino

Fresh from the Ultima Dragons Facebook group is the news that Anthony Salter's "Ultima VII: Revisited" now has a website. You can read about the project there, download the compiled project, or check out its source code at its GitHub repo. I've also added a WebDB2 entry for this project.

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