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News articles

[W]Sir Cabirus' Coins and Corven Trailer

1st June 2020 by Dino

Today, I'm delighted to bring you a few news items fresh from the Ultima community.

First, Sir Cabirus Dragon, best known for his incredibly detailed Ultima Underworld walkthroughs, has added a new gallery of Ultima coins and medallions:

After a long time finally an update. There is a new section about Ultima coins and medallions, as well as coins related to the Ultima series. Among them are some coins created by Frank Baxley, who even wrote an article for my homepage.

This section is in English. I plan to publish more in English in the future to reach more readers. Please forgive me if my English is a little bumpy in the process ;-)

Secondly, Corv from Lycantic (whom you might recognise from what used to be the Titans of Ether) has released a new trailer of Corven: Path of Redemption. The game's Kickstarter campaign has moved to 9th June, and a demo will be released on the same day.

Finally, don't miss the MS DOS Project's video review of Ultima 3.

[S]Ultima 1 Guide updates

30th May 2020 by Dino

I made a number of Ultima 1-related updates to Dino's Ultima Page today:

[S]200 Ultima Sites at the WebDB2

26th May 2020 by Dino

I've added a number of websites to the Ultima Web Database 2, bringing the total number of Ultima-related sites in the database to 200. Newest additions include U6Edit, The Ultima Collectors Guide, Aubrey's Adobe, The Dark Unknown, Tales from Sosaria, Hansonian Institute, and an Ultima info section by Stéphane Romand.

Furthermore, as of today, all website links in the WebDB2 are now accompanied by direct Wayback Machine links, making it much easier to check out old Ultima sites that have long since disappeared.

[W]Pix's Savage Empire Patch

24th May 2020 by Dino

Some news surfaced earlier this month at Pix's Origin Adventures: Ultima Patcher 1.67 has been released with a new Savage Empire patch and a few other minor fixes. (The relevant news item at The Ultima Codex brought this to my attention.) Here's how Pix described the changes in his news post:

Pix wrote: "I was approached by “Death Strike” about adding a patch for Savage Empire to the Ultima Patcher. Apparently, the GOG version of the game contains a bug which disables the alternate ending but a later fixed version was released on the compilation CD with 7 Cities Of Gold (anyone who has ever spent time hunting for Ultimas on Ebay should be familiar with this particular CD). They created a patch to update the GOG version which I’ve added to the Ultima Patcher."

The readme included with the patch gives a little more detail:

README.txt says: "There appears to be two versions of Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire available.

"The first and most widely available is version 1.6. This is the version available from GOG.

"The second is version 2.1 and appears to be from a later release from Electronic Arts, possibly from a compilation of their games.

"You can check your version in game by selecting "About The Savage Empire" from the main menu.

"This patch upgrades Savage Empire from version 1.6 to version 2.1.


"Tristia's dialogue no longer loops until she is rebuffed. This allows the player to reach the alternative ending.

"Other than the above, the differences between the two versions are currently unknown."

Now, this is particularly interesting due to recent events. In October 2019, a visitor to Dino's Ultima Page noticed that the Savage Empire Credits in Dino's Guide to The Savage Empire list a different version (2.1) to the game distributed by GOG (1.6). The version of Savage Empire I had always played was indeed the one from the EA compilation CD, as mentioned by Pix.

A few months later, I dug deeper, identifying which files had changed. Thanks to help from Eric Fry of Nuvie, we found that four dialogues had some differences, including Tristia's. I briefly mentioned the two different versions on 25th January 2020 and updated the Savage Empire Guide accordingly.

Pix's news sheds some more light on the differences between the two versions. Looking back at Tristia's dialogue, I see that in the 1.6 version there is a missing keyword, and I wonder whether that causes the bug that Pix describes. The 2.1 version fills this hole, and adds a couple of keywords for the same dialogue option.

The existence, let alone details, of these two different versions is still very much unknown, and we have yet to figure out the full extent of their differences. If you noticed anything in the games that you'd like to add, please get in touch!

[S]Ultima Web Directory retired

23rd May 2020 by Dino

Although the old Ultima Web Directory was migrated to the current Ultima Web Database 2 (WebDB2) in 2014, a few info pages still remained. The last of these include my old Exult review from 2003, a list of Exult mods, a page about Ultima 5 for TI Calculators, a page about Ultima V: Lazarus (featuring "talking points" and old download links), and a page about the Ultima V: Lazarus v. 1.1 patch. Although these pages are obsolete, I've salvaged them for their historical value, and made some minor fixes. What remained of the old Ultima Web Directory itself has been retired.

Other than that, I've added links to the MS-DOS Project's recent Mt. Drash review and soundtrack to Dino's Complete Guide to Ultima: Escape from Mount Drash, and the Ultima VII: The Black Gate Opinions page has a new link to a video review of the game by Matt Barton. In the WebDB2, you'll also find a new entry for the Ultima Dragons Facebook Chapter.

[S]U1-3 Info Updates

21st May 2020 by Dino

Over the past few days, I've updated the info pages for some of the oldest games in the Ultima series:

[W]Corven Kickstarter Date and Screenshots

20th May 2020 by Dino

Corv of Lycantic (and formerly of The Titans of Ether), who is hard at work on his game Corven - Path of Redemption, has announced on Facebook that the game's Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to launch on 2nd June.

His post was accompanied by two screenshots, showing Lord British as well as Sir Cabirus Dragon. These screenshots together with a third one are shown above.

In other news, The CRPG Addict continued exploring Dungeon Despise, but his progress was ruined by a showstopper bug. It seems like he's going to have to fall back to a much earlier savegame and repeat a lot of his recent gameplay.

[W]Revisiting Mt. Drash and U7BG

17th May 2020 by Dino

The MS-DOS Project continued its trek through the early Ultima games, this time with a video review of Ultima: Escape from Mount Drash. The soundtrack for the game has also been put up on YouTube.

Likewise, The CRPG Addict has proceeded with his playthrough of Ultima VII: The Black Gate, with the last post being mostly an exploration of the Moonglow area.

[W]MS-DOS Project's Ultima 2 Review

12th May 2020 by Dino

MS-DOS Project has just released a video review of Ultima 2. He talks about the game's history, its mechanics, and how to beat it. Check it out!

[S][W]Mobile-Friendly Ultima 1 Guide

10th May 2020 by Dino

Dino's Complete Guide to Ultima 1: The First Age of Darkness is the next thing to get some of my attention. Since its launch in 2014, this Guide was designed to be mobile-friendly. However, it has not aged well as technology progressed and devices evolved. Today, I have fixed how the Ultima 1 Guide looks in mobile devices, and I have also added directional buttons to the Ultima 1 Map Viewer so that you can stroll around Sosaria even from a device that doesn't have a keyboard.

In yesterday's post, The CRPG Addict continued his eploration of Britannia in Ultima 7: The Black Gate. This included cleaning up part of Lock Lake, fighting cyclopes in a cave, and dealing with racism in Vesper.

[S][W]Various Updates

9th May 2020 by Dino

The following have been spotted on the web in recent days:

Meanwhile, I've made a number of updates to the Ultima information at Dino's Ultima Page. Here is a summary of what's new:

[W][R]Ultima Online: Serpent Isle

6th May 2020 by Dino

There's a recent project around that's bringing the world of Serpent Isle to Ultima Online. It's called Ultima Online: Serpent Isle, and according to its author:

higHChloride writes: "Ultima Online: Serpent Isle is a shard in active development featuring an ongoing recreation of the Serpent Isle map. The cities of Monitor, Fawn, and Moonshade are already completed, as is the Inn of the Sleeping Bull, and players are invited to log on now and begin their adventures. Alongside tile-by-tile recreations of the original locations, there are new areas which take advantage of unused or previously inaccessible parts of the map. The shard is running on modified Stygian Abyss era rules and PvP is enabled. A customized client is offered which includes both artwork and music featured in the original game. You can find more by visiting https://uoserpentisle.com."

I've added entries for this project in the Serpent Isle info page and in the WebDB2.

[S]WebDB2 entries, Credits, and U4 layout

2nd May 2020 by Dino

I have continued to work on improving Dino's Ultima Page, and the following is a summary of recent progress:

[S][W]RG Interview and CRPG Addict Playing U7BG

1st May 2020 by Dino

Richard Garriott recently appeared in an interview in which he talked about the history of the Ultima series, Lord British, Origin, Ultima Online, and Shroud of the Avatar. A link to this interview has been added to the General Information page at Dino's Ultima Page.

Meanwhile, The CRPG Addict has continued playing Ultima VII: The Black Gate. His latest post, "The Black Gate Bonus: The Books of Britannia", is filled with trivia about where many of the in-game books came from. As a result, I've added a link to this post, as well as another link to The Notable Ultima's U7BG book transcripts, to the U7BG Writings page here at Dino's Ultima Page. I've also added a link to The CRPG Addict's earlier post, "The Black Gate: Wee Britain", to the U7BG Fun page since it has some notes on interactivity in the game.

[S]Modernising Dino's Ultima Page

26th April 2020 by Dino

As part of my ongoing effort to bring Dino's Ultima Page in line with the latest web standards, I have over the past week or so done the following:

These improvements have not yet been applied to the Guides, fanfictions, and other large sections of Dino's Ultima Page. Since there are many pages to go through, the upgrades will happen gradually.

Other improvements I've made include:

[S][W][R]HTTPS, CSS and WebDB2

22nd April 2020 by Dino

Over the past few days, I've made a number of important updates to Dino's Ultima Page.

The first of these is that I've switched to using HTTPS, and if you reach Dino's Ultima Page via unencrypted HTTP, it will automatically take you to the secure HTTPS endpoint.

The second is that I've made minor improvements to the site's visuals, so you'll notice a few rounded corners on the homepage and the font should be a little better if you're visiting from a Linux machine.

Finally, I've gone through the Ultima sites listed in the WebDB2 (all 173 of them) and updated the information (mainly status, last updated date, and a few minor fixes) therein. Interestingly, while performing this maintenance, I noticed a few things:

[W][R]Ultimapper 5 Release 3

21st April 2020 by Dino

Ultimapper 5 is a recent project that adds a HUD and automapper to Ultima 5. Its third release, freshly published today, now includes the following:

On the project's homepage, you'll also find a couple of screenshots illustrating the new spell and inventory lists.

[S]Minor Info Update

18th April 2020 by Dino

I've added a few links to the Ultima info at Dino's Ultima Page:

[W][R]Exult 1.6 Released

17th April 2020 by Dino

The Exult project, seemingly inactive, has today surprised the Ultima community with a new release!

Exult 1.6 has been released to celebrate Ultima VII's 28th birthday!

Almost ten years after the version 1.4.9rc1, 16 years after the last stable version (v1.2) and 28 years after the official release of Ultima VII - The Black Gate (16 April 1992), we are finally ready to release a new version. With many developers busy with their real life and most having moved on, it took us this long. We have been busy squashing more of the inexplicable crashes but these changes will force us to stop supporting some ancient operating systems.

That's why we decided to release one last version of Exult, Exult Studio and Exult's tools for the old OS' before moving on with development. For really old Windows operating systems (95/98/ME/NT/2000) we prepared a legacy download.

There is a whole list of new features, and another one of known issues, that you can check in the news post. Probably one of the most significant is that Exult is now using SDL2. And that there is paperdoll support for wearing diapers... I guess. :)

[W][R]Ultima 5 Redux First Dev Vlog

6th April 2020 by Dino

Hot on the heels of yesterday's April 2020 Update, Ultima 5 Redux has today also released its first dev vlog, in which Brad talks about the various tools he uses while reverse engineering Ultima 5 and building Ultima 5 Redux. It's intended for a more technical audience, but it is quite fascinating.

[W][R]Ultima 5 Redux April Update

5th April 2020 by Dino

The Ultima 5 Redux Development Blog has just published an April 2020 Update covering recent progress. This covers a variety of things including day/night cycles, moon cycles (including an on-screen widget), moongates and moonstones, 'P'ush, complete Z-Stats descriptions, and other smaller enhancements. The video included in the post shows these new features in action.

[W]The CRPG Book Project Returns

4th April 2020 by Dino

The CRPG Book Project has not seen much activity since the book was published by Bitmap Books. However, in a more recent update (almost a month old by now), Felipe Pepe shared news (and receipts) about the book's royalties being donated to charity.

Also, Felipe will be updating the book with more games released between 2016-2019 (and even some older ones, judging by the list of games). This only just started, and there is no release date, nor any visibility on whether the updated version will be published in hardcover version like the old one (which, by the way, is still available for sale). If you've played any of the games in the list and want to write a review, contact Felipe!

[W]The CRPG Addict Begins Ultima VII: The Black Gate

23rd March 2020 by Dino

Just yesterday, The CRPG Addict has written his first post about Ultima VII: The Black Gate as he prepares to pick up the game again after over a decade. Judging from the comments, many people have been waiting to see The CRPG Addict play through this particular game, which is a favourite of many Ultima Dragons.

With many Ultima fans being fans of computer games in general, GOG.com's recent post about how Roberta Williams changed history -- while not Ultima-related -- is probably also of interest to many of us. As it turns out, she received a Pioneer Award during the 20th Game Developers Choice Awards, and many will recognise her as co-founder of Sierra and the mind behind many cherished games like the King's Quest series (among several others).

[S][W][R]U5Redux Pre-Alpha Demo

19th March 2020 by Dino

U5 Redux's most recent update is almost a month old, and I missed reporting on it since I was travelling at the time. However, it's an exciting update, because a pre-alpha demo is now available for Windows and Mac. The post also includes a report on recent progress (lots of improvements in there) and possible plans for next things to work on.

In other news, as I am gradually making various improvements to Dino's Ultima Page, I have removed the Accessibility page. This page contained links to alternate formats in which the news here was available (i.e. RSS, WML and XML), as well as instructions on how to change stylesheets. While the RSS feed is still available via the icon in the left menu, the rest have been removed, as I understand they were not being used.

[W][R]U5 Redux Pathfinding Update

3rd February 2020 by Dino

Yesterday's update at Ultima 5 Redux covers a number of areas including NPC schedules, code refactoring, the A* algorithm, voxel caching, and a debug console.

[S]Savage Empire info updates

25th January 2020 by Dino

I made the following updates to the Savage Empire Guide today:

[S]WebDB2 and Info Updates

22nd January 2020 by Dino

I've been doing some maintenance to the underlying code of Dino's Ultima Page. Most of the work has revolved around the Ultima Web Database 2. You probably won't notice much difference, except that it loads much faster now. Let me know if you experience any problems.

I also added a few links here and there to the info pages. For example:

[S]Ultima 7 Info Updates

31st December 2019 by Dino

I've made a couple of small additions to the Ultima 7: The Black Gate Guide:

I also made a couple of updates to the Ultima Web Database 2, namely:

Obviously, this is the last post for 2019. Happy new year!

[W][R]Ultima 5 Redux Holiday Update

24th December 2019 by Dino

A Holiday Update has been posted at the Ultima 5 Redux blog. Newly implemented features include the intro screen with fire animation, Use interface, Ready equipment interface, changing party order, character stats, and item descriptions.

From the video, one can also notice the ability to load one of a list of saved games (as opposed to just one). Here, as well as in other recently implemented features, we can see user interfaces that differ significantly from the original game, and hopefully add quite a bit of value.

There are a number of things that will be worked on next, ranging from pathfinding to saving the game.

[S][W][R]Ultima 5 Project Updates

8th December 2019 by Dino

It seems there is quite a bit of renewed interest in Ultima 5 lately.

A new tool for Ultima 5, called Ultimapper 5, was released a few days ago. This adds a HUD and automapper to Ultima 5, along with other optional features, and is similar to other automappers that the author has built for other games such as the Gold Box series and the Eye of the Beholder trilogy.

Requires Windows. Meant to be used with the GOG version of the game. Should work with the music patched version as well.


Shows the map of the current location (world, underworld, town, dungeon). You can play as these areas were already explored or set them as unexplored and to be revealed as you move.

HUD which shows HP, MP, status, experience, class and level, attributes and equipment.

Optional auto level up. When you have enough experience points, your character automatically gains a level and a random attribute point.

Optional (and very experimental) autofight. Knows how to switch weapons if needed but does not use spells. Implemented by sending keypresses to the game window. Read the info in the manual before using.

Debug functions: teleporting, dialogue script viewing, time forwarding.

In other Ultima-5-related news, Brad from Ultima 5 Redux has posted an update on his progress decoding the graphics of the intro screen. It's a messy process but quite fascinating for those into reverse engineering.

At Dino's Ultima Page, I've added entries for Ultimapper 5 in the Ultima 5 info page and the Ultima Web Database 2. I've also added a link to Contrapuntal Dragon's Forge of Virtue Walkthrough to the Ultima 7: The Black Gate walkthroughs page.

[W][R]Ultima 5 Redux November 2019 Update

19th November 2019 by Dino

Head on over to the Ultima 5 Redux website, where this month's update comes with a pretty video. In Brad Hannah's own words:

November's video includes some great updates. The project has really begun take shape and is actually starting to look like a game.

In fact, a lot of work has recently gone into the visuals, HUD, NPC chat, signs, inventory system, and other basic functions. The video gives a stunning new perspective to this now-ancient game, and things really seem to be coming together.

[W][R]Ultima 5 Redux Signs

10th November 2019 by Dino

At Ultima 5 Redux, development has proceeded with the implementation of signs. This means that basic support for things like signposts, grave inscriptions and plaques has been added; albeit with great effort due to the way this data is scattered across the game's original data files.

[S]Some Ultima Info Updates

27th October 2019 by Dino

Over the past few days, I continued adding links to some Ultima info pages:

I have also continued working towards modernising the code base of this site.

[W][R]Ultima 5 Redux Mind Map

26th October 2019 by Dino

Brad Hannah of Ultima 5 Redux posted a brief update about how he's using mind maps to analyse the original game's functionality and plan what he wants to implement in his project:

"I often use Mind Maps at my day job to help organize my otherwise chaotic brain! I have begun to map out the entirety of what Ultima 5 boils down to in terms of function – then I overlay my personal plans for how I want to improve it. For example I have defined a number of custom UIs for functions such as buying/selling and a conversation log that you can actually refer to well after you had the conversation!

"More than anything, it makes me realize how far I really have to go! But, it will serve as a de-facto project plan and feature list."

[S]Ultima 4 Downloads

20th October 2019 by Dino

Nowadays, Ultima 4 can be downloaded for free on GOG.com, but that was not always the case. Long before this came to pass, the game was offered for free on several of the older Ultima Dragon websites. This is considered legal because of permission that Origin gave to UDIC in the 90s.

I used to have a list of these downloads (about 12 of them, at the time) in my Ultima 4 info page, but I took this down when Ultima Forever was announced in 2011, and EA started offering Ultima 4 downloads itself. Since Ultima Forever is now long gone, I've added a new Obtaining Ultima 4 section in there with links to GOG.com and UDIC downloads of Ultima 4. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, only a couple of the original Dragon-hosted downloads of Ultima 4 still survive today.

[S][W]High-DPI Exult-Generated Map of Britain

17th October 2019 by Dino

This high-DPI map of Britain in Ultima 7: The Black Gate appeared on the UDIC Facebook Chapter today. It was generated by Dominus Dragon using Exult, and with his permission, I am hosting this image on Dino's Ultima Page as part of the U7BG Maps & Places section.

[W][R]Ultima 5 Redux October Update

13th October 2019 by Dino

Ultima 5 Redux has today posted a new development update, accompanied with a video. Progress has mostly focused on improved visuals, but also includes basic work on getting a dialogue GUI implemented:

Updates include:

For the Unity nerds out there – I have switched from built-in renderer, to light weight render pipeline (LWRP) and finally to high definition render pipeline (HDRP). This has been a really neat experience and continues to strengthen the visual quality.

Next up I expect to:

[W]Shroud of the Avatar Changes Hands; Rewards Being Not Fulfilled

12th October 2019 by Dino

The development of Richard Garriott's latest baby, Shroud of the Avatar, has not been without controversy. After a long development cycle, sub-standard initial release, delayed or lost boxes, layoffs, and an office closure (among other things), Portalarium announced a couple of new surprises over the last few days.

First, a game studio called Catnip Games has taken over Shroud of the Avatar from Portalarium. Catnip Games is owned by Chris Spears, who served as CTO and then President of Portalarium for a number of years. It is not to be confused with Catnip Studios, in which Dr. Cat is a partner.

Given Spears' prior connection with Portalarium, this led to mixed speculation from the community, in which some people said that this would probably make no difference whatsoever. However, they were in for a treat just the next day, as it was announced in the Shroud of the Avatar forum that the physical copies of The Sword of Midras novel, being rewards promised to the Kickstarter backers, would not be fulfilled, and would instead be replaced by a digital in-game reward.

This has in turn garnered a mixed response on the forum, with at least a couple of people pointing out that fulfilling the promise of physical novels is a legal requirement as a result of the Kickstarter campaign, and cannot simply be replaced with something digital.

Among these was Umbrae Dragon, who sought to raise awareness that this was a violation of the Kickstarter terms of service, as shown in the forum thread and also this tweet. Umbrae Dragon was banned the next day, allegedly for "threats of legal action".

This and Starr "DarkStarr" Long's response says a lot about the Shroud of the Avatar culture of community censorship that many of us have heard about or even experienced in the past:

Starr "DarkStarr" Long wrote: "Reminder that on advice of counsel any threats of legal action are against policy. Those posts will be removed and the posters banned. Any invocation of legal recourse must be made through proper legal channels and cannot be made in this forum."

The forum thread in question serves as a chilling account of the Shroud of the Avatar community: a company that abuses the people who financially backed it, a faction that will follow regardless of how many times they are kicked in the face, and dissenters who are silenced without so much as a warning, despite all the time and money that they poured into the game.

Further reading:

[W][R]Through the Moongate and Ultima 5 Redux Updates

28th September 2019 by Dino

There have been some new updates on the Kickstarter for Through the Moongate Part II. These include new tiers with untracked shipping, a note about copy editing that caused a little uproar on the UDIC Facebook group, and a number of new stretch goals.

Ultima 5 Redux has posted a development update today with some good-looking screenshots of its isometric 3D Ultima 5 engine. Some updates mentioned in the post include:

[S]UW1 Info Additions

26th September 2019 by Dino

Over the past week or so, I've continued to add more links and information to the site. Aside from having added a link to Ultima 5 Redux to the Ultima 5 info page, and some general fixes, the rest of the additions were all to the Ultima Underworld 1 info page:

[W]Through the Moongate Part II Stretch Goals Reached

22nd September 2019 by Dino

The funds raised by the Through the Moongate Part II Kickstarter campaign have by now significantly exceeded the original goal required to fund the project.

Although the Kickstarter hasn't yet been updated to reflect the second stretch goal being unlocked, the funds raised have in fact gone beyond the amount required for both stretch goals.

This means that tiers Compassion and above will get a limited edition Fortune Teller print by Enrico Ricciardi, and the hard cover edition will have 32 colour pages instead of 16.

[W][R]Announcing Ultima 5 Redux

21st September 2019 by Dino

A new Ultima-related project appeared about a week ago. It's called Ultima 5 Redux, and it's an engine being built around the original Ultima 5 files in Unity3D, gradually adopting an isometric 3D perspective.

To learn more about this project:

I've added a WebDB2 entry for this project.

[S]Ultima info updates

18th September 2019 by Dino

Over the past few days, I've made a lot of updates to the Ultima information pages here at Dino's Ultima Page:

[W]Through the Moongate Part II Kickstarter Funded

17th September 2019 by Dino

About a day later, and just as I write this, the Kickstarter for Through the Moongate Part II has been funded. We can all look forward to reading the second part of Origin's history!

[W]Through the Moongate Part II Kickstarter is Live

16th September 2019 by Dino

Last year, the first volume of Andrea Contato's Through the Moongate: the story of Richard Garriott, Origin Systems Inc. and Ultima shipped after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Today, the Kickstarter for Through the Moongate Part II is live, and already a third of the way to being funded at the time of writing this. This book continues where Part 1 left off, going from Wing Commander and Ultima 7 to Portalarium. That's got to be an interesting period to say the least, because it covers the creation of some of the best games in the Ultima series, as well as some of the worst; it includes EA's acquisition of Origin and the latter's eventual demise.

Among the rewards are 20 copies of Akalabeth for Vectrex, so if you're interested in this limited edition, act fast since around half of them are already gone.

[W]Through the Moongate Part II Trailer

15th September 2019 by Dino

Tomorrow, a Kickstarter will be launched for Through the Moongate Part II. This second book by Andrea Contato continues where the first one left off, and goes from Wing Commander and Ultima 7 all the way to Portalarium.

In anticipation of this, Jarrod Kailef and Enrico Ricciardi have put together a trailer which you can watch on YouTube.

[S]General Info and Ultima Underworld info updates

14th September 2019 by Dino

I've added some links to the info pages and done some maintenance.

In the General Info page I:

In the Ultima Underworld 1 info page I:

[W]News in the Community

13th September 2019 by Dino

Here's a quick update of things going on in the Ultima community:

For other Ultima news, be sure to follow The Ultima Codex!

[S][W]Site Updates

1st September 2019 by Dino

Some small updates from Dino's Ultima Page:

It's also worth mentioning that Ultima Return was recently declared officially dead.

[W][R]Anteform Released

25th August 2019 by Dino

Feneric, who is behind the recent Ultima-inspired game Minima, has released a new game called Anteform while several of us were away at VirtueCon 2019 in Germany last weekend.

Anteform is a weird detective RPG with the feel of a retro 8-bit Ultima game and a story that’d fit in more closely with the Ultima: Worlds of Adventure series. It’s fully playable and winnable, and through a combination of talking with the right people and searching the right places it’s possible to figure out what’s going on in Anteform Valley, and by building up experience and getting the right equipment, it’s possible to put a stop to it.

As with the traditional Ultima games, a players guide containing tips on getting started is included.

Anteform was written using the Minima Engine for PICO-8, so if you’re familiar with the keyboard commands for Minima you’ll feel right at home with Anteform.

[S]Dino's Ultima Page 17th Anniversary

27th July 2019 by Dino

Today marks the 17th anniversary of this website. It's been a great 17 years, and here's to many more!

I'd also like to call out that the UDIC 27½th Anniversary Bash, aka VirtueCon 2019, is happening in just 3 weeks' time in Germany. I hope to see as many of you there as possible!

[W][R]Minima 1.1.2 Released

21st July 2019 by Dino

Last October, the Ultima-inspired game Minima was released. Last week, its creator Feneric let me know that a new version (1.1.2) was released, fixing a couple of minor issues and adding dedicated support for the Raspberry Pi. You can get the game at its GitHub page.

[S]Some More Links

14th May 2019 by Dino

I've added a few links to the info pages. In particular:

[S]Ultima 1 Tile Mystery Solved; UW1 Japanese Commercial

20th April 2019 by Dino

A mystery that I asked about 12 years ago has just been solved. In the tilesets of the 1986 PC remake of Ultima 1 is a a strange tile that never appears in-game (see my U1 Fun page). Dr. Cat has now confirmed that it is in fact "Spuds McKenzie, from the popular Bud Light ads of the 1980s". I am also trying to reach the developer who likely created this tile, hoping to learn more about its story, but I'm glad this outstanding question has finally been answered. I've updated the U1 Fun page as a result.

In other news, I made some small updates to the Ultima Underworld 1 info pages:

[S]Article Links Added

14th April 2019 by Dino

As time goes by and the Ultima series keeps getting older, it's still nice to read recently published articles that show the games some love. As I'm currently catching up with a backlog of reading material, I've added links to the following articles in the relevant info pages:

[S][W]Labelled U5 Underworld Map

28th November 2018 by Dino

Following news of 3dh's labelled Ultima 4 and 5 maps, it turns out he's also got a labelled map of the underworld in Ultima 5, in the same style as the other two. I've added this link to my Ultima 5 info page as well.

[S][W]Labelled U4 and U5 Maps

27th November 2018 by Dino

I'm a couple of months late posting this, but I'd like to share this fine work by 3dh, who created labelled, computer-generated maps of Ultima 4 and Ultima 5:

Since the locations are labelled with text overlaid on the map, you can use Ctrl+F to search. If you hover over a location, you'll get some brief information, and if you click, you'll go to the corresponding page at The Codex of Ultima Wisdom. You'll also see handy coordinates at the bottom-right indicating the tile that your cursor is on.

I've added links to these maps to the Ultima 4 and 5 info pages here at Dino's Ultima Page.

[W][R]Minima: New Ultima-Inspired Fan Project

29th October 2018 by Dino

Feneric has recently released a new game called Minima. It's inspired by Ultima and is intended to recreate the feel of playing RPGs on 8-bit Commodore computers, but it's a completely new game and is fully playable. Some people have reportedly already been able to beat it.

From the Minima GitHub page: "Minima is an adventure RPG in the style of the older Ultima games as played on the Commodore 8-bit computers. Just like the original Ultima games, it includes a world view, enterable towns, and 3D dungeon displays. It also features graphics, sound effects, and music that should help one recollect those classics. More importantly, it is a fully playable (and winnable) game with its own backstory, plot, setting, and characters."

If you'd like to learn more, or play it, check out the following links:

[S][W]U9R Soundtrack, CRPG Book Hardcover and more

9th March 2018 by Dino

On the Ultima Dragons Facebook Chapter, Matti Paalanen shared links to the soundtrack [Spotify | YouTube] he composed for Ultima 9: Redemption in 2006-2008 under the Titans of Ether.

As a result, I've updated the WebDB2 entries for Ultima 9: Redemption and The Titans of Ether. I have also updated the U9 info page where it mentions Redemption.

Speaking of the Titans of Ether, I had missed the update where they rebranded a few months ago. They are the Titans no more, and are now called Lycantic instead.

As promised, I have updated links to Houston Dragon's Ultima Page to point to its new location.

Finally, the CRPG Book Project has entered into an agreement involving publication of a hardcover print version of the book, and has removed the download for the time being until the printed book is finished:

Felipe Pepe wrote: "[...] I now signed a deal for a limited print of the book – fully proofread and in hardcover! Of course, since this is a non-profit project, we’ll use it as a charity fundraiser! More info on this soon!

"However, as part of the hardcover book deal I agreed not to release any more files while the book is being produced & sold. So 1.0.4 will be the last version for a while and I’ll be removing the files in this blog – starting tomorrow! Grab them while you can!

"Once the contract ends, things return to normal and I’ll be able to freely share this new & improved version with all of you. I think that’s a fair trade. :)"

[W]CRPG Book Released; Houston Dragon's Ultima Page Returns

13th February 2018 by Dino

As promised, the first complete (online) publication of the CRPG Book came out last week, on 5th February 2018. Since then, Felipe Pepe, the man behind the project, has released a slightly updated version 1.0.2 of the book, the project files he used to create it, and an ePub version. He also answers a few common questions about a possible print version, proofreading, and plans for the future.

Those Dragons who have been around for a while will probably remember Houston Dragon's Ultima Page, a fantastic resource best known for its Who's Whos of Ultima 7: The Black Gate and Ultima 7: Serpent Isle. This site had disappeared from the web many years ago, but just yesterday, Houston Dragon restored it at a new location. It's great to see it back online! I've updated its entry in the WebDB2, and will update any links from Dino's Ultima Page in due course.

[W]CRPG Book Release Date Announced

28th January 2018 by Dino

The CRPG Book Project has some very exciting news: after four years in the making, it is finally ready! It is due for release on 5th February.

The Ultima series has a strong presence in the book, and I and several other Dragons have authored reviews for it. Look out for it in just over a week from now!

[S]Dino's Ultima Page Turns 15

27th July 2017 by Dino

This year is a year of anniversaries! The most important was probably the 25th anniversary of the Ultima Dragons, which many of us celebrated together at Disneyland California last February.

Today, we have another reason to rejoice, for it marks the 15th anniversary since Dino's Ultima Page was launched to host The Lost Vale fanfiction. A warm and heartfelt thank-you goes out to all those who have followed and contributed to this site for all these years!

[W]Blogging Avatar Concludes U7BG

7th May 2017 by Dino

Great Siberian Dragon has recently finished playing through Ultima 7: The Black Gate, as you can read at Blogging Avatar.

Great Siberian Dragon commented on Facebook: "Days 9 and 10 are up and I finish the game! I also posted some post-game silliness. I build a house on New Magincia (no cheating, no hacking, all 100% authentic found Britannian materials), and do something for an environmental cause.

"Very excited to start on the Serpent Isle soon. I bet it will take me longer than 10 days though."

So on Day 9, she visited the Meditation Retreat, and after a brief detour to Ambrosia, defeated the Cube Generator. After that, armed with a powerful tool necessary to foil The Fellowship's plans, she landed on Buccaneer's Den.

On Day 10, Great Siberian Dragon continued through Buccaneer's Den, obtaining the key to the Shrine of the Codex among other things. She used it soon after at the Isle of the Avatar, where she battled her way through the dungeons, defeated The Fellowship's inner circle, and destroyed the Black Gate.

Finishing the game wasn't enough, so there is another post with post-game fun, in which she built a house on New Magincia, and became an environmental activist.

[W]Blog Updates

3rd May 2017 by Dino

At Blogging Avatar, Great Siberian Dragon proceeded to visit Serpent's Hold, Terfin, Spektran and Dungeon Deceit (Day 7), followed by the Isle of Fire and Vesper (Day 8).

Ultima Dad has also seen a couple of updates, with some reckless charging into a swamp in Ultima 6, and a couple of screenshots of the Ultima/Minecraft project's world.

[W]Blogging Avatar Touring Britannia

20th April 2017 by Dino

As she wrote at her Blogging Avatar, Great Siberian Dragon continued her quest through Ultima 7. In the recently published Day 5 and Day 6, she has been around New Magincia, Skara Brae, Despise and Moonglow, along with a brief stop in the Deep Forest. She is currently gathering what she needs to defeat the magical generators.

[W]Guardian Theory at Ultima Dad Blog

19th April 2017 by Dino

Many Ultima fans never accepted Ultima 9's silly explanation about the origins of the Guardian, i.e. that he is essentially the Avatar's evil twin. In his latest post at the Ultima Dad blog, Save vs Dragon discusses his own theory about where the Guardian came from.

[W][R]U1Revenge resumes development

18th April 2017 by Dino

Over the past few days, I have resumed working on Ultima 1 Revenge, having taken a bit of a break around the UDIC 25th Anniversary Bash. The most recent additions include the first sound effect in the game, rendering optimisations, and the ability to save screenshots as well as the entire world map to disk.

While there are many areas of the game that need work, I will probably be dedicating some time to implementing overlay tiles as well as basic animations. These features will be fundamental to important subsystems such as combat. I also believe collision detection is due to be implemented very soon.

[S]RG Interviews added

17th April 2017 by Dino

Just a small update: I've added links to three interviews with Richard Garriott to the General Info page.

[S]Matt Chat on Dr. Cat

16th April 2017 by Dino

Dr. Cat was among the ex-Origin folk that I had the pleasure of meeting at the Ultima Dragons 25th Anniversary Bash. A few months ago, Dr. Cat told the story of his career in a series of interviews on the Matt Chat show. I have added a list of these six interviews to the General Info page, so if you'd like to learn more about Dr. Cat, check them out!

[S]New World Map for U7BG Guide

15th April 2017 by Dino

Last year, I stumbled across Ian Albert's Ultima 7 maps. His Ultima 7: The Black Gate world map, generated using Exult, is huge and extremely detailed. Since he has been kind enough to grant me permission to use it in my U7BG Guide, I have now replaced the old world map with a scaled-down version of his, which is much sharper. In fact, the Locator (which marks specific locations on the map, such as the Trinsic Starter Chest) looks much better now.

I have also added links to Ian Albert's Ultima 7 map from the Guide, and am hosting a mirror of the full-scale map.

[W]Great Siberian Dragon Blogs On

14th April 2017 by Dino

Great Siberian Dragon has continued her journey through Ultima 7: The Black Gate, chronicled at Blogging Avatar. Day 3 and Day 4 of her journey took her to Minoc, Yew, Empath Abbey and Destard, with occasional trips back to Britain and Cove. With a full party, a partner for life, and a desire to annoy The Fellowship to death, we can only look forward to the mischief to come!

[S]Various Updates at Dino's Ultima Page

13th April 2017 by Dino

I am occasionally finding time to perform maintenance and updates on Dino's Ultima Page, so here's a list of things I've changed recently:

[W]New Ultima blogs

12th April 2017 by Dino

If, like me, other people's adventures in Britannia bring feelings of nostalgia and excitement from playing Ultima many years ago, you're in for a treat. Great Siberian Dragon has recently launched Blogging Avatar, with the aim of chronicling her playthrough of Ultima 7 and 8. She has only just begun Ultima 7. Meanwhile, Save vs Dragon is running the Ultima Dad blog, in which he tells about his adventures with his son in Ultima 6 while introducing him to the game. There is also mention of an Ultima/Minecraft project that he is working on.

[W]CRPG Book Final Preview

11th April 2017 by Dino

After two and a half years in the making, The CRPG Book Project has released its fifth and final 450-page preview [PDF] yesterday:

Felipe Pepe wrote: "This will be the last "alpha preview", as the book is very close to be completed. The big updates here are the computer history timeline, which is finally completed, and the addition of hyperlinks and .pdf bookmarks - perhaps our most requested feature.

"I've also added new articles on the history of JRPGs, difference between ports, cancelled RPGs and a FAQ to beginners. Plus dozens of new reviews - Dwarf Fortress, Mass Effect 3, Pillars of Eternity, Ultima VII, Wizardry VII, Planescape: Torment and many more..."

He also mentions that the CRPG Book Flickr account which he created last December has doubled in size since then and now holds over 18,000 game screenshots.

If you spend some time reading this book preview, don't miss my own review of Ravenloft: Stone Prophet.

[W][R]uUltima video

10th April 2017 by Dino

Following the very recent announcement of uUltima (the Ultima 1 remake using Unity) on Facebook, Neocron Dragon has shared a short video on Facebook showing various game mechanics in action.

Neocron Dragon wrote: "Hot on the heels of the announcement post, I am pleased to present this small video which I just recorded about 15 minutes ago showing the current build of uUltima. As you'll see when you watch it, I have the finalized Character Creation screen up and working and have a good working prototype of the Event Log up. The town I am loading into is the town of Yew, which I walk around for a bit to showcase the collision system before heading outside to the Lands of Lord British. I have animated water tiles and the collision system works outside as well as inside."

[W]Bash-Related Podcasts

9th April 2017 by Dino

For those who attended or are otherwise interested in the Ultima Dragons 25th Anniversary Bash, Spam Spam Spam Humbug has run a couple of podcasts discussing the event. Check out Episode 76 and Episode 77.

Fun fact: In the first podcast, it is mentioned that someone actually stole Lord British's fork (a reference to Ultima 6) during the Bash, but nobody could remember who did it. As it turns out, I was right there at the time, and know who it was! The thief has survived the encounter and lived to tell the tale, having suffered no more than a scolding from Lord British. Perhaps the king's abilities are waning with age.

[W][R]Announcing uUltima

8th April 2017 by Dino

Neocron Dragon has just announced his new Ultima remake, uUltima, on the Ultima Dragons Facebook group. With this project, he aims to recreate Ultima 1 using the Unity game engine, keeping gameplay mechanics as close to the original as possible, but using a different set of assets:

Join me in wishing Neocron Dragon luck with this project!

[W]UDIC 25th Anniversary Bash: One Month Later

26th March 2017 by Dino

A month has passed since the UDIC 25th Anniversary Bash. Many Dragons (including myself) had the pleasure to attend, along with several ex-Origin people including Richard Garriott, Starr Long, Dr. Cat, Denis Loubet, Mike Nystul, and JC Shakespeare (the voice of the Avatar in Ultima 9).

Over the past month, various media related to the Bash have surfaced, mainly on social media. The Ultima Codex has kept track of some of these:

[W]Ultima 8 Music via a Tesla Coil

25th March 2017 by Dino

Edbgon (a former team mate of mine on the cancelled Ultima VIII: Exile project) has been having fun with Tesla coils, and he has uploaded a video of Ultima 8 music being played through a Tesla coil. Ultima 8 music never felt so electric!

[S]Ultima Underworld Lost Walkthrough

31st January 2017 by Dino

A fellow Ultima fan has broken the silence that dominated the Dino's Ultima Page Google Group since 2014, to ask about a lost walkthrough of Ultima Underworld. This person had copied the first page and a map (both provided in the thread) into MS Word, and has not been able to locate the walkthrough anywhere. If anyone knows anything about this walkthrough, please get in touch!

[W][R]U1Revenge demo released

23rd January 2017 by Dino

A few weeks ago, I rebooted my old engine port of Ultima 1, which I call Ultima 1 Revenge. It's got a home on BitBucket where you can get info, the source code, and some downloads.

Today, I have released the first demo since the reboot. You can grab it from the downloads page. Just configure the path to your original Ultima 1 folder (instructions are on the homepage) and you're good to go. You can roam around Sosaria, use Inform and Search ('I' key) to identify locations, toggle full screen (F10), and cycle through different means of transport (square bracket keys).

This project has always been a casual one and will inevitably experience periods of rapid or slow progress. In fact, very soon, this project will go on hiatus for a few weeks - you can blame that on the Ultima Dragons 25th Anniversary Bash. :)

[W]CRPG Book Screenshot Gallery

23rd December 2016 by Dino

The CRPG Book Project has just released a massive, several-thousand-strong screenshot gallery for the games in the book. I spotted a bunch of my screenshots of Menzoberranzan, Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession, and Ravenloft: Stone Prophet, which I had provided with my Ravenloft: Stone Prophet review for the book. A new book preview is also due soon, hopefully (but not guaranteed) after Christmas.

[W][R]Redemption falls

21st December 2016 by Dino

A few days ago, the Titans of Ether announced the cancellation of their Ultima 9: Redemption remake, citing limitations in the Morrowind modding engine (after 12 years of development, by the way). The announcement has been taken down, but I have uploaded a cached copy of it. It is preserved along with many outraged comments. Among the familiar names is that of Avatus, who was once the leader of the original Redemption project before he cancelled it. On 18th September 2004, Corv, who was running a project called "Ultima - The New King", had formed the Titans of Ether and picked up Redemption.

The Titans of Ether claim to have made significant progress over the past 8 months with their new game, "Corven - Path of Redemption", as a result of the switch to Unreal Engine 4, and released a trailer. This game will not carry any Ultima intellectual property, but Corv still hopes to create the perfect Ultima-like game with his team of three (!) by December 2018.

[S]UW1 Additions, Other Codex Link Cleanup

10th February 2016 by Dino

Following a recent playthrough of Ultima Underworld, the Ultima Underworld 1 Info page is getting a lot of new additions. As if the recently released Magic page wasn't enough, there is now a Lizardman Language reference and translator, and a new Fun section. A subsection on combining items has been added, and a correction has been made to indicate that there are actually 2 resilient spheres in the game. More information has been collected during the playthrough, and will be added gradually to the site.

I've also gone over all the links to the recently departed UltimaInfo.net, and changed them to point to an archived version instead.

[S][W]Ultima Underworld 1 Magic; CRPG Book Alpha 3

27th January 2016 by Dino

If you're planning to journey through the Stygian Abyss anytime soon, I think you'll like the new Ultima Underworld 1 Magic page I've just added. It's not just a list of spells. You can pick what runes you have available from the rune bag on the right, and the spells you can cast with those runes will be highlighted.

In other news, don't miss the third (300-page) alpha release of the CRPG Player's Handbook. There's a review of my own in there (look for Ravenloft: Stone Prophet), and another one is in the pipeline.

[S][W]New Info Added; Sir Cabirus' UW2 Walkthrough; The Other Codex's Demise

19th December 2015 by Dino

I've made a bunch of info additions to this site:

In addition to this, Sir Cabirus has recently launched his new Ultima Underworld 2 walkthrough. And Paulon Dragon's fantastic Ultima Info site (home to The Other Codex among other things) seems to have recently disappeared from the web.

[S]Cleanup Project Complete

21st November 2015 by Dino

Over the past few days, I've made the following fixes to Dino's Ultima Page:

This concludes the project of cleaning up dead links throughout Dino's Ultima Page, which has been ongoing for the past few months. This means that people looking for Ultima information can find what they need in one place without the frustration of having half the links that no longer work.

I have a bunch of other improvements I'm planning for Dino's Ultima Page, but for the time being I'm going to take a well-deserved break as my attention shifts to other priorities.

[S]Mt. Drash Guide cleaned up

15th November 2015 by Dino

The Mt. Drash Guide has now been cleaned up of dead links as well.

[S]Savage Empire Guide cleaned up

14th November 2015 by Dino

My Savage Empire Guide is the latest part of Dino's Ultima Page to receive some attention. I've cleaned up dead links, fixed layout-related glitches in the HTML, and am now hosting maps that used to be on the u6like website before it disappeared from the web.

I have also fixed links in navigation used by the Ultima 9 Info section and a couple of other pages.

My ongoing effort to clean up dead links from Dino's Ultima Page is thus well underway, with the Ultima 8 (in progress) and Ultima 7: The Black Gate guides remaining.


8th November 2015 by Dino

A few days ago, someone going by the handle Kartman reached out about his project, Landfall. It's a fan-made project to create custom art for Ultima Online. It looks pretty cool; check out the project description and preview video.

[S][W][R]Classic Ultima Online Update

3rd November 2015 by Dino

Back in September, Classic Ultima Online (formerly Ultima 4 Multiplayer) was re-released for the 30th anniversary of Ultima 4. The website was updated today with some new info and a downloader for the game client. From the website's latest news:

Classic Ultima Online is once again available to play, thanks to server hosting by David Baity of www.megawars.net. Please visit the download page for the RUM Portal utility used to download, update, and launch the game. The CUO client requires an official installation of Ultima IV Quest of the Avatar, so be sure to get your free copy from gog.com.

I've added an entry for Classic Ultima Online in the U4 info page (under Remakes).

In other news, I've cleaned up dead links in the Ultima 9 Gallery.

[S]Ultima 9 Gets Some Love

1st November 2015 by Dino

I've spent the past 2 weeks playing through Ultima 9: Ascension, and finished it just yesterday. As a result, the U9 info section has received some love. In particular:

That's not all, however. Minor improvements have also been made to other info sections:

[S][W]U6 Centaur poster, and other news

3rd October 2015 by Dino

I've added a section about the Ultima 6 game intro to the U6 Fun page, reflecting some of what was said in the recent discussion on the UDIC Facebook Group about the poster on the wall and other details. You'll find a lot of the poster info here at The Ultima Codex.

And it looks like the CRPG Book is celebrating its first anniversary. Felipe Pepe, the editor, has also posted the first couple of videos from his CRPG History Abridged video series - featuring Lands of Lore and Albion.

Finally, check out this yoghurt I was handed on the plane when returning from my recent trip to Canada:

[S]New Links and Minor Improvements

3rd September 2015 by Dino

Over the past few weeks I've made some minor improvements throughout the info pages of Dino's Ultima Page. These include:

As Withstand the Fury Dragon has correctly guessed, this is a bit of a busy period for me, and I can say from now that there won't be any more updates here for a few weeks. But restoring Dino's Ultima Page is an ongoing project of mine, and I'll get back to it, don't worry. :)

[S]U8 Guide overhaul

9th August 2015 by Dino

I've been working heavily on bringing the Ultima 8 Guide out of its legacy state and into the modern world. As such, here are the improvements I've implemented over the past week or so:

[S]U6 Info Cleaned Up

4th August 2015 by Dino

I've cleaned up and updated links in the Ultima 6 Info section, particularly in the Main and Fun pages. As part of this exercise I've also added some long-lost resources from other websites, including a couple of walkthroughs and several maps.

This concludes cleanup for the smaller info sections in Dino's Ultima Page. The next step is to cover the U7BG, SE and U8 Guides. I'm not planning to clean up the more recent (and dead) game info sections (Ultima X and Lord of Ultima) as those remain purely for historical purposes.

[S]Ultima Info Restoration and Assimilation

2nd August 2015 by Dino

I've continued cleaning up the dead links in the various info pages of Dino's Ultima Page. The ones restored this weekend include: Ultima 4, Ultima 5, Ultima Underworld 2, Ultima 8 Maps and Places, and Ultima 9. I have also restored my old (2003) Exult Review among other minor improvements to the Ultima 7: The Black Gate section.

While doing this cleanup, I realised how much Ultima information and how many resources have been lost over the years as sites continued to disappear. For instance, most mirrors of the latest Ultima 5: Lazarus release are down, and no mirrors survive that used to host their first two demos. The policy at Dino's Ultima Page has always been to host original content (or content by other people where permission is given), and link to information on other websites (rather than copying it, as many websites did at the time). Today, this policy changes. In order to preserve Ultima resources as much as possible, I will begin hosting maps, walkthroughs, etc from third-party websites where it makes sense to do so. I have already begun doing this in the Ultima 5 info page, where a lot of resources still survive only thanks to the Internet Archive.

[S]Ultima 1 Map Viewer

1st August 2015 by Dino

I've added an online Ultima 1 Map Viewer to my Complete Guide to Ultima 1: The First Age of Darkness. This allows you to roam around the Ultima 1 world map in your browser. Enjoy!

[S]Ultima Underworld info updated

28th July 2015 by Dino

Check out the updated Ultima Underworld I info page. I've cleaned up dead links and expanded the information in the page.

[S]Dino's Ultima Page is a Teenager

27th July 2015 by Dino

Today is a day of celebration, because Dino's Ultima Page, once the leading Ultima news and information website, today celebrates its 13th birthday.

In this spirit, I have resumed maintaining the information component of the site. There is still a long way to go, but a lot has been done last weekend:

Take some time to browse through the treasures buried in the depths of this website, from the treatise on the Guardian's teeth to the interactive Ultima 4 dialogues.

And of course, take the time to write what you think about the Ultima series in the newly restored Ultima Opinions page.

[S]Savage Empire Opinions restored; change in web host

6th June 2015 by Dino

Many of the Ultima info pages at Dino's Ultima Page have a page for Opinions, where people could once post what they thought about the game. Alas, these have been disabled for several years due to relentless spam attacks.

I am now in the process of restoring them to their former glory. A functional Ultima 1 Opinions page was added last year. Today, I have re-enabled the Savage Empire Opinions page. We all know this game has received lots of love. So please, visit the Savage Empire Opinions and write about it!

On another note, over the past couple of weeks Dino's Ultima Page (together with the rest of my sites) has transitioned to a different web host. This should be transparent to the rest of you, but it means I avoid getting ripped off by my former web host. A consequence of this is that the server is now hosted in Europe, but I'm pretty sure you won't notice any difference in page loading times.

[S]Altar of Focus discovered

28th June 2014 by Dino

Just a little update - Aka Manah has informed me that there exists yet another Altar of Focus in Ultima 8, and it is located just before the first necromancer. I've updated the Altars of Focus section of the Ultima 8 Guide to reflect this discovery.

[S][R]Ultima VIII - Exile media recovered

26th March 2014 by Dino

With permission from Corvwyn, leader of the Ultima VIII - Exile remake that has been defunct since 2006, I have added a page to the Ultima 8 Guide containing various media that I have managed to recover from the remake. Included in this page are screenshots, character portraits, and a bunch of musical tracks that would have been played in-game once the mod was released.

[W]Ultima Dragons 25th Anniversary Bash

23rd March 2014 by Dino

In a recent post to the UDIC Facebook group, you might have noticed a new event - Cranberry aka-Gallara is proposing a meetup of Ultima Dragons to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Ultima Dragons, to be held in Disneyland California.

If, like me, you live somewhere far away and think it's a bit of a hassle to plan and execute such a trip, worry not, for the event is currently scheduled between the 3rd and 5th of February 2017, which means we have almost 3 years of notice. :)

So if spending a weekend with fellow Ultima Dragons sounds interesting, check out the Ultima Dragons 25th Anniversary Bash event on Facebook.

[S][R]Pagan-NWN: Another Ultima 8 remake for NWN

22nd March 2014 by Dino

A couple of days ago, I got an email from koden-km, who informed me of an Ultima 8 remake that he had started in 2010, and whose files he had just uploaded to Github:

koden-km writes: Sometime around 2010 i had started my own remake with Neverwinter Nights engine. I had most of the area's mapped using the standard NWN tile sets. Just recently I decided to upload my old project module to my GitHub account along with some screenshots of the maps in case someone wants to look it over or even continue with that project.

Check out the Github project for screenshots and the actual mod.

I've taken the occasion to move my old U8 remakes section (formerly in the U8 Guide's main page) into a new U8 Remakes page, beef it up with additional information and screenshots, and add an entry for this newly discovered project.

Unfortunately there does not seem to be much left of The Red Mage's old "Ultima 8 for NWN" remake. If anyone has screenshots or files from that project, please let me know!

[S]U4 Interactive Dialogue and Transcripts

18th March 2014 by Dino

I have recently turned my reverse engineering attention to games other than Ultima 1. Thanks to the file format documentation at xu4 and at the Codex of Ultima Wisdom, I managed to extract all the dialogues for Ultima 4 (except for Lord British and Hawkwind, who I believe are special characters). I have added these to a new Ultima 4 Dialogue page, where you can either interactively converse with the NPCs as if you were in the game (e.g. talk to Iolo) or else view their individual transcripts.

These are some known issues:

You also need to have JavaScript enabled for the interactive conversations to work. Otherwise, enjoy! :)

Update: The first two issues have been addressed. You can now ask NPCs to join you, and a font almost identical to that used in-game is now being used.

[S]U1 Opinions

11th March 2014 by Dino

I have just added a new Opinions page to the Ultima 1 Guide, where people can write reviews or opinions about the game. So if you've played Ultima 1 before, don't be shy; go there and write what you thought about the game.

[S]Ultima Web Directory migrated to WebDB2

28th February 2014 by Dino

The old Ultima Web Directory, which has been a part of Dino's Ultima Page for close to ten years, is no more. I have migrated the last of its contents to the Ultima Web Database 2 today.

The old Web Directory sought to be a comprehensive list of Ultima sites on the web. Over the years it became horribly out of date. But worse than that, there were many large Ultima sites that spanned various categories, and this made it very problematic to keep the Ultima Web Directory organised.

The Ultima Web Database 2 is the third incarnation of the Ultima Web Directory, and has been online for almost three years. It solves the categorisation problem by using a tagging system. Although it contains a fairly large database of Ultima sites like its predecessors, one of its primary goals is to maintain a record of old links, even of websites that have moved or died. This allows us, where it is needed, to go back in time using the Internet Archive and see these sites as they were in the days of their glory. In other words, the Ultima Web Database 2 is a crystal ball showing the history of the Ultima community.

Although the Ultima Web Database 2 has been expanded and updated over the past few days, the Ultima community is quite vast in itself and there are certainly many Ultima sites that have yet to be added. If you would like to add or update any information in the Ultima Web Database 2, please get in touch.

[S]U1 Guide and File Formats Update

16th February 2014 by Dino

Over the past few days I've managed to decipher another two of the Ultima 1 file formats. I've added this new information to the U1 Guide along with other additions and improvements:

[W]Lord of Ultima is coming to a close

12th February 2014 by Dino

Today, EA hit Lord of Ultima subscribers with the the following mailshot:

It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you, that on May 12, 2014 we will be closing the gates of Lord of Ultima for good and stopping the service in its entirety.

We hope you have enjoyed playing Lord of Ultima as much as we enjoyed making it and we thank all of you for supporting Lord of Ultima over the years.

Additionally, from now until the closing date we will also be disabling the functionality to purchase Play4Free Funds in Lord of Ultima, as well as the ability to register new accounts.

Further details are available at the "Lord of Ultima is being retired" news article at the Lord of Ultima website:

Lord and Ladies,

Today we bring sad news. It pains us to inform you that the final days of Caledonia are drawing near. While glory has flickered in the heart of this new world, the shadows of the old one have risen to take it back from us forever.

It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you, that on Monday 12th May @ 07:00 UTC we will be closing the gates of Lord of Ultima for good and stopping the service in its entirety.

It is always hard when we are met with such choices and the decision to retire older games is never an easy one. We cannot thank those who have supported us enough, and throughout the years of Lord of Ultima's existence it has been the pleasure of both past and present developers to have been on this journey with you.

Those of you who still have a balance of in-game currency are encouraged to spend it before the game is shut down on Monday 12th May @ 07:00 UTC and is no longer available for play. Additionally, from now until the closing date will also be disabling the functionality to purchase Play4Free Funds, as well as the ability to register new accounts.

The race to be the final Lords will continue however until the closing date so if you're already on your way to the end game, you still have your chance to become one of Caledonia's final victors. Will you end your time in Caledonia as a proud Lord or an honourable warrior fighting until the end?

To discuss this further and for more information please visit this forum thread!

Well, Lord of Ultima certainly didn't last very long - it has been live for less than 4 years at this point. See the dedicated Lord of Ultima page here at Dino's Ultima Page for some of the original facts, news, and general reception.

[S]Dino's Guide to Ultima 1 Relaunched

2nd February 2014 by Dino

Hi everyone!

I've been away from Dino's Ultima Page for over two years, although the information pages here have been neglected for far longer than that.

In an effort to try to improve things a little bit, I am pleased to announce the release of Dino's Complete Guide to Ultima 1: The First Age of Darkness, which replaces the old Ultima 1 Guide, and includes a host of improvements:

I hope you like it, and do not hesitate to send me feedback about it if you want to. :)

[S]Happy New Era, As Dino Steps Aside

26th December 2011 by Dino

I've evidently been busy lately. I've reached the point where the effort needed to maintain Dino's Ultima Page on a regular basis is more than I can afford. And since nobody has answered the three recent calls for assistance in posting news, I have no option but to let it go.

Although this is a sad decision for me, it is one that I take without regret. The two main aspects of this site - news and information - are covered by Ultima: Aiera and The Codex of Ultima Wisdom (respectively) in ways better than I ever could.

It is in these good hands that I leave you as I move on. It was a pleasure to serve the Ultima community for almost ten years, and I also feel that the Ultima community has been an important part of my life.

Dino's Ultima Page will remain online for as long as I draw strength, and although I will not update it regularly any more, I am not ruling out the possibility of returning to it occasionally.

Ultima Dragons: Thank you, happy holidays, and good luck!

[W][R]U7 map, GOG news

17th December 2011 by Dino

Infinitron Dragon shared a link (at the UDIC Facebook Group) to an "Ultima 7 Google Map (beta)": an interactive map of the world of Ultima 7 (including dungeons) with placemarks at the interesting locations.

As Withstand the Fury Dragon wrote at Aiera, Good Old Games have launched their Holiday Sale. Almost all of their games (over 350 of them) are at half price, which includes all the Ultimas. Empire Earth (Gold Edition) was also completely free for a 24-hour period a few days ago.

At Forgotten World, Firstknight released Beautiful Britannia R3. Before that, though, Aiera already had some screenshots showing rock and cave textures from Beautiful Britannia.

There's a lot more news at Aiera, quite a bit of which revolves around Richard Garriott's latest adventures in the gaming industry. I don't have time to catch up with it as yet, so go there to read more!

[W][R]The Complete Ultima 7 Re-released

12th December 2011 by Dino

There's been lots of news lately and I haven't really had time to cover it. I could use a hand with news in these busy times, if anyone's willing to lend one. Anyway, here is a summary of what's new:

There's also a lot more news at Aiera, but I'll catch up with that another time.


16th November 2011 by Dino

Stephen Emond, who recently released the Ultimate Collector's Guide (2012 edition), has been interviewed by RocketHub about it.

Sergorn Dragon shared a photo of his Ultima map collection at the UDIC Facebook Group.

An appeal for donations was posted at the Ultima 6 Online website. However, by now, all the required funds have been collected.

In recent news from the Ultima 6 Remake for Exult, it seems that Moonglow is ready, except for some minor fixes and the NPCs. Books from Ultima 6 and Ultima 7, as well as fan contributions, will be used in the Lycaeum.

The Titans of Ether have posted an update for September and October 2011.

Two screenshots of a "Britain house", from Beautiful Britannia 2012 R1, have been posted at the Forgotten World website.

Aiera pointed out a handful of interviews and other material about Richard Garriott. This includes: a Business Insider interview, a Motherboard video interview (this is an old one), a big essay by the man himself about what makes a Lord British "Ultimate" RPG, and an interview with IndustryGamers.

Other news from Aiera:

[W][R]Ultima - The Ultimate Collector's Guide 2012

1st November 2011 by Dino

Stephen Emond, perhaps known better within the Ultima community as CmdrFalcon, has been working on his Collector's Guide for... well, for at least as long as I've been part of the Ultima community, and that's not quite a short period of time any more. The Ultimate Collector's Guide is the most comprehensive guide to Ultima collectibles (whether they are game releases, books, or trinkets) you will ever find. CmdrFalcon has just announced the availability of the 2012 edition on the UDIC Facebook Group, and more details are to be found at Rockethub.

In other news, Team Return has written their second dev diary, dealing with various aspects of world simulation including food, sleep, injuries and death.

[W]RG game for iOS coming soon

30th October 2011 by Dino

Withstand the Fury at Aiera shared an interesting tweet from Richard Garriott, in which the self-styled monarch of Britannia announces that an "iOS Ultima type game [is] coming soon". I would venture a guess that the Ultima community is pretty curious, if nothing else, to see what the Father of Ultima is going to come up with.

On the UDIC Facebook Group, Michael Gacillos O'Hair shared a link to Hardcore Gaming 101's Ultima retrospective, a work-in-progress series that is currently at Ultima 6 and has lots of screenshots for the sake of comparison.

[W][R]The Lost Vale plot docs revealed; and more

29th October 2011 by Dino

The UDIC Facebook Group's latest activity has some interesting news concerning Richard Garriott. Adam Burr shared news of his legal victory over NCSoft; Manuel Masias pointed out an article about Britannia Manor II which is for sale; and Andrew Owen posted a link to an article about Richard Garriott's robot which he leaves in charge of his office. Other interesting shares from the group include part of Enrico Ricciardi's collection, and an image comparing the EU and US cloth maps of U7 (by Sergorn).

A particularly interesting bit of news from Aiera last week is the release of The Lost Vale plot documents - something that many of us have been wishing in vain to discover for many years.

A newspost at the Ultima 6 Remake for Exult describes AgentOrangeGuy's latest progress.

The people at Forgotten World have managed to provide U9BB.EXE as a patch to U9.EXE 1.19f, meaning that it will work with "any savegame of every version of Ultima IX or Beautiful Britannia".

More news from Aiera:

[W][R]Haxima 2, Fake Akalabeths, and more

16th October 2011 by Dino

The latest newspost from the Ultima 6 Remake for Exult shares a couple of ideas that would probably make a good addition to the remake. One is the need to cook meat before eating it, and another is to have soldiers assist you in the war against the gargoyles.

After almost two years of no news, a brief note on the Nazghul website announces that "Haxima 2 is in development".

The more interesting recent posts at the UDIC Facebook group include: someone selling fake Akalabeth copies on eBay, people sharing pictures of their artwork and Origin collections, and more. Check it out if you're interested in what's going on lately among Ultima dragons!

More Ultima-related news from Aiera:

More from Aiera that is not quite Ultima-related:

[S][W][R]U4: The best RPG ever

1st October 2011 by Dino

I've made a tiny update to the U6 Items page, thanks to Jee who provided some new information. Ultima information submissions are always welcome, and now that Ultima is available through GOG, many people might find that information useful.

Ultima Return (i.e. the Serpent Isle remake, with its new name) has released its own rendition of Stones.

The Ultima 6 Remake for Exult reports progress, mainly related to Serpent's Hold. Other news includes the completion of Yew portraits (screenshots should be available soon) and the recruitment of Crowley.

The Escapist has an article about GOG's recent free release of Ultima 4, which calls the game the "best RPG ever".

Recent activity at the UDIC Facebook Group shows a couple of fake copies of Ultima 2 on eBay, and a reminder about Adam Burr's offer to give away some Ultima games and books.

More from Aiera:

[W][R]Galleries at Aiera

24th September 2011 by Dino

Withstand the Fury Dragon released the following galleries at Aiera:

Also, at the UDIC Facebook Page, Stefan Eriksson shared a picture of his progress in building Moonglow for a project I'm not yet familiar with.

[W][R]U6 Remake - Loose Ends

21st September 2011 by Dino

The Ultima 6 Remake for Exult reports the following progress with regards to world building and plans to address what happened between Ultima V and VI:

AgentOrangeGuy has been doing some map building here and there, concentrating on Serpents' hold, currently working on the keep. He will be doing some usecode and adding a few things here and there on the map, specifically to tie up loose ends from U5. Such as, have you ever wondered what happened to the Oppression after Blackthorn was banished? What happened to some of the buildings? The walls around towns? Also, you'll find out just why Horance is there in Skara Brae in the first place...To be continued...

Aiera brings further news of Sanctimonia's vegetation trampling and another update to Zeph's Ultima Minecraft Textures.

[W][R]Codex updates and more

18th September 2011 by Dino

The Codex of Ultima Wisdom has news of its progress:

Over 900,000 page views!
Blu3vib3 has almost finished rewriting all the Ultima VII character descriptions.
Ultima V: Lazarus maps and NPCs are nearly finished.
Substantial new information about the various Ultima Manga
More work on Sosarian Spells
Locations in Ultima Online
Countless minor improvements

More news from Aiera:

Following up on Aiera's most recent coverage, there appears to be even more recent news at the Ultima 6 remake for Exult. This newspost speaks of the new Quenton side quest as well as a new team member who is improving portraits to the quality of Serpent Isle while keeping them faithful to the original (a couple of samples have been posted).

[S][W][R]CPRG Addict completes U5 and U4P2

15th September 2011 by Dino

As you already knew if you followed my last news post, The CRPG Addict has finished Ultima V, and now made a post about it. Additionally, he has reviewed and rated Ultima V, and quickly played through the Ultima IV Part 2 parody.

The latest news at Forgotten World describes the team's most recent progress and welcomes a new team member.

At the UDIC Facebook Group, Michael Metzger shared a picture of a coin that bears some similarity with a Codex coin; and Lasse Linno Henriksen shared a link to a video of Richard Garriott talking about "how to get a job in videogames".

Good Old Games released Wing Commander 3. To mark the event, Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera shared the following material from WC3: Introductions, Endings, and The Making of Wing Commander 3.

Return to the Serpent Isle, now renamed to Ultima: Return, is back with news after a long period of silence. Many things are mentioned, including a redesign of the website (which is immediately evident), a restructuring of the team, and an upcoming demo release.

More news from Aiera includes: Film Director Duncan Jones is an Ultima fan; some Back to Roots news; CD Projekt's Fall 2011 Conference; and Jeff Skalski who is the "Ultima Franchise Producer".

Finally, a little thing about Dino's Ultima Page. You might have noticed that news is getting a bit faster lately. In all honesty, I am still very busy with life in general, but I've been finding a bit of time to go back to the old RPGs I've been fond of for so long. At present I'm writing a walkthrough for Eye of the Beholder 2 - The Legend of Darkmoon at my other site, so nothing Ultima as yet. But the feeling is that I'll be back to adding new Ultima info to this site in a few months' time.

[W]CRPG Addict returns to Ultima V

12th September 2011 by Dino

The CPRG Addict, whose Ultima V savegame got corrupted a few days ago after having painfully earned a Level 7 Avatar, managed to get back in the game. He had a savegame from 1st September backed up, and hexedited his party to have the experience he had when his savegame got messed up. At that point, he only needed to replay the various quests (e.g. getting Lord British's artifacts). His latest post covers a number of things that he tried out since he had the chance.

In his comments for that post, CPRG Addict later said that he finished the game, and an endgame post is coming tomorrow.

In other news, Michael Metzger shared more of his Ultima fan art on the UDIC Facebook group.

[W]La Legende - reconstruction in progress

10th September 2011 by Dino

Sergorn Dragon reports progress in the reconstruction of his site, La Legende d' Ultima. He is hard at work at rebuilding the site, and has restored the info pages. Although galleries, downloads, etc are still missing, he will be adding them in the coming weeks. Sergorn might be known among newer Ultima fans for his more recent efforts Return to the Serpent Isle and Ultima Adventures, but others know that his information site La Legende d' Ultima has been one of the main sources of Ultima information since its launch in 1998.

On the UDIC Facebook Group, Michael Metzger shared an Ultima map that he drew.

The CRPG Addict has been killing pretty much anything he could find in order to raise his party's experience levels before trying to brave Dungeon Doom. Unfortunately, by the time he reached level 7, his savegame got corrupted. Unless someone can give him a hand, he may have to start over.

Withstand the Fury Dragon has continued to upload material related to Ultima 4, 5 and 6 to Aiera, following their release on Good old Games a few days ago. Here's what's new:

Withstand the Fury Dragon also made a list of patches relevant to the Good Old Games releases, and Pix's Ultima Patcher has also been updated to cater for the latest releases.

[W]Ultima 4-6 Released on Good Old Games

8th September 2011 by Dino

Good Old Games has released Ultima 4-6 this week, although character importing doesn't work as yet.

The CRPG Addict, while levelling up to prepare for his final descent into the bowels of the very Underworld in Ultima 5, has written about the game's magic system.

More news from the UDIC Facebook Group:

More news from Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera:

[W][R]Ultima 1-4 Released on Good Old Games (and more)

5th September 2011 by Dino

The CRPG Addict has been progressing well with Ultima 5. He has just killed the Shadowlords and is preparing to attempt his final quest.

The Ultima 6 Online website reports that the server IP has changed to the following:

The Titans of Ether posted an update for April-August 2011, and also changed server.

Some interesting posts from the UDIC Facebook Group:

At Forgotten World, Beautiful Britannia 2011 R2 has been released. In other news, a new screenshot shows an the amalgamation of the current U9 tools. Hawkwind has returned to the team to work on the world builder, and progress with property and trigger types was also mentioned.

There have been a number of interesting releases at Good Old Games. Those following Aiera knew that more EA titles were coming, and later that Ultima 1-4 would be released. Aiera complemented each Origin release with a shower of related material:

Later, Withstand the Fury Dragon wrote about patches relevant to the Ultimas on Good Old Games, and Pix released Patcher that handles patching them for you.

More from Aiera:

[W][R]Deus Ex: Human Revolution released

23rd August 2011 by Dino

Those of you who (like me) are fond of Warren Spector's dystopian masterpiece Deus Ex will be pleased to know that the third installment, Human Revolution, has been released today. I don't know whether the man was involved with this one, but the reviews appear to be positive so far.

Aiera has a few new bits of news, which I will go over sometime soon.

[S][W][R]Ultima 5-inspired mobile RPG

21st August 2011 by Dino

I've just updated the Remakes and Engines and Reviews and Plots sections of my Ultima 5 info page, cleaning out a lot of dead links.

At the UDIC Facebook group, Dee DaeGraffe shared a link to a recent interview with Richard Garriott about MMO economies.

Also, Cody Ellsworth shared news that he is working on a "mobile version of an Ultima V style RPG". In a comment, he also shared a video of a "very early prototype" [MP4 video].

[W][R]Ultima collectibles and more

20th August 2011 by Dino

The CRPG Addict, who recently started playing Ultima 5 as part of his long list of DOS-era RPG playthroughs, has set off on his quest. He is currently going around main area of Britannia (Castle British, the nearby villages, etc) and learning useful information that will ultimately help him discover the fate of Lord British.

Interesting posts from the UDIC Facebook group:

More news from Aiera:

[W][R]Playing every DOS RPG

17th August 2011 by Dino

Some interesting posts from the UDIC Facebook Group:

Thepal posted some news about his Serpent Isle for Oblivion remake:

Thepal writes: "Lately I've been playing Fallout New Vegas, and all my Serpent Isle modding has been dark caves and basements. Today I started creating my first outdoor location in a while, and when I went to test it in-game I was just blown away by the sheer prettiness of the Oblivion engine."

Thepal posted a screenshot to show what he means, and I must say I am also very impressed.

Aiera posted some news about the RPG elements of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. For those who haven't been following along lately, the lead designer for this game is Ian Frazier, the man who brought us Lazarus.

[W][R]Nuvie 0.2, The Digital Lycaeum and other news

13th August 2011 by Dino

Firstknight posted an unfortunate announcement on Forgotten World that the next release of Beautiful Britannia will be delayed by a few months. This is no cause for concern, however, and he reassures us that news will be available when significant progress has been made.

Some interesting content has been posted at the UDIC Facebook group, which Ultima fans might enjoy viewing:

The second official release of Nuvie (i.e. version 0.2) is now available. The biggest feature in this release is magic - all spells have been implemented. Many other pieces of game logic have been added - they are listed on the Nuvie website.

In other news (courtesy of Aiera)...

[W][R]Forgotten World strides ahead

7th August 2011 by Dino

A lot of things have been brewing at Forgotten World, as Iceblade wrote in his most recent news posts:

On an Ultima-unrelated note, Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera responded to Rock Paper Shotgun's article about game photographer and posted several screenshots of The Sims 3 and Galaxy on Fire 2 (both for iPhone). Being a 'game photographer' is probably very common among gamers - we all tend to love keeping memoirs of our progress through games, and the many recent Ultima playthrough blogs are testimony to that. I personally have also screenshotted my way through several games, including several Ultimas (see walkthroughs in Dino's Ultima Page) and other games (see Game Info page in my other site).

Still on an Ultima-unrelated note, WtFD wrote a bit about file hosting services, giving his opinion on which service would be better for hosting any (possibly Ultima project related) material.

Aiera has the following news concerning Richard Garriott and Origin:

Other Ultima project-related news from Aiera:

[W][R]Dr. Garriott marries, and other news

30th July 2011 by Dino

Hi everyone... here goes a quick summary of the various news of the past month.

From the UDIC Facebook group there were the following interesting posts:

The Titans of Ether have posted "random screenshots from all over the world", and Direhaggis is complaining about his laptop being pretty much dead.

Forgotten World has been pretty active during July. The Beautiful Britannia 2011 R1 - Hotfix 1 has been released, removing two NPC types to fix occurrences that cause the screen to shake. Also, the team would like to add more books to the Ultima 9 world. Due to this, they are accepting book submissions from fans, and have also been working on a book editor [screenshot].

More news from Aiera, concerning Ultima projects:

Aiera news that is not Ultima-related:

New on Aiera:

News about Richard Garriott courtesy of Aiera:

Other Ultima-related news from Aiera:

[S]Dino's Ultima Page turns 9

26th July 2011 by Dino

Tomorrow is the 9th anniversary of the launch of Dino's Ultima Page. It's been great to be of service to the Ultima community for such a long time, and I hope to be around for many years to come.

I've fallen a bit behind with the news, because I have a lot of things going on. I will catch up as soon as I am able; in the meantime you can follow Aiera, which is doing a better job at staying up to date.

If Dino's Ultima Page is 9 years old, then next year it will be 10 (duh). I was toying with the idea of celebrating this 10th anniversary in some way. Perhaps it would be great to organise a meeting between Dragons at some central location (or separate ones for European, American, Australian, etc Dragons). If anyone is interested in something of the sort, please get in touch. I've never met any Dragons in real life myself, and I think it's a shame because there are a handful who have played an important part in my life.

[W][R]Barnett bio and other news

30th June 2011 by Dino

The media page of the Titans of Ether is fresh with screenshots of Spiritwood and Minoc. Minor updates to the site have also been made.

Similarly, Thepal has new screenshots of Moonshade, reflecting his latest work on his SI remake for Oblivion.

At the UDIC Facebook page, Shadow of Light Dragon posted a link to an article about daring moves done in online gaming. #3 in the list is the murder of Lord British in Ultima Online.

More news from Aiera:

[W][R]The Bob White Plot

23rd June 2011 by Dino

Iceblade from Forgotten World has been busy with other things lately, but will be resuming work on the project in the near future. A new poll asks which bug should be patched next.

Corv from the Titans of Ether wrote about Markee Dragon's interview with Richard Garriott. There's also a new screenshot, but you need a forum login for that.

Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera has written a guide to playing and patching the Ultimas today.

Aiera has posted a video (via Wing Commander CIC and G4TV) about the games GoG currently has and also those it is planning to release in the near future. It has just released a couple of new games (Litil Divil and Heroes Chronicles: All Chapters) and is planning to release many more via their deal with EA. The video also hints at a couple of other big gaming companies that might follow EA's footsteps and sell their games via GoG.

More from Aiera:

[W][R]Various news

17th June 2011 by Dino

Good Old Games has released Magic Carpet as part of its deal with EA.

The Forgotten World website brings news from the Beautiful Britannia and Forgotten World projects. There are four new screenshots and mention of an upcoming Beautiful Britannia scheduled for September.

More news from Aiera:

[S][W]RG: The Family Man

13th June 2011 by Dino

Markee Dragon was nice enough to share another interview with Richard Garriott. The father of Ultima, who is getting married pretty soon, says that his plans have changed a little, and his family is his number one priority.

I am now hosting Gallara's MOO log [TXT], which is basically a copy of this in proper text format. Until I set up a proper section dedicated to Ultima Dragon history, it is accessible via the Articles section on the Old News page.

Another interesting find by Gallara is a shop that uses the Ultima font.

[W][R]Various Ultima goodness

12th June 2011 by Dino

Yesterday I celebrated my 9th anniversary of Dragonhood. Well, 9 years is a long time, and I've been very happy to serve the Ultima community for such a long time, in which I've also learned a lot. And the best thing is this: it seems that there are good times ahead in the Ultima scene.

gog.com has released Crusader: No Remorse for sale as part of the agreement with EA. Although I've never played this title, I've heard a lot of good things about it, and the reviews seem to confirm what I've heard. You can also read more about the game at Aiera's relevant news article.

More news from the UDIC Facebook group:

More news from Aiera:

[W][R]Titans of Ether are recruiting

6th June 2011 by Dino

A member of the Titans of Ether has posted at the UDIC Facebook group requesting that anyone with skills which could be useful get in touch with them. Positions are unspecified, but knowing the nature of remakes I'd guess they need just about anything, with a particular emphasis on the art department.

[W][R]EA brings Ultima back to life

4th June 2011 by Dino

It's official... the big news of pretty much the century became known to the Ultima community yesterday. EA is making several of its good old titles available via gog.com, starting with Wing Commander: Privateer, Dungeon Keeper and Ultima Underworld 1+2 in anticipation of "more than 25" other titles. GOG even went down for a bit due to heavy traffic at launch time. In addition to this, an official Ultima Forever website has been launched, offering a free download of Ultima 4. Let's just say that... I never thought I'd live to see this day.

This came after a mysterious "UltimaForever" account appeared on Twitter, teasing with "Art thou humble?" after the Ultima Forever website leaked a couple of days early; and following speculation from BanditLOAF.

Additionally, EA has launched a download service named in honour of the good old Origin Systems Inc, that is so dear to long-time Ultima fans.

More interesting Ultima news from the UDIC Facebook page:

More news from Aiera:

More Ultima news from the web:

[W][R]Sneak peeks and stuff

30th May 2011 by Dino

Thepal reports that he is working on Moonshade, in his Serpent Isle for Oblivion remake. He is getting better at modelling, which allows him to work faster. A screenshot of Petra has also been posted.

The Spoony Experiment has released a Serpent Isle video review as part of his Ultima Retrospective.

News from the UDIC Facebook Group:

Markee Dragon wrote: "I met with Richard Garriott yesterday. I have lots of exciting news! The first item is that Lord British will be seen in a new game again. The name of the game is not yet set. That's being worked on right now. The new game will include many of the core principles we have loved so much. These are items such as the virtues. Non combat player role types such as we saw in UO. We will also see some very interesting new developments as to how the game is played. I'm not sure I can describe it well here. But Richard calls is the third era of games. Each era being 10x larger than the previous. That equals a player base number of 100,000,000 players for this game. I know that's a bit insane but that is what he is talking about doing.

"We filmed 4 things with him over the past few days. Two of them are directly related to all of us Dragons. We'll have the film ready sometime soon. I'll post them here as they are made available.

"Oh and lastly. I asked Richard to join UDIC as an official member. He said he would and we should see him in here sometime in the future. :)"

More news from Aiera:

[W][R]U6O and Stealing

15th May 2011 by Dino

The U6O website has an announcement bidding players to be careful about letting people into their online homes. Stealing is not against U6O rules, and lost items are not recoverable.

On another note, Thepal's Serpent Isle remake for Oblivion now sports an Aiera-ish website layout.

[W]More UDIC goodness

13th May 2011 by Dino

The activity at the UDIC Facebook Group has continued to generate interesting content. In one thread, many dragons shed some light on where they got their dragon names from. In another, a year-old article about DOUG the Eagle Dragon's misadventures was pointed out.

[S][W][F]Back to the origins of UDIC

12th May 2011 by Dino

The UDIC Facebook Group, now boasting a 200-strong membership, is bubbling with activity. Here is a summary of the more interesting posts:

A new stable release of Iris2 is available.

More news from Aiera:

[W][R]UDIC Breathes Again

8th May 2011 by Dino

The Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter, founded in 1992, is still the heart of the Ultima community on the internet. Many things have changed, almost 20 years down the line. Many of the original Dragons from the 90s basically grew up and moved on, and the UDIC website and many others have become inactive or disappeared completely. At the same time a new generation of Dragons appeared during the new millennium, bringing a new age of remakes and Ultima-inspired projects, as well as websites such as Dino's Ultima Page and Aiera, which today are the main hubs of Ultima news and information.

Last week, there was a big surge in activity from UDIC members, old and recent, in the UDIC Facebook page. This Facebook page, originally created by Dagur Dragon a few years ago, has been upgraded to Facebook's new group layout. In what many are seeing as a load of spam, new posts are now being emailed to members, and in light of this, many dragons have heard the call and manifested themselves on the page.

Now the exciting thing about this is that there are many of the original dragons from the 90s, who previously were known mainly by fame and weren't quite reachable, who are active in this Facebook group. These include the likes of Telavar, Contrapuntal, Goldenflame, and many others. Many of them remember the old days when UDIC members were on Prodigy, Weyrmount, or RGCUD. To me these are little more than legends and one of them should explain to me what they are ;) and also it would be nice to compile a history of the UDIC.

In other news, Beautiful Britannia is showing off progress with flowers and grass in their latest awesome screenshots [1 | 2].

Aiera has posted a gallery of Ultima Reborn - a different interpretation of Ultima 4 for the Nintendo DS. La Legende d' Ultima also has coverage about this, in French.

The Titans of Ether have posted a progress update for March and early April. Also, a web hosting move is planned.

More news from Aiera:

[W][R]Nuvie 0.1 Released

22nd April 2011 by Dino

Although the Nuvie project has appeared to be inactive in recent years, work has been ongoing despite the website's lack of updates. The fruit of this continuous effort has materialised in the form of the first official release (version 0.1). Check out their website for details.

More Ultima-related news from Aiera:

Galleries added at Aiera recently:

Aiera also has other news that is not Ultima-related:

[W]Codex April update

21st April 2011 by Dino

The Codex of Ultima Wisdom is always accumulating more information. Aside from hitting the half-million mark in page views, and changing its logo (above), the following is a summary of what's new:

Tribun Dragon writes: We have been very busy at the Codex of Ultima Wisdom. So busy, that we have to seperate the news into three areas. We have managed to close many gaps and are now very close to really becoming the ultimate (note the pun) database for the series.

Yet work still is plenty to be done.

Single-Player Ultima:

Ultima Online:

General News:

There has been other Ultima news recently, but I'll catch up with it another time. In the meantime check out Aiera for the latest updates.

[W][R]Introducing Ultima4Ever

3rd April 2011 by Dino

The latest addition to Spoony's Ultima video reviews is an Ultima Underworld 2 review. This review seems to focus more on Spoony's frustration at getting ripped apart by basic creatures, and less on the actual gameplay and story. In fact the review has received lots of negative comments, both at the Aiera article and the review itself, prompting Spoony to write a followup note (below the video).

Aiera's article about the freeware-ish nature of Ultima 4 has sparked a lot of comments below the article itself, and also across the web. Slashdot has also featured the article in one of its newsposts, as did many other popular websites. Aiera has since posted a followup addressing many of the misconceptions made by these other websites. In more recent news, an anonymous Aiera visitor provided a glimpse of what appears to be Mythic's secret Ultima 4-based project: Ultima4Ever. This piece of news features a snapshot of a video, showing a Britannia-like map. Another clue suggests that it will be an online RPG.

The Titans of Ether have posted an update for February.

More news from Aiera:

[S][W]Ultima 4: Freeware or Not?

26th March 2011 by Dino

Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera has brought up the Ultima 4 issue. Is it freeware or not? His post explores the history of Ultima 4 as freeware and the current and potential impact on derived works. The comments so far have also proved to be an interesting discussion.

In my continued effort to bring Dino's Ultima Page up to date, I have migrated three of the old Ultima Web Directory's pages (i.e. Engines, Written Info Sites, and the Graveyard) to the new web database. I have also fixed an XHTML error in the Ultima 6 Guide.

[S][W][R]Spoony reviews Ultima Underworld

25th March 2011 by Dino

I've made more enhancements to Dino's Ultima Page:

An Ultima Underworld video review has been uploaded at The Spoony Experiment.

In Beautiful Britannia, the water and grass textures have been improved. The latest two awesome screenshots [1 | 2] show what it's like.

At Aiera, xu4 and Nuvie updates have been updated. Aiera also brings news of more Ultima Underworld goodness from Dan Schmidt and Richard Garriott being announced as a LOGIN 2011 keynote speaker.

[S][W][R]Various minor updates

20th March 2011 by Dino

I have retired the old Ultima Web Database, and performed maintenance on the newer WebDB2 to bring most of the data up to date.

Wizardry Dragon at The Feudal Lands has made minor cosmetic changes to the website.

More news from Aiera:

Also reported by Aiera are three tweets [1 | 2 | 3] from Paul Barnett (of Mythic Entertainment) about their upcoming secret project that everyone is hoping will be some kind of Ultima. Basically he's dropping hints but at the same time not telling us anything.

[S]Ultima WebDB2 is out

19th March 2011 by Dino

It's been a while since I've added anything to Dino's Ultima Page other than news, and a indeed few cobwebs have crept in. I've made some updates today - I've updated a few links, and added a new section on Killing Lithos early (the same that I posted in the news last time) in the U8 Fun page.

But most importantly, I have added the Ultima WebDB2. This is a database of Ultima websites, and is the successor to the old Ultima Web Directory and Ultima Web Database which you can still access through the navigation menu to the left. This is a project I started back in December 2009, but I had stopped working on it due to other priorities. Today I finished the back end that allows easy maintenance of this database.

The reason why I left many broken links to dead sites throughout Dino's Ultima Page was that I wanted to store them in this database. If these links are lost forever, then it will be difficult to find them even in the Internet Archive, as people would have to rely on memory to remember the links. Now that this database is ready for use, general cleanup of this site can begin.

If anyone would like to give a hand with posting news or maintaining this website database, please contact me. I have very little time lately, and it is evident that news here has become infrequent.

For other news from the Ultima community up to today, check out Aiera. I will catch up with the community news another day.

[W][R]Killing Lithos early (and lots more news)

12th March 2011 by Dino

Moe Yasmine wrote to share a fun little trick in Ultima 8 that I haven't heard of before. He has found a way to kill Lithos early in the game:

Moe Yasmine writes: "I got to the necromancy stage and got the key of the caretaker and used open ground to enter the upper catacombs. From there I head immediately to stone cove and the hall of the mountain king after that without going to the necromancers. So I got the heart of the earth obviously using create golem and open ground to get it! Then i went for the mountain king with the purpose of using it on him at this VERY early stage of the game. Obviously when you first walk up to him you can't double click the heart of earth to kill him with it because he starts talking to you."

"So what i did was:

unfortunately lightning then hits you as though you're in the ethereal plane and the game freezes. My items would be open and the recall device doesn't work but unfortunately I'm not taken to the ethereal plane.

The Forgotten World team have released a new awesome screenshot showing off the work of newly recruited texture artist Viriathus. The other awesome screenshot that was released before it shows new textures for rocky mountains.

The Titans of Ether posted their progress report for January 2011.

A short February update for Return to the Serpent Isle has also been posted.

Wizardry Dragon at The Feudal Lands has made some improvements to the project website.

A new client for Ultima 6 Online has been made available to fix disappearing items and bugged swamp boots.

More recent news courtesy of Aiera:

[W][R]February news

21st February 2011 by Dino

The Forgotten World website brings news of progress made in Beautiful Britannia, particularly as far as terrain and flowers are concerned.

News at Exult explains what has been going on since the release of version 1.4.9 RC1. The Exult team is experiencing difficulties fixing a bug that is causing random objects to disappear and Exult to crash completely. However, many other bugs have been fixed by their new team member, Malignant Manor. They have also made an all-in-one audio package available for download.

Spoony has reviewed Ultima 7. The review is long (over 20 minutes and is pretty much a playthrough of the game.

More news from Aiera (quick summary):

[W][R]Pagan overworld maps (and more)

30th January 2011 by Dino

In an update to Pagan - The Beautiful, Julio Siqueira has added three videos [1, 2, 3] showing the world of Pagan. There are also some new composite maps of the whole of Pagan - a pretty awesome undertaking.

Sergorn Dragon finished his playthrough of Ultima ("Ultima Adventures") a few months ago. Now he has posted about the future of the blog. Its aim has been fulfilled, but Sergorn may yet visit other Ultima ports or related games.

Wizardry Dragon at The Feudal Lands is still appealing for people to join his project.

Progress at Forgotten World is never slowing lately, and now Firstknight has released U9BB.EXE, an executable which allows playing Ultima 9 without fog. This is shown by the latest awesome screenshot and other Beautiful Britannia screenshots.

In Ultima 6 Online, a boat carrying abominations from Sutek's castle apparently crashed into Britanny Bay, causing terror among the citizens of Britain.

Sergorn and the team at Return to the Serpent Isle have released the Ultima Game System for NWN2, which is a collection of game systems that are essential in the making of any Ultima remake based on NWN2. Team Return also report other news on various fronts, including NPCs and worldbuilding. As always, they would benefit from new team members, especially 3D artists.

More news from Aiera:

[W][R]Titans, Beautiful Britannia and more

15th January 2011 by Dino

It seems I was right about the Titans of Ether in my news post last week: sure enough they have posted a progress update for December a few days ago.

Forgotten World also has fresh news: a development history section has been added to the Beautiful Britannia gallery, and the latest awesome screenshot also shows how graphical quality has changed over the years.

More news from Aiera:

[W][R]Catching up...

9th January 2011 by Dino

Tribun Dragon from The Codex of Ultima Wisdom wrote about their latest progress in accumulating Ultima information:

After our move to Aiera, we have returned at the Codex of Ultima Wisdom at trying to close the gaps in our database. We can proudly announce much success and therefore can give all of you the first official update in months.

First our progress in the single-player section.

On the Ultima Online front, we have made lots of progress in filling the gaps:

In more general news:

A new client for Ultima 6 Online is available. Check out their website for details about what's new.

It appears that The Feudal Lands could use some new team members, including scriptwriters, graphic artists, and usecode programmers. Due to issues with the mail server, anyone interested should contact Wizardry Dragon at his personal email address.

The Titans of Ether have posted a progress report for November 2010. I suppose they'll have one for December soon.

There has been quite a bit of activity at Forgotten World. Here's a summary of what's new:

More Ultima-related news from Aiera:

News from Aiera concerning Richard Garriott:

More news from Aiera that is not Ultima-related:

[W][R]Serpent Isle: An Oblivion Mod

3rd January 2011 by Dino

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas season.

I did, too, and so I have a bit of Ultima news to catch up with here (until then, check out Aiera). But for today I'll give you this one little tidbit.

Thepal posted in my Google Group about his new Serpent Isle remake using the Oblivion engine. Some of you may remember Thepal's past work on Ultima remakes, the most recent being Ultima IX: Infinity Eternal. Its fate is explained in the earliest news post at the new site (basically, it's dead).

But meanwhile Thepal has put quite a bit of work into his new remake, and has released a demo and three videos of a breaking glass item.

[W][R]Various news

11th December 2010 by Dino

In this week's awesome screenshot, the Forgotten World team show off their mesh viewer:

Iceblade writes: "Now for this week's Awesome screen, I present an screenshot of the current incarnation of our Mesh Viewer. As any interested programmers should note, much of the ground work for our primary editor is completed except for the editing of file information. We have made great strides in the best few months in defining many of the remaining unknowns of the map files, so the task of finishing the editor is largely implementation rather than map file decoding.

"So we still very much need a C++ programmer. Also, we have a need for a texture artist."

Wizardry Dragon from The Feudal Lands has finally recovered from his laptop crash and will be resuming work on the project.

As always, the contributors of The Codex of Ultima Wisdom have been hard at work:

I got an email from Lord of Ultima announcing the release of their "Forge of Virtue" expansion:


Our latest Game Update brings you a quest of epic proportions!
This is your last chance to become the Lord of Ultima!
Forge of Virtue introduces a host of amazing new features:


Giving you and your alliance the chance to become the Lord of Ultima


Take advantage of his awesome features. He will be your greatest asset when it comes to managing your resources


Enjoy an entirely new experience with enhanced graphics, an epic soundtrack and great sound effects

So since this is amazing, epic, awesome and whatnot, and you also get to become the Lord of Ultima (yawn), I guess you can't afford to miss out, right? Right?

And now for some more news from Aiera, where Withstand the Fury Dragon has been doing a great job at keeping abreast with all the recent Ultima and general gaming news:

[W][R]Catching up for Christmas

5th December 2010 by Dino

So, the Christmas season is around the corner, and it is traditionally good at keeping me busy. So let's catch up on the Ultima news lately...

The Forgotten World website has been quite busy with news lately. Here's a summary:

Spoony's Ultima 6 video review is online. Withstand the Fury Dragon isn't quite happy with the bashing of his (and my) favourite Ultima.

Ultima 6 Online has news of some sort of gargoyle invasion or such:

"Strange lunar forces are driving the Gargoyle horde deep into Britain! Arm thyselves to the teeth should you wish to visit Britain's Major shops! British Commands the town militia to advance! Log in and do such!"

The Titans of Ether have posted their update for October 2010.

More Ultima-related news from Aiera:

Aiera news that is not Ultima-related:

[W][R]Forgotten World / Beautiful Britannia screenshots

13th November 2010 by Dino

News at the Forgotten World website reports an increase in graphical quality. This is evident in this week's new screenshot of Yew, as well as in several new Beautiful Britannia screenshots.

At Aiera, Withstand the Fury Dragon has made a news post about Remembrance Day.

[W]Lord of Ultima presents Ascension

10th November 2010 by Dino

Today I got an email from Lord of Ultima saying that:


The second of three large Game Updates to be introduced this year makes Lord of Ultima even easier and enjoyable to play!

Main features in Ascension include research, better use of natural resources, improved ministers, Alliance forums and improved Combat reports.

Gee, thanks.


[W][R]WtFD's second hatchling

9th November 2010 by Dino

A big and heartfelt congratulations goes to Kenneth Hynek (known in the Ultima scene as Withstand the Fury Dragon, and the man behind Aiera) and his wife Grace on the birth of their second baby. It's a girl!

Also, there is some news from Return to the Serpent Isle. Nytefall, a Lazarus veteran, has joined the team and begun creating portraits.

[W][R]Forgotten Hallows video, and more

7th November 2010 by Dino

Following their release of the Forgotten Hallows Rise 2010 holiday themed map, the Forgotten World website has news of a video about it by Dagur Dragon. Additionally, they have released the first of a series of screenshots that will be released every Friday, and want people to vote in the poll, which will remain open until the end of November.

Ultima-related news from Aiera:

Miscellaneous news from Aiera:

[W][R]Return to the Serpent Isle: October 2010 update

2nd November 2010 by Dino

An October update has been posted at the Return to the Serpent Isle website. Interesting news from this project includes a new harvesting system that allows natural resources to replenish over time, and development on various areas of the project (including worldbuilding, writing and 2D art) has begun. The news ends with the usual appeal for people to join the project in order to accelerate its progress.

More news from Aiera includes a discussion of the law that bans the sale of violent video games in California, a story about WtFD's daughter and Halloween, Ultima 8 for NWN being restored, and a poll about whether visitors would like an IRC channel.

[W][R]Forgotten World Ultima IX advancements

31st October 2010 by Dino

Following plenty of recent news of Forgotten World, a new update tells us the following:

[W][R]RG engaged; U9 patch released; Codex moves; etc

30th October 2010 by Dino

Tribun Dragon informed me that The Codex of Editable Wisdom, now renamed to The Codex of Ultima Wisdom, has joined the Aiera family. This move was triggered after Wikia imposed conditions on their hosted Wikis that were not acceptable.

Exult and Pentagram, the two foremost SDL engine projects for Ultima 7 and 8 respectively, and which also share common developers, have both been updated this month. Exult lists a whole variety of new enhancements, while Pentagram mostly mentions bug fixes and the addition of plenty more savegame slots.

Sergorn has finished his playthrough of Ultima last week, and has nonetheless continued his blog by discussing aspects of Ultima 9.

Aside from the Codex, Aiera is now also hosting:

Other Ultima news from Aiera:

Other Game-related but not Ultima-related news from Aiera:

Family-related news from Aiera:

[W][R]Origin treasures revealed

15th October 2010 by Dino

Following the efforts by the Origin Museum and Wing Commander CIC at archiving left-over material from Origin donated by Mythic, the fruit of their work has finally come to light. Aiera is now hosting several images provided by the Origin Museum from the Mythic collection. Among the treasures we may now admire are: Bob White plot dungeons, Ultima 8 animations, and high-resolution images of ingame artwork.

Sergorn's most recent Ultima Adventures have taken him to the world of Pagan, more specifically to the Hall of the Mountain King. As Withstand the Fury Dragon has noted, Sergorn's very recent playthrough of Serpent Isle has also been accompanied with information about the game's original design from Bill Armintrout, who was one of the top people on the original project.

The Titans of Ether have posted their September update, which includes a brief summary of what each team member has been up to this past month.

More news from Aiera:

[W][R]Ultima ray-traced (and more news)

10th October 2010 by Dino

While reading material on ray tracing for my Masters, I happened to come upon some sample student projects, one of which was this pretty impressive Ultima-related scene (from the slides here):

Sergorn has apparently been playing a lot of Ultima. In his most recent Ultima Adventures, he not only finished Ultima 7, but finished Ultima Underworld 2 as well, and has been playing through Serpent Isle.

News from Aiera:

[W][R]Ultima to be re-released with DOSBox

3rd October 2010 by Dino

I got an email from Lord of Ultima about three game updates that are scheduled to be released by the end of the year. They are curiously named "Serpent Isle", "Ascension" and "Forge of Virtue". Following the misuse of the Ultima name in EA Phenomic's latest browser-based strategy game, this announcement is like pouring salt on an open wound to many Ultima fans, most especially seeing how the reuse of classic Ultima game names is not even in the right order!

Sergorn's playthrough of the Ultima series ("Ultima Adventures") is doing well, and for the past few days, having finished Ultima Underworld, he has been playing Ultima 7. Admittedly I have not been following his progress so far, but you can expect to see updates about it here from now on.

As for Sergorn's other Ultima pastime, and that is the relatively new yet ambitious Return to the Serpent Isle project, a September update has been posted. In it, Sergorn tells of the team's progress for the past month. Worldbuilding has begun, and the media page contains screenshots of Withstand the Fury Dragon's work. Also, writing of NPC profiles is ready, and dialogue writing will begin soon.

Those of you who have been following The Spoony Experiment's Ultima video reviews may have come across the Grass Battle competition organised by The Spoony Experiment. From what I could understand, this was a competition where amateurs would put together a short video of an epic battle against grass. Now it turns out that the fifth honourable mention, that is a video called "Journey Onward", is intentionally Ultima-themed. While most of the video is devoid of any story whatsoever, the ending is pretty classic to say the least.

Aiera has been updated a lot in recent days, so let's begin by catching up with its Ultima-related news:

And these are other updates from Aiera which are not Ultima-related:

[W][R]Various news

21st September 2010 by Dino

The Project Britannia site has reiterated the release of The Ultima 6 Project's 1.0.1 patch update, and is similarly listing download mirrors.

The Titans of Ether have posted a progress update for August 2010.

An Ultima 5 video review is now available at The Spoony Experiment. This time it's more of a (positive) criticism/review than anything going anywhere near being funny.

The following are Aiera's recent Ultima-related newsposts since the last update here:

Also, Aiera has been doubling as a general game-related news site with the following newsposts:

Finally, Aiera news with nothing to do with gaming:

[W][R]Ultima 6 Project Patch 1.01 Released

7th September 2010 by Dino

The Ultima 6 Project team have just released patch 1.01, making the product fully playable. They are also taking a well-deserved three-week break from development and support. Read the press release:

A trailer of Mass Effect 2 Downloadable Content Lair of the Shadow Broker has been posted at Aiera.

[W][R]Return to Serpent Isle: character creation

5th September 2010 by Dino

Sergorn Dragon at Return to the Serpent Isle has posted about their success in emulating typical Ultima character creation in NWN2, together with a conceptual video of it. There is also a new Team Roster page.

Aside from posting the Return news above, Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera has restored downloads for IRE, and also wrote (and posted a video) about how he got caught up in a hurricane while he was away for a wedding.

[W][R]SI Return, Spoony U4, and RPG Maker

29th August 2010 by Dino

The Spoony Experiment's Ultima 4 video review is now online.

At a topic at the Exult forum, Fahed Al Daye posted a link to a screenshot of what looks like an Ultima 7-based RPG Maker. There appears to be no more information about it as yet, but it looks like an interesting effort.

Sergorn Dragon has posted the August update for his project, Return to the Serpent Isle. A couple of new team members have been recruited, and game components for injury, resting, and guards and prison have been completed and released on NWN2 Vault.

[W]Spector thinks game devs are still making cartoons

28th August 2010 by Dino

Withstand the Fury Dragon posted a brief discussion of an article in which Warren Spector is quoted saying that most game developers are still making cartoons. This criticism is aimed at the overused idea of the lone tough hero who saves the world. Withstand the Fury Dragon argues that there is nothing wrong with that, because people can relate to this idea and wish that they were that hero. While I share WtFD's opinion on how people relate to heroes, I have to agree with Spector because the lack of originality in most games, films, music and other forms of entertainment makes me sick. Anyone who has seen several apocalyptic movies, for example, can probably understand my frustration. The fact that most games etc are essentially the same is really the reason that I pretty much quit trying out new ones.

Withstand the Fury Dragon also posted on Aiera that he has been busy but will resume posting news next week; and that the Arx Fatalis downloads have been restored.

[W][R]Codex, Beautiful Britannia and more

19th August 2010 by Dino

Tribun Dragon has sent me a progress report on work going on at the Codex of Editable Wisdom:

After much work, the Codex of Editable Wisdom is next to complete now. Besides the report of our progress, however, we also have one huge construction site left, but more about this after the update.

Now for the construction site mentioned above.

One huge gap we were unable to close concerns Ultima Online. While we now have a seperate section for everything concerning it, we sadly are unable to fill it with content. Most either have no time for it, or never played UO (as I never did). Therefore we hope for interested contributers to help us out of this fix.

Apart from the game and expansions, we were only able to find the following things:

We're unable to add more than that and are dependent on outside help for that section.

I also got an update from Firstknight, who is pursuing his "Beautiful Britannia" project after having broken off from Forgotten World:

Greetings to all, who are interested in "Beautiful Britannia".

Sorry, but I haven't got the time to create a homepage so far, so I want to provide some quick infos on the actual project state here:

Currently (after being offline for about 6 months) I continue working on basic tasks, like categorizing items and upgrading the creation tools.
When this is done, the next step will be adding bigger objects (mainly rocks and trees) onto britannia overworld (means pure hexcoding)
Both of these tasks will take approximately until Summer 2011.

After that I will have something new to show (which is not really the case atm), so this will be a good time for providing a homepage then.
Also a new demo is planned in Late 2011 (I hope that I get the .NET Launcher done until then).

Further I'm sorry to say that there will be no way to remove the fogging on overworld maps in Windows 7, but it makes not much sense anyway, simply because MiddleClip values higher 6000 gets unstable.

Long time goals for "Beautiful Britannia":

That's all so far, greetings again


Those interested in what Richard Garriott's been up to might be interested in this article/video: Richard Garriott's Haunted Geocache, noted thanks to a topic in the Exult forum.

More news from Aiera:

[W][R]Ultima 4 Development Challenge

15th August 2010 by Dino

Aiera brings news of an Ultima 4 Development Challenge by Mythic Entertainment. This EA-owned game studio is responsible for a couple of pretty big titles, as well as being the present owner of the rights to Ultima. As it stands, Mythic are encouraging any possible port of Ultima 4 for the iPhone OS, and would support it by publishing it under the EA Mobile label in Apple's App Store.

This is a tremendously interesting opportunity for anyone involved in Ultima fan remakes to actually be part of an official Ultima title. There aren't really many details on Aiera's newspost about this. However, I would personally take this up if I had time and an iPhone available. Still, if anyone's interested, get in touch!

Some more news from Aiera: BritanniaMOD and Realms of Ultima have been restored. Also, Zenimax has purchased Arkane Studios, the company responsible for Arx Fatalis - which was made in the spirit of Ultima Underworld.

[W][R]More Spoony reviews (and other news)

12th August 2010 by Dino

In the news last month I mentioned (thanks to Aiera) the Spoony Experiment Ultima reviews. There are now video reviews for Ultima 2 and Ultima 3.

The Titans of Ether have posted an update for July.

After a couple of years of website inactivity, the Lazarus website is now being run by the Project Britannia team, and a new Lazarus forum has been set up at Project Britannia to replace the old one that went down ages ago.

More news from Aiera:

[W][R]At a loss as to where to start from

1st August 2010 by Dino

Zephyr, from the Ultima 6 Project team, has posted some news about their progress on the 1.0.1 fix:

Zephyr wrote: "Just a quick update on the development of the 1.0.1 Patch. We have gotten it to the point where it is mostly stable; anyone who wishes to download a pre-release copy of it may do so from the Project Britannia wiki. Simply download the u6p_patch.dsres file and copy it to your Resources folder of your U6 installation. Please note that this is still pre-release and may still contain bugs. However, we would appreciate any help you can offer in making sure that the patch is solid; if you download the patch, we ask that you report problems in our forum at the Project Britannia website. Thanks to all of our fans who have been so supportive. We are truly honored by the positive response to date."

The Titans of Ether have two new additions to the media section, namely their latest world map [JPG], and a fan-made version of Stones, by Dustin Naegel.

Due to a heavy load the site is experiencing, Project Britannia has had its Downloads link temporarily removed.

Sergorn Dragon has posted the July update on the progress that has been going on at Return to the Serpent Isle. They have recruited a professional composer, and report progress on several areas, including: spells, skills, inventory, injury, death and resurrection, currencies, guards and prison, overland map, and character creation questions. Death and resurrection, currencies, and spellbook systems have also been released on NWVault. That's a lot of work, so good job, Sergorn and the rest of the team! Any 2D/3D artists who are willing and able to help out in this project are encouraged to apply, as the Return team is in dire need of human resources in the art department.

Recently I came across this Ultima 7 Recreation project which was apparently some kind of school project. This means that work on it probably won't continue, but it looks pretty good from the screenshots.

Aiera has a lot of recent news, as well as a notable change in design. Here's a summary of the latest at Aiera:

[S]Dino's 8th Anniversary

27th July 2010 by Dino

[W][R]U6P developing patch against plot stopper

18th July 2010 by Dino

The Ultima 6 Project has announced that there is a bug in their 1.0 release that can prevent players from finishing the game. They are currently working on a patch to fix this problem, and the patch will be compatible with 1.0 savegames. This news has also been echoed at Project Britannia.

More news from Aiera:

[W][R]Codex update

12th July 2010 by Dino

Tribun Dragon sent me an email with another of his regular progress reports about the Codex of Editable Wisdom. Here's what he had to say about recent activity at what has become the biggest Ultima Wiki on the web:

In the last months, we've been very busy at the Codex to fill all the still existing gaps. We can proudly announce that by now only small gaps remain, mainly with the NPCs of Ultima IV and Martian Dreams. Most of it is now work concerned with improving the formatting the format of the articles and adding additional information.

Also, the Titans of Ether have posted a progress report for June. If you're good at writing, then why not join them - they are currently looking for a dungeon writer.

[W][R]U6P and other DS remake sites back online

11th July 2010 by Dino

The websites of the Ultima 6 Project, Project Britannia and Ultima V - Lazarus are back online. This also means the U6P forums are working as well. Check out the release page to download U6P from one of the mirrors.

By the way, I strongly recommend watching the Spoony Experiment Ultima reviews that were mentioned yesterday. Fun stuff.

[W][R]Ultima DS remake sites down

10th July 2010 by Dino

The Ultima 6 Project has been slashdotted. That means they got press from what is probably the busiest tech news site on the web. While this is great for exposure, it also means that you get gargantuan amounts of bandwidth used in a short period of time, which pretty much kills your site. As a result it appears that the Ultima V: Lazarus, Ultima VI: Project and Project Britannia websites are down. I've heard from one of the members of the U6P team who said they are trying to get it back up and running, and also provided a list of mirrors from where people can download the U6P 1.0 release:

Meanwhile Sergorn Dragon has also announced the release of U6P at La Legende d' Ultima.

Some more news from Aiera:

[W][R]Ultima 6 Project Release

6th July 2010 by Dino

The full release (1.0) of the Ultima 6 Project was finally made available yesterday. A short snippet of the press release:

On this, the 20th anniversary year of the release of Origin Systems Ultima 6, it is with much pleasure that we announce the 1.0 release of Team Archon's Ultima 6 Project, for Dungeon Siege 1 (PC and Mac). Players will find a huge and exciting world waiting to be discovered.

You can read the U6P 1.0 Press release or other news about the release:

Other news from Aiera mentions a new Ultima-related project called Sanctimonia, which is being developed by Kevin Fishburne, who has already made software contributions to the Ultima community in the past. He is currently trying to raise funds for the project.

[W][R]Ultima Paper Towels, and various remake news

3rd July 2010 by Dino

During his holiday in Finland, Christian Aasman came across a strangely familiar paper towel dispenser:

The Titans of Ether have posted an update about what they've done in May.

Similarly, the folks at Return to the Serpent Isle have posted a June update, in which they announce the release of a fully working Ultima Magic system on the Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault. They have also been working on character creation and classes (removing D&D material in favour of a more Ultima approach) and the introduction sequence.

Aiera has seen lots of updates in this past month (mostly focusing on restoring broken downloads), including:

[W][R]More Aiera downloads restored

5th June 2010 by Dino

Withstand the Fury Dragon is working hard to get the Aiera downloads working again, and has managed to restore all Ultima Underworld 2 downloads, as well as the Serpent Isle in Spanish download.

[W][R]U6P nearing completion (and other news)

29th May 2010 by Dino

Tribun Dragon has sent me another progress report about work going on at the Codex of Editable Wisdom:

We were very busy at the Codex of Editable Wisdom, and the gaps become smaller with each day. We can celebrate over 2500 articles and here the highlights of our recent activities since the last news:

Besides that, we did houskeeping, added new navigation bars and infoboxes, lorequotes and updated pictures in better quality. The biggest work left to be done are the NPCs of Ultima V and Martian Dreams. Someone else is already working on the NPCs of Ultima IV.

Ophidian Dragon has continued blogging his way through the SNES version of Ultima 7, which is proving to be a source of frustration and disappointment.

Good news from the Ultima 6 Project: the 1.0 release is very near, and 3D development has been complete for a month. U6P team member Niko Makela has posted a video on the U6P site showing some nice examples of his 3D models and their animations.

The Titans of Ether have posted a progress report for April.

At Return to the Serpent Isle, a May update has been posted. Food and sleeping systems are complete and have been released on NWVault, and a Serpent Gate system is also working.

[W]Aiera; U7 SNES

4th May 2010 by Dino

Following the last newspost here about Ophidian Dragon considering revisiting Ultima in his blog, he has indeed resumed Blogging Ultima with a couple of new posts about the SNES version of Ultima 7. He appears to be pretty disappointed, and explains why in his posts.

La Legende d' Ultima appears to be down.

Withstand the Fury Dragon posted the following news at Aiera:

[W][R]Ultima 4 Online

26th April 2010 by Dino

A programmer called Blair Leggett has created a Flash version of Ultima 4 called Ultima 4 Online. This is not to be confused with Johnny Wood's Ultima 4 Multiplayer; Ultima 4 Online is the good old single-player game playable online from your normal web browser.

Also, Ophidian Dragon posted in his blog "Blogging Ultima" that he is considering playing through the awful SNES port of Ultima 7.

[W]Lord of Ultima released

21st April 2010 by Dino

We've known about it for a while, and some of us have tried the beta. But now, Lord of Ultima is a finished game and has been released to the public to play for free. For more info, follow the links at the Slashdot article or Aiera's newspost.

[W][R]U6P Beta 3 Released

20th April 2010 by Dino

The big news is that the third beta of the Ultima 6 Project has been released yesterday:

Beta 3 Release

Written by U6P Aletys

Monday, 19 April 2010:

It is with much pleasure that we announce the release of the Beta 2 Release of Team Archon's Ultima 6 Project, for Dungeon Siege 1 (PC and Mac). Some things to look forward to in this release:

While this is not the final release of the game, we feel that it is reasonably polished, enough for public consumption (read: scrutiny). We still expect that there will be some bugs, and are soliciting your help in finding them.

If you find problems with the release, want to exchange play hints with other players, want to give us kudos, or (heaven forbid) want to tell us what you really think, join us at our forums. We have set up a special forum for the Beta 3 Release on the (Project Britannia forums).

To download the Beta 3 Release, go to the Ultima 6 Project web site.

News of this release has also been posted:

Apart from having posted the U6P news, Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera has noted that the site has been upgraded to PHP5.

Also, Sergorn Dragon at Return to the Serpent Isle has posted an April update, which is mainly about world simulation.

[W]More Codex News

16th April 2010 by Dino

Another update relating to the Codex of Editable Wisdom:

Tribun Dragon writes: We've recently (meaning yesterday) managed to complete the NPC section for Serpent Isle at the Codex, meaning that all of them now have their own article, complete with portrait.

Additionally we have some more news:

We now are in need for help.

While we can manage the NPCs for Ultima V and IX, Ultima Underworld I and especially Savage Empire and Martian Dreams are problematic. For the latter two games we're looking for people who can write articles about the NPCs and get their portraits, since I -the main writer- don't have these games available. We also need help with the items and locations found on Mars and Eodon alike.

A full collection of Ultima information has always been one of the primary aims of Dino's Ultima Page - something I've never been able to finish due to having limited time available. So if you're still active in the Ultima scene, do give Tribun Dragon and the other Dragons a hand in finishing this common objective!

At Aiera, Withstand the Fury Dragon posted about the demise of his wife's PC, and lists some possible alternatives for a replacement. If you have any advice to give in this regard, pay Aiera a visit and leave a helpful comment.

Speaking of demise, it appears that La Legende d' Ultima is currently down. Let's hope it's nothing serious.

[S][W][R]Codex update; U8 hidden stuff

11th April 2010 by Dino

Tribun Dragon wrote last week about a big update to the Codex of Editable Wisdom:

Tribun Dragon writes: We have worked hard at the Codex of Editable Wisdom to close the existing gaps and fix the various articles which were either flawed or yet incomplete. Our breaking of the 2000 article mark is already known, but here now what we have been up to in the last months:

Besides the new content, we also did housekeeping.

Right now our main focus is to fill the ranks of the NPCs for Ultima V, Ultima Underworld I and Serpent Isle, before trying our luck on the Ultima IX NPCs. All help is welcome.

There is also good news for those fans of Ultima 8 who are excited about new discoveries even so many years after its release, when we all think we know all about the game. Jason Chapman wrote about a couple of hidden things that nobody else knew about before: a second ceremonial dagger, and Darion's hidden basement.

Finally, the Titans of Ether have posted an update for March.

[W][R]Happy Easter

4th April 2010 by Dino

On this Easter Sunday, one can read four updates to Aiera that were posted over the past week:

[W]Lord British after lunar property

29th March 2010 by Dino

The world is not enough for Richard Garriott, who believes that his lunar rover will allow him to claim lunar property rights.

[W][R]Some small updates

28th March 2010 by Dino

In the latest update at Aiera, Withstand the Fury Dragon mentions that he will, over the coming few days, have time for some updates (including news and downloads). He's also looking for people to help out with posting news.

Wizardry Dragon at The Feudal Lands has posted some bad news: some project-related work has been lost due to a hard disk crash. Also, he provides a status update and explains why there haven't been any updates lately. Apparently the alpha to be released this year will be available, but later than was originally planned.

A new stable version of Iris2 has been released.

[W]Editable Codex at 2000 articles

21st March 2010 by Dino

Jeffrey dropped me a line and wrote the following about the Codex of Editable Wisdom:

Just wanted to let you know that ultima.wikia.com now has over 2000 articles. Everyone has been working hard to make this the best repository of Ultima knowledge on the internet. Despite that, we still need lots of help. We need people to edit existing articles, write new articles, and help categorize and classify.

So if you're Ultima-savvy and have some spare time, head to the Editable Codex and give them a hand!

[W]Garriott's Lunar Rover found

18th March 2010 by Dino

An article at Wired (noted courtesy of the corresponding Slashdot story) describes how the Lunokhod 2 has been found. The Lunokhod 2 is a Russian lunar rover which was lost somewhere on the moon 37 years ago and was bought by Richard Garriott in 1998 despite the fact that it was nowhere to be found.

[W][R]Game Development Insights

13th March 2010 by Dino

A March update has been posted to the Return to the Serpent Isle website. The full news article reveals that the game will be released one chapter at a time, in order to allow fans to play the game after a short period of time, and allowing frequent releases of playable material. The article also says that the first chapter will consist of the Isle of Beyond, which includes Moonshade.

The Titans of Ether have also posted an update, though for February. The update summarises what each team member has done last month.

La Legende d' Ultima's latest newspost puts the spotlight on an interview with Richard Garriott at Kotaku, in which the father of Ultima explains the motivation behind Portalarium. To summarise, he is targeting casual gamers through the web platform. Until recently I would have thought this is pretty dumb, but after having attended a conference on digital game development last week, featuring some great international speakers, he is probably right that this is the way forward (hard as it may be to digest). However, he also sees a possible future for bigger (MMO-style) games using Portalarium's platform.

Aiera's latest updates are about Return to the Serpent Isle's March update, Portalarium, and the fact that game development company Turbine, Inc. has several vacancies. This is the company behind several fantasy titles, and currently employs the man working on Classic Ultima Online (formerly Ultima 4 Multiplayer).

[W]Lord of Ultima and Pagan The Beautiful

3rd March 2010 by Dino

First, a few words about my experience playing Lord of Ultima:

As of last weekend I've finally been able to try out the beta of Lord of Ultima. I haven't played it all that much, but so far gameplay has all been a tutorial under the guidance of an automated Lady Lyanna, who tells me to build one building after another in order to unlock new features. This is not to say that a tutorial is not in order... but it's not something I want to spend hours doing. With each step of the tutorial you're given a bundle of wood or some other resource, so you end up pretty much accumulating loads of resources, making them seem worthless.

The main resources in the game are wood, iron and stone. You produce these by building the respective mining facility for the particular resource. Location of buildings as well as how many of them you have are important factors that relate to how much you produce.

Since I'm still stuck in the tutorial stage I can't really tell much about the experience of waging war or forging alliances, which I guess is pretty much the whole point. So far I can conclude a couple of things though. First, as we all expected, there is absolutely nothing Ultima-related, except use of the name. Second, having played a multitude of strategy games, I see this as just another drop in the ocean, with nothing really new to offer to any experienced gamer.

In other news, Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera posted about the need to find Dungeon Siege updates that are readily available on the web.

Also, a fellow called Julio Siqueira wrote about a new Ultima 8 website he's made called Pagan - The Beautiful. I particularly like this site because it provides several maps of Ultima 8 constructed from actual in-game graphics (i.e. using Print-Screens). There are also amalgamations of maps into bigger map sets (e.g. all Tenebrae). It is refreshing to see that even 16 years after Ultima 8 came out, the Ultima community still produces original content about it.

[W]Garriott returns to Gaming

20th February 2010 by Dino

Both Petrell at Aiera's news comments and Sergorn Dragon at La Legende d' Ultima have noted that Richard Garriott has returned to gaming through a new company called Portalarium, together with old-time colleagues such as Dallas Snell, Fred Schmidt and Stephen Nichols. Read more at the press release on the Portalarium website.

Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera posted about a YouTube play-through of Ultima 6 (currently in progress). However, as I noted in the comments, a Let's Play of Ultima 6 already exists, with substantial screenshots and dialogue.

Also, Ophidian Dragon at Blogging Ultima wrote an answer to those who think the blog is dead. The answer was that obviously the play-through is over so the blog's purpose was accomplished a while ago, but Ophidian Dragon may occasionally still find new interesting things to post.

[W]La Legende domain

15th February 2010 by Dino

At La Legende d' Ultima, Sergorn writes that the www.ultimalegend.com domain has been transferred and is now working. You can reach his site from there or just keep using the jexiste address.

[W][R]Return to the Serpent Isle

2nd February 2010 by Dino

Sergorn Dragon's project, Return to the Serpent Isle, now has a website. It is being developed as a Neverwinter Nights 2 mod, with the freeware and "when it's done" attitude that is typical of Ultima remakes. However it's not a remake, but a totally new game based in the Serpent Isle world. The first dev diary entry gives a lot of information about the intentions and ideas of the project, and anyone who would like to help out should check out the Recruitment page which lists all kinds of imaginable roles that are needed for the project.

The Titans of Ether have posted their monthly progress report for January.

[S][W][R]Lord of Ultima; U6P Beta 2 Release

30th January 2010 by Dino

Aiera and La Legende d' Ultima have been quick to post news about the newly-discovered Lord of Ultima, the latest Ultima title from EA. Developed by EA Phenomic, this game is a complete change in genre, as it is a browser-based online strategy game. One can participate in the closed beta, but the servers are usually always full, and like Withstand the Fury Dragon and Sergorn Dragon, I haven't yet managed to get a chance at playing it. Meanwhile I have set up an info page about Lord of Ultima, and will be adding info to it as it surfaces (as I did back in the day with Ultima X).

Another important announcement, already covered by Aiera, La Legende d' Ultima, Project Britannia, and obviously the Ultima 6 Project website, is the release of U6P's Beta 2, or Milestone 9. One can read the press release:

[W][R]Dungeons and Dragons; Serpent Isle Online

20th January 2010 by Dino

At Crispy Gamer, there is an interesting article about Dungeons and Dragons. It's not really Ultima-related, except for a brief mention of Akalabeth, but it's interesting for those who, like me, have enjoyed several D&D games.

At Aiera, Withstand the Fury Dragon brings good news - he managed to recover a lot of files from his old server. He also posted about a new(ish) project called Serpent Isle Online, which is a UO-based remake of Serpent Isle.

[W][R]Sword and Shield, La Legende and Iris2

18th January 2010 by Dino

Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera has restored the old Sword and Shield forum that used to accompany the site. This forum has better anti-spam protection than its predecessor, and does not require users to register. Be sure to check it out often and participate, as I'm sure it will be a place of interesting Ultima discussion.

A stable release of Iris2 was released yesterday.

La Legende d' Ultima has been having more server trouble, first due to a bug with images, and then because of other server issues. Thus Sergorn is moving off ccweb and La Legende d' Ultima can be reached at http://sergorn.jexiste.fr/ until the ultimalegend.com is properly transferred to the new location.

Another interesting tidbit posted by Sergorn Dragon at La Legende d' Ultima is about a mysterious game for Nintendo DS called Ultima Reborn, which has apparently been cancelled. Sergorn happened upon the CV of one of the developers at RPGWatch, but was not able to learn more about it. Still, he argues, there may yet be light at the end of the tunnel for those who hope for EA to revisit Ultima.

[W][R]The Legend Returns (and other news)

9th January 2010 by Dino

As misleading as the title of this post may be, no, I'm not referring to Ultima 1 - A Legend is Reborn, but to Sergorn Dragon's La Legende d' Ultima. This great Ultima resource site has returned to life on New Year's Day with a new design, after having experienced server trouble and even being blocked as a malware site last year. The site is currently available only in French, but the English version is being worked on.

At Aiera, Withstand the Fury Dragon writes that he is offering FTP access to project developers who would like to host their project files there.

The Titans of Ether have posted a progress report for what they did in December.

[W][R]Firstknight leaves Forgotten World

4th January 2010 by Dino

Firstknight is leaving Forgotten World for good due to real-life commitments. He will continue working on Beautiful Britannia slowly and eventually release it at Aiera, but the Forgotten World project now remains in the hands of the remaining team members. Read Firstknight's full post at their website for more details.

[S][W]U9 Preview Chest update

26th December 2009 by Dino

When I created the U8 Mysteries page last week, the first section was about the rumours about the Ultima 9 Preview Chest. They also included a paragraph quoted by Stefan Gruber which contained additional information about it. Both he and I were unable to find that paragraph on the internet.

By consulting the Internet Archive, I managed to find a copy of the website of Jeff Abramson, who had written a walkthrough/FAQ for Ultima 8 which is mirrored in several places on the internet. It turned out that Jeff had updated this document with new information about the U9 preview chest, but the update remained on his website only - and went down with Geocities.

I have updated the U8 Mysteries page accordingly.

In other news, Aiera has been updated to correct an error in a previous news post, and to wish us a happy Christmas.

[S]UX page and U5 opinions

20th December 2009 by Dino

I have restored the old Ultima X page as part of the main site. I have also added some Ultima X art [zip] kindly provided by Joe Garrity of the Origin Museum.

I would like to create an Ultima 5 Opinions page. Ultima 5 was one of the most popular Ultima games, and I have seen a lot of praise going its way from many Ultima fans. Please submit your opinion about it, either directly to me by email or using this thread at the Google Group, and I will include your mini-review of Ultima 5 in the upcoming U5 Opinions page.

[S][W][R]U5 and U8 Info additions

19th December 2009 by Dino

In the Ultima 5 Guide, you will find a new Credits page with the in-game credits. I also added Nu5 among the Remakes and Engines.

In the Ultima 8 Guide I added a new Mysteries page. In the Walkthrough page, I also added more links to where one can find Jeff Abramson's walkthrough on the internet.

At The Feudal Lands, Wizardry Dragon writes that the server maintenance that was expected to possibly cause some downtime is complete.

[S][W][R]Info updates

18th December 2009 by Dino

Following the Sheri Graner Ray blogposts, I took the opportunity to update some of the cobweb-infested info on Dino's Ultima Page, including:

In other news, Wizardry Dragon at The Feudal Lands warns about possible downtime over the next few days.

[W]Sheri Graner Ray on Serpent Isle and The Lost Vale

16th December 2009 by Dino

Natreg Dragon recently wrote to alert me to a couple of livejournal posts by Sheri Graner Ray, a former Origin employee who worked on The Lost Vale among other projects:

These posts contain interesting insights on what it was like to work at Origin, as well as some Ultima 7 trivia, info on the original plot of Serpent Isle, and some new tidbits on The Lost Vale. I will be updating the relevant info pages on Dino's Ultima Page with info from these posts.

Sheri Graner Ray has been in the computer gaming industry for 20 years now (and she's blogging about it), and has worked for many big names in the industry. She is currently a senior game designer with Schell Games. Among her achievements are the founding of Women in Games International, and the authoring of the book Gender Inclusive Game Design-Expanding the Market.

[W][R]New forums abound...

13th December 2009 by Mentis Dragon

New forums have popped up:

[W][R]Beautiful Britannia demo released

12th December 2009 by Dino

Firstknight from Forgotten World wrote me last week about the release of the first demo of Beautiful Britannia. Check out the Forgotten World website for details, or head to Aiera to get hold of the demo.

[W][R]Lots of updates from Aiera and others

10th December 2009 by Mentis Dragon

Withstand the Fury Dragon has posted lots of updates on Aiera:

Direhaggis at the Titans of Ether has posted a November update with a brief description of what the team has been up to. And while a few people have joined since the call for help two months ago, the Titans still have need for more interior worldbuilders.

Ophidian Dragon has posted in his Blogging Ultima how he resolved his problems with running Ultima Underworld. (Clue: he found his hidden backup.) He also shares some thoughts on the spells available in the game.

And last but hopefully not least, I'm Mentis Dragon and I'll be helping Dino out with posting news to the site. After some years away from Ultima (shame, I know...) I'm back in the fold! You can expect me to pop up on forums as well. (Enough ranting, back to reporting news...)

[W][R]U6P M8 Full Press Release

1st December 2009 by Dino

Further to my post yesterday about the Ultima 6 Project's release of Milestone 8, note that a full press release is available at RPGWatch with more screenshots.

[W][R]U6P M8 Released

30th November 2009 by Dino

The Ultima 6 Project have released Milestone 8, which is their beta release. The final 1.0 release will also be available sometime soon. You can read the press release:

[S][W][R]Forgotten World demo coming up (and other news)

28th November 2009 by Dino

Firstknight at Forgotten World announced that a demo of Beautiful Britannia will be made available sometime this month. To celebrate the fact that today is the 10th anniversary of the release of Ultima 9, Firstknight is committed to releasing a demo of the current build to show everyone the improved areas in Beautiful Britannia.

I am currently working on backing up most of the sites on the Ultima webring. In doing this, I made an interesting discovery: those Geocities website that are on the webring have survived - apparently the webring itself has mirrored them.

I am also looking for people to help me with posting news and maintaining the upcoming Ultima Web Database 2. If you're interested, please contact me.

[W][R]Several unusual new Ultima projects

22nd November 2009 by Dino

Aiera has been updated several times this weekend. Some of the updates concern the appearance of unusual Ultima projects which are unlike the usual mods we are used to. Here's a summary of what Withstand the Fury Dragon posted on Aiera:

[W][R]Ultima Cartography Project

19th November 2009 by Dino

This week I was contacted by Mark Mitchell, who is working on an Ultima project that is unique in its kind. Mark is a fan of historical cartography and has embarked on a mapping project to reimagine Britannia as if it were real. His work so far has been posted in a thread at Cartographer's Guild, and he is very interested in receiving feedback from from Ultima fans. People who know a bit about erosion and geology could be particularly useful.

In other news, Ophidian Dragon has posted in his Blogging Ultima about woes when trying to run Ultima Underworld. Can anyone help?

Also, Iris2 is recovering from their recent server crash. The forum is back online; a backup has been restored (though with no file attachments) and they have upgraded to phpbb3.

Update: I forgot to mention that Aiera is temporarily down due to domain problems, which should hopefully be resolved soon enough.

[W][R]Codex update: nearing completion

7th November 2009 by Dino

Tribun Dragon sent me an update about the latest progress of the information collecting effort at the Codex of Editable Wisdom:

Tribun Dragon writes: It has been a while now since the last update about what we are up to at the Codex. However, that doesn't mean that we were idle. Beside additions to various topics, we have a number of new, interesting additions.

On other news, we start to run out of topics we can cover, apart from filling up the ranks of the NPCs. So if you are interested, feel free to search the Codex and if you find a topic that we don't have covered, inform us.

The Titans of Ether have also posted a progress report about their project.

[W][R]Forgotten World and Iris2 updates

2nd November 2009 by Dino

From the Forgotten World website:

Firstknight writes: I've found some time to exchange most of the existing screens with 20 new ones, where "the fog has been lifted".

Also, a new stable release of Iris2 is available, along with a Linux Install Guide.

[W]Ultima tops Todd Howard's Favourites

24th October 2009 by Dino

At a topic at the Dino's Ultima Page Google Group, Kobra Kai posted a link to Playing Favorites: Bethesda's Todd Howard. This is a list of the top 10 games (and three at 11th place as an honourable mention) in the opinion of Todd Howard, Game Director and Executive Producer at Bethesda Game Studios.

The first place is taken by Ultima 7 (possibly shared by Ultima 4 and 6). Below is what Todd Howard wrote about Ultima:

Todd Howard writes: Depending on the year, I flip this choice around between 3 games: Ultima 4, Ultima 6, or Ultima 7. No other gaming series has, over such a long period of time, given me such joy. I get lost in the world of an Ultima; it’s a real place to me. The people were real, their problems real, and travelling a new world, ripe with its own history, all real to me. Nothing else has inspired what I do as much as Richard Garriott’s creation. If gaming is the ultimate escape, then Ultima is its best game.

[S][W][R]Various news

20th October 2009 by Dino

Aiera posted a link to a YouTube playlist called Let's Play Ultima V Lazarus: Warriors of Destiny, which is a video-documented playthrough of the popular Ultima V remake for the Dungeon Siege engine. If my guess is correct, the author, Stuart Kerrigan, is the author of the Lost Vale fanfiction for which Dino's Ultima Page first appeared on the web.

In his most recent post, Ophidian Dragon resumed Blogging Ultima by undertaking the laborious and daring task of writing an Ultima 9 review.

Ultima: Iris had some server problems recently. The site is back but apparently some problems persist. From the website itself:

6.10.2009: due to a crash in the raid system and as a result a broken filesystem we have a bunch of server-problems, we put up this temporary website until we can restore the original data.

The Nazghul website, after almost a year without news, now reports that Nazghul and Haxima 0.7.0 have been released.

Firstknight at Forgotten World has found a way to disable fog on overworld maps in Ultima IX. In his latest newspost he discusses the method and the implications, and demonstrates the effects with three screenshots.

In this topic at the Exult forum, people have been discussing what became of the Ultima 7 comics created a few years ago by Damien Barban, also known as Galadis. The comics eventually disappeared from the web and although there is a partial copy on the Internet Archive, people have been trying to recover them.

Yesterday I began working on a rewrite for the Ultima Web Database. This is basically a work-in-progress database that should store details about all Ultima websites. The results of the rewrite are not yet visible because I am still working on it. The reasons for rewriting it are that the database design was not good enough and maintainability was also an issue. I have been holding off updating my information pages before setting up this new database simply because some old, defunct Ultima links may be lost in the process, and those links may be important to view old Ultima websites on the Internet Archive.

[S][W]Old Dino's site uploaded

14th October 2009 by Dino

In my effort to secure the Ultima sites on Geocities, I also downloaded an old version of Dino's Ultima Page dating back to January 2003. You can see this old site at the Hosted Sites page. Eventually, once Geocities dies, I may also add more dead sites to this page.

[W]The Lost Vale Discussion

13th October 2009 by Dino

At the Google Group of Dino's Ultima Page, Kobra Kai (who runs an extensive guide to Ultima 8 featuring some of the more interesting things one can do in the game) posted a summary of all that is known about The Lost Vale, in the hope of stimulating discussion about it. The post also includes some of his speculation about the add-on.

Discussion about Ultima 8 and The Lost Vale at Dino's Ultima Page (by means of the forum) has led to interesting findings in the past, including the finding of hidden chunks of silver ore, hidden chairs, the discovery of the Lost Vale box, etc. It would be interesting to resume such discussions, so please participate if you wish.

[W]Geocities closing down on 26th October

8th October 2009 by Dino

Yahoo Geocities will be closing down on 26th October. There are several (at least 20) Ultima sites on Geocities that will be lost if nothing is done about it, as I have already written in the past. If you are the owner of one of them, please make arrangements to have your site moved elsewhere. Both I and Withstand the Fury Dragon (see this thread) have offered to host such Ultima sites. It doesn't matter where they move, as long as they don't follow the decade-old tend of Ultima sites disappearing from the web.

[W][R]U6P M7 Released; and other updates

7th October 2009 by Dino

The Ultima 6 Project has released Milestone 7, which is considered an alpha in preparation of the beta and 1.0 release that should follow soon. You can read the full press release:

The Titans of Ether have posted an update about what they have been up to in September.

The Ultima: Iris website appears to be having problems.

On the Forgotten World website has been updated, Firstknight reports that he finished a general upgrade of part of Yew, and added three screenshots to give us a taste of Beautiful Britannia. He also updated the project information for Beautiful Britannia.

Tribun Dragon sent me an update about the myriads of information that is being added to the Codex of Editable Wisdom:

Tribun Dragon writes: We have worked hard at the Codex of Editable Wisdom over the last months to close the gaps and create content. Here are examples of the results of our hard work:

[S]Changes to Dino's Ultima Page

17th September 2009 by Dino

Yesterday I found time to make a few updates to the site:

[W][R]Epic Mickey

16th September 2009 by Dino

A Twitter post on Aiera mentions Warren Spector's latest project, Epic Mickey. There is some basic info and some links at the Wikipedia entry for Epic Mickey.

Aiera has also lost a couple of Ultima Underworld downloads, and Withstand the Fury Dragon would like to know whether anyone has a copy of the missing files. Apart from these missing files, the rest of the Ultima Underworld downloads have been restored.

[W]Ultima Online: The Stygian Abyss

12th September 2009 by Dino

Natreg Dragon sent me a link to an unofficial map of the latest Ultima Online expansion.

Natreg Dragon writes: That's Termur, the Land of the Gargoyles. Check the lower right part of the map. It's just exactly as the underworld of Ultima VI, so in theory this is the official underworld where the gargoyles lived before the collapse. It even makes sense that it is positioned there.

Courtesy of Aiera's use of Twitter Tools are a couple of links to the homepage and an article about the same Ultima Online expansion that Natreg Dragon told me about - The Stygian Abyss.

Also courtesy of Aiera are the following links to recent articles about Richard Garriott and his space enterprise:

And again thanks to Aiera are videos from Warren Spector's game design classes and The Making Of: Deus Ex. Warren Spector was one of the main people behind games like Ultima Underworld 1 and 2, and Deus Ex. Being one of the best games I've ever played, the Deus Ex article is certainly worth a read.

[W][R]Codex updates; Siege Perilous released; and other news

5th September 2009 by Dino

Tribun Dragon sent me an update on what he and the other contributors to the Codex of Editable Wisdom have been up to in recent days:

In the last two weeks, we have done tons of work at the Codex of Editable Wisdom. In this short time we managed to not only create very interesting content but also re-worked partly the functioning of the site. Including other things we have:

More, especially on the technical side, is to come soon.

Direhaggis at the Titans of Ether has posted an August update. The Titans are looking for interior worldbuilders and writers, and the update also has a brief overview of what the team has been up to in the last month.

Aiera has posted several updates, some of which are Twitter posts:

[W][R]U6P needs help; M7 coming soon

27th August 2009 by Dino

The Ultima 6 Project is aiming to release Milestone 7 on 30th September, and is looking for playtesters, writers and portrait artists to help reach this target.

The Ultima 6 Project is looking for play testers to help us find bugs so we can get rid of them prior to the M7 release, which is scheduled for September 30th. We also need help with writing and with finishing the portraits. There is a huge world with lots of dungeons to explore and monsters to stomp. There is the complete Gargoyle world as well, some of which no one outside the team has seen before.

Read the full press release here at Dino's Ultima Page; it also includes a screenshot of the Avatar battling dragons at the Gargoyle Shrine of Passion.

[W][R]Issues and Space Travel

26th August 2009 by Dino

I forgot to mention with the last update that one of the reasons why it is important to have the Lazarus forum back, as Tribun Dragon told me, is that there has been some talk on said forum that Lazarus has some problems with Windows 7.

Apparently Geocities will be closing completely on 26th October 2009. That's 2 months from now. A decent share of the Ultima presence on the internet is hosted on Geocities (there are at least 20 sites that I know of) and it would be a shame to lose those sites. As I have been suggesting since April, everyone should make a copy of the Ultima sites on Geocities (possibly using tools such as wget) to ensure distribution of these sites so that they don't get lost forever. Any webmaster of these sites who would like some hosting, please get in touch with me (it's free).

Aiera posted a link to a post about a video of Richard Garriott on space travel.

[W][R]Lots of updates

22nd August 2009 by Dino

The Forgotten World project website has been updated three times this month. A new Projects section has been added, listing the three Forgotten World projects including the new one called Beautiful Britannia Unlimited. The second update includes three screenshots of the park in front of Lord British's castle. In the most recent update, Firstknight reports that the team has managed to correct the position of the Ruins of Empath Abbey, and a screenshot is there to show it.

The Titans of Ether posted their monthly progress report for August to tell us what each team member has been up to.

Tribun Dragon wrote that the Ultima 5: Lazarus forum is down. And to make matters worse, there appears to be no contact information on the website. Is the forum experiencing temporary problems, or has it simply outlived its purpose?

Another loss I noticed is that Sergorn Dragon's La Legende d' Ultima is being blocked by both my browser and my antivirus as being a potentially malicious site.

Although the Codex of Editable Wisdom has not been in Ultima news highlights recently, a lot of work has been going on with the addition of lots of new information.

Tribun Dragon wrote: We added lots of new content and expaned on the older articles. We overhauled the articles in the Bestiary, made the main page far more comfortable to navigate, generally re-formatted lots of articles and tweaked the NPC section. Some of the highlights are character descriptions of the martians in Martian Dreams (you have to admit, they are fairly obscure) and the Bob White Plot enriched with lots of screenshots (many from removed movies that create a feel for the original story).

Aiera has been updated several times this month:

[S][W][R]Dino's Ultima Page: 7th Anniversary

28th July 2009 by Dino

Dino's Ultima Page turned seven years old yesterday. It certainly isn't going ahead at the same pace of 2002 as far as news and info updates are concerned, but still it remains one of the most active sites in the Ultima community.

The Titans of Ether posted an update for June, and also launched a cooking competition a few days ago to draw inspiration from the creativity of fans in order to come up with interesting and original recipes to include in the game.

Aiera has been updated several times this month:

[W][R]Forgotten World forks

11th June 2009 by Dino

The Forgotten World project has been updated a couple of times in the past few days. The most important update is that the project has split into two projects, namely Forgotten World and Beautiful Britannia. The FAQ explains the difference between the two, i.e. that Beautiful Britannia is a less ambitious version of Forgotten World with the aim of enriching the landscape and releasing earlier.

Also, there is some new media at Forgotten World.

[W][R]Various updates

8th June 2009 by Dino

Withstand the Fury Dragon has been hard at work at Aiera and restored the Ultima 3 and 4 downloads.

At a thread at rec.games.computer.ultima.dragons, Polychromic Dragon posted a link to a video about Richard Garriott at VBS.tv. The video deals with three main aspects of Garriott's life: computer games, Britannia Manor, and space travel. It's well worth the 20 minutes it takes to watch it.

Ophidian Dragon at Blogging Ultima posted a review about Ultima 8 and Runes of Virtue.

The Titans of Ether posted a brief update about what they have been up to in May.

[S]Another UW update

1st June 2009 by Dino

Added an Items section to the Ultima Underworld 1 page among other minor updates.

[S][W]Underworld update

31st May 2009 by Dino

Today I finished Ultima Underworld 1: The Stygian Abyss for the first time (I know, it's about time) so I gave the Underworld 1 page a little update by updating it to the current design and adding a list of related projects.

In other news, Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera has posted about some video card problems he's been having (which have now been fixed) and said that downloads should continue to be updated next week (but this is dependent on how busy life will be).

Also, in his latest blog post, Ophidian Dragon wrote a review of Ultima 7 (both parts).

[W]RG Interview at Crispy Gamer, Part 2

9th May 2009 by Dino

James Fudge, who posted the first part of an interview with Richard Garriott last week, has made a comeback. There is now part 2 of the interview online, as well as some bonus material.

[W][R]U6P M6 patch

8th May 2009 by Dino

The Ultima 6 Project has released a patch to fix a bug that breaks the game at a certain point in the plot. You can read the full press release here at Dino's Ultima Page, or at the Ultima 6 Project website.

In other news:

[W]Richard Garriott sues NCSoft

6th May 2009 by Dino

mage guru pointed out an article giving details as to "Why Richard Garriott Is Suing NCSoft" for $24 million in damages. According to the article, the lawsuit claims that Garriott actually did not leave NCSoft voluntarily to pursue other interests; his departure was made to appear voluntary by NCSoft so that he would have to sell his stock options during the current recession.

[S][W][R]Info updates

2nd May 2009 by Dino

Yesterday I made a number of updates to the information content at Dino's Ultima Page:

Aiera was updated three times yesterday. The first two updates are about the U6P M6 release and the interview with Richard Garriott at Crispy Gamer. The third says that Ultima 2 downloads at Aiera have been restored, and asks for some feedback about Aiera's site management and downloads.

The Project Britannia site has also mentioned the U6P M6 release.

[W][R]U6P M6 released (and other news)

1st May 2009 by Dino

The Ultima 6 Project has released Milestone 6. A short version of the press release is below. You can read the full press release (contains a couple of screenshots) here at Dino's Ultima Page.

Ultima 6 Project Milestone 6 Release

It is with much pleasure that we announce the release of Team Archon's next milestone of the Ultima 6 Project, Milestone 6 for Dungeon Siege 1 (PC and Mac). Some things to look forward to in this release:

You can find the download links on the Official Website:

You can post comments, suggestions, and request help on the Milestone 6 board on our forums at the PB Britannia site:

James Fudge at Crispy Gamer wrote to let me know about a new interview with Richard Garriott.

James Fudge wrote: The interview is a companion piece to an alternate play through of Ultima VII: The Black Gate. There's some interesting stuff in there including an argument during the development of Ultima IV that caused a family feud and put the game's future in jeopardy. Part two will be coming soon.

Chigowiz, who runs a D&D-based RPG blog, wrote about a little Ultima project he's up to. He's making a setting for Ultima 1-3 for Swords & Wizardry Whitebox, called The Siege Perilous. You can read the original post about his effort, or check out the latest news at his blog.

[W]The demise of Geocities

24th April 2009 by Dino

Yahoo! Geocities is the home of some of the oldest Ultima websites. Many other Ultima websites currently not on Geocities had first appeared on Geocities, including Dino's Ultima Page (see The First Anniversary article). Despite having a somewhat bad name, Geocities has always been great compared to other free web hosting solutions because it never took down old and seldom-updated sites, which is why many old Ultima sites are still there.

The news is that Yahoo! has given up on Geocities, and will end it later this year.

With many Ultima websites disappearing from the web, losing all the Ultima sites on Geocities would definitely be a huge blow for the Ultima community. Like a species slowly going into extinction, the remaining Ultima sites must be safeguarded.

If you are the author of an Ultima website on Geocities, send me an email and I will set you up on my webspace. If not, you can still help by saving a copy of the Ultima sites you know are on Geocities... a quick way of doing so is using the wget utility. I will be doing this myself, but if many people have copies of those websites, then they will have a greater chance of surviving.

In other news, Withstand the Fury Dragon, in his effort to bring Aiera up to date, has updated the Ultima 1 downloads.

[W][R]U6P nearing M6; Aiera redesign; and other news

17th April 2009 by Dino

The most important (and recent, having been posted yesterday) news this month is that the Ultima 6 Project is looking for playtesters to help find bugs before the release of M6 scheduled for 30th April 2009. There are also a couple of new screenshots on the page.

Another important piece of news is that Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera has resumed updating the website, and the website itself has been redesigned and reorganised.

Ophidian Dragon's blog has also been updated with a couple of posts. The first one (posted in March) outlines his remaining plans for the blog, while the second one (posted a few days ago) is a combined review for both Ultima Underworlds.

Finally, the Titans of Ether have posted a progress report (with job postings) for March and a media update (with new screenshots) for April.

[S][W][R]U6P to be released in April

9th March 2009 by Dino

The Ultima 6 Project has issued a press release in which it announces that Milestone 6 will soon be ready, is due to be released in April. The full press release can be read in an article at RPGWatch with several screenshots, or at a shorter article at Strategy Informer.

Direhaggis at the Titans of Ether posted an update for February, discussing what was achieved during February and also showing some job postings (as always).

I've been working a little bit on the Ultima 5 section of Dino's Ultima Page. The U5 section has been upgraded to the new design of Dino's Ultima Page - several info pages still use the old design, since I haven't had time to work on all of the site. Also, I've added a few new links, and removed several old ones since a number of good info sites (such as Trigon Dragon's Ultima Dox, Blackshadow Dragon's Ultima Warehouse, and the Ultima 1-6 part of Iolo's Lute among others) have died since the last update to the U5 info section. The most notable change is the addition of a lot of (still unstructured) info to the Fun section. If you notice that I missed anything, feel free to let me know via email or the Google Group.

[W][R]Ultima Keyring for NWN

7th March 2009 by Dino

Carcerian created a Keyring mod for NWN, adding support for a keyring (as in Serpent Isle and Ultima 8).

Fresh from the silicon mines, the Neverwinter Ultima Keyring, (not to be confused with the most excellent Keyring Mod for Exult) allowing builders to support the keyring as found on Serpent Isle and the world of Pagan...

On another note, I am back to playing Ultima 5: Warriors of Destiny. This means there might be updates to the U5 information section in the near future.

[W][R]Ultima VII: The Feudal Lands Alpha 0.1 Released

26th February 2009 by Petrell

Ultima VII: The Feudal Lands Alpha 0.1 Released

0.1 Alpha version of the Exult mod Ultima VII: The Feudal Lands has been released.

The Alpha release contains The Feudal Land's namesake fully mapped in the chunk form, the broadest form in Ultima VII mapping, Redesigned Spellcasting System allowing NPC spellcasting, Karma system, the Gypsy intro, Properly Functioning Inns and Lock Lake Cleanup. Both the Quests & Interactions patch by Alun Bestor and the Black Gate Keyring Mod by Marzo Sette Torres, Jr have also been fully integrated into The Feudal Lands mod.

You can discuss and leave comments about the release at Exult Forum.

Wizardry Dragon has also posted about projects current and future plans and about 0.1.1 Alpha version that they plan to release in next few days. They are also looking for writers, artist and coders to join the team.

U6 Project - February Update at RPGWatch

Ultima 6 Project February Update has been posted at RPGWatch. While great progress is being made in most areas and Milestone 6 is sceduled to be released in April, the bad news is that it appears that they may not be able to make all the needed music tracks and npc portraits for final release of the game and may have to leave it up to community to contribute the missing ones post release.

The Ultima 6 Project is nearing completion, and the scope of the project is such that we're going to have to cut back on some non-critical items in order to be able to complete the game with our current resources. The final release will not have all the music or portraits completed. We are therefore asking the community to contribute portraits and music, and will host a site for them to be shared. Instructions on adding them to the game will be provided, along with the list of NPC's needing portraits, and the areas needing music. In the meantime, any musicians or portrait artists who would like to join the team would be most welcome. We are also looking for play testers to help us find bugs so we can get rid of them.

U6P Team is currently looking for 3D modellers, 2D artists (portraits/textures, etc.), writers and music creators to help them with the project. If you are interested and able to contribute post in project forums.

Keyring Mod updated

Black Gate Keyring has been updated fixing bug that prevented meditation at the shrine of spirituality. Updated version is available at Seven Towers

Savage Empire Remake for Exult updates

Scythifuge has posted quite few updates on his progress on Savage Empire Remake for Exult. While there are no new screenshots he does list various items he has completed, is woking on and plans to work on in the future.

Ultima VII Enhanced Sountrack Project releases new tracks

tedreedy working to create Enhanced Sountrack for Ultima VII has released 3 new enhanced music tracks. The new tracks are Stones (enhanced), The Kilrathi and Sir Dupre's Sacrifice and can be downloaded from his site. Comments and suggestion can be posted at Exult Forum

Ultima Restoration Project updates

Ultima Restoration Project has released Ultima VII Moongate System for 169 and CEP v2.2 and posted new screenshots from their Ultima VIII: Pagan remake.

New Iris2 stable release

New stable version (build 2938) of the Iris2 has been released. It indroduces rubimentary character creation and disables Luajit due to memory leaks.

[W][R]Ultima IV Part 2 (Parody) Released

13th February 2009 by Dino

Chris Hopkins, author of the Adventure Creation Kit, has just released a game built with the ACK. The game, called Ultima IV Part 2: Dude, Where's My Avatar, is set between Ultima 4 and 5, and is meant to be both a parody and a demo adventure for the ACK.

News from Aiera: Ultima Iris has been updated. Updates include new graphics for the 2D and 3D modes, an updated version of the OGRE engine, use of the GPL3 licence, and several bug fixes.

[W][R]Titans of Ether 2009 New Year Update and more...

28th January 2009 by Petrell

Titans of Ether news update

Direhaggis at Titans of Ether has posted posted 2009 New Year update. As usual the update gives general overview whats been going on behind the scenes. Update also contains list of positions open in the team:

*Interior worldbuilders wanted. Houses, dungeons, toolsheds, castles, and more. All you need is the MW CS, time, and patience. If I can vaguely learn how to put plates on tables, anyone can.

*Writers wanted. We still need 1 more dungeon writer. We also need a new writer for Jhelom. There may be other opportunities as well.

3D Modeler wanted. Spyder is one of our best Titans, but we are looking for additional help with models, textures, and the like.

If you are interested in one or some of these positions, e-mail Direhaggis at Daath4242 at yahoo dot com...or PM Zini and Direhaggis on the Titans of Ether forum.

Direhaggis Dev Diary

Direhaggis has also posted new Dev diary entry. In it he reveals how Guardians invansion of Britannia in Redemption has affected the Ether and how these changes have affected people using magic and Britannia as a whole.

Forgotten World looking for bugs in UIX:Ascension

Sir IceBlade of the Forgotten World project has posted a request for help compiling a list of bugs, crashes and incomplete elements in Ultima IX:Ascension.

New Iris2 stable release

New stable version (build 2890) of the Iris2 has been released. The new version brings number of improvements to both 2d and 3d modes, adds new graphics and fixes various bugs. With the new release the licence also chages to GPLv3 and Ogre is upgraded to 1.6x version. Check the Iris2 Dev Blog for full list of the changes.

[S]Six years of U8 Guide

27th January 2009 by Dino

Today, Dino's Ultima Page is six and a half years old. And tomorrow it will be six years since the first move from Geocities to shiftedphase, during which the Ultima 8 Guide was first released.

[R]New Ultima 6-inspired Project

24th January 2009 by Dino

Blake Delaney writes about a new - or rather, previously unannounced - multiplayer game project inspired by Ultima 6:

Ultima 6 Inspired Project seeks Creators

In a dark corner of the Northern Central United States...
for over 256 weeks...
a massive game has been plotting, devouring, and growing.

For the first time, we invite outside Game Creators to assist us in building a modern classic.

It's not Ultima 6, and it's not single player, but it sure feels that way.

Interested persons say hi to Blake:
DancingReality ~atsign~ gmail ~dot~ com

This is a good opportunity for people interested in game development to get involved in something that isn't an Ultima remake.

[W]Interview with Richard Garriott

21st January 2009 by Dino

SixStringsGeek sent me a link to a video on Youtube of him playing 'Stones' on his guitar. A really nice piece of music, which also brings some nostalgia.

Meanwhile, Ophidian Dragon has posted a new entry in his blog ("Blogging Ultima") in which he answered some comments and also wrote short discussions of The Savage Empire and Martian Dreams.

And finally, here's a nice bit of news courtesy of Aiera: Richard Garriott has been interviewed by GameDaily. In the interview, Garriott talks about what is keeping him busy (mainly space-related stuff) and also discusses the possibility of returning to the gaming scene. In particular he talks about single-player and multi-player games, and expresses his fondness for Ultima.

[W][R]Updates from December 2008

3rd January 2009 by Dino

Hi, hope everyone had a great Christmas and has started a brilliant new year. Here are some oldish updates from December 2008.

In the last newspost to Dino's Ultima Page, Petrell wrote about Sergorn Dragon's new fan project. If you can read French, the latest news at La Legende d' Ultima is also about it.

Ophidian Dragon has written about Ultima 6 in his blog.

Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera has posted a Christmas greeting on Christmas Eve.

[W][R]New Ultima Fan Project: Ultima: Return to the Serpent Isle

10th December 2008 by Petrell

New Ultima Fan Project announced

Sergorn Dragon has announced that he's starting a new Ultima game project entitled "Ultima: Return to the Serpent Isle". It will be made using the Dungeon Siege engine and tools and systems Team Lazarus and Team Archon have been building over the years for their respective games and Project Britannia.

Project description from author:

I am currently planning on the realization of an new Ultima fan-made game entitled "Return to the Serpent Isle", which as you may guess involve the former Lands of Danger and Despair and is very much tied to one of the most beloved episode of the Ultima series: "Ultima VII Part Two - The Serpent Isle", which was released in 1993.

"Following the defeat of the Guardian, Britannia is finally at peace. Yet Shamino feels compelled to start an expedition toward the Serpent Isle, intend on finding out what have happened to his former land. As a member of his expedition you are about to set out on an adventure that will forever change your life..."

It aims to create a totally new adventure in the Ultima universe, with new - and some old - characters, a familiar yet different surrounding... and a philosophy that aims to be faithful to everything Ultima ever stood for, while at the time trying to modernize it - and thus giving the chance to every Ultima and CRPG fans to enjoy a new story in the Ultima universe.

Sergorn Dragon is now looking for other dedicated fans to help him in this task and join his newly formed "Team Serpent". Pretty much all the posts in the team are still open so if you're interested you should apply now. Bear in mind however that finishing this project is going to be a long and hard task and will most likely take several years to accomplish.

Project website at http://sergorn.jexiste.fr/ is still under constrution and should open sometimes in the early 2009.

For further info and discussion visit any of the forums Project was announced in: Ultima V:Lazarus, Ultima 6 Project/Project Britannia, Exult or Titans of Ether.

Alfie's Dev Diary

Alfie, a French worldbuilder in Team Archon, has posted new a dev diary about his work on The Ultima 6 Project dungeons. Diary contains 13 new screenshots from various dungeon he's been working on.

[W][R]Titans of Ether Monthly update

5th December 2008 by Petrell

Titans of Ether has posted another monthly update. Team is looking for interior worldbuilders. Update also gives short overview what everyone in the team has been doing past month.

Arx Fatalis (Wikipedia), the spiritual successor of Ultima Underworld games by Arcane Studios is now available Windows XP and Vista compatible and DRM free at Good Old Games (gog.com) for 9.99$.

[W][R]Ultima 6 Online goes Open Source

29th November 2008 by Petrell

Sorry for my prolonged absence. My PC Hard drive started breaking down and needed to be replaced (third time in less than one and half years). Also something went wrong with reinstalation as my IE7 keeps crashing and I may need another reinstallation so I can't guarantee regular updates. But enough about me.

In Ultima news:

Ultima 6 Online client and host source have been released as well as all the tools used in its creation. Number of improvements have already been made by Mose and Lutejin and they've set up both subversion repository and test server. Further details can be found in the Forum.

Aiera is back online but much of the content, including downloads, forum and sub domains, are still unavailable. WtFD is looking for help in verifying that the files are up to date and linked correctly.

Forgotten World project has posted news about return of the project founder, Firstknight and reorganisation of the project development into milestones. They've also posted 11 new screenshots.

Ultima Iris build 2702 has been released. Check the Changelog for more details.

Wizardry Dragon has posted 2 new screenshots and has started documentatation of the source of his project, Ultima VII: The Feudal Lands.

Nicodemus has updated his Ultima 6 Worldbuilding Dev Diary with 4 new screenshots.

In his Blog, Blogging Ultima, Ophidian Dragon has posted additional entry about Ultima V, this time concentrating game's storyline.

Most of the forum problems in Ultima sites hosted by sourceforge have been fixed and forums for Exult, Nuvia and xu4 are fully functional again. Recent technical difficulties with Ultima V: Lazarus forum have been fixed as well.

George Stepan's site for his Ultima IV remake, Ultima IV: Virtue of Humility, has been down for a while now.

Ultima IX - Infinity Eternal project seem have gone offline recently as well.

In wake of the news about Garriott's retirement from NCSoft comes announcement about Tabula Rasa closing down on February 28, 2009.

[W][R]Aiera temporarily down

18th November 2008 by Dino

Aiera is offline for a few days until Withstand the Fury Dragon sets up with a new host. Don't worry, the site will be back very soon.

The latest update at The Ultima Legend is about Garriott's retirement from NCSoft.

Nazghul/Haxima 0.6.1 has been released.

A progress update of the last 15 months has been posted on the Exult website. Most of the updates were made by Marzo Sette Torres Junior.

[W]Richard Garriott leaves NCSoft

12th November 2008 by Dino

An article (pointed out by Mageguru) on shacknews reports that Richard Garriott has left NCSoft. The primary source for this information is "an open letter from General British", which was posted on the Tabula Rasa website.

Having gone to space and returned, Garriott speaks of the experience having "sparked some new interests", and he has left NCSoft to pursue them.

[S][W][R]Back to decoding Ultima 1... or not?

7th November 2008 by Dino

Over the past few days I restarted the project I was working on a year and a half ago - that of building a basic engine for Ultima 1. The original project was written in C, and wasn't very well-structured, so I was reluctant to get back to it. The project had nonetheless reached map viewer stage.

At this point I have a better-structured program written in C++. It's still at the tile viewer stage, but it will take little effort to make a map viewer out of it since it's already work in progress.

I am going to have to take a break from this little trip to the past, because of University. My attitude to this new project is the same as that I had for the old one: I don't promise it will ever get anywhere, and where it's got to is already far better than nothing. It has served to populate the Ultima 1 Guide with technical info anyway.

Anyone who would like to play with the code or extend it is welcome to contact me. Natreg is also giving a little hand with technical info, and I will soon be updating the information in the Ultima 1 Guide to reflect the latest information I have about the file formats.

Now for some news from the web...

After almost two months of silence, Ophidian Dragon posted a review of Ultima 5 in his Blogging Ultima page.

Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera posted about the new Feudal Lands website, which I thought had disappeared from the web until today.

[S]Work on Ultima 1 and Savage Empire Guides

2nd November 2008 by Dino

The following are updates to the Savage Empire Guide I did over the past couple of days:

The Ultima 1 Guide has also seen a huge update. Most of the info pages are there, both from the game info and the technical info aspect. Developers might be interested in looking at the technical info, which is the most up-to-date technical information around about Ultima 1. The technical info is not new; it's been around for a year and a half at the Dino's Ultima Page Google Group. However, a lot of things are now explained in a friendlier manner.

The following is a list of what's been added to the Ultima 1 Guide over the past couple of days:

[W][R]U7 enhancement projects

31st October 2008 by Dino

Natreg Dragon pointed out a couple of projects that have appeared in the Exult forum:

[S][W][R]Lots of updates

30th October 2008 by Dino

Over the past week I've worked on the following improvements to Dino's Ultima Page:

Direhaggis, one of the Titans of Ether, posted a progress report saying what everyone on the team has been doing. The Titans are still looking for dungeon writers, for those who are interested.

More news from Aiera:

[S]Misc updates

21st October 2008 by Dino

Today I worked on various parts of Dino's Ultima Page including:

[S]More formats available

20th October 2008 by Dino

Yesterday and today I fixed validation errors in the news and also made the news available under the WML format:

All available formats are listed on the Old News page. Due to a suggestion from Kobra Kai, this information is now immediately brought to your attention on the front page.

[S]The Fifth Design is back

19th October 2008 by Dino

For anyone who liked the previous (dark) design of Dino's Ultima Page, or for those who are new and simply want to see what it looked like, I've created an alternate stylesheet you can use to see the site in its old form. Just go to View -> Page Style -> Dino's Ultima Page CSS Version 5 in your favourite browser and the page should change layout.

This is just a CSS file, and no HTML code in the website was changed. The only things I couldn't change with CSS are the news images.

[S]The Savage Empire T-Shirt

16th October 2008 by Dino

Daniel Bourbonnais, who was the lead artist for the Worlds of Ultima series, recently sent me some Ultima goodies. Among these was the Savage Empire T-shirt. You can read about it at the new Collectibles page I set up as part of the Savage Empire Guide.

[W][R]Titans want Writers

12th October 2008 by Dino

Direhaggis from the Titans of Ether has issued a call for new writers to populate several dungeons in Ultima IX: Redemption.

We're looking for a new writer or two to help sparsely (or maybe not so sparsely) populate several remaining dungeons in U9R. You have 100% free artistic license over your area and will obviously get credit for your work.

[S][W][R]Forgotten World and Web Directory return

5th October 2008 by Dino

Hawkwind at Forgotten World wrote to me yesterday to let me know that their website has been updated after several months of inactivity:

After doing a lot of internal work, we decided to move our website to a more flexbile code-base which gave us reason to update our content were necessary. We also have a new feature: The poll. In the first poll, we want to know what people disliked about Ultima IX the most. We hope to have more regular updates from now on.

Although their website has retained the same URL, it now uses the Joomla content management system. Thus the site's appearance and the underlying code structure have both changed.

Yesterday I worked a bit on Dino's Ultima Page:

A big problem with my old Ultima Web Directory was that of how to categorise different Ultima websites, which could fall under several categories. Yesterday I created a database for Ultima websites, which makes the task of categorisation much simpler. However it will be a while before this will be released to the public, since I have yet to build a front end for this database (both for viewing and for updating), and there are many sites I have yet to add.

[W][R]Ultima blogs

4th October 2008 by Dino

Natreg wrote to me last week to tell me about a couple of Ultima blogs I hadn't seen before. The first is his own, called Beyond the Void:

In Natreg's own words: Problem is, it's in spanish. I think there are enough ultima blogs in english, and Ultima is not known that much at Spain, so I decided to show people all about this games.

I'm taking it at a very slow pace (1 post per week), and also not rushing my playthroughs, doing maps (which I post on the blog), and explaining bits of the storyline.

The second blog is Pix's Origin Adventures. This blog is particularly nice because it does not simply walk through the Ultima series textually; it is heavy on images. It is also nice because it deals not only with Ultima but also with other Origin games. In the latest entry, posted today, the author finished Ultima Underworld 2.

News from Aiera: Realms of Ultima, which is the NWN2 equivalent of Project Britannia, has been updated twice recently:

From Aiera: For starters, project lead MokahTGS has posted an article in which he discusses a few of his inspirations, as well as some of the new features of an upcoming NWN2 expansion pack that he is looking forward to making use of.

But additionally, he and fellow developer Jaesun have been working on a contribution to Bouncy Rock Entertainment’s “Community Halloween Project.” Their contribution will evidently be the Grumpy Strumpet tavern, which will in due time become the tavern in [Buccaneer's Den].

[S][W][R]Ducks and RSS feeds

21st September 2008 by Dino

I've added an RSS feed to the site, since it was requested. You can access it from the RSS icon in the navigation menu, or from the Old News page.

I've also added a Trivia page to the General Information section. Most interesting in this section is the story behind duck references in Ultima, which is an entertaining read. The story was originally posted in the Wayward Avatar forum, which no longer exists. Now it's back on the web thanks to Joe Garrity of the Origin Museum.

The Pentagram website has been updated for the first time this year, with the following news:

In the last few months, interest in Pentagram seems to have picked up again. A number of bugs were fixed since the last update, including camera fixes, key handling, containers (backpack, barrels, etc.), and a fix for a problem in the German versions of the U8. The default key binding for stasis moved from 'S' to 'F10'. The build should now properly support versions of autoconf greater than 2.60.

Mac OS X builds also received a lot of attention. They build system switched from XCode to a makefile-based system that builds Pentagram and dependencies using their traditional configure script and make methods. This allows us a greater amount of control over the builds and should help prevent changes to Pentagram for unix systems that break OS X builds and vice versa.

In response, Withstand the Fury Dragon has updated the Pentagram snapshots at Aiera.

More news from Aiera: a mapset expansion for EUO has been added.

Ophidian Dragon at Blogging Ultima has written a little review of Ultima 4 in his latest post.

[S]New design implemented

20th September 2008 by Dino

I have applied the new (sixth) design to the front page of Dino's Ultima Page. Today I added some news listing functionality that is actually better than what there was in the previous version of the site. It provides more options and is more efficient because it is based on the new database design. You can try it out using the Old News link in the navigation menu to the left.

[S]Tiny update

18th September 2008 by Dino

Today I removed some dead links from the Ultima 6 Guide (some of which were found by Peter Haytko). I also added a new favicon for the Ultima 8 Guide.

Note that I haven't received any feedback about the redesign of Dino's Ultima Page, and really would like to hear from visitors of the site before going ahead with it.

[S]Redesign and news migration

11th September 2008 by Dino

Yesterday and today, I have been working on a total rewrite of the front page of Dino's Ultima Page.

The current design is over four years old, and in fact the colour scheme is even older (January 2003). Thus I rewrote the CSS layout. Although much of the structure is the same, I eliminated some unnecessary <div>'s in favour of better CSS, and changed the colours entirely.

To give the site an even fresher look, all front page images have been changed. This includes the site logo, the news images, and a couple of new images in the navigation menu. The favicon has also been changed.

The most important change is the migration of the Ultima news from an XML file 700KB big to a MySQL database, which I completed yesterday. This is something you won't really be noticing, except for the fact that the news page may load slightly faster, and that you may be able to use more advanced news search options in the future. However, I have yet to write the posting and search functionalities.

This rewrite is still a work in progress. However, you can take a look at the new design to see if you like it. Please do give me feedback about it, either via email (Contact page) or in the Google Group. Let me know if you like it, or even if you don't. I am open to suggestions.

A small tip on using the new page: you can add ?latest=all to the address bar to view all news, or ?latest=n to view the latest n news items (the default is to show the latest 3 news items, as with the current news system).

Another thing worth discussing is that I only plan to implement this design to the main section of the site (i.e. News, Credits, etc.), at least for now. The idea is that each section or guide should have its own CSS layout, although some may be similar to each other. The Ultima 8 Guide will definitely keep its old design.

[S]Old U6 info restored

10th September 2008 by Dino

Today I worked a little bit on the Ultima 6 Guide:

[S]Old U7 info restored

9th September 2008 by Dino

Today I retrieved the old Ultima 7 information page from an old backup and copied its info to the Ultima 7 Guide. I also created a new favicon for the Ultima 7 Guide. Time permitting, I would like to modify its visual layout and give it its own CSS layout.

[S][W][R]Peek at Ultima 6 and 7 Guides

8th September 2008 by Dino

For the past three years, the links to the Ultima 6 and 7 information pages (on Dino's Ultima Page) were unavailable. This was because I was working on a guide for each game, and the idea was to eventually release these guides instead of the basic information pages. However, due to time constraints, I never continued work on these two guides. Last month I added links in the navigation menu to the left to what little I finished of these two guides. There isn't much information, but at least it's better than nothing at all, and you can see some of the nice features I had implemented into these guides.

Corv at Titans of Ether posted an update to assure us that work on the project is still ongoing.

More news courtesy of Aiera:

[W][R]Ultima V Beta for TI-92+ and V200 calculators released!

30th July 2008 by Petrell

Ranman has released beta version of his Ultima V for TI-92+ and V200 Calculators.

Mirir has send Dino an e-mail informing him that full final version of the Ultima 7 Spanish translation patch has been released. The patch is available at Clan Dlan's site and contains translations for Ultima 7: Black Gate and its expansion, Forge Of Virtue. The patch works in DosBox or with Exult.

Development Tools Package for The Ultima 6 Project has been released.

[W][R]Lazarus bugfix collection 1.29 released! DAT tape experts needed!

25th July 2008 by Petrell

Cheerful Dragon has released 1.29 version of his Bugfix & Mod Collection For Ultima V: Lazarus. Changelog:

Cheerful Dragon has also made some mods made other modders compatible with his bug fixes. They are available separately from same place as his Bugfix & Mod Collection.

Marzo has made some bugfixes to his Exult mods Black Gate Keyring and Serpent Isle Fixes. They are available at Seven Towers.

The WCCIC team are looking for DAT Tape Experts :

Need DAT Tape Experts!

Team Technosaur is having trouble getting data off old DDS-1 and DDS-2 tapes. They've been successful in reading Exabyte tapes, but using the same method with the DAT tapes restores an empty (0 kB) file. LOAF adds that Windows Backup detects *something*, but it won't list any actual files. They have HP SureStore DAT24 and Seagate Scorpion tape drives that should be able to read these DDS-1 and DDS-2 tapes. There isn't much time left, so hurry and drop LOAF an e-mail if you think you can help!

Everyone is very busy at Mythic working 12-hour days, but here's a brief status update:

We began the day by finishing up with 3.5" disks (beta versions of various ~1994 games). Charlotte focused on CD ripping and finished almost the whole job. Chris finished major photography today. Scanning began and we found some really interesting WC stuff that we can't reveal yet.

Bandit LOAF has posted an update about day 1 of the project at WCCIC Forums. Apparently there won't be regular video updates after all as all material has to be approved by EA before being published. This does not mean they won't be published eventually but the process takes time and team rather spends the time on recovering and recording as much data as they can in the limited time they have and deal with EA's approval process later.

[W][R]Ultima 6 Project Milestone 5 released!; Origin Systems' archive restoration project!

23rd July 2008 by Petrell

The idiom "When it rains, it pours" seems to apply to Ultima News as well!

Ultima 6 Project Milestone 5 has been released! Most of the surface world is complete and accessible. List of changes :

RPGWatch has published an article about the Milestone 5.

There is new U6P concept art available in Alex Gonzales' Image Album. First is a concept of Ultima 6 The False Prophet Book and second is concept art for Avatar sacrificial scene in U6P intro.

Iris2 has won the 1st Prize (best project) at the Dusmania 10 hobby game dev meeting at Frankfurt/Germany. Check out their winning trailer at YouTube

Ophidian Dragon has updated his Ultima blog with and entry about Ultima 3.

I can't believe I've missed news about this project:

Members of Wing Commander Combat Information Center and team of other volunteers are currently at Mythic, Virginia assisting in a project to Archive what's left of Origin Systems' data library! They are also recording their discoveries and are making the recordings available at YouTube. Later they plan to upload higher quality videos to WCCIC archive.

Previous news updates about the project at WCCIC:

[W][R]Ultima V for Ti Calculators 1.01 released and other Ultima news

21st July 2008 by Petrell

Lots of Ultima updates available today:

Ranman has released 1.01 version of his Ultima V for Ti Calculators. It contains following changes:

Hexxxer has created three DVD Covers for Ultima games. First is a Worlds of Ultima Collection cover for Worlds of Ultima games Savage Empire and Martian Dreams. Second is a Ultima Collection cover for first eight Ultimas. And third is a cover for Ultima IX: Ascension.

The Ultima 6 Project has opened a forum for discussion about their upcoming Mileston 5 release. They also uploaded new versions of britannia_art.dsres, britannia_logic.dsres and Lazarus/PB Compatibility Layer at Project Britannia Wiki.

Ultima Restoration Project has released new screenshots of Kilrathi Space Station in their remake of Ultima I - The First Age of Darkness for NWN. They've also reached new milestone and have all cities and space stations mapped and basis for dungeons created.

Marzo Sette Torres Junior made rather large changes to Exult and Exult Studio in the beginning of June. The update is mainly aimed for modders using Exult Studio. Check the changelog for full list of changes. Latest snapshots are available at project Download page.

Marzo also updated Black Gate Keyring and Avatar Pack mods at Seven Towers to be compatible with the latest snapshots of Exult.

EUO3D 0.16 was released. The new version added compressed map support and mini map.

[S][W][R]Various updates

2nd July 2008 by Dino

Apparently Hacki's Ultima Page has recently moved to Bootstrike.

After receiving an email from Shawn Varga, I updated the Ultima 8 Bugs and Mistakes page to fix a few mistakes.

According to the Project Britannia website, the Ultima 6 Project is having hosting problems and may be down for a while until it moves to a better location.

Ophidian Dragon has continued his Ultima blog with a post about Ultima 2.

Aiera has seen a few updates since the last post here. Below is some news we missed:

[W][R]Ultima V for Ti Calculators released!

7th June 2008 by Petrell

Ranman's Ultima V for Ti Calculators has finally been released after 4 long years in development! For screenshots and downloads visit project forums.

Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny

Original by Lord British (Richard Garriott), Origin Systems, 1988
Remake by Ranman (David Randall) May 2008

Prepare thyself for thy destiny:

After a century of relative peace, the Avatar of Virtue is summoned back to the medieval kingdom of Britannia to deal with a new threat: the usurper Lord Blackthorn, a formerly honorable nobleman who has been corrupted by strange new creatures called the Shadowlords. After the recent disappearance of the true king, Lord British, the realm has fallen under martial law. Blackthorn now rules the land by brutally enforcing the eight Virtues upon the people of Britannia - corrupting their meaning in the process. The Avatar must gather together his former companions, now made outlaws by Blackthorn's regime, and venture forth to defeat the vile Shadowlords and recover the true king from the shadowy depths of the Underworld. (Synopsis written by Ian Scott Frazier, Ultima V: Lazarus)

Ultima V - Highlights:

Ultima V - requirements:

Ranman plans to release the enhanced TI-92+/V200 version before the end of the month.

Ultima V for TI-92+/V200 calculators preview:

[W]Ophidian Dragon reviews Ultima 1

7th May 2008 by Dino

Ophidian Dragon has resumed posting in his blog after three weeks of inactivity. The latest post is essentially a review of Ultima 1.

[W][R]10 years of La Legende d' Ultima

5th May 2008 by Dino

Since it was last mentioned here, Ophidian Dragon's blog ("Blogging Ultima") has seen a couple of updates. The first update talks about the future of the blog (and possibly future blogs by Ophidian Dragon) since Ophidian Dragon's trip through Ultima ended back in February. The more recent update is about the crossbow that Ophidian Dragon received from Lord British, and also contains a review of Akalabeth.

Meanwhile, back in March, GrahfZilla decided to quit on his Ultima blog which was similar to Ophidian Dragon's blog. His main reason is a lack of interest, which he explained in a pretty long final post.

La Legende d' Ultima has been updated a couple of times this year. The first update consists of a happy new year wish, and also announces the Ultima 6 Project's fourth milestone, which was released back in January. The more recent post, posted just a few days ago, celebrates the 10th birthday of the site. Sergorn Dragon has created a sort of history of La Legende d' Ultima to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Not exactly Ultima-related, but the Ultima 6 Project is promoting a charity to which potential U6P donors can donate instead.

Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera posted a link to an article by David Wong about "The 7 Commandments All Video Games Should Obey". It's a really good read, I assure you. The last page in particular is about what Ultima fans have been complaining about (in other games) for years: "Better graphics do not equal innovation and/or creativity".

[W][R]EUO turns 5 years old; U6P project updates

13th April 2008 by Petrell

EUO has turned 5 years old. To celebrate the special occasion, number of special events were held in game servers. New newbie island was also added to help new players get started.

I've also made a brand new interactive tutorial map called 'Newbie Island' - so if you thought EUO was in the too-hard basket before, you should give it another whirl now. I promise it will be somewhat demystified.

Corwin at RPGWatch has published the Ultima 6 Project's latest press release written by U6 Team Member Aletys. The Press Release reveals further details about new cities and places of note in the upcoming U6P fifth milestone, including the Nicodemus' keep and Penumbra's work room. It also includes call for help as the team is still looking for additional World Builders, 3D modelers, writers, 2D artists (portraits/textures, etc.) and music creators. Be sure to check it out.

Nicodemus has posted an update to his Worldbuilding Dev Diary. The update is mostly about Jhelom and it's new list field, the Pit, an area where fighters of Jhelom go to hone their combat skills. The update also features five new screenshots.

Iris2 build 2020 has been released.

There is a new xu4 daily snapshot available for Mac users.

Ranman has posted couple of updates about progress he has made with Ultima V for Ti Calculators. In his first update he lists some of the special item capabilities he has implemented and his second update deals with killing NPC's, guard behaviour and picking locks.

[W][R]Some related project updates

19th March 2008 by Dino

Last month, Joshua Lawrence contacted me and Withstand the Fury Dragon (who has already posted about it) about a new version of the Adventure Creation Kit (3.0) that was released by Chris Hopkins. In Joshua's own words:

It has a number of big advances, including experience levels, bmp skinning of the main play-screen and dialogs, and more detailed day/night cycles that can be tied to, for instance, moongate appearances.

Most importantly [...], it now includes an 'Ultima Kit' you can use to build your adventures - it includes tiles from Ultima V and a bunch of Ultima-world objects, including the aforementioned moongates. The 'Demo2' adventure shows off the Ultima graphics, the time cycling (including two moons in the sky), Ultima music, and the moongates.

The ACK site has been moved to Joshua's main Mozomedia site; visitors can use shorter URLs to access the ACK site or the download page.

There are 6 new versions of Stones at the Stones Archive. Thanks goes to Peter Haytko for letting me know.

Those of you who enjoyed the work of Santiago Zapata (who has written several Roguelikes including DrashRL) will be pleased to know that he has just spawned a new creation. Santiago has just released a new game called MegamanRL, for the 7DRL challenge.

[W][R][F]Ultima V : Lazarus German patch 1.1 released; Ultima V for Ti Calculators closed beta test begins

17th March 2008 by Petrell

German 1.1 patch for Ultima V : Lazarus has been released. Along fixing number of cosmetic mistakes (typos, untranslated labels, etc.) the patch has number of bug fix mods integrated into to it :

Tiberius, the Project Director of Ultima V : Lazarus, has made an announcement at Lazarus forums that he has been employed by Big Huge Games as a Senior Game Designer working on their brand new RPG. He will be working with Ken Rolston (of Oblivion and Morrowind fame). Tiberius had become unemployed recently as his previous employer, Iron Lore Entertainment, closed its doors at the end of February after being unable to secure funding for its next project.

Closed beta test of Ranman's Ultima V for Ti Calculators has begun and no more testers are needed at this time. Ranman estimates that the beta test will take about a month if no major bugs are encountered. System requirements at start of the test are TI-89, TI-89 Titanium, TI-92+ or V200 Calculator with 160Kb RAM and 260Kb Flash free.

Sage has once again updated his developer's diary at Titans of Ether forums. In his latest post he talks about subplots.

News from Dragon Press :

Having run for almost 8 years , the Ultima Online freeshard Ultima Legacy is finally making the transition from Sphere to RunUO and will receive major overhaul. It will also have brand new Serpent Isle map. While development is well underway they are looking people to help them in the C# scripting department.

New fan fiction, "Serpent Isle: Snippets of Elora's Journey" by Shadow of Light Dragon has been added to Dragon Press.

And finally the Ultima 7 fan comics by Damien Barban have gone missing. If anyone knows where they are currently hosted please let Shadow of Light Dragon at Dragon Press know.

[W][R]Ultima 6 Project news

11th March 2008 by Petrell

At Project Britannia site, Zephyr posted some details about U6 Project team plans for next milestone release :

The U6 team is very much hard at work putting together their next release, which in terms of content will likely dwarf anything you have yet seen. No promises, but the intention is to get the entire overworld more or less completed, with most of it playable and accessible.

They're also looking for world builders :

There's a great deal of excitement surrounding this release throughout the team, but there's still a long way to go - and they're looking for help from anyone who has some experience with building challenging dungeons in the Dungeon Siege engine (DS1).

Nicodemus, one of the world builders of Ultima 6 Project, has posted a Worldbuilding Dev Diary, telling about his work while a he's been member of the team. The diary also contains 5 new screenshots of Paws and Skara Brae.

U6 Project team has also posted profile of team's new portrait and concept artist, Alex Gonzales, at project website. Be sure to grab the nice U6P wallpaper he kindly made available and also visit his online portfolio to see the other artwork he has created.

[W][R]Ultima V for Ti Calculators beta test to begin March 16th, 2008

9th March 2008 by Petrell

According to Ranman, with the last major milestone in the Ultima V for Ti Calculators development now reached, beta testing of the game will commence March 16th, 2008.

He also posted an update on progress and what remains to be done :


And with that, the last major milestone has been reached!

Still on the to do list :

Game engine - 61.8Kb
Progress - 98.5%

Ranman has also posted gif animations of character creation and introduction & acknowledgements.

At Titans of Ether forums, Sage has updated his developer's diary and Corv has posted new screenshots of Paws and New Magincia in Insider, a members only section of the forums.

Lost Sosaria downloads have been updated and site itself has recived new layout.

In his blog, Blogging Ultima, Ophidian Dragon has completed his year long playthru of the entire Ultima game series.

[W][R] Worlds of Ultima : Lost Sosaria WIP module released

2nd March 2008 by Petrell

Work in progress version of Worlds of Ultima : Lost Sosaria module for Neverwinter Nights has been released. Also problem with broken/corrupted downloads users may have experienced downloading the files earlier should also be fixed.

EUO3D 0.14 has been released. The new version fixes the minimise bug and integrates all changes from moa 0.82.

Ranman has posted an update on his progress with Ultima V for Ti Calculators :

The Feudal Lands and Seven Towers have been inaccessible past week due to Wizardry Dragon losing u7feudallands.com domain but are now back online with new addresses. Please update your links accordingly.

Serpent Isle Fixes and Black Gate Keyring at Seven Towers have also been updated to fix problems introduced by bugs in Usecode compiler. Better diagonal moongates were also added to Black Gate Keyring mod. Also the Exult Intrinsic Reference has on the site has been updated but modders have to wait later snapshots of Exult to make use of the new features.

Sage has added two new entries to his developer's diary at Titans of Ether forums.

[W][R]Large update from Titans of Ether

20th February 2008 by Petrell

Corv has posted rather large update at Titans of Ether. The update includes 27 new screenshots, 5 new music tracks (of 130 track soundtrack!!!) as well as update to Redemption status page and team roster where Direhaggis and Zini have been promoted to team Co-Directors.

Serpent Isle Fixes and Black Gate Keyring mod at Seven Towers have been updated to be compatible with latest Exult snapshots. SIFixes has also received feature that allows player to ask Shamino to set the time format of watch to 24-hour time or back if they change their mind

EUO3D 0.13 has been released. The new version adds support for md2 models, adds possible fix for flashing intro screen and integrates all changes from moa 0.81 patch.

Ranman's Ultima V for Ti Calculators is moving steadily towards completion. Special capabilities of the Crown Jewels have been implemented and Ranman has completed the final scrub of the NPC transcripts. He'll still need to at least go thru Shop transcripts and add ability to leave party members to inns to allow getting rid of less useful party members but the list of things to do is steadily getting shorter.

News from UltimaDot :

CVG has published and article about the ways player can kill Lord British in various Ultima games.

[W][R]Richard Garriott's interview at Gamasutra

9th February 2008 by Petrell

Richard Garriott was recently interviewed by N. Evan Van Zelfden at Gamasutra.

NCSoft's Garriott Talks Games As 'Pulp', Art

As part of a wide-ranging Gamasutra interview published today, Ultima and Tabula Rasa creator Richard Garriott has been discussing games as art, suggesting many games are 'pulp fiction', but that his favourites touch the player emotionally.

At the Lost Sosaria website, WtFD has posted news of his plans of uploading the work-in-progress module for the project within next week. He also plans to release updates to the module at (ir)regular intervals. This is done so that visitors can download and test the module at any point and to leave feedback as it progresses.

[W][R]Titans of Ether looking for new team members, EUO goes 3D and other Ultima news

5th February 2008 by Petrell

Well, WtFD at Aiera beat me to most of these news but anyway :

The Titans of Ether team is looking for World Builders and Writers.

We are looking for 1 or 2 enthusiastic people to help us create NPC's for a few of the cities of virtue, dungeons, the wilderness, and perhaps even locations in the Ether itself. We want an active commitment from folk who are willing to stick with the team until at least alpha testing. For anyone interested, please contact me via PM. Thank you!

There also new developers diary up, this time by Sage, one of the teams dialogue writers.

Ranman posted couple of new gif animations from his Ultima V for Ti Calculators. First shows what happens if Avatar is caught by the guards in Lord Blackthorn's castle and second what happens if entire party succumbs to death.

EUO, the Ultima-like online RPG, is being converted to 3D. More info can be found in EUO3D topic in games forum and the brave can even give the early alpha builds a go.

Realms of Ultima released New Magincia Prefab. It still lacks building interiors and caves but the island itself is fully explorable.

In his blog, Ophidian Dragon has finished Runes of Virtue 2 and is on his second day of playing Ultima IX : Ascension.

[W][R]Ultima 6 Project Milestone 4 Released and other Ultima news.

19th January 2008 by Petrell

Ultima 6 Project Milestone 4 has been released.

Written by Jesse 'Zephyr' Strachman
Saturday, 19 January 2008

It is with much pleasure that I announce the release of Team Archon's next milestone of the Ultima 6 Project, Milestone 4 for Dungeon Siege 1 (PC and Mac).

Some things to look forward to in this release:

Numerous enhancements to the core gameplay such as:

If you want to mirror this 375MB download, please feel free to do so and post the link in our forums so we can update this news article with your mirror. At the moment, here is/are the only location(s) from which you can download M4 are :

This is not a final release of these sections of the game, but we feel that they are reasonably polished enough for public consumption (read: scrutiny). If you find problems with the release, want to give us kudos, or (heaven forbid) want to tell us what you really think, as always you can find us lurking about in our forums. That is, when we're not busily scratching away at building Milestone 5.

Also Corwin at RPGWatch has had change to interview the co-lead producer of the U6 Project Jesse 'Zephyr' Strachman.

Recently, I had the opportunity to ask the co-lead producer of the U6 Project Jesse 'Zephyr' Strachman a series of questions as they're working hard towards the release of their next milestone. After the tremendous success a couple of years ago of U5-Lazarus, there has been growing interest in this second remake using the Dungeon Siege engine.

Elsewhere in Ultima community:

Spyder at The Titans of Ether has yet again posted screenshots of another piece of Moonglowian architecture made by him. This time they show some kind of large manor house with four towers and roofed balcony.

Forgotten World Project has released one of the music pieces written by team composer Sounddreamer. It's called "Time Travel".

According to latest news at Ultima IX : Infinity Eternal website, the project and the team are still alive and kicking. Although things in real life, like MartinLoki having a baby and Thepal getting married and started teaching last year (Congratulations for both!), have slowed the project down, significant progress has been made over the past two months. He also posted a WIP screenshot of Valorian Isles. As a side note for those who might be interested : the team still looking for World-builders, Writers (Dialogue/books/quest), Music Composers, 3D and 2D Artists, Face Creators (in Oblivion) and Scripters to fill their ranks.

Ranman continues to make steady progress with Ultima V for Ti Calculators. According to him the game will be finished before the end of February -- by direction of his wife. Changes since last update:

In his blog, Blogging Ultima, Ophidian Dragon has finished Pagan in just 6 days. He's also pretty much done with Runes of Virtue 2 as he prepares to enter games final dungeon, The Stygian Abyss.

Gordon McNutt has posted release schedule for Nazghul 1.0. According to it, the Nazghul 1.0 is set to be released on May 26th, exactly five years from the day the project was registered on SourceForge.

Iris2 Testshard map has been updated and has been Testshard has been named Iris:4 Kingdoms.

Additional news from Aiera:

[W][R]First Ultima news update for year 2008

6th January 2008 by Petrell

Forgotten World team is looking for World Builders to join their ranks:

The development of our world editor is progressing fairly. The rendering part is mostly done and we are getting to a point where we can actually start designing the user interface. This is where we need your help!

If you are:

then let us know and join us! Contact information can be found on the team page!

WtFD has updated Worlds of Ultima : Lost Sosaria site with dozen new screenshots

Spyder continues to post screenshots of Moonglowian architecture in Moonglow developer's diary. This time he has added shots of an Observatory and (possibly) a Blacksmith's shop.

[W][R]Last update of the year

27th December 2007 by Dino

First things first... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (from me too... since the last update was by Petrell). Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera sure did a better job than me at wishing everybody all the best for the festive season.

Ophidian Dragon, still Blogging Ultima, has been playing Ultima 8 and has made good progress. He almost finished the Fire part, which is close enough to finishing the game.

The team at Forgotten World mentioned that their project has appeared in a German magazine:

In their January issue (02/2008), the German "PC Action" game magazine writes about Forgotten World. In the "Maps & Mods" section there's an article on our project, so if you can get German magazines where you live, go and grab a copy if you like!

[W][R]Christmas Update

23rd December 2007 by Petrell

It's been quite awhile since I last posted here and I apology for it. I was caught in series of unfortunate events that I had no control over.

But lets get to the news :

German Version of Ultima V: Lazarus has finally been released just in time for Christmas for all the German ultima fans enjoyment.

Ranman has been making steady progress with his Ultima V for Ti Calculators. Game is now about 94% complete, just 1% away from planned beta stage.

Here's short summary what's been completed since last update:

Inspired by Ophidian Dragon's Ultima Marathon, Master Katarn played thru entire Ultima series over the summer and has been posting his thoughts of each game over the past months in Ultima V: Lazarus forums.

Iris 2 Build 1648 has been released and Iris2-Testshard has been updated to version 0.4.

Forgotten World team have posted a screenshot of Britain viewed from within their new OGRE based world editor.

Spyder, a 3D-modeller in Titans of Ether team has added quite few new screenshots to Moonglow developers diary showing various pieces of Moonglowian architecture. Latest addition is the magical walls of Moonglow (and alternate stone version of same wall).

And short summary of additional news from Aiera:

Oh and before I forget : Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone!

[W][R]December update

10th December 2007 by Dino

Ophidian Dragon, in his quest to blog Ultima, has finally finished Serpent Isle.

A short post has recently appeared on the Lazarus website about the downloads page, where several links have been updated.

The Pentagram website has been updated with a short progress report:

Despite the lack of updates to the website, work on Pentagram has been progressing. Among other things, combat music now works, avatar attack speed has been improved, many rendering order problems are fixed, and falling and throwing are now working much better. The Pentagram main menu has also been improved, and now supports loading savegames directly.

[W][R]November update

17th November 2007 by Dino

Tribun Dragon brings news from the Codex of Editable Wisdom:

"The Codex celebrates over 1000 articles right now, and has grown to the most complete eneclopeida for Ultima by now. We by now cover all of the aspects, but work is far from finished, as we plan to expand greatly on the NPCs and Magic Spells."

Forgotten World is now using the OGRE engine for its world editor, and has published a screenshot of Buccaneer's Den to show it in action.

Ultima VII Babylon is an Italian translation of Ultima VII - The Black Gate that was recently finished.

Project Britannia announces a major update to the Siege Tools.

At Seven Towers, the Exult Intrinsic Reference and the UCC Scripting tutorial have been updated.

Kultan, one of the Titans of Ether, has written a new dev diary. You will, of course, need an account in their forum to see it.

Nazghul/Haxima 0.6.0 have been released in source form. Old save games are not compatible with the new version.

Ophidian Dragon is still playing Serpent Isle and writing about it in Blogging Ultima. Most recently, he has visited the northern icelands.

The Ashes: Two Worlds Collide website somehow no longer seems to display news any more.

The rest is news from Aiera:

[W][R]Little Updates

10th October 2007 by Dino

At Seven Towers, the Black Gate Keyring mod has seen a few updates to correct some bugs.

Meanwhile, a quick update has been posted at Nazghul telling us that a release is likely by the end of this month.

Hawkwind at Forgotten World emailed me about a "render shot using Ultima 9's textures/models and Blender" that the team put on the screenshots page.

Also thanks to Natreg for notifying me about the existence of a second Ultima blog called "My journey through Ultima" by Grahfzilla.

[W][R]Ultima: The Ultimate Collector's Guide coming soon; Goodbye John Watson; site moved

27th September 2007 by Dino

Chris at The Artful Gamer contacted me about an interview with Stephen Emond he wrote recently. Stephen Emond, otherwise known as Commander Falcon, has been working on his book, Ultima: The Ultimate Collector's Guide, for the past few years. With the book nearing completion, a copy was auctioned in a fundraising event organised by the University of Texas at Britannia Manor (Lord British's home). Chris from The Artful Gamer wrote a very interesting interview with Stephen Emond about the book and Stephen's background and meeting with Ultima developers. It seems that the book will also be published soon.

According to La Legende d' Ultima (who in turn got the news from Wing Commander CIC), John Watson has passed away. John Watson was involved with several Origin projects, mostly Ultima and Wing Commander. A permanent memorial page has been set up listing the games he was involved with, and memories written by those who knew him.

At Seven Towers, two mods (BG Keyring and SI Fixes) have been updated.

Ophidian Dragon, still Blogging Ultima after finishing Ultima Underworld 2, is now playing Serpent Isle.

The Titans of Ether website has been updated twice. Kultan, a dialogue writer, has joined the Titans. Also, a dev diary entry about Moonglow development (part 1) has been written. It is part of the forum and accessible only to registered users.

Other updates courtesy of Aiera:

Last but not least, Dino's Ultima Page has moved to a new location. The old shiftedphase site will remain online for a while until everyone updates their bookmarks, but will no longer be updated.

[W][R]Nuvie Yearly Update; Ultima 7 Web Map

20th August 2007 by Dino

SB-X at Nuvie posted the first update in a year (exactly). Progress has been mainly as far as the engine core is concerned, and now a scripting engine is being used. Several spells are working, features have been added, and bugs have been fixed. Check out the Nuvie website for details on what's new!

Nikolai Faaland made an Ultima 7 Web Map "using Exult's map output feature", to quote him. Check it out!

[W][R]Exult for PSP

16th August 2007 by Dino

Ophidian Dragon is currently playing Ultima Underworld 2.

Thanks Paulon for pointing out that there is now an Exult PSP port.

Also, a while ago (sorry for taking so long), Martin Metzler pointed out an article about Richard Garriott's home, Britannia Manor:

an article about Richard Garriott and his house Britannia Manor... of course the article is in german.

Taken on the same visit to Richard Garriott were the following two pictures posted in the GameStar blog by the editor who visited him.

[S][W]Dino's Ultima Page 5th anniversary (belated)

29th July 2007 by Dino

2 days ago, Dino's Ultima Page celebrated its fifth anniversary.

Ophidian Dragon has finished Runes of Virtue.

[W][R]New domain etc

21st July 2007 by Dino

The 5th anniversary of Dino's Ultima Page is fast approaching. Recently I bought a domain (Null Neuron - my site is the 'Gigi' one) which I'm sharing with some friends. Eventually I will move all my sites there, including this Ultima site. I suppose the URL will be http://gigi.nullneuron.net/ultima/, so I suggest you make a bookmark for later. I won't move the sites there yet, to leave some time for migration and to let everyone update their bookmarks, but eventually they're all moving. I've been on shiftedphase for 4 and a half years now, and I have to thank Eric (Edbgon) for the webspace.

This week I started work with a local IT company, meaning that even in summer I won't have much time for Dino's Ultima Page. Sorry...

At Aiera, Withstand the Fury Dragon informs the Ultima community that he will be away for a while (23rd July to 11th August), and anyone who would like to post news in his stead should contact him.

At Seven Towers, a bug with The Black Gate Keyring mod has been fixed.

[W][R]Iris2 Build 1286 released; CGA/EGA support for Nuvie!

20th July 2007 by Petrell

New Windows build (Build 1286) of Iris2, the fan made 3D client for Ultima Online Freeshards, has been released. They have also added new Roadmap as all milestones listed in the Old Roadmap have been completed.

Efry has been working on providing CGA/VGA support for Nuvie and posted few screenshots in the project forum.

WtFD at Ultima: Aiera will be participating in the 21st World Scout Jamboree between 23rd of July and 11th of August and needs someone to help maintain the site during his absence. If you're interested, please let him know via the contact form.

Acording to Ophidian Dragon's blog Blogging Ultima, he had his computer die on him but is now back playing thru the Ultima series. He's currently playing Game Boy's Ultima: Runes of Virtue.

[W][R]EA to resurrect Ultima?

1st July 2007 by Dino

Ophidian Dragon has finished Ultima 7: The Black Gate. His next step will be to play Ultima: Runes of Virtue.

The latest news at La Legende d' Ultima appears to be quite interesting. My French is a bit rusty, but from what I've understood, there's a chance that EA will be working on a single-player Ultima CRPG.

Seven Towers' latest news reports that the NPC spellcasting reagent bug in the Black Gate Keyring mod has been fixed.

[W][R]IGDA-Austin's Picnic at Richard's Castle

26th June 2007 by Petrell

UV:Lazarus team member J the Yellow was present in an IGDA picnic held at Richard Garriott's property near Lake Austin. He wrote short event report and posted photos he took while there.

U6Project team has posted profile of team's dialogue writer, content manager and QA tester, WyrdWeb.

Phillip "Lanica" George has added virtual keyboard to his Exult Pocket PC port to make game playable on keyboardless Pocket PCs. He has also released 4 screenshots of exult on Pocket PC.

WtFD has overcome the problems with his computer and has resumed work on new areas of Lost Sosaria. He also posted 21 new screenshots.

[W][R]We're back

25th June 2007 by Dino

Sorry for being a bit absent lately, but now I'm back. Thanks Petrell for catching up with the majority of news we've missed so far.

Ophidian Dragon has almost finished Ultima 7.

Recent news from La Legende d' Ultima includes news of a 3D client for Ultima Online (Kingdom Reborn), the U6P M3 release, a new forum, and a new domain.

At Seven Towers, Marzo Sette Torres Junior updated the Exult Intrinsic Reference, and fixed a few bugs in the Black Gate Keyring mod.

[W][R]Exult news; U3Project resurrected

22nd June 2007 by Petrell

The Exult team has posted news:

Yes, we have done a lot of work in the past year:

News at Forgotten World inform us that Story Writer/Editor position they announced just two weeks ago has been filled. They are still looking for Texture artists, Programmers (especially C++) and Composers though.

Withstand the Fury Dragon has completed the changes that he had to make due to change of Tilesets in his project, The Worlds of Ultima : Lost Sosaria, and resumed work on new areas. Unfortunately he seem to have also ran into computer trouble. Hopefully it can be resolved.

WtFD also added additional tools he has found to Ultima : Aiera.

Render Dragon has resumed work on U3Project after almost three years of absence. His more immediate goals include:

The first two are done and WAV playback is now handled by the SDL. Next task is getting graphics engine ported.
(Thanks for WtFD over at Aiera for noticing this)

[W][R]Apologies and news from the past 1.5 months

19th June 2007 by Petrell

I apologise for my sudden and unexpected disappearance. Series of unfortunate RL incidents rendered me unable to post news during the past one and half months. Unfortunately Dino also got busy with his end of semester exams (that ended just few days ago) so he too has been unable to post news at the main page. But here's summary of what's been happening in the Ultima community between now and the last update (hopefully I got most of them) :

Richard Garriott was recently interviewed by The Escapist. In the interview Garriott talks about his past, his present, his plans for the future and why he thinks most games just aren't good enough.

The Ultima 6 Project has released its third milestone. It features number of new areas to explore (Spider Cave, Buccaneer's Den, Yew, Paws, and Continental Britannia), improvements to areas introduced in previous milestones (Swamp Cave, Sewers, Britain, Cove) as well as numerous enchantments to core gameplay. The Gargoyles, both winged and wingless are also now present in the intro.

Titans of Ether have posted a video of the Ship model the player will be able to sail around in Redemption. Theyve also put up New Developers Diary by teams lead dialogue writer and editor, Direhaggis, revealing additional details about status of the main plot and town of Britain.

Forgotten World team have found out that Ultima IX : Ascension actually supports higher textures than ones used in game and have added two new screenshots as demonstration. Theyre also planning to make changes to the plot of U9A and are looking for someone very familiar with the Ultima lore to help them in the effort. For more details refer their updated FAQ page.

Since last update about Ophidian Dragons Blogging Ultima, he has finished Ultima Underworlds and is well on his way to finish Ultima 7 : The Black Gate. He just took 3 day side trip to Isle of Fire added by the Forge of Virtue expansion and should finish the main plot few days unless he gets sidetracked by the few areas he has not yet explored. He also added screenshots he had previously left out due to lack of time.

For past months the Pentagram team has made further improvements to pathfinding, Avatar movement, item manipulation and missile trajectories

Dark Key, the project to recreate U7 and SI in the UO engine seem to have perished.

Ranman aka. David Randall has resumed work on Ultima 5 for Ti Calculators that was put to halt due to birth his son, Garrett. He already did major reorganization to the general data format and to the shoppe talk functionality squeezing out additional 6kb from game engine that is now down to 50kb! Combat and magic still need to be implemented before first release is made.

Lanica has managed to port Exult to Pocket PC. While many issues still remain to be solved to make it playable, making it just run is major achievement in and by itself.

Scythifuge continues to work on Savage Empires Total Convertion for Exult and has posted number of new screenshots in Exult Forum featuring many new items and graphics he has draw for his project.

New and newly found Ultima fan sites :

Julie's Savage Empire Blog - A new blog where Julie talks about various things about her favourite Ultima game The Worlds of Ultima : Savage Empire.

Hipolito's Ultima IV : The Little Shepherd - Tells a hilarious story of Shepherd Sausalito's (mis)adventures in Britannia.

Matthew Johnston's Ultima VII Mod - Another Total Conversion mod being developed for Exult.

[W][R]Garriott goes Zero-G

28th April 2007 by Dino

Gruck posted a topic in my discussion area with a link to an article in which Richard Garriott writes about his recent zero-gravity adventure with Professor Stephen Hawking.

Ophidian Dragon has finished Martian Dreams, in 5 days just like The Savage Empire, though there was a bit more gameplay to it.

As Withstand the Fury Dragon posted on Aiera, there exists a mod guide for Ultima V: Lazarus by Sylore which lists the mods and provides important information about them, such as whether they conflict with other mods.

[S][W][R]New favicon

24th April 2007 by Dino

I've changed the favicon for Dino's Ultima Page... I put a favicon of the wandering warlock from Ultima 1. It's a bit more Ultima-related than the old flaming letter 'D' on a black background, and also has a transparent background. It's also a bit of a change since I've used the same favicon for around 4 years now. If anyone wants the old favicon I still have it.

Since the last mention here, Ophidian Dragon has finished The Savage Empire, in 5 days as I had predicted. His blog has also caught the attention of Stephen Beeman, who left a comment in response to Ophidian's last day playing The Savage Empire. Ophidian Dragon has now moved on to Martian Dreams.

A certain Joshua Lawrence contacted both Withstand the Fury Dragon and myself about the Adventure Creation Kit, a tool by Chris Hopkins used to make Ultima IV/V-style RPGs. Joshua is maintaining a website about the Adventure Creation Kit.

23 new screenshots of Lost Sosaria have been released, and there is also some information about the city of Gauntlet which has been built.

Aiera has also posted news about Lost Sosaria and the Adventure Creation Kit, and one of the Project Britannia files it hosts has been updated.

[W]Ophidian Dragon rescues Aiela

20th April 2007 by Dino

Ophidian Dragon's quest has taken him to some of the most interesting places of The Savage Empire. In the volcanic lands, he has finished the quests of the Jukari and Haakur. He has found the hideout of the Urali, defeated Darden, and rescued Aiela, but has not yet managed to free Fabozz. Ophidian also used Aiela's crystal and descended into the long-abandoned Underground City of the Kotl.

[W]Ophidian Dragon discovers The Savage Empire

19th April 2007 by Dino

Ophidian Dragon has started playing The Savage Empire, but does not appear to be too impressed about it. So far he has finished the Disquiqui and Yolaru quests (and possibly another since he mentions having finished three), but is stuck on the two quests involving boulders.

[W][R]Misc updates

18th April 2007 by Dino

Aiera has updated some of its hosted files, particularly concerning Exult, Iris and Project Britannia. An entry for an old remake of The Complete Ultima 7 has also been added to the now-renamed Cemetery.

Also news gathered from Aiera, it appears that Razimus' project to recreate Ultima 7 in Ultima Online (which has been named "The Dark Key", by the way) has released some artwork.

La Legende d' Ultima has some news regarding its recent downtime, and spam problems with the forum there.

Infinity Eternal has recruited a new dialogue writer, Theron.

[W][R]The History of Computer Role-Playing Games

16th April 2007 by Petrell

Dr. Matt Barton, an assistant professor of English at St. Cloud State in Minnesota, has researched CRPG history and has written a lengthy three part article (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) about CRPG evolution from early student programmed CRPGs of mainframe computers at the late 70's universities all the way to modern CRPGs of today. Must read for Ultima fans and CRPG enthusiastics or anyone interested in computer game history.

According to a post by Resle, Ashes engine development has slowed to a crawl due to real life circumstances. It's still too early for demo but he does plan to release more gameplay movies hopefully by the end of the month. He also lists features planned for next build.

The next build is going to feature:
- Finished, polished combat
- Finished, polished dialogues
- Reworked GUI (more practical, but arguably less nice to see - I.E.: no "live" paperdoll npc)
- Particle system
- beta magic
- beta fully scheduled NPCs
- beta menu

And thanks to Olly, lots of new graphics.

Ophidian Dragon has finished Ultima 6. He also wrote a walkthrough by which it may be possible to complete U6 without killing a single being. It's untested though.

[S][W][R]U1 Map and Tileset

15th April 2007 by Dino

Check out the Files section of the discussion area for the latest world map (with fixed tiles) and tileset.

I also added some more information to the Ultima 1 info page yesterday.

Ophidian Dragon has managed to build a balloon and reach the Temple of Singularity in the Gargoyle Lands. He now has to visit the Gargoyle Shrines.

[S][W][R]U1 Map Viewer: First Release

14th April 2007 by Dino

Yesterday, in the Files section of my Ultima discussion area, I uploaded the first public release of my Ultima 1 tool (map viewer, for now). You can't do much other than roam around the map and save a computer-generated world map to disk. A sample map is also among the files, and I have also started a topic with instructions on how to use it. What I did not write there is that you will also need SDL.dll. You might also notice a few small bugs in the program, some of which have already been fixed (but the latest version is not online).

Meanwhile, Ophidian Dragon has fetched the Vortex Cube and traversed Hythloth. He is now in the Gargoyle Lands and will need to assist both humans and gargoyles to complete his quest.

[W][R]Ophidian vs Gargoyles

13th April 2007 by Dino

Ophidian Dragon, currently around half-way through Ultima 6 after nine days, has finished both the Clues quest and the Map Pieces quest. His next step will be to follow Sin'Vraal's advice and work his way through Hythloth.

At Lost Sosaria, eleven new screenshots have been released.

[W][R]Quick update

11th April 2007 by Dino

A quick news update:

[S][W][R]Happy Easter

8th April 2007 by Dino

Some news from the Ultima community on Easter Sunday:

I am pleased to report that my free-time Ultima 1 project has progressed from tile viewer to map viewer. Today I implemented basic scaling of tiles and also made the map viewer. There are four new screenshots at the discussion area of Dino's Ultima Page. Of course there are a few little bugs, like towns are appearing as signs and dungeons are appearing as towns, but that won't be too hard to fix.

I have very little spare time and therefore work on this Ultima 1 project is almost at a halt (until I have more time). This doesn't concern me much because I never claimed I'd have achieved anything with it. Maybe one day it will evolve into an Ultima 1 engine like Exult is for Ultima 7; maybe it will be moddable and even playable online... or maybe not. I simply don't promise anything with this little project, and for me any progress is more than I originally expected.

[W][R]Iris2 trailer etc

6th April 2007 by Dino

Ophidian Dragon has resumed his journey through the Ultima series after a couple of days away because of an interview. His blog entry for Ultima 6, Day 4 tells if his venturing into Dungeon Deceit, and his picking up Sherry the mouse as a tiny (!) addition to his party.

Following their release of Iris2, a trailer of Iris2 is available from the Ultima Iris website.

A pre-Easter update has been posted at Lost Sosaria. This news gives a short progress report and also includes a map of the Lands of the Dark Unknown.

[W][R]Aiera updates

5th April 2007 by Dino

There are a number of updates at Aiera concerning various remakes and mods. New Lazarus mods were spotted; Ultima Iris has released the first public build of Iris2, and several joke remakes were added. Check Aiera for details!

[W][R]Exult Mods Updated; U4:VoH version 7.0401 released; UIX:Redemption progress update

3rd April 2007 by Petrell

Exult mods Avatar Pack, Black Gate Keyring and Serpent Isle Fixes have been updated at Seven Towers.

Avatar Pack
version: 0.10.01
- Improved installation instructions.
- Added two new avatars: the bucket-headed avatar of U8 and U9 (both male and female versions) and a long raven-hair male avatar (XXXX).
- Retouched several avatars.

Black Isle Keyring
version: 0.11.10
- New title screen for Keyring mod.
- Modified avatar bodies to be shape 1098.
- Merged updates from the Avatar Pack.
version: 0.11.09a
- Improved installation instructions.

Serpent Isle Fixes
version: 0.15.05
- Added SI Fixes title screen.
version: 0.15.04a
- Improved installation instructions.

Ultima 4 : Virtue of Humility has been updated to version 7.0401.

Changes :
- Paying gold greater than or equal to what the Herb Lady wants, increases Honesty (Before it was Gold>cost)
- Iolo's class changed to a Bard
- Fixed Flicker, this time for good I hope. Y/ell sync to remove it if it does return
- Was told about /Z/tats removing game flicker as well..
- Fixed delay pause on load and changed resolution to 1024x768

Direhaggis posted a short progress update on Redemption at Titans of Ether forums. To sum it up : main plot about halfway done, 30 chapters in total, approx 60-80 hours of gameplay, chapters 1-6 scripted and implemented, 7-12 now being worked on, blacksmithing models and implements almost finished and some of the digitally painted 2D cutscenes finished.

[W][R]Dungeoneering in the library

2nd April 2007 by Dino

I'm surprised, very surprised that no website in the Ultima community posted some stupid comment for April Fool's Day yesterday. It was a tradition. Not one that I liked, but at least it was a sign of life. Ultima fans must be in hibernation...

Meanwhile Ophidian Dragon, in his Ultima marathon, has been making some progress with Ultima 6. He cleansed a few shrines, stumbled upon the gypsies outside Trinsic, and tried to solve the Quenton murder. The next thing to do is a trip to the library.

[W][R]Connecting projects

31st March 2007 by Dino

Frilly Wumpus posted a lengthy article on the Project Britannia website about Ultima and the remakes. Inspired by a part of the article at the end which pinpoints the lack of communication between development teams, Withstand the Fury Dragon reiterated by posting another article about connecting developers at Aiera. The bottom line is that a lot of time and hassle could be saved if there were a single place for Ultima developers (from various projects) to discuss things and share resources. I offered the new discussion area at Dino's Ultima Page to serve as such a place.

In other news, Aiera has seen some updates to the site itself, which include a new "Joke Remakes" section. There is also a post by Thepal from Infinity Eternal about a demo.

Those who are following Ophidian Dragon's quest to play all the Ultima games (Blogging Ultima) will know that he has finished Ultima 5, and started playing Ultima 6. I must admit that having gone through Dungeon Doom without companions is quite an impressive feat. Ophidian Dragon has also caught the attention of some PC gaming sites.

[S][W][R]Lord British robbed

29th March 2007 by Dino

For those of you who have enjoyed plundering Lord British's castle in the Ultima games, here is an interesting bit of news: the real-life Lord British was robbed by a group of teenagers, who stole and/or drank $5000 worth of alcohol, partied on site, and left behind their digital camera full of photos of themselves.

In today's entry to Blogging Ultima, Ophidian Dragon has stumbled upon a number of useful items, completed all the shrine quests, and reached Dungeon Doom.

As Aiera has reported, Lost Sosaria now sports a new development diary as well as 15 new screenshots.

As regards my progress with reverse engineering Ultima 1 (you can find some files at the discussion area), I've implemented a basic tile viewer (that I might eventually extend into a map viewer, and possibly even beyond), and have made significant progress with decoding the savegame file format. As well as finding out where your current transport is saved, I've also found out that a good amount of the file (at least half of it) is used to save objects that appear on the map, such as monsters and transports. I have partially figured out the way they are stored. While the files I uploaded have not yet been updated to reflect my latest discoveries, anyone interested in the details is welcome to contact me.

[S][W][R]New forum; blogging Ultima

28th March 2007 by Dino

Some interesting news from Aiera: Ophidian Dragon is playing each Ultima game in sequence, and is blogging his progress.

Ultima: The Reconstruction has been updated three times since the last mention here. The updates are about Exult translation projects, Akalabeth remakes, and the graphics enhancement mod for Ultima V: Lazarus.

Note also that I've added a new 'forum' to Dino's Ultima Page. This is not really a forum but rather a Google discussion group. I figured it was the best idea with regards a place of discussion since the forums I've written, tried or seen are worth little against spam. I am beginning to add my files relevant to reverse engineering Ultima 1 to this group, though the discussion group may be used for any Ultima-related discussion. I am adding my U1 files there temporarily because they are obviously a work in progress; I may eventually create a webpage or a website for Ultima reverse engineering.

[W][R]The Reconstruction continues

25th March 2007 by Dino

Voyager Dragon at Ultima: The Reconstruction appears to be bringing his site back to date slowly but steadily by adding one or two projects every day. Over the past two days, project entries relevant to Lost Sosaria, The Feudal Lands and Ashes have been added or updated.

[S][W][R]Decoding U1; Virtue of Humility returns; fate of web directory

24th March 2007 by Dino

Recently I've been toying with the idea of 'reverse engineering' some old game, to learn a bit about both the file formats of old games and the reverse engineering process itself. Now reverse engineering is a vast subject, and something like Exult is more akin to it. For now I've been content with trying to decode the savegame format of Ultima 1.

I chose Ultima 1 for a variety of reasons. One is that it's a very old game, and is thus simple enough to decode (learn to walk before you can run). Another is that no documentation seems to exist about the file formats of Ultima 1, although Xenerkes Dragon seems to have cracked them before me. So far I know the general layout of the savegame files, and I can tamper with just about anything in the stats and inventory. I've also located locations where coordinates, the player name, and a move count are saved.

Something very interesting to note is that at a specific location (FF 10, FF 10) you are taken to a bizarre place which I'm calling 'La La Land' [screenshot]. This doesn't seem to be a mess you encounter at very large out-of-range coordinates, because if you vary the coordinates by one, you end up in the sea in the normal world.

Now for some news from the Ultima community...

Petrell has managed to locate the Virtue of Humility website, which was thought lost when its domain, www.wizardportal.com, stopped working. The project has seen a couple of updates since the loss of the domain:

U4 version 7.0317

U4 version 7.0308

Lost Sosaria, which was recently brought back into the light, is now seeking to recruit some new team members.

In a recent discussion at Aiera, the fate of the Web Directory on Dino's Ultima Page has been revealed. Everything remake-related (including resources that survived the demise of particular projects) will be moved to Aiera where they belong, while the Web Directory will handle other Ultima sites.

[S][W][R]Dino's, Aiera and DOSBox

23rd March 2007 by Dino

I've been working on updating Dino's Ultima Page again. Here's what I've done today:

DOSBox 0.70 has been released. This can be useful to play some Ultimas that may not run under modern operating systems, especially Ultima 8.

Today's update for Ultima: The Reconstruction is about Ultima-based engines, namely the Dragon Engine and Nazghul.

In yesterday's update to Aiera, Withstand the Fury Dragon mentions that he has added an Orphanage (dead remakes with released content) and a Cemetary (dead remakes with no released content) as new sections to Aiera. WtFD is also offering webspace (which he has in abundance) to anyone needing webspace for an Ultima project website.

Aiera has been updated again today, where several remakes have been added to the site.

[S][W][R]Reconstruction, Lost Sosaria, Dino

22nd March 2007 by Dino

As many of you probably noticed, just about every part of Dino's Ultima Page except the news has been collecting dust and cobwebs. There is much work to do but it has to start somewhere, so today I went over the info pages for Ultima 1 to 3 and did a little cleanup, removing dead links and adding new links. There are still some dead links and the pages are far from complete, but it's better than nothing.

I have many plans for Dino's Ultima Page, among which are a redesign, adding more guides, restoring the Feedback section, completing the guides I started and never finished, bring the Lost Vale fanfiction nearer to its original form, somehow change the web directory, and several other ideas. Considering the news file is nearing a size of 600KB with the weight of almost five years of news, I will also have to do something about this before Dino's Ultima Page starts loading with the speed of a snail. However, as usual, it all boils down to one problem: time.

The Lost Sosaria site, fresh from relaunch, has been updated with some screenshots of Castle Black Dragon.

Over the past few days, Voyager Dragon has been working hard to bring his site, Ultima: The Reconstruction, back up to date. On the 17th, Voyager removed some cancelled projects and added a few new ones. Other updates are about the Avatar Pack for Exult, the Ultima 6 Project and Project Britannia, Ultima 3 for Mac OS X, and a brief history of Ultima: Escape for Mount Drash followed by a mention of the recently-discovered DrashRL by Santiago Zapata.

[W][R]Ultima III for Mac OS X Released; Lost Sosaria site restored; Infinity Eternal releases music

21st March 2007 by Petrell

WtFD at Aiera has posted news informing that LairWare has released Ultima III 2.0 for Mac OS X. Game features improved graphics but also contains number of classic tile sets from various platforms. The demo version's only limitation is that you can't visit the land of Ambrosia. Registering costs 15$.

WtFD has also restored Lost Sosaria but apparently work on the project has to be restarted from scratch due to loss of both primary and backup copies of original Lost Sosaria. But at the same time he assures that he has learned a lot since he began the work on the Lost Sosaria and the NWN custom content community has had time to mature has released tons of custom content he plans to take advantage of. Also he has shrunk the game are to more reasonable size from 2000(!) to around 350-400 areas and now focuses only on one continent. Have to tip my hat for this guy and wish him luck on his endevours!

Infinity Eternal composer Jeremy LaMantia has released some of the music he has been working on. Released music includes two virtue themes, one for valor and one for compassion, and theme for town of Vesper.

[W][R]Lots of project updates

19th March 2007 by Petrell

Thepal has upgraded the Infinity Eternal site and posted a progress update :

I decided that the website needed an upgrade, so I threw this one together.

As for the progress, it goes along at a steady pace. The Wiki is taking slightly longer than I anticipated, probably because I've just started a new job and therefore am working a lot. Life doesn't seem to want to let this project progress quickly.

The good news is that two people have contacted me about joining the team. Jeremy LaMantia is a talented composer who has already written eight different themes that I've heard.

MartinLoki is a world-builder who is hard at work creating the heightmap for Britannia. If you're wondering about the size of this game, picture Britannia in Ultima 7. Then double it. Then double it again. Then multiply it by around 100. Ok... that might be a slight exaggeration. But it is huge. Those of you that have played Oblivion, we're aiming for around four times the size of Cyrodiil. For some real world figures, we're talking 8 miles by 8 miles (13km x 13km). Which is 64 square miles (165 square kilometres). And that's not including the other worlds you can visit as well. This will be Britannia like it has never been seen before.

Now's the time to contact us about joining the team. If you think you can help, let me know at thepal at etherealsoftware dot com dot au.

In other news, we once again have a forum, so feel free to drop by and fill it with posts.

Zephyr posted an update at Project Britannia site about the status of the Ultima 6 Project :

Just a quick update to let everyone know we're still alive. Sorry that we have not kept the news up to date. The U6 Project has primarily been working on their content, and they are finishing up what they're calling M3 Part 1 as we speak. No timeframe has been announced, but most of the content is in place and is being tested.

Frilly Wumpus has been busy working with WyrdWeb on revamping the Project Britannia conversation system to use what's known as Usecode. This is a more complex and extremely flexible way of editing NPC conversations. This will allow a whole host of new quest concepts to be implemented, plus a bunch of new, fun features.

The U6 Project still looking for people conversant with the Siege Editor to help us finish up their content. That is their main blocking item. All the technology is in place; they just need people to help finish building the world. They also still need portrait artists.

Stay tuned! We are very much still alive and kicking.

Also Frilly Wumpus made an addition to the previous news topic that Gileathane Dragon, a writer and QA for Lazarus, has recently joined U6P and is currently getting familiar with the toolset and will be helping out where needed in dialogue, quests, and when he's comfortable with his skills, world building.

Iris Team have abandoned development of Ultima Iris and have started project from scratch using Ogre 3D engine. Iris2 (also known as Iris-Ogre) has already been in development for 6 months and release is planned for the end of the month.

Exult mod, the Black Gate Keyring, has been updated with new SI-style avatar portraits and sprites and new "angry" portrait for Laurianna glows. The new Avatar portraits and and sprites are also available in Avatar Pack. Both Mods can be downloaded from Seven Towers.

[W][R]Reconstruction and Forgotten World

17th March 2007 by Dino

After several months of silence, Voyager Dragon has returned to update his site, Ultima: The Reconstruction. In particular he mentions the release of Lazarus, and he also added a page for Online Remakes.

One of the online remakes is a new project, and was first seen in a comment to Aiera's latest news post. Called UO to U7, this new project aims to rebuild Ultima 7 using the Ultima Online engine.

The people at Forgotten World have posted a quick update to report that they have decoded several instructions of the Ultima 9 script format, and are capable of creating teleporters to any location of the maps.

[W][R]PB/U6P quick update; Project Britannia releases new beta tools; Ultima : Aiera site content restored

14th March 2007 by Petrell

Frilly Wumpus has posted a quick update in Project Britannia forums on how the project is progressing:

- The new areas planned for U6P Milestone 3 include Yew, Buc's Den, Spider Cave and possibly Paws
- Three new people have joined the team : Quentico (World Building and QA), WyrdWeb (Writing and QA) and KooK Dragon (QA)
There have been many improvements and enchantments to core Project Britannia systems including but not limited to :
- Enhancements to the conversation system to support some of the complex conversations in U6P
- Implemented "usecode" system that allows performing more complex actions inside conversations, banters, and dynamic right+click menus on items.
- A totally revamped banter system to allow building of complex banters reminiscent of some of the Bioware classics.
- Many, many tunings and bug fixes.

Frilly Wumpus also posted that new and improved beta tools and tutorials have been released and are available at Project Britannia Wiki.

Latest news entry by WtFD in Ultima: Aiera site informs that all site content from the old site have been fully restored. WtFD also mentions that he plans to restart work on Lost Sosaria.

[W][R]Aiera and IT-HE updated

9th March 2007 by Dino

Following Aiera's redesign, the site has been updated several times over the past few days. Withstand the Fury Dragon has been adding new information pages and updating the files it hosts. The old site is still up and may be used for files that are missing from the new site. Withstand the Fury Dragon also posted a TODO list for the site to show what he plans to do for Aiera.

Remember JP Morris' IT-HE Software site? Well, this is not really an Ultima-related update, since the new page added is about Deus Ex (Deus Ex: The Fourth Coming), but those who have played the game may enjoy this new section.

[W][R]Underworld Adventures discontinued; Withstand the Fury Dragon returns; Aiera site to be upgraded soon

4th March 2007 by Petrell

Vividos has announced the discontinuation of the Underworld Adventures Project :

Project discontinued

I'm sorry to say that the current status of the Underworld Adventures project is "inactive". I didn't find enough time in the last few months and years to productively work on the project. Another thing that slowed me down a bit is the fact that it should be possible without much work to get Ultima Underworld 1 and 2 to run on Windows XP and later (via the proper settings), using DosBox under non-Windows operating systems, or with using VMware (Player) to emulate the old operating systems.

Nevertheless Underworld Adventures was a fun project and I learned much about open source development, licenses, people, doing script and graphics programming. Hope you enjoyed trying the early versions of Underworld Adventures!

Withstand the Fury Dragon has returned. While away he switched jobs four times, got himself engaged (Poor chap. My condolences ;-p.) and has had more than his share of computer problems. Now that he's back he plans to upgrade Aiera site to, among other enhancements, allow the developers to submit news by email.

[W]Dor-lomin music archive update

24th February 2007 by Dino

The Ultima Digital Music Archive at Dor-lomin: The Realm of Hurin has been updated with Ultima Online music. Thanks goes to Peter Haytko for reporting this piece of news.

[W]The Codex of Editable Wisdom

13th February 2007 by Dino

The latest Ultima information collecting effort is The Codex of Editable Wisdom. This wiki was once dedicated to Ultima V: Lazarus, but had died, and is now being extended to Ultima in general. Anyone willing and able to contribute information is encouraged to do so.

[W][R]Drash Roguelike

11th February 2007 by Dino

Santiago Zapata has created an arena-like game called Drash Roguelike, which borrows elements from several Ultimas. For example, there is the background story of Ultima: Escape From Mount Drash; the graphics are from Ultima 4 and there is music from Ultima 8. Basically you are thrown in an arena and must fight your way out. It can be quite a fun game.

In other news, the Titans of Ether are seeking to recruit 3D designers and worldbuilders.

[W][R]Nazghul 0.5.6 released

4th February 2007 by Petrell

Nazghul 0.5.6 has been released. Version fixes a crash when dying upon exit from a cave and various other minor bugs.

[W][R]Ultima IX - Infinity Eternal recruitment drive to start soon

28th January 2007 by Petrell

Thepal has posted news on Ultima IX - Infinity Eternal site informing that he's soon ready to start assembling a team for the project. But first he'll be creating Wiki based Encyclopedia of Britannia where he plans to add the most complete collection of information on Britannia and the worlds it has been in contact with, as well as everything he has done thus far for Infinity Eternal. It'll be for the teams use only and Thepal estimates that it'll take another month to complete.

Anyone interested in helping can already contact him but the wiki won't be available until it is closer to completion.

[W][R][F]Various updates

13th January 2007 by Dino

Contrary to the activity level that has become the norm lately, there has been a good amount of news from Ultima websites over the past couple of weeks.

Ultima IV Multiplayer is changing web host, and warns that the forums are down and some links may not work.

The Ultima 6 Project has released some screenshots of the work of Riptzen, a worldbuilder on their team.

News from the Seven Towers website: there have been several fixes to the Black Gate Keyring mod.

A couple of updates from the Titans of Ether give a little idea about what's going on, as well as provide 4 new tunes to listen to.

The Dragon Press, silent for a long while, has been updated with some new content, namely Ovo's "Dead Ends" and the completion of Shadow of Light Dragon's "The Black Ankh".

A short update to the Pentagram page introduces Brian Tietz, the newest member of the Pentagram team, who improved pathfinding in Pentagram. Some fixes are also mentioned.

[W][R]Forgotten World screenshots

29th December 2006 by Dino

So Christmas has passed... I hope you enjoyed the Christmas lunch based on torax... er... turkey and that Santa Claus brought you several wonderful toys.

The Forgotten World team also thought it fitting to provide a nice little Christmas present, and released two new screenshots showing off their self-written terrain editor.

[W][R]Ashes interview and new screenshots; Nazghul 0.5.5 released in source form

23rd December 2006 by Petrell

Ashes : Two Worlds Collide team has been interviewed by Stefa RPG. Team also released 7 new screenshots.

Nazghul 0.5.5 has been released. Major changes include multiple saved games; more meaningful use of character stats; basic character creation; and new dungeons, quests, NPC types, and characters. Unfortunately only compiled version available is for Arch Linux; rest of us have to compile it from source or wait until compiled versions are released for our platform.

[W][R]Ultima V for TiCalc tileset finished; Nazghul next version planned for December

25th November 2006 by Petrell

David Randall has finished the tileset for his Port of Ultima 5 for Ti Calculators and posted 2 screenshots in project forums to allow comparison between TiCalc and PC versions.

According to Gordon McNutt's blog, the release of next version of Nazghul is planned for December 22. The new version will feature, among other things, a new quest aimed at the early game.

[S][W][R]Seven Towers

20th November 2006 by Dino

Marzo Sette Torres Junior, a member of the Exult team, has just launched his new website: Seven Towers. In this new site one can find two of his Exult mods, as well as some documentation for the Usecode C used by Exult. Note also that this new site has been added among the Specific Info Sites in my Ultima Web Directory.

My list of Exult mods, ever growing, has been updated.

According to what he wrote on his website, La Legende d' Ultima, Sergorn seems to be pretty disappointed with Gothic 3. He added a review of the game to his website, as well as a gallery.

[W][R]Forgotten World Behind-the-Scenes look and another team opening

16th November 2006 by Petrell

Forgotten World team have managed to make normally invisible objects that are used to trigger scripts, items and monsters in the game world visible. 4 new screenshots were added to give us a peek at what this feature does.

They've have also figured a way to add music to U9A and are now looking for talented composer to join their ranks

[W][R]Ashes still alive and well; nazghul ported to AmigaOS4

12th November 2006 by Petrell

ShadowMoses has posted an update on the status of Ashes: Two Worlds Collide stating that while the project has been dormant for a while due to commitments imposed by real life(tm), the project is very much alive; and to prove it he posted a progress report:

...I finished importing all the creatures, monsters, critters (or whatever you like to call them) into the game. In total there are over 40 variations from chickens to stone golems and some will include sub-classes such as -shamen , -ranger and -warrior.

On top of this the men of the Ashes world have been joined by women and we're not sure whether this is a direct result or not but some of the men have at the same time become fatter while others more muscular... and inevitably children have arrived too, both boys and girls. Family dynamics are finally starting to show!

NPC's are also much more skilled these days, they can for example operate a grindstone and sharpen their swords, cook in the kitchen, repair their houses, farm their lands and even go to church. NPC's aren't fully developed however. they still have much too learn.

ShadowMoses also states that while they can't show the stuff now due to project being between builds, he hopes to have something to show by christmas.

Hubert Maier has ported Nazghul to AmigaOS4 (PPC).

[W][R]New U4Multiplayer server

11th November 2006 by Dino

A new Ultima 4 Multiplayer shard is available at http://www.demarco.com/ultima/.

[W][R]U6O Economy and Sales update

31st October 2006 by Dino

An Economy and Sales update for Ultima 6 Online has just been released. Trade dialogues have been implemented, and you can mark items as not for sale to prevent selling them by mistake.

[W][R]Forgotten Worlds decoded U9 models file format

28th October 2006 by Dino

Hawkwind from the Forgotten Worlds project reports that their team has managed to decode the file format for the models used in Ultima 9. They have released a new 'screenshot' with the following description:

"After spending a lot of time on decoding the file formats, we finally managed to unravel the file format for the models used in U9. The picture below shows a render scene from blender, a 3d modeling program using the models and textures from Ultima IX Ascension. We are using a self-written Python script to import models to blender where we can pose and modify them."

The Forgotten Worlds project has also extended its team openings.

[W][R]Forgotten World team openings extended; Redemption status update

26th October 2006 by Petrell

Forgotten World team have managed decode Ultima IX Ascension model file format and are now looking for 3D-modellers and texture artist (in addition to talented programmers mentioned earlier) to join their ranks. They also announced the openings in various Ultima forums including Ultima 5 : Lazarus, Exult and Titans of Ether

-Direhaggis- posted a small status update shedding some light on the current state of development of the Ultima IX : Redemption.

[W][R]Ultima 5 : Lazarus Post Mortem interview

21st October 2006 by Petrell

RPGWatch have posted a lengthy interview with Lazarus Team Lead Ian "Tiberius" Frazier.

Many cRPG players see Ultima IV through to VII as a revolutionary period. The work to bring Ultima V to life with a modern engine - Dungeon Siege of all things - must surely be one of the most ambitious mod projects ever undertaken and successfully completed. If you haven't played U5: Lazarus, you owe it to yourself to experience this amazing work that really does succeed in recreating the atmosphere and soul of Ultima. Jesse Rink interviewed project lead Ian "Tiberius" Frazier to provide this in-depth retrospective on the project.

[W][R]RPGDot moves on

18th October 2006 by Dino

From the most recent news at UltimaDot, it appears that the entire RPGDot team has left the Jolt-owned RPGDot to start a new, independent site called RPGWatch. This probably means that we won't be seeing Ultima-related news at either of the two sites for a good while.

The latest news at La Legende d' Ultima is about Gothic 3, the U6P Milestone 2, and the Lazarus French release.

[W][R]Ultima 6 Project Milestone 2 released!

10th October 2006 by Petrell

The Second Milestone of The Ultima 6 Project has been released and is now available for download at http://www.u6project.com/.

[W]Ultimas in Gamasutra Quantum Leap Awards

8th October 2006 by Dino

One of the latest features at Gamasutra which Hoki-Aamrel the Cherry-Red Dragon kindly emailed me about was the Gamasutra Quantum Leap Awards, which explores some of the best RPGs ever in the quest to find the one RPG that made the biggest 'quantum leap' in the history of RPG gaming.

While the Ultima series did not make it among the top five, this was really because so many of the Ultima games were voted for that no one game got enough votes to rival other RPGs. The Ultima series received an 'honorable mention' and one can read several interesting commentaries about some of the best installments in the series.

[W][R]U6M2 announced

7th October 2006 by Dino

Matt Hutaff, of the Ultima 6 Project, announced that the release of Milestone 2 is very near. It should be released this weekend if everything goes as planned. This new release features Cove, Britain and a new dungeon.

Meanwhile Corv, leader of the Titans of Ether, posted about the continuing forum and provider problems, and also wants to recruit a 3D artist and a dialogue writer.

[S]Savage Empire guide released

2nd October 2006 by Dino

Unfortunately I have not completed my Savage Empire guide, but I am releasing it anyway. Since I am about to start University and it's not likely that I'll have much time to work on it, there's no reason to keep it hidden, considering a big part of it is finished. If I resume work on it I'll post an update.

[W][R]Ultima IV : Virtue of Humility updated; Forgotten World team seeking talented coders

1st October 2006 by Petrell

Ultima IV : Virtue of Humility has been updated. The update fixes possible crash that could occur during rune creation.

Forgotten World Team is looking for talented coders to join their ranks and help them with the project.

[W][R]UVL French released

23rd September 2006 by Dino

The French version of Ultima V: Lazarus has been released. You can get it from their downloads page.

[W][R]U8 Revisited

22nd September 2006 by Dino

Some words from The Red Mage about his project, Ultima 8 Revisited:

Ultima VIII using the NWN engine is back on schedule. After several personal set backs the project is in full speed ahead.

In fact The Red Mage has already released a demo of the remake. Meanwhile The Red Mage is looking for talented people who would like to help and are members of the Bioware/NWN community. Such people should visit the project's guild website.

[S]SE walkthrough finished

18th September 2006 by Dino

Last night I finished the walkthrough in the Savage Empire guide. Today I upgraded the guide to XHTML 1.1, which means it uses a more recent standard than the rest of Dino's Ultima Page. While the walkthrough was the largest page in the guide, I still have to work on some of the other pages, such as Items, Bestiary and Places. The Dialogue page is the only one that will be partially finished when the guide is released, because it will take a while to collect all dialogues and implement them in PHP. At this rate I might release the guide in about a week. I hope not to take longer than 2 weeks, because in 2 weeks' time I start University, which means I will no longer have time to work on the guide.

[S][W][R]Lazarus French coming very soon

17th September 2006 by Dino

The page dedicated to the Ultima 5 for TI Calculators has been updated to reflect some of the latest features of the remake.

It looks like The Red Mage, who had released a demo of Ultima 8 for Neverwinter Nights and later cancelled his project to give space to the Exile remake, has resumed his effort after Exile's demise. The project has its own website, which is currently empty, but if you check back later, there should be some new material. You can also check out the project's NWVault page, where a couple of files are already available. Note that I have updated this project's entry in my web directory.

As a followup to the last newspost's info about EA releasing Ultima 7 for the PSP, Gruck pointed out a blog entry that will probably kill all excitement. It's extremely likely that the PSP version of Ultima 7 will be the dismal SNES version.

La Legende d' Ultima has added a page dedicated to Ultima V: Lazarus, featuring a map of Britannia, a screenshot gallery, a downloads page (currently empty) and quite a bit of info. Also, in the news on La Legende d' Ultima, Sergorn notes that the French version of Lazarus should be available by the end of September.

[S][W]SE and U8 Guides updated; EA to re-release Ultima for the PSP

13th September 2006 by Dino

Has it really been three years since the last hidden thing in Ultima 8 was found? Looks like it, but it's not over. Heiko Fischer provided me with a treat for the "Objects Hidden Behind Walls" section. He found a hidden key blank that can open several doors all over Tenebrae. Check out said section for more information and screenshots.

The Savage Empire Guide is progressing nicely. Although I haven't worked on it today, yesterday I made great progress in the walkthrough and also finished implementing all cutscenes in the guide. That's right; you will be able to view the cutscenes as they are in the game, online, when the guide is released.

In other news, it seems that EA will be re-releasing Ultima for the Playstation Portable (PSP). According to a PDF document that Steve Sander pointed out, Ultima 7: The Black Gate will be one of 14 'old' games to be released for the PSP by EA.

[S]Forum closed; work on SE guide resumed

11th September 2006 by Dino

You might have noticed that the forum here has been temporarily closed because it was being inundated with spam. I am currently working on an update to the forum script, and until then, the forum will remain closed. All topics have been backed up and nothing will be lost.

Another thing of note is that I have finally resumed work on the unreleased Savage Empure Guide, after a year-long break. I have found a way of loading images directly from the tileset, which saves a lot of work because I don't have to stay copying images, pasting them into a new file, and setting transparencies.

[W][R]U5TICalc: Resurrection complete

8th September 2006 by Dino

David Randall, who is developing the Ultima 5 for TI Calculators remake, posted in the old Ultima news topic that he has just finished the cutscene that comes up when the whole party dies and Lord British resurrects it. The next step is the "Hole Up & Camp" Cutscene.

[W][R]La Legende and U6O

7th September 2006 by Dino

La Legende d' Ultima has undergone a maintenance update, which includes updates to the Ultima 8 (particularly regarding the Lost Vale), Arthurian Legends, Ultima Underworld, Gothic 2, and Other Universes pages.

Also, an update to Ultima 6 Online has been released, where horses have been added, weapon damage has been changed, dialogue has been improved, several new places to live have been added, and several bugs have been fixed.

[W][R]Project Britannia to release unstable builds and The Feudal Lands v0.1 alpha to be released soon

30th August 2006 by Petrell

Project Britannia team will be releasing unstable builds for public testing as they work toward projects 3rd milestone. Feature list provided by Frilly Wumpus is rather impressive. For information of build status and downloads visit Britannia Wiki.

The members of The Feudal Lands development team have been working hard toward their first stable public release. Their goal is to get it released within a week.


28th August 2006 by Dino

Anyone who still checks the forum probably already noticed the large amounts of spam that have been plaguing it for a while. I am working on an upgrade to the forum script, but I will need people to help me test it before I can use the new script. Later this week there will be a public beta test where everyone can poke around the new script and report any flaws. Anyone interested in taking part should contact me by email. It won't take too much of your time, and your contribution will be vital in improving the forum and keeping spam at bay. You can also try out the new features, such as account registration, on the forum before I actually release the script to the public.

La Legende d' Ultima, which has been silent for months, has a couple of new newsposts. They speak of Ultima Online and of the Lost Vale box that surfaced a while ago.

[W][R]U5TICalc and Ultima 6 Online update

27th August 2006 by Petrell

According to latest update posted by David Randal in the Ultima News topic, the Ultima 5 for TI Calculators is 82.5% complete. Latest completed features include :

- Summoning and killing the Shadowlords is working.
- All shrine quests are complete.
- Finding Lord British's items is complete.
- Using all special stones is working.
- Falling into the Underworld is working.

Ultima 6 Online has been updated. While main focus of the update is bug fixing and balancing, it does include number of new features including horses, 'returnbody' command for returning players dead body to place of his death and improvements to 'look' command. For full list of changes visit U6O Forums

[W][R]Nuvie and U5TiCalc

23rd August 2006 by Dino

The Nuvie project is still alive, as is confirmed by news that appeared on their website a few days ago. After almost a year of silence, making many people think the popular project had some sudden demise, there is now a list of what has changed in Nuvie, on the Nuvie website. There is also a new section in the navigation with a link to the Changelog, and links to very organised Progress pages for each game.

Take a look at the Ultima News topic. David Randall, author of the Ultima 5 for TI Calculators remake, has been hard at work on the Shrines quests and the Codex, as some new animated gif demos he posted in that topic demonstrate.

[W][R]Various updates

16th August 2006 by Petrell

According to Ultima 6 Online page next update is coming on August 19th.

Ultima IV Multiplayer developer Johnny Wood has been employed by Midway Games and had to move to Austin, Texas and thus have not had any time to dedicate to the project. Fortunately he should be again soon. In the meantime he has been able to enlist Steve Conley to help him in with the project and Steve has already managed to port both the server and the client to Linux and Solaris and is now working on scripting support and stronger database integration. They also plan on scripting all of the Ultima IV specific parts of the game so that the engine itself can be used to easily create early Ultima style mods.

Titans of Ether site is down once more due to technical difficulties. While waiting the site to come back you can still visit their forums.

According to Nazghul Devblog having fixed all reported bugs in project CVS, Gordon McNutt is now focusing on introducing number of new features into the engine. Currently they include character creation, text coloration, mini sprites in UI and NPC's as light sources.

[W][R]IKickPuppies: Lazarus interview

14th August 2006 by Dino

A couple of months ago, an audio interview with Zephyr from the Ultima 6 Project was added to the IKickPuppies site. Now, the same site has released a new audio interview with Tiberius from Lazarus. You can get both interviews from the audio page at the IKickPuppies site.

[W][R]U6P Gargoyles

13th August 2006 by Dino

Zephyr from the Ultima 6 Project posted a screenshot showing that there will be gargoyles in the Milestone 2 release.

[W][R]U6 Project Milestone 2 release delayed

1st August 2006 by Petrell

Zephyr from the The Ultima 6 Project team has posted an update stating that they won't be able to release the Milestone 2 at end of July as planned and no new date will be set, instead it'll be "done when it's done." He did give a quick rundown of what has been done and what is left to do :

* The town of Cove is fully populated, and is somewhat expanded over the original U6.
* Britain is nearly fully populated. Most of the houses are furnished. We still need to finish the museum, the town hall, the mint, and the conservatory.
* NPC shopkeepers need to have shop inventories populated.
* NPC houses need to be stocked with items that are interesting (such as things you might be able to steal, etc.).
* A few of the NPCs that live in and around Britain are not going to make it in to M2.
* The drawbridge for the castle works. Niko recently completed the last piece of it, which I still have to get in-game.
* The "getting out of the castle" quest is not yet implemented.
* Some additional plot points need to be revised.
* A brand-new encounter will take place in Cove. No work has been done with this.
* Lots of in-game unit testing will need to happen before we can play-test.
* One of the dungeons needs to be fully stocked. This dungeon is roughly 2/3 stocked at this time.
* Guards need to be added to all three of the major locations: Castle Britannia, Britain and Cove.
* About 2/3 of the NPC portraits for Britain need to be completed.

Zephyr also reiterated teams need for additional portrait artists and world builders good with the Siege Editor. Those interested should make a post in their forums.

[W][R]U5TICalc new features, Titans of Ether back online and other Ultima news

29th July 2006 by Petrell

David Randall, the author of Ultima 5 remake for TI-calculators, posted two new gif animations in the Ultima News topic showing new features that he has implemented : clocks can be looked at to check what time it is in game, musical instruments can played and troll's now lurk beneath bridges of Britannia and may demand toll from innocent travellers and passer-by's. Two additional gif's can be found in his Ultima 5 topic in TI-Freakware forum, one showing random enemy generator in action and the other showing how torches can now be used to increase viewing distance in dark areas and crystal ball to view the mini-map.

Titans of Ether site and forum are now back online and the forum has a new look. According to Corv, the downtime was result of serious hacking attempt that, hopefully, have now been taken care of. In another topic, Direhaggis, the project lead dialogue writer has posted a mini update. He does not go into detail but assures that progress has and is being made in all areas.

Nazghul version 0.5.4 Mac PPC binaries have been released. Universal Binaries for Intel Macs should also be available soon.

Ultima Iris Developer Framework 0.4 has been released. New in this release :

-Grannyviewer (Dress and Hue-Color the Granny Models, SMD Import/Export)
-IrisEdit 0.95 (Texture Editor added, Define High-Res Groundtextures for Iris, 3DS Import bug fixed)
-ParticleEdit 0.93 (UO - Spelleffect ID added )
-IrisMapEditor 0.31 (support for M.Legacy added)
-Maprenderer 0.21 (Tool to select Renderarea added)

[S][W]Dino's Ultima Page: 4th anniversary

27th July 2006 by Dino

The news of the day is definitely that today is the fourth anniversary of Dino's Ultima Page. Happy birthday to my first and biggest site! Unfortunately things are not looking too good since I found a very demanding summer job; I'll try to keep the site up to date but I don't think I'll be able to work on things like the Savage Empire Guide as I had planned.

In other news, Withstand the Fury Dragon posted at Aiera about current and future changes that the Time Immortal websites are and will be undergoing.

[W][R]Voyager Dragon sighted! and other ultima news

21st July 2006 by Petrell

Voyager Dragon has again been sighted! This elusive creature has once again been spotted at Ultima : The Reconstruction where he added two new news posts about various mods that have been created for Exult. Is he planning a comeback or is this some secret plot to get our hopes up? Stay tuned as we bring you more news as the events unfold.

This is Toni "Petrell" Hurskainen, DUNN (Dino's Ultima News Network) News, reporting to you live from the scene of the incident.

In other Ultima news :

Resle from Ashes has posted an update informing that while Shadowmoses is off on his honeymoon, work on ashes continues albeit slowly due to real life constraints. He also lists things he has been working on, going into bit more detail on their modular portrait engine that he have been working on with their 2d artist, Vic Urievsky.

Forgotten World project founder and team lead "Firstknight" can no longer dedicate time to the project due to real life constraints. Fortunately rest of the team have decided to continue his work and have already met some success in figuring out and decoding some of the Ascension files. Project also has a new domain : www.forgottenworld.de

Ultima Iris client has been updated to version 0.8.7. Here's the list of changes :

Bugs fixed:
* Ship support for all UO ships
* Walking bug fixed (hack)
* a.s.o.

New Features:
* Speechsupport for RunUO (speech.mul)
* Diff-Mul Support

Nazghul DevBlog has been revived after half year dormancy.

Ultima Aiera's forum, the Sword and Shield has been down for some time now. Also The Titans of Ether transition to new host hasn't gone as smoothly as has been hoped and the site is again down for maintenance after being up only few days. Hopefully the problems are only temporary and we'll see the site fully operational again soon.

[W][R]U5TICalc takes shape

15th July 2006 by Dino

At my Ultima news topic, David Randall reported that combat is beginning to take shape in his Ultima 5 remake for TI Calculators. The remake also sports a new look, which you can see in three animated screenshots he posted in the Ultima news topic. You can read what people commented about this, at a topic at the U5TICalc TIFreakware forum.

The Titans of Ether posted the following news a couple of days ago:

Finally we have a new, trustworthy provider!

The days where our site was down once a day and our database was deleted every few month are over! Now you can use the board without fear again ;)

Thanks Hawkwind for this great deal!

We didn't have access to the admin page of the old provider for 2 weeks that's why the board is now how it was two weeks ago which means a few people will have to register again and a few posts are gone. Sorry for that inconvenience, but as I wrote before, the days of fear are over. So go and use the forum! Post away ;)

Considering their whole site seems to have gotten deleted, I wonder how "trustworthy" this new provider actually is. Kind of reminds me of the Guardian: "...for I shall be your companion, your provider, and your master!"

[W][R]Pentagram Mac support

9th July 2006 by Dino

Over the past few weeks, the Pentagram team has been working to improve Mac support. Universal binaries that should work on OS X 10.3 and above are now available on their downloads page.

[W][R]U6P Zephyr audio interview and U5L - Enhanced Graphics Mod v 1.0 beta released

1st July 2006 by Petrell

IKickPuppies has interviewed Ultima 6 Project producer Jesse Strachman a.k.a. Zephyr. In the interview, among other things, Zephyr reveals details about the upcoming Milestone 2 release (release aimed to end of July according to Zephyr here). You can download the audio interview here.

Xiskio has released beta of his long awaited Enhanced Graphics Mod for Ultima 5 : Lazarus. The mod replaces many textures with enchanted ones and adds number of items such as tables, chairs and stone ankhs. For more details and download visit Xiskio's site or mod's topic in Lazarus Forums.

Nazghul version 0.5.4 released. New version includes blended terrain and numerous tweaks and bug fixes.

[W][R]2 new shards for U4 Multiplayer

29th June 2006 by Dino

Ultima 4 Multiplayer announces that there are two new 'shards' (servers) you can play on. The original one at u4.dyndns.org is still offline for the moment but you can play on the other two. The new shards are at soznet.game-server.cc and u4.tanabi.org. Note that although characters have been copied onto the new shards, changes to your character on one server may not be reflected on the others.

[W][R]Various updates

27th June 2006 by Dino

Paeron posted in Aiera's Sword and Shield forums, back in February, news of progress with decoding Ultima 9 file formats. Paeron announced having released a large guide to all the file formats in Ultima 9.

News of Lazarus needing beta testers for the French version (which we already knew about) has finally reached their homepage.

Ultima: The Reconstruction, inactive for almost a year, posted an update about Pentagram and uploaded the latest snapshots.

News thanks to Petrell: new screenshots have been added to the Forgotten World project. They feature parts of the new Western Yew and Northern Cliffs.

News thanks to Hoki-Aamrel the Cherry-Red Dragon: GameSetWatch recently posted a couple of Ultima-related newsbits. The first is about GameTap re-releasing Ultima 1-6, which is scheduled to take place on 29th June. The second is about Ultima Online using the PunkBuster anti-cheat technology.

More news thanks to Petrell: the Ultima 6 Project updated their job openings page. Looks like they need a couple of portrait artists, three worldbuilders, and a 3D Modeller.

The Ultima 4 Multiplayer server is currently inactive because the server is moving to a new location.

[W][R]Ultima 4 Multiplayer and Ashes

20th June 2006 by Dino

The new Ultima 4 Multiplayer client and server version 6.6.19 introduces major changes to the inner workings of NPC dialogues, allows maps as big as 65536x65536, and increases account security.

As an interesting extra spotted by Petrell at a topic at the Ashes forum, it looks like Ashes editing tools will be included with the game when it's released, and data files will be easily editable.

[W][R]Caught up with all old news

19th June 2006 by Dino

Looks like DOUG the Eagle Dragon's IT-HE Software has a new (well, it's almost 2 months old, but it's the latest addition to the site) section - a Lazarus anti-walkthrough.

Also, according to a topic in the Exult forum, it seems that someone is toying with the idea of remaking The Savage Empire using Exult Studio.

The following is old news; the last that I have left to catch up with.

Old news regarding Lazarus:

Old news regarding Project Britannia:

So, with that I've finally caught up with all old news, and Dino's Ultima Page is once again up to date (at least the news section). Next I'll be working on updating Aiera for those who prefer to read news there, and I'll be updating the information sections of Dino's Ultima Page. Eventually I'll also continue the Savage Empire guide.

[W][R]Lazarus French

17th June 2006 by Dino

Looks like the French version of Lazarus is open for beta testing. Although the official website says nothing about it, this news was spotted at 2 sources:

News from Ultima 4 Multiplayer - the server went down on Thursday (15th June) and will be down until this evening.

And now, it's about time I caught up with old news from Nazghul:

[S][W][R]More Lost Vale information

14th June 2006 by Dino

Don't thank me for today's news. Thank those who found the news over the internet.

An anonymous user posted in my forum the address of a site with more information about The Lost Vale. A lot of the information and images there are already available in my Guide to Ultima 8, but there is also new information provided by Sheri Graner Ray, who was working on The Lost Vale. I've added the new information to my Lost Vale page.

Petrell spotted more news from Ashes - the news is basically a thank-you for the comments and suggestions to everyone discussing Ashes, as well as a call for any 2D artists who may want to join the team.

On another note, I had my last exam today. I can now give more time to Dino's Ultima Page.

[S][W][R]Titans forum posts lost (and older news)

11th June 2006 by Dino

Petrell has created a new Ultima news topic since the previous one was getting too long.

I've corrected a bunch of broken links in the Credits and About site pages.

The Titans of Ether had some trouble with their forum. The forum is now back online, but all posts since November 2005 were lost. Users are asked to register again, and people who entered the competition are asked to re-submit their entries. The first winner is Onikage.

The Ultima 4 Multiplayer server site seems to be back online, so I assume the server itself is back online.

News from Ashes: Two Worlds Collide since the last mention here (30th October 2005):

As Petrell noticed, the Ultima Classics Revisited site was hacked and was redirecting visitors to the hacker's site until a few days ago. It has now been restored.

The latest development updates from Lost Sosaria are the two that were posted in January 2006:

News from Ultima Iris since the last mention here (7th January 2006):

[S][W][R]Ultima 4 Multiplayer and Lazarus

8th June 2006 by Dino

News from Ultima 4 Multiplayer: the server will go down today at 3:30pm CST, and will be down for several days. There is no mention of when it will be up and running again.

Although their news says nothing about it, the Lazarus website has been redesigned. It's wider and only has the left menu for navigation now. Some content looks like it's been changed too.

News from Pentagram (over a month old) include fixes with NPC interaction, combat behaviour of monsters, and the fact that the Japanese version of Ultima 8 is now on the same level as that for the other languages. The Pentagram homepage now also has a short section about the status of development.

News from the Ultima 6 Project since the launch of their new website:

At this point I've caught up with most Ultima news. What's left to catch up with is mostly Nazghul, Iris, Ashes and Project Britannia.

[W][R][F]Dragon Press and more

6th June 2006 by Dino

The Dragon Press now hosts two new fanfictions by Great Siberian Dragon - "Great Siberian Cousins" and "Avatar's Pagan Journal". The Dragon Press also mentions that Damien Barban's Ultima 7 comic is complete, and has a new link to the Serpent Isle comic that is now in progress.

The Titans of Ether have launched a new contest: answer 43 questions correctly and you can (be the only one to) get to see an exclusive in-game video.

Other news from the Titans of Ether is that Redemption featured in a PC Powerplay article.

Infinity Eternal updates I missed:

The Forgotten World project has a new home. The site has undergone some minor changes, and some new members were recruited.

David Randall, responsible for the remake of Ultima V for TI Calculators, wrote that "NPC shoppe talk is complete"; more information is available at the U5TICalc forum at TI-Freakware.

Ultima 4 Multiplayer has seen several updates since the last news I mentioned here (15th April). Since the site has been redesigned, you can read the news on the site's main page or at the server site. The new updates include:

Petrell noticed a post at Aiera's Sword and Shield forum, where Major_Error (leader of the slumbering Agape project) stated that "Agape is closed untill the release of the new NWN2 toolset," "hopefully around September or earlier".

The Lazarus homepage sports a beautiful crossbow, hand-made by David "Iolo" Watson himself, which was sent to Tiberius as a gift from fans. The crossbow comes complete with a serpent logo and is signed by Lord British himself.

An Ultima 5: Lazarus review has surfaced on UltimaDot. Lazarus scored a considerable 10/10 in the review.

Petrell spotted a topic at the Exult forum about using a dance pad to actually walk in Britannia in Exult. There is also a page with instructions on how to use it for Exult.

That's all, folks! (for today)

[S][W][R]Forgotten Worlds

19th May 2006 by Dino

Michael "Firstknight" Menapace created a website for his "Forgotten World" Ultima 9 project. For now you can see some screenshots of places around Yew, and read about the project.

Also, note that the guestbook of Dino's Ultima Page is now working again. I had disabled it temporarily because of spam.

Although Dino's Ultima Page (or at least the front page) is a bit silent lately, the Ultima Community is not. Read the latest updates in the Ultima news topic; I will post them here when I have more time.

Note also that on 14th June I finish exams, so I'll be able to post news more regularly and add some content to the site.

[W][R]Titans and more

23rd April 2006 by Dino

Because I've been so busy (and still am), I haven't mentioned an update from the Titans of Ether since their 16th December update. Here's what we've missed:

I had noticed long ago that the English version of La Legende d' Ultima was not being updated; but it is only today that I noticed that its French counterpart is being updated. Anyone wishing to follow La Legende d' Ultima for Ultima news should stay current with the French version.

The following news was posted by Petrell in the Ultima news topic:

Also, it looks like Project Britannia has released Milestone 2.

[S][W][R]Several updates

19th April 2006 by Dino

Over the past few days, Ultima IV Multiplayer has seen several updates:

On 10th April, there was an update to the Exult website, describing what the team has been busy with lately. This includes improved support for game details such as NPC schedules and combat; as well as better support for mods. The Exult website also mentions two large mods.

In fact, over the past few months people have been busy making mods for Exult. I have compiled a list of these mods in a new page dedicated to Exult mods. Not all of them are new; some have been mentioned in the news here, in the past.

Also, according to a topic at the Exult forum, the Exult documentation and FAQ have been updated.

There is an interesting topic about gumps in the Exult forum. Apart from discussing where the word 'gump' came from, it points to the blog of Jason Ely, who worked on Ultima 8 among other games (the blog entry is about gumps).

I have also added a link to an old Exult interview at RPGDot to the Exult section in my Ultima Web Directory.

Aiera's last update (which dates back to three months ago) mentions, among other things, a link to a page by Sir Iceblade which lists all known Ultima forums.

Work has been progressing on Ultima V for TI Calculators. The most prominent additions are moongate travel and shoppe talk. Also, Omnimaga, which originally had all the info and screenshots for this remake, has died. David Randall created a new topic with several animated gif demos. The page about this remake on Dino's Ultima Page has been updated to reflect all these changes.

That's all I'll be mentioning for today. I've caught up with a lot of news but there's still a lot left, especially from Titans of Ether, a little from Aiera, and several updates in the Ultima news topic. Keep checking this topic when I'm unable to post news.

[W][R]Catching up a bit more

14th April 2006 by Dino

As usual, a lot of this news is thanks to Petrell (see the Ultima news topic).

To quote Johnny Wood, of Ultima 4 Multiplayer fame:

Ultima IV Multiplayer is back up and running an alpha test again. There is also an opportunity for people to put themselves into the game by providing dialog for characters that had identical dialogs.

See the Ultima 4 Multiplayer website for more information on how to play with the new test server. The website also has information on how to send, if you want to, dialogue for Ultima 4 Multiplayer to replace the redundant character dialogues (such as the several Joe's in Britain).

Ultima 6 Online was updated on 6th March. There are lots of new features, but some of the more interesting ones include automatic pickup of projectile weapons; monsters now drop blood, bodies and items; and 4 new custom houses have been added.

The following is all the Lazarus news I haven't mentioned since the January update:

Hoki-Aamrel the Cherry-Red Dragon found an interesting article at Gamasutra about computer games in general. While the article doesn't concern Ultima directly, it does feature Ultima 4, as well as some former Ultima developers. Do you consider gaming a waste of time? Read the article to see what other people think about it.

Galadis, who made the Ultima 7: The Black Gate comic, is now working on one for Serpent Isle. Check out the first five pages at Fantasiart.

Joe Garrity, curator of the Origin Museum, has let us know (in the Ultima News topic) that there is a new story called "Electronic Arts Bestows Its Bounty" in the Stories section of the Origin Museum website. EA authorised loads of Origin material to be sent to the Origin Museum... read the story to learn more about it.

That's all for today... I hope I can continue catching up with news before next month.

[W][R]Catching up a bit

8th March 2006 by Dino

Most of the news mentioned here has been posted by Petrell in the Ultima news topic, so thanks a lot to Petrell.

Galadis (website: fantasiart), who has done quite a bit of artwork for the Ultima community, has finished his 83-page Ultima 7: The Black Gate comic. The finished comic was released on 15th January, and is available only in English.

The Pentagram team posted an update:

The last few months have been a bit quiet, but development has been moving forward. We have fixed a couple of potentially serious usecode interpreter bugs, and some further Avatar movement problems. Preliminary support for the Japanese version of Ultima 8 has also been added.

News from UltimaDot: according to the EUO development journal, EUO will apparently no longer be worked on, but is not being shut down.

Posted by Hoki-Aamrel the Cherry-Red Dragon: "Apparently, GameTap.com, a game subscription service, will be publishing Ultima 1-6."

Kevin Fishburne, who's developing the Ultima 5 for Morrowind mod, got a new web server, and got the forum working again. Also, he has announced that new screenshots and Littoral's source code will be released soon.

News from the Ultima 6 Project:

At a topic in my forum, Lutefisk (who used to be (is?) a regular poster at the Exile forum) announced that he is working on a multiplayer version of Ultima 8, but needs the help of a graphics programmer to get the job done.

JP Morris of IT-HE Software fame has released version 0.93 of his IRE (IT-HE RPG Engine).

Speaking of IT-HE Software, the latest news there (19th January) mentions that JP Morris' "current project is U5:Lazarus". I presume this means that JP Morris is someday going to write an anti-walkthrough for the remake.

There is still a lot of news I have to catch up with, especially from Lazarus, Exult mods, Nazghul and Ashes, but there's too much to post all at once. I'll continue catching up later on.

[S][F]New TLV Chapters

19th February 2006 by Dino

A couple of years ago, Aloisio Senra had sent me a continuation of Amazing Dragon's "The Lost Vale" fanfiction (Chapter 15). Recently he sent me a revised version of Chapter 15, as well as chapters 16, 17 and 18. They have been uploaded and you can go ahead and read them.

Speaking of The Lost Vale, if anyone out there has a copy of the zip file containing a saved version of the original fanfiction (i.e. exactly as it was when Amazing Dragon hosted it), please send it to my Gmail email (see the Contact page). I had lost that zip file last year when migrating between computers and, while the fanfiction is online, I might someday upgrade it to be more like how it originally was (though still without the frames). I will need the zip file to do that, though.

I'll catch up with news from the Ultima community another time.

[W][R]Various updates (yes, AGAIN)

7th February 2006 by Dino

Again, I have been very busy (with exams this time) and have been unable to take care of this site. And as usual, Petrell has been posting updates in the old forum topic. Because of the ever-increasing length of that topic, we agreed to start a new news topic. Petrell has been posting news there ever since.

A concern arose at my forum recently because Hacki's Ultima Page and The Wayward Avatar (forum) could not be found at their original locations. Both have been found:

The Ultima 6 Project mentions three new recruits; but it still has lots of open positions for people willing and able to join the team. One of the new recruits, responsible for bringing the gargoyles to life, has a kind of online journal of his work.

Ultima 6 Online has been updated. There are new spells to cast and new places to visit, and you can upload custom portraits and use your microphone to voice chat.

That's all for today, but there have been a lot of updates I haven't mentioned here yet. I'll be posting them here sometime soon, but until then, stay current with Petrell's updates to the Ultima news topic in the forum.

[W][R]Various updates

7th January 2006 by Dino

If you thought only Exult was being developed for the GP2X handheld device (see 22nd December news), take a look at the screenshot in this topic. One of the reasons that projects like Exult and Nuvie are so great is that they are so portable. Apart from posting a screenshot of Nuvie on GP2X, Eric Fry also wrote something about what he's working on at the moment, in that topic.

The Ultima 6 Online website tells us to look out for a client and host update in 7 days (from 6th January).

News of Ultima VIII - Exile's demise has finally reached its website's news page. Corvwyn posted an article about the cancellation of the project.

All Lazarus music is now available online, along with album art. Also, Carsten "Cavon" Vonnahme is the first person to have finished Lazarus, and is about to receive a Team Lazarus polo shirt as an award.

The following news comes courtesy of Petrell who posted it (along with all the rest) in the news topic:

[S][W][R]Various updates

29th December 2005 by Dino

My page about Ultima 5 for TI Calculators has been heavily updated to reflect updates that were posted in my forum.

News from Lazarus:

To centralise as much Lazarus information and resources as possible (because it's becoming hard to keep up with all the download mirrors etc), I've created a page about Ultima V: Lazarus. While the official Lazarus website is always the best place to go if you want to learn about Lazarus, my page will be keeping track of things like download mirrors which are scattered throughout their news articles.

In my last news post here I offered to host any Lazarus reviews on Dino's Ultima Page, since I don't have Dungeon Siege and I can't write one myself. Unfortunately I didn't receive any, but the offer is still on. You can also send me screenshots to accompany any reviews, so you can do something like write a story and show it graphically with screenshots. Up to you.

As always, thanks to Petrell who has been posting news in the usual news topic while I was too busy to take care of this site. Note that he is keeping track of Lazarus updates in a special Lazarus topic, so you can look there for central Lazarus information if my new about-Lazarus page ever falls into disrepair.

In a recent news post, the Ultima 6 Project congratulated Lazarus and mentioned that they (u6P) are working on their upcoming milestone release ("very tentatively scheduled for mid-February").

Some Titans of Ether updates that I did not mention for the past couple of months (sorry...):

[W][R]Lazarus released

22nd December 2005 by Dino

Thanks to Peter Haytko for reminding me that Lazarus would be released today. That's right, Lazarus is finally complete, after five and a half years. Only the English PC version is available; Mac should be available tomorrow and the French and German versions will take a little while to be completed.

I unfortunately don't have Dungeon Siege, so I can't try out Lazarus as yet and write a review. If anyone wants to write and send me a review, though, I'll gladly put it on Dino's Ultima Page.

Before their release, Lazarus had also continued with their series of talking points:

The following Ultima spotting is by Hoki-Aamrel the Cherry-Red Dragon:


These people basically have a gigantic wall display. And what people do with gigantic wall displays? Display old game maps at full size. In addition to the Legend of Zelda, and A Link to the Past, the first map on the page is... tadah... Ultima VII with FoV. =)

David Randall of Ultima 5 for TI Calculators fame posted in my forum about an Exult port for the GP2X portable handheld device. Exult keeps spreading!

More updates that I will mention in more detail another time include:

As always, read Petrell's posts in my forum for up-to-date news when I'm busy.

If I don't post again before Sunday (which is likely), then Merry Christmas!

[W][R][F]Back from slumber

5th December 2005 by Dino

I realise that I've been a bit negligent with updating this site. I could go on ranting about how busy University keeps me, but I'm not one who likes bringing excuses, so let's get down to business. Petrell has kept posting news at the news topic, so you can see a complete list of news since the last update here, complete with quotes from the relevant sites. There have been too many updates in the past month to list in one update, so I'll just list some of the most prominent updates and then post the rest some other time.

After a long period of silence, Corvwyn, leader of Ultima VIII - Exile, posted at a topic in the Exile forum that he is not going to continue working on Exile. While there is still a chance that he reconsiders, Exile can now be considered cancelled, temporarily or otherwise. Here's what he wrote:

I haven't done anything on Exile in a very long time now and to be honest I'm pretty fed up with it. It's mainly the nwn toolset that's busting my chops and I just can't get it to do what I want it to. I also have lots of other things to do, like working on a game for my main project at school.

The way I imagine it now is that once I'm done with that game project I'll have gotten much better at making engines and I'll be able to use that knowledge for Ultima Exile. I'm not promising anything here, but I might just make an engine for Exile. I think it will be much easier to get it the way I want it to and I won't get tired of it like I did now.

I'll have to think about all this though, but unfortunately I don't think I'll continue this project. It's with a heavy heart I say this since I've promised things to you already and I really wanted it to work out.

Sorry guys (and girls even though I don't think there are any) ...

And after several months of silence, there is news at the Nuvie website. Among the many additions are cosmetic improvements and added functionality, but the most prominent news is that combat is being implemented.

Among other changes, the Pentagram website reports that the Pentagram savegame format has been fixed, so that there should always be backward compatibility for savegames from now on.

A fanfiction called "Saying Goodbye" by Opera Dragon, which was originally a fanfiction for Ultima IX: Redemption, has been added to the Dragon Press.

With the release of their remake nearing with every day that passes, the Lazarus team have released a series of talking points at their forum:

  1. Talking Point #1: Eb the Busboy by J.theYellow - shows Lazarus from a dialogue perspective, featuring Eb, the busboy at the Wayfarer Inn in Britain (includes the original dialogue, some new dialogue, and portrait).
  2. Talking Point #2: Four New Faces by J.theYellow - four characters that weren't in the original game and will be new faces in Lazarus (with portraits and extracts from dev docs).
  3. Talking Point #3: Wrong Place, Right Time by Claymore - a journey into Dungeon Wrong (with screenshots of the original dungeon and that in Lazarus).
  4. Talking Point #4: Questing On by Sutek - about questing (with Lazarus screenshots).
  5. Talking Point #5: Region Profiles by J.theYellow - about "literary guides for all habited regions of Lazarus" (includes the region profile for Castle British and a screenshot).
  6. Talking Point #6: NPCs and the Backstory by Fengul - shows how the dialogue with Nicole of Jhelom reflects the problems in the world (includes dialogue screenshots).
  7. Talking Point #7: An American Newbie in Britannia by Dirt - about Ultima seen through new eyes (includes excerpts from design documents).
  8. Talking Point #8: Visiting a Sick Friend by J.theYellow - documents some time spent in Trinsic, particularly to show off NPC scheduling (includes screenshots).
  9. Talking Point #9: Campfire Tales by J.theYellow - documents a night of sleep in the wilderness, accompanied by an apparition of Lord British in a dream (includes screenshots).

Aside from the talking posts, a Lazarus trailer (10MB) has also been released. Download links are available on the project website (under the relevant news).

That's all for today... I'll go on catching up with news another day.

[S][W][R]Various updates

30th October 2005 by Dino

A section about the Lost Vale box (including the box scans) has been added to my Ultima 8 Guide.

W G, a fellow Ultima fan, sent me a 600*400 desktop wallpaper, with the following message:

I see you are an Ultima fan, by your web page. I made a fanart desktop with all reconizable faces from Ultima games. I wanted to share it with the ultima community.

Later on (when I have time) I might add a page for it, but for now you can only get to it through this news.

Petrell keeps posting updates at a topic in my forum. Check out that topic frequently because it's seeing more updates than this homepage is. Besides, the news I post here is very summarised, while Petrell's posts include full quotations. Here's the latest news Petrell posted:

Other interesting news that appeared at my forum is David Randall's decision to implement dungeons using bird's-eye-view rather than making a new 3D movement/drawing engine for his Ultima 5 remake for TI calculators. This will save space (which is very precious on calculators) without compromising gameplay.

Further to Chapter 15 and 16 of The Lost Vale fanfiction, Aloisio Senra now also sent me Chapter 17. I will add them all soon, don't worry!

[W][R]Lazarus Release Date announced; TLV box sold for almost $2000

22nd October 2005 by Dino

The auction for the Lost Vale box ended on Wednesday. Until about 6 hours before the auction's end, the highest bid was just $310, but last-minute bids made the price shoot up to an amazing $1,923. Although there were many doubts about the box's authenticity, Denis Loubet sent the following email to me, Gradilla, Gromitron and a few others, confirming that the box is in fact authentic:

I have researched the cover and tracked down a person who remembers it. It
is authentic, and most likely a cover done by the Origin marketing
department for a never-released addition to Ultima 8.

Denis Loubet

With Gromitron's permission, I will be hosting copies of the box scans (low-resolution to prevent the production of fake copies) on my Ultima 8 Guide in case they someday vanish from the web.

Other important news is the announcement of a release date for Ultima V: Lazarus, i.e. Christmas 2005. Now you know what to buy your kids for Christmas!

The Titans of Ether have a couple of new recruits, on probation. A few pages on their website have also been updated, including the feature list, the FAQ and the team roster.

There's a nice article at The Escapist about what happened to Origin. Natreg originally told me about this, but it's also been posted at the Exult forum.

The Ultima 6 Project and Project Britannia websites have announced that Project Britannia is more or less ready. All they need now is mirrors to host the 165MB download.

As usual, David Randall keeps working on his Ultima V for TI Calculators. Recent updates include:

At a topic in my forum, Petrell pointed out an update to the Ashes website (which I wouldn't have otherwise noticed). Things are getting harder to manage in the project, but progress is still being made. In fact, new features include stackable events, detached (independent) heads, equippable items and ambient lighting. What do these features mean? Check out the website and find out!

Meanwhile Aloisio Senra, who answered Amazing Dragon's original request for a Chapter 15 for his Lost Vale fanfiction by sending me his own Chapter 15 a couple of years ago, sent me a corrected version of said chapter, as well as Chapter 16. While I am currently short of time and have not yet added it, I will add it soon. So you now have something else to look forward to (apart from Lazarus, Project Britannia, etc.)!

[W][R]TLV box auction

13th October 2005 by Dino

Gromitron, owner of the only Lost Vale box known to exist, is auctioning said box. Meanwhile, at the relevant topic in my forum, the box's authenticity is being put in question.

The Titans of Ether have released 8 new screenshots (6 random and 2 of New Paws) and 6 new tunes.

The following news updates were posted in my forum by Petrell (along with detailed quotations), so you should thank him for bring this news:

[S][W][R]TLV box; several project updates

9th October 2005 by Dino

You really should check out the topic posted by Gromitron in my forum. Gromitron is likely to be the only person in the world (apart from the developers) to possess a box of The Lost Vale, and has posted a link to scans of the box as proof. It's amazing... over ten years after the expansion was made, finally something like this surfaces.

David Randall keeps adding new features to his Ultima 5 remake for TI calculators. Three new commands have been added lately, namely those to ignite torches, change the party order and view party stats.

A new client update for Ultima 6 Online has been released. This update is designed to reduce bandwidth usage, fix several bugs and add a couple of new features.

After working behind the scenes in the summer months and keeping their website pretty silent, the Pentagram team have posted a progress report on their website:

In the last couple of months the behind-the-scenes work has continued, with changes to savegames, game autodetection and key bindings. The more visible changes include antialiasing of the truetype fonts, detection of stealing and hopefully improved Avatar movement.

After all this, there's more news from Aiera:

...And now something from UltimaDot: Peter Berger compared and contrasted Ultima 4 and 7, and chose Ultima 4 as a playable classic.

[S][W][R]Labyrinth of Worlds returns; U5TICalc updated

30th September 2005 by Dino

David Randall, who is developing the Ultima 5 remake for TI calculators, has emailed me with news of an update. He made a new animated gif demo that shows off the latest features he implemented, namely the fact that actual NPC sprites are used, the 'Look' command now works, and reading signs works as well. I've updated my U5 remake for TI calculators page to reflect these new features.

At a topic at Aiera's forum, the Sword and Shield, Sv brought to our attention a post in the Labyrinth of Worlds forum, where the following has been posted:

LoW development has resumed. CVS now contains a much cleaner rendering engine with bumpmapping and shadows, and much better core map handling and physics systems. Other parts of the game are being reintegrated.

Expect a release within the month, as well as more detailed news soon!

Although the Labyrinth of Worlds website has not yet been updated, it's good to know that this project is being worked on once again.

[S][R]AOB docs released

29th September 2005 by Dino

If you go to the Spinoffs page in my Ultima Web Directory, you'll find a list of Adventures of Blackthorn documents that I've just released, with Wind Walker's permission. I have released all the plot/planning documents that Wind Walker sent me himself, as well as the dialogues I had written, and a world map that was once available on the Adventures of Blackthorn website. I also have a few other documents about characters, as well as the 50MB intro movie and the original website's homepage. I might release these too later. I still have to organise the character documents, and hosting the movie would eat up a lot of bandwidth so I have to consider what to do about it.

[S][W][R]Hannibal's U9 site revived; AOB to follow

26th September 2005 by Dino

This weekend I got permission to host both the now-defunct "Hannibal's Ultima IX Page" and dev docs from Adventures of Blackthorn. Both Hannibal and Wind Walker (the latter being the former leader of Adventures of Blackthorn) did not stop at giving me permission, but also sent me any files I didn't have. Hannibal's Ultima IX Page is already hosted on Dino's Ultima Page as part of my ever-growing Graveyard of once-lost Ultima sites. Along with the original website, you'll find part of Hannibal's Ultima 9 Saved Game Archive as well as an all-new bonus from Hannibal: his very own Ultima 9 walkthrough. The documents from Adventures of Blackthorn will be added right after I get them organised. They include information about the plot, characters, geography and other areas of the game. I also have six dialogues from Adventures of Blackthorn in HTML format which I wrote myself, because, as some of you might remember, I was once a dialogue writer in this project.

The page about the Ultima 5 remake for TI calculators has been updated. Among the new things you'll find a list of features, a list of what's been done and what's in progress, a new animated gif demo and a link to David Randall's Ticalc webpage.

The Lazarus website speaks of a large Project Britannia update. In fact, the people behind Project Britannia have added a whole wiki documentation to the site as well as a Release Plan.

Withstand the Fury Dragon, still recovering from a video card burnout, has been adding dialogue to his project, Lost Sosaria.

[S][W][R][F]Ultima 5 remake for TI calculators

23rd September 2005 by Dino

An Ultima 5 remake for TI calculators has been in the making for about a year, and now David Randall, its developer, has decided to tell us about it. I've made a page about it from where you can access all information and media about it, and added an entry for it in my web directory.

I've added six books to the Ultima 8 Writings section. You'll also find a new Ultima 8 easter egg thanks to Hoki-Aamrel the Cherry-Red Dragon, which is related to some of the new books. I've also slightly improved the U8 Writings section by using a list for book locations.

My Credits page has been updated with a few new names.

I've fixed a number of broken links in The Lost Vale fanfiction.

David Randall, who's making the Ultima 5 remake for TI calculators, has also suggested a link to a good site with all Ultima 5 town maps - which I have added to the Ultima 5 info page.

To celebrate their first birthday, the Titans of Ether have provided 3 new wallpapers (not just logos but totally new screenshots) and a couple of new FAQs.

[W][R]Titans' First Anniversary

16th September 2005 by Dino

A sample of U6 Project artist Wenndelin's work has been added to the U6P website. Visit the Character Cards page for a beautiful portrait of Sherry the Mouse.

Updates about remakes courtesy of Aiera: EUO 1.1 has been released; work is being done on Project Britannia before it can be made available for download; and two news updates from Lost Sosaria are about attention to dialogue and a fried video card that may hinder the project a little bit.

Last week, the Titans of Ether requested some feedback about eating and drinking, and the magic system. What they didn't post on their website yet (and that Corv was kind enough to mail me about) is that tomorrow the Titans are one year old! Happy Birthday, Titans of Ether!

[S][W][R]Legend and U6P; SE guide progress

6th September 2005 by Dino

Sergorn Dragon is still adding content to The Ultima Legend. The latest additions are a Martian Dreams walkthrough and the "Other Universes" section.

Meanwhile Team Archon (which is developing the Ultima 6 Project) is proud to welcome on board the new SFX contributor, Exotronium, who is fairly young but also very talented.

My Savage Empire guide is still in progress. I know I said on 26th August that the guide may be released "in a few days' time", but that was a rather optimistic estimate. I've been working mostly on adding dialogues and cutscenes, and I've been writing the walkthrough, which is about half-done. Quite a few pages are already done (including Companions, Magic, Fun, Opinions, Credits and the Main page) but others still need a bit of work (Travel is almost done, but Items, Maps & Places and Landscape in particular still need a lot of work). Besides, some of the cutscenes and dialogue I've transcribed from the game are still written on paper, and it will take a lot of work to add them. I won't release the guide before it's as complete as can be, so this can take a month or more. I'll keep you posted.

[W][R]Legend and Titans

31st August 2005 by Dino

Sergorn Dragon is continuing to update the English version of his website, The Ultima Legend, with more translations from the original French content. Also, Sergorn seems to have found a new project - Realms of Ultima. What is Realms of Ultima? It's supposed to be a persistent world template (whatever that is) for the upcoming Neverwinter Nights 2.

News from the Titans of Ether: you can read the final version of the timeline, welcome four new members, or just enjoy four new screenshots of New Magincia at night.

[S][W][R]Project Britannia and Savage Empire Guide

26th August 2005 by Dino

Zephyr from the Ultima 6 Project sent me an email telling me that big news was announced on the U6P site. And rightly so, the news of the day is the launch of Project Britannia, which is the world of Britannia built by both Lazarus and Archon in Dungeon Siege. This is great news for anyone wanting to make an Ultima remake in Dungeon Siege, as it saves them having to build the whole world from scratch. You can read more about Project Britannia at the Lazarus, U6 Project and Project Britannia websites.

The other big news of today, not as big as Project Britannia of course, concerns Dino's Ultima Page. I'm pleased to announce that a new guide is in the works and will be made public soon. I've been working on this Savage Empire guide for about three days now, and it's coming along nicely. A lot of the information is already there, and I made it interactive so that you can enjoy dialogues, cutscenes, the introduction, character creation and credits exactly as they are in the game. Depending on the rate at which I keep working on it, I might make it public in a few days' time. Meanwhile if you want to give a little hand, have a look at the forum - there are a couple of topics where your input could be valuable.

[W][R]Reconstruction up to date

25th August 2005 by Dino

Ultima: The Reconstruction caught up with some of the latest developments in the remake scene, including progress from Lazarus, U6P, Nuvie, Exult and Pentagram. What's probably new to you is a short note about Nu5 (Gradilla Dragon's upcoming Ultima 5 engine) - in fact Gradilla has figured out the signs.dat data file and is working on a map viewer.

Those who wish to stay up to date with the Ultima 5 for Morrowind mod may now subscribe to the Yahoo mailing list that Kevin Fishburne purposely set up for his remake.

[W][R]Ashes takes a break

22nd August 2005 by Dino

Apart from updating its on-site downloads, Aiera brings news that development of the Ultima 7-inspired Ashes project is on pause during August. Since August is almost over, that doesn't really matter - development will resume in little more than a week.

[W][R]Titans, Legende and Exult Studio Guides

20th August 2005 by Dino

I've got an update to last time's newspost in which I said that La Legende d' Ultima vanished from the web. Looks like "The Ultima Legend", as it's called in English, moved to a new location to get rid of the plague of Lycos adverts. Among the few minor fixes and the translation of more pages from French to English, the website now also hosts the old Ultima X trailer.

As Gradilla Dragon posted on Aiera, the Exult Studio Guides website is being abandoned by its current administrator and needs someone to take care of it. Anyone interested should post to the relevant topic at the Exult forum.

The Titans of Ether website has been updated with the last part of the timeline, a load of new screenshots, and a Redemption wallpaper.

[S][W][R]Info and remake updates

18th August 2005 by Dino

I've added back most of the old information pages, including Ultima 9, both Underworlds, Serpent Isle and Martian Dreams. The only ones that are still missing are those for which I am developing a guide. Note that I haven't checked many of the links on these old info pages... so some may be broken. If you find any broken links, please report them to me.

On another note, the fact that I'm getting slower at updating and that I've lost a bit of interest in this site is evident in the fact that the third anniversary of Dino's Ultima Page passed (27th July) without me noticing it.

Looks like La Legende d' Ultima vanished from the web. Strange it had to disappear just now, when it got an English version.

The latest news at the Ultima 6 Project warns about the forums being down and a new member joining the team.

Kevin Fishburne added traffic reports to the website of his Ultima 5 for Morrowind mod.

News from Aiera: Lost Sosaria has passed its second birthday. Its website has been redesigned and some changes have been made to the team.

[S]U5 section and U4 Monsters

12th August 2005 by Dino

As of today, the Ultima 5 info page is back up, and I've also revamped the Ultima 4 Monsters page which was ancient and in a pitiful state.

[W][R]Lazarus dialogue complete

11th August 2005 by Dino

Very good news from Lazarus: dialogue is now complete and now all that's left before release is the integration of NPC schedules and quests into the world.

[S][W][R]Various project updates

10th August 2005 by Dino

I have continued adding the old information pages to Dino's Ultima Page, and the Ultima 4 info page is now available.

Finally something interesting from UltimaDot - an interview with Richard Garriott was spotted at The Space Review, and it is about his involvement with Space Adventures.

At Ultima 5 for Morrowind, the latest version of Littoral (1.3.1) has been released. It's much faster than the previous version, with the exception of object generation. This latest version also includes some fixes and one new option.

In its latest update, the Ultima 6 Project announces that it needs to recruit some people "with Siege Editor skillz".

Recently La Legende d' Ultima was updated to take account of the latest remake updates. Yesterday, however, a different update was posted - stating that an English version of La Legende d' Ultima is now available and the site also has a new forum. Not everything has been translated to English yet, and the forum doesn't seem to be working for me, but these couple of additions are great nonetheless!

Updates to the Titans of Ether website include the new Fiction section (on the left) which has an Ultima Timeline; an update to the whole right column of the website (with the addition of the Titans' projects, and updates to the 'Other Ultima Projects' and 'Ultima Links'); and the news till July 2005 has been archived. In his newspost, Corv also speaks of current development of the project.

[S][W][R]Return of the U6 Project

2nd August 2005 by Dino

After over a year of inactivity (the site being inactive, not the team), The Ultima 6 Project returns with a brand new website. There is no new content and no real news yet, but the news page promises some 'exciting announcements' soon.

Check out the new poll at Ultima VIII - Exile; Corvwyn would like to know which game people consider to be the best Ultima.

The Titans of Ether celebrate the first anniversary of their forum, and bid welcome to five new team members (one of which is Sage, former leader of Enilno).

If any of you are curious to know what the Exult website looked like in its early days, head over to the Exult forum where Andrea B. Previtera (and Blackbird) posted a couple of links to archived versions of the Exult site.

OK, so here are a few updates concerning Dino's Ultima Page:

[S][W][R]Pentagram, web directory

28th July 2005 by Dino

Some news from Pentagram:

"This week's bugfixes include a plot-stopping rendering bug that prevented you from reading a book Mythran gives you. Also, monster pathfinding has been changed significantly (hopefully improving it), a problem with teleporting has been solved, and training with Darion has been fixed."

Finally, I've updated my Ultima Web Directory. To be more specific, the Remakes page has been updated to reflect the current situation of remakes (especially Enilno) and Gargish Dragon's Ultima Page has been added to the Specific Info sites.

[W][R][F]Comic, fanfiction and remake news

25th July 2005 by Dino

Damien Barban, the graphics artist you might remember from his portrait art for Ultima VIII - Exile and his Ultima 7 comic, has received a good response for said comic and has released the next 15 comic strips at his website, Fantasiart. For those of you who haven't yet read the comic before, there are now 33 comic strips to read.

The update to Damien's comic has been mentioned at the Dragon Press too, where the last chapters of "The Journalist and the Sea" were uploaded just a few days ago.

Meanwhile Johnny Wood from Ultima 4 Multiplayer has officially closed alpha testing and is having a break. The next step is beta testing, which is hoped to take place in a few months' time.

The Lazarus forums were having some trouble (as you can see from the last two newsposts) but are now back and working again.

Corv, leader of the Titans of Ether, has released a couple of screenshots of Castle British along with a tune called "Britain". The team roster has also been updated.

And for those who are bothered by the long silence at Ultima VIII - Exile, Corvwyn posted a little article offering some explanations.

[W][R]Pentagram, Enilno, U6O and U5 for Morrowind

17th July 2005 by Dino

In their now-monthly progress report, the Pentagram team has reported, apart from some usual bugfixes, progress with the video options, audio options and game selection menus.

A new client update for Ultima 6 Online was released earlier this week. New things include the ability to buy your own house, the ability to play musical quartets, new portraits, weapon and spell improvements, and more!

To add to Withstand the Fury Dragon's last post here, about Ultima 5 for Morrowind and, in particular, Littoral, Kevin Fishburne has updated the documentation for Littoral 1.3.

In a recent update, Aiera mentioned the Ashes project's need for a portrait artist. Since then, there have been lots of updates, which include updated dev diaries and new screenshots among other things.

Also, there's rather major news coming from Aiera - it seems that the Enilno team has disbanded and Sage, the leader, joined the Titans of Ether, who will eventually be doing his remake of Ultima 2 in addition to Ultima 9 and 10. A brief note about this was posted recently on the Enilno website.

[W][R]Littoral Released

4th July 2005 by Withstand the Fury Dragon

Kevin Fishburne has released for download his Littoral terrain-generation program. This program uses a series of bitmap files to rapidly generate high-detail terrain for Morrowind.

[W][R]Titans of Ether hiring; U4 Multiplayer Updates

3rd July 2005 by Withstand the Fury Dragon

Dino is away on vacation, so I'll be handling the news posts for a day few days until he gets back. Already, there are a couple updates worth mention:

Also, Fengul contacted Aiera recently with his configuration for DOSBOX, which he says runs Ultima Underworld 2 very well on his machine. Withstand the Fury Dragon has opened up a forum thread for additional configurations for the time being.

[W][R]Aiera, La Legende and Exult

24th June 2005 by Dino

On Aiera's Serpent Isle page you'll find the newly-added "Serpent Isle Fixes" by Marzo Sette Torres Jr, allowing, among other things, to cure Cantra.

The Exult website has seen its first update since last August; the update is about new things that are now supported in Exult.

Like Exult, La Legende d' Ultima has seen its first update since last year. The update brings links on La Legende up to date and speaks of "Mondain's Legacy", the latest Ultima Online expansion.

[S][W][R]U4 Multiplayer and Lazarus nearing completion

15th June 2005 by Dino

There have been a couple of updates to Ultima 4 Multiplayer in the past few weeks. The latest reports that the Stygian Abyss maps have been completed and the game is almost fully finishable. A new poll has also been put on the website.

Good news also comes from team Lazarus, which has filled its need for dialogue writers and is scheduled to complete its dialogue by the end of July - after which final testing can be done and the game can be released.

A progress report from Pentagram states that effects for magic weapons (such as Flame Sting) and more types of monster treasure have been implemented. A little bug where text and container windows appeared partially out of the screen has also been fixed.

The latest dragon on the roster is... well, I'm afraid I won't be mentioning additions to the UDIC roster any more. Seems you now have to log on to stay checking the roster, which is more trouble than I'm willing to take, and which also means I can't post direct links to the roster any more. I don't think anyone ever really bothered to check the latest dragons on the roster, and quite frankly, I don't know why I did. Perhaps it was interesting to see some of the latest dragons actually being project leaders, a couple of years ago, but that doesn't really happen any more. So there, no more dragon announcements here.

Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera noticed a topic in the Exult forum where Crystal_Elf is posting new, remade graphics for both Ultima 7s.

[W][R]NCSoft's Tabula Rasa page

21st May 2005 by Dino

Hoki-Aamrel the Cherry-Red Dragon (aka Wwwwolf) informed me about some interesting info about Richard Garriott that surfaced upon the web recently:

Hoki-Aamrel the Cherry-Red Dragon: "At E3, NCSoft opened new web pages for their upcoming games, including Tabula Rasa - http://www.playtr.com/. Personally, I found Richard Garriott's ramblings on the "Team Bios" page very interesting =)"

Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera has added two Morrowind projects to the website. The Ultima 9 Freedom mod was added to the site, and WtFD is working to get a copy of Morrowind: Underworld.

It seems that team Lazarus got the dialogue writers it needed and is now progressing steadily. Tiberius will post a release date as soon as he knows there will be no more delays.

Only a couple of dragons have joined UDIC in the past month - Barney-Rubble Dragon and Ducky Dragon.

[W][R]Pentagram news

8th May 2005 by Dino

The Pentagram team has broken its tradition of posting news on days ending in the same number as the year (5 in the present case) and brought us some news today. If you've been following the news on Dino's Ultima Page, you'll already know that the intro and name prompt have been implemented. What's new is that items are now placed randomly in containers (not in the top-left corner), and quite a few bugs have been fixed.

News from Ultima Classics Revisited through Aiera: version 0.1.2 beta has been released. This completes the 'outworld' and towns, and leaves only dungeons, space and the final confrontation with Mondain to be done.

The latest member on the dragon roster has quite an interesting name - Lord England. Quite a clever parody of Lord British, I think!

[W][R]U6O update

30th April 2005 by Dino

A new update of Ultima 6 Online is available. The Orb of the Moons, sleep and mass protect spells, traps and spikes, and Serpent's Hold NPC dialogues have all been added. There are also some improvements in the healing/resurrection cost system, pathfinding, and some other stuff.

[W][R]Redemption update; Lazarus delayed

25th April 2005 by Dino

The Titans of Ether site, newly updated, has some new screenshots of the Deep Forest, Cove, the Cape of Heroes and horses; as well as six new tunes, all of which you can find at the media section. Furthermore, the team page was updated, to reflect people who joined and others who dropped out.

A Links section was added to the Ultima 5 for Morrowind website since the last update.

Because of the dialogue department lagging behind, the release date for Lazarus had to be pushed back, and openings for dialogue writers were offered. A more recent update thanks those who applied to write dialogue for Lazarus, yet further applicants would certainly help.

[W][R]Pentagram; Exult patch

17th April 2005 by Dino

An update to the Pentagram website speaks of newly added audio, including in the intro and endgame. The process in the beginning that shows the intro and asks for the player's name has also been implemented. Combat has been improved so that the Avatar reacts properly when hit.

Aiera recently mentioned an update to Ultima 5 for Morrowind, where new screenshots and a list of development tools were added. The site has since been updated again, with an explanation and graphical examples of the final phase of Littoral added to the Landscape section.

A new Exult patch has been released, as Alun Bestor, author of the patch, posted in a topic at the Exult forum. The patch adds new quests and increased interactivity ("Milk cows! Churn butter! Grind wheat! And more!") so it will add some new fun to the good old Ultima 7 game.

[W][R]Lazarus progress

12th April 2005 by Dino

There is finally something new at the Lazarus website. The progress bars have been updated - the game is overall 89% ready with most things more or less finished except dialogue and node production which are lagging behind a little.

Two more dragons joined UDIC recently - they are Yarso Dragon and Haasenfuss Dragon, according to the grand roster.

[W][R]Minor project updates

10th April 2005 by Dino

UltimaDot posted news of an update to the Enilno FAQ. The update includes information about system specifications required to run the game.

Aiera shows updates from another two projects, namely EUO (Aiera's post is about EUO soon becoming account-based, but since then another update was posted and EUO is now completely account-based) and Ultima Classics Revisited (which has released version 0.1.1, mostly comprising new Ultima 1 features and fixes).

[W][R]Agape changing hands

2nd April 2005 by Dino

News from Ultima: The Reconstruction speaks of the Ultima 7 "Agape" project having died and been adopted by Major Error. There has not been any update to the Agape website yet, but there are some links to screenshots in the newspost at The Reconstruction.

Also, Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera wonders what makes Dransik so popular, as is shown from his download statistics. I am just as curious, and seeing how nobody commented yet, please do share your opinion about Dransik at the relevant topic if you play it.

Interestingly enough, no Ultima website posted any April fools yesterday.

[W][R]U6O and UIV Multiplayer

28th March 2005 by Dino

The Reconstruction's old news archives are back online.

The alpha testing contest at Ultima IV Multiplayer has ended and the answers (which are quite an interesting read) have been posted.

Ultima 6 Online has been updated; changes include custom keyboard controls, mouse movement, powder kegs, the quest being finishable, and more!

[S][W][R]Remake and Web Directory Updates

26th March 2005 by Dino

As far as my Ultima Web Directory is concerned, the page for Specific Info Sites was getting a little long, so I moved some sites into a new page for Written Info Sites. Eventually I might categorise all the Specific Info Sites. I also did some maintenance, fixing some broken links and updating the description of Ultima: The Reconstruction.

Sound has been added to Pentagram, and while some sounds are still missing, they will be added in the near future. Credits and Quotes are also now available.

The latest two dragons on the roster are Trivia Dragon and Sightless Dragon.

The alpha testing competition for Ultima IV Multiplayer ends tonight, and Johnny Wood added a couple of really easy questions to encourage participation.

News I read off Aiera: in a topic at the Exult forum, Andrea B Previtera posted some screenshots of his 3D engine, Ashes, which uses some Ultima 7 graphics.

My Guestbook is back in case you want to drop any comments!

[W][R]Update on U6 Forum

24th March 2005 by Dino

I'm afraid I overlooked an update on Aiera last time. Well, the thing is that there is a new Ultima 8 Viewer around, a program allowing you to see the graphics from the game data files. This is the fourth of its kind... the Pentagram Map and Shapes Viewer by the Pentagram team, the U8GFX program by Mad Hatter and the shapes viewer incorporated in the current Pentagram have preceded this new program.

Meanwhile alpha testers are being accepted at Ultima IV Multiplayer if they can answer a few questions about Ultima IV. There first were just 5 questions, but they are so difficult that they eventually became 8 and then 10, with 5 correct answers required. The contest is still on.

Some people have been wondering what happened to the Ultima 6 Project forum. Frilly Wumpus answered that question in a topic at my forum; it seems the Ultima 6 Project set up a new forum at Siege The Day.

I'm glad to inform Mac users that Nuvie binaries for Mac OS X v. 10.3.x (it is untested on earlier versions but may work) are being made available for download from the Nuvie downloads page. Before, only Windows binaries were available.

And finally, if you like staying current with projects on Aiera, you will be pleased to know that new projects have been added to the site, some have been removed and downloads have been updated.

[W][R][F]Reconstruction Rises; Pentagram Minimap

20th March 2005 by Dino

Surely the most important news since the last update here is the return of Voyager Dragon and the updating of his site, Ultima: The Reconstruction, that was collecting dust in the past 2 years but is now back in good shape. The Reconstruction was probably the most important site for remakes, as it was probably the first one to list them all and host their downloads. It was also the inspiration for Aiera, which now runs parallel to The Reconstruction.

Meanwhile Voyager Dragon has been catching up with the latest projects and updating links. There is also something that is new to me - news from Gradilla Dragon's Neat Ultima 5 (see 18th March 2005). In fact Gradilla says that "nu5 will use a client-server architecture", and work has begun on the library needed for such communication. Other news at The Reconstruction I haven't heard of before is the porting of the first trilogy of Ultimas to PalmOS.

The Dragon Press has also seen an update lately: a fanfiction by Wayfarer Dragon called "Ultima 0: Origins" (about Zog) has been added and a link to Damien Barban's Ultima 7 comics has been posted.

The latest dragon on the roster is now LowKee Dragon.

More interesting news is the implementation of a minimap in Pentagram. It was just an experimental feature but has become so popular that people have been asking for something similar in Exult. From what I've seen, only two screenshots exist so far - one is at the Pentagram screenshots page and the other is at Ultima: The Reconstruction. The Reconstruction also explains how to enable the feature and gives a little description of it.

And now for a number of updates courtesy of Aiera:

[S][W][R]New U4 remake

27th February 2005 by Dino

In a topic in my forum, Infinitron Dragon pointed out the existence of a little-known Ultima 4 remake for Neverwinter Nights called Ultima IV Reborn. I have added an entry for it in my Web Directory.

Scaling has been added to Pentagram, allowing the game to be run in the original 320*200 resolution, and solving some problems.

Aiera, in the 20th February update, mentioned the new EUO Wiki documentation.

[S][W][R]Ultima 7 comic

19th February 2005 by Dino

OK, so first of all, many of you have probably noticed that I no longer post almost-daily updates to Dino's Ultima Page. It's obviously because my free time is very little, and just when I thought I couldn't get busier, next week I'm starting an evening course. Well, I'm hoping to rebuild my Control Panel and hand the control of news to trusted Dragons as soon as I find a spare minute. This does not mean I am giving up on taking care of my site, but I'm going to need help keeping it up to date for the time being. Until then, I recommend you check Aiera for quicker Ultima news. It is a very good site by Withstand the Fury Dragon that I have had a small part in creating, and the news there isn't much different from what you find here. Although Aiera specialises almost exclusively on remakes, there isn't much other Ultima news lately, so you won't miss anything by following Aiera.

So yesterday I got an email from an old Ultima friend, Damien Barban, who had given us a hand with portraits in Ultima VIII - Exile. He told me about a new comic of his, narrating the story of Ultima 7. It's brilliant, and you can read it in either English or French. I'm going to add it to my Web Directory as soon as I finish doing this update.

The Titans of Ether has posted a news update with some new stuff - new team members have been recruited, and there is new media including the first character screenshot.

Here is more news from Aiera:

Aiera also wrote about a Nazghul release (version 0.3.3) back in October. Well, It's been updated again, because version 0.4.0 was released a few days ago.

[W]3 new dragons

10th February 2005 by Dino

3 new dragons have been added to the roster. The latest one is Lydian Dragon.

[S][W][R][F]Wolf Dreamer's site back

7th February 2005 by Dino

I have begun resurrecting the dead sites I have recovered. Today I've added Wolf Dreamer's website to the graveyard of my Ultima Web Directory.

A progress report has been posted to the Nuvie website. There have been some bugfixes, new things you can use, and there is also a note about current and future work. Combat is being worked on, and a scriptable magic system is being planned. We are also told that an official release may be released with the next update.

At the Dragon Press, BlueClaw's "The Journalist and the Sea" has been updated with chapter 7.

[S][W][R]Pentagram updates; websites recovered

6th February 2005 by Dino

The Pentagram team has not been idle and has come up with some interesting progress:

"The avatar will look around when idle, NPCs play their talk animation while talking, some previously broken spellcasting animations now work properly, double-right-clicking the avatar will toggle combat mode and NPC schedules are properly set every hour."

I am very happy to report that the files I thought lost (see yesterday's news) have been recovered (except my bookmarks). Some dead sites will soon see the light of day again!

[S][W][R]Scroll bug fixed; surviving info lost

5th February 2005 by Dino

I have some bad news. Very bad news, to me. On 3rd January of this year I mentioned how I had some backups of websites that were lost to the web. Well, I actually lost those backups. Another thing I lost was all my Mozilla bookmarks, where I had lots of bookmarks, especially of important Ultima info locations I would have used for Dino's Ultima Page. Well, this is a pity. It means I can't resurrect the sites I was planning to get back on the web.

On a slightly better note, I have finally fixed the bug that displaced text in the Ultima 8 scrolls (U8 Writings page) in Internet Explorer 6. I now have Internet Explorer 6, so I am unable to make sure it works in Internet Explorer 5.0 and 5.5 - whoever has these versions please check out the scrolls and tell me whether they look ok or not.

Here are some updates from the remake scene, straight from Aiera:

[W][R]Large Redemption update

1st February 2005 by Dino

Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera had his eyes open lately (unlike me) and found a topic in the Exult forum about a WIKI for Exult that has just been set up. This is a documentation project with guides for players and developers alike; as well as Usecode documentation and information about the much-sought Exult 3D.

The Titans of Ether homepage is filled with progress news. Companions ride horses with you; flora has a new animation; a more detailed fletching system than ever is now in the game; you can read the latest dev diary entry for details. There are also new team members. The Redemption competition is over, and the winner will be announced very soon at the forum.


21st January 2005 by Dino

I'm currently recovering from hardware problems, hence the lack of updates recently. Contrary to Dino's Ultima Page, the Ultima community has seen lots of updates lately. Here are the updates I've found with a quick look at some sites:

Other updates are from Aiera:

[S][W][R]Remains of dead projects found

3rd January 2005 by Dino

While backing up the Ultima files on my hard disk, I came across lots of saved webpages of websites that no longer exist. These include websites such as Ultima 1 - A Legend is Reborn, Houston Dragon's Ultima Page, Wolf Dreamer's website, Hannibal's (U9) Saved Game Archive, Destination Games, Fans for Ultima and some others. Eventually, some of them will be added to the Ultima Web Directory. Some will not, such as Houston Dragon's Ultima Page and Ultima 1 - A Legend is Reborn, unless I get proper permission to resurrect these sites. For now, I have updated the Remakes page in the Ultima Web Directory, adding an entry for The Complete Ultima 7 (which died long ago) and adding some surviving screenshots from Ultima 5 for NWN.

In the last update here, I overlooked the exact Lazarus release date that was announced on the website. Kobra Kai notified me about it. Lazarus is due to be released on 18th May 2005.

The Titans of Ether have released two screenshots of New Magincia. They also draw our attention to a new poll (whether they should go on working or treat us to a video of New Magincia) and an updated dev diary in their forums.

Here is an update from Aiera: George Stephan from Ultima IV: Virtue of Humility has announced a new project: Orion II.

[W][R]Lazarus release date

26th December 2004 by Dino

Good news from Lazarus... Tiberius has posted the following in a topic at the Lazarus forum when asked for the release date. This time, the answer wasn't the typical "when it's done".

I expect Lazarus to be fully completed within a few short months, and officially released in "gold master" at E3 2005 in late May. It's possible that we'll suffer unavoidable delays, given the nature of the project (welcome to the land of spare time and no budget), but we've been on track for a while now and I really think we're going to make it.

[S][W][R]Merry Christmas

24th December 2004 by Dino

Tibby at Lazarus actually bothered to post a Merry Christmas greeting on the Lazarus website. So far, it seems that this is the only Ultima website that posted such a notice.

Well, Dino's Ultima Page will be the second site to do that, then. All of you, have a nice Christmas and a great new year. As a Christmas present, I've added a couple of 'Christmas cards' about Ultima... send them to an Ultima friend or something. They now occupy a page of their own in the General Info section.

[W][R]Good and bad news before Christmas

23rd December 2004 by Dino

I'm sorry to say it's been quite a while since there was any interesting news on UltimaDot. But this time they've got it - they have posted a link to an article called "Ultima Online R.I.P.". While this article in no way implies that Ultima Online will end up anything like Ultima X did, it does show that EA's obstinacy in some areas is leading to a heavy loss of customers for Ultima Online.

If anyone's interested, a mint-condition copy of Akalabeth and Ultima 1 for the Apple II has just been placed on eBay. It is extremely rare, and bids are already sky-high.

Three dragons were recently added to the roster. These are Soulkingrex Dragon, Stormness Dragon and Pleomorphic Dragon.

Lazarus has updated its picture of the week since around a month ago, and also updated the progress page (which reads that the game is overall 81% done).

Quite a few updates are promised with the next client release of Ultima 6 Online. These include, among other things, sacred quests and a walkthrough for new players.

The Titans of Ether have been nice and gave us an early Christmas present, consisting of a couple of screenshots and a new tune ("Wanderer2"). You can find them all in the media section.

The Enilno team also hasn't forgotten the Christmas period. Wishing us all a happy 2005, they have opened some positions on the team, and will be posting a new chapter of their story introduction.

Aiera brings news from not-so-popular Ultima projects. IRE, the "IT-HE RPG Engine" by DOUG the Eagle Dragon, was updated to version 0.92 a few months ago. Also, EUO is now in its 1.008 version.

Finally, I bring bad news which those Ultima webmasters out there with PHP-powered websites had better take notice of. Yesterday, the Wayward Avatar fell victim to a worm that 'defaced' the site. The Wayward is now alright, but Infinity Eternal just fell victim to it as well. You can read more about it in a topic at the Wayward Avatar. From there I gathered that over 40,000 sites fell victim to this worm, which is using Google to locate new victims.

Oh, and also... if I don't post another update tomorrow, then Merry Christmas. Father Nystul Christmas and The Guardian both wish you a happy Christmas along with a wonderful new year.

[S][W][R]U8 Guide continued

17th December 2004 by Dino

A few updates to the Ultima 8 Guide:

Since the last update, the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter has welcomed another Dragon - Soulkingrex Dragon.

If you want to hear about The Samurai Empire, the latest Ultima Online expansion, head over to UltimaDot. It has linked to a couple of reviews.

Aiera brings news that a beta version of Ultima Classics Revisited (also available for Windows) has just been released. Although it's become a beta from an alpha, changes to the games are minimal as the changes have almost all been code-related.

[S][W][R]General Ultima Opinions

12th December 2004 by Dino

I've just added a new page to the General Info section. It is similar to the U8 Opinions page, but it is actually a General Opinions page for opinions about the whole Ultima series, and which games are favourites. Please go ahead and give your input! Note that I've also added a few more surviving Ultima 4: The Dawn of Virtue interviews to the Remakes page in the Web Directory.

The Titans of Ether have just released a PDF story for your reading pleasure. There is also a Gamestar article complete with translation in their forum.

[W][R]xu4 1.0 beta1

11th December 2004 by Dino

The Titans of Ether have completed a new master file. For those of you (like me) who don't know what this is, there is an explanation in their forum. We have also been promised some screenshots before Christmas.

Also, I gathered from Aiera that xu4 is on the way to releasing its 1.0 version. A first beta for this long-awaited version has already been released.

[S][W]RG Q&A

3rd December 2004 by Dino

Edbgon has just informed me about a recent Q&A with Richard Garriott. Thanks to him, you can read, among other things, about Richard Garriott's tastes regarding his house's rooms and his near-death experiences.

[W][R]Infinity Eternal using Oblivion: confirmed

28th November 2004 by Dino

In the past week, not one but two client updates were released for Ultima 6 Online. The one released on 22nd November is required, but the more recent one (released just yesterday) is optional.

There is another progress report from Pentagram with quite a few new features: the gradual gaining of health and mana points, the ability to cast Grant Peace, the implementation of Avatar-seeking fireballs at the Zealan Shrine and some combat improvements.

Three dragons have recently been added to the list, with some interesting names - Resigned Dragon, Hungarian Horntail Dragon and Mercadian Dragon.

Meanwhile Thepal at Infinity Eternal has posted a confirmation that his project will be using the Oblivion engine. Until the engine is released, he will be working on designing the world.

[W][R]Multiplayer-U4 finds host

19th November 2004 by Dino

Ultima 4 Multiplayer has found someone willing to host the server. Things will be set up for public testing over the next couple of weeks. Time has not been wasted while waiting to find a host, as death and resurrection have been implemented, and transports have been improved.

While there hasn't been any official news from Nuvie lately, there has been some other news concerning it in the forum. At one particular topic, it is noted that the Nuvie documentation has been updated with advanced configuration settings, and Pieter Luteijn has been working on implementing magic (you can follow his progress at his own webspace).

And finally, a short progress report from Pentagram. There were many bugfixes; missiles now use proper collision detection; and combat is always drawing nearer to implementation.

[W][R]EA to be sued

12th November 2004 by Dino

A GameSpot article pointed out by Edbgon mentions that many EA employees are overworked and not paid proper overtime. Looks like EA may be in trouble!

Trauts Dragon is now the latest on the roster.

[W][R]Exile screenshots

8th November 2004 by Dino

Check out Ultima VIII - Exile, where four new screenshots of various places have just been released.

[S][W][R]Contacting me; UO Samurai Empire

7th November 2004 by Dino

A note to anyone using the Contact page to contact me - don't use the email form; contact me using one of the emails listed on the Contact page. The email form doesn't seem to be working so you'll just have to do without it until I can get it fixed. If you sent me email using the form, I apologise; kindly send it again.

The latest news on both La Legende d' Ultima and UltimaDot concerns the recent release of the new official Ultima Online expansion: Samurai Empire.

News from Aiera: another project by Withstand the Fury Dragon, this one called Human Ascendence, has just been launched.

[W][R]Pentagram's Avatar dying

4th November 2004 by Dino

There isn't much news from Pentagram, but they did report that bugs with the Avatar dying have been fixed.

[S][W][R]U6O New Client

31st October 2004 by Dino

I've made some minor changes to my Web Directory, namely updating some links in the Remakes page and adding "Ultima Thule!" to the General Info page.

As of today there is a new version of Ultima 6 Online which may fix some connection problems.

Finally some news from UltimaDot:

[W][R]UGCK demo

28th October 2004 by Dino

The Underworld Game Creation Kit, that was just a free-time work-in-progress of Telemachos's, has now become more than a host of screenshots posted at a forum. It now has its own website, forum and demo!

A new client download for Ultima 6 Online is available. There are some fixes and some additions for new players.

Thepal at Infinity Eternal has clarified what he said about moving to Oblivion. This should not take too much longer than it would with the current engine.

Apart from releasing a screenshot of the Cape of Heroes, the Titans of Ether have announced a competition where you can have your quest included in the game. Submissions must be sent by the end of the year.

Pentagram is now set to play the introductory sequence with Devon, though it can be disabled as described on the website. Some issues with collision detection have also been fixed.

From Aiera I gather that a Windows port of Ultima Classics Revisited is now available. Also, you should visit their website at the new host, as the old address will apparently no longer be used.

[S][W][R]Forum and XML News

23rd October 2004 by Dino

I forgot to mention two things yesterday. First, the forum is back. Secondly, you can view the news in XML format. It will take time to load though because it's over 400KB. This XML version of the news is actually not an alternate version of the news, but is the raw news format I use. The main page converts the XML to normal XHTML so that it can be used in the page.

The latest Lost Sosaria module has been put up for download. The site itself has also been updated as there is a new character description and two new screenshots.

[S][W][R]Back to shiftedphase

22nd October 2004 by Dino

I have finally moved back to shiftedphase and you can find the site at this address: http://dino.shiftedphase.com/ultima/. The site is still being rebuilt in the new design so bear with me until I can get everything back up. Please update your bookmarks. Dino's Ultima Page will not remain on timeimmortal.net forever and from now on will only be updated on shiftedphase.

With my return to shiftedphase, so has the Ultima VIII - Exile website returned with a subdomain on shiftedphase and a totally new look.

Unfortunately there was nothing we could do on both sites to save the old forum topics. I have a very early backup of about 25 topics of the Dino's Ultima Page forum but the bulk of the topics has been lost.

News from Infinity Eternal: a change of engine is being considered, in favour of the Elder Scrolls - Oblivion engine. This would cause a year of waiting for the engine to come out but would bring more advantages.

Two new dragons have joined the club, the latest being Itzchy Dragon.

No one has volunteered to host the server for Ultima IV Multiplayer so far. Game improvements will continue to be worked on since alpha testing is thus not yet possible.

[S][W][R]UCR update

19th October 2004 by Dino

Another dragon has joined UDIC, and is the latest on the roster - Carvalio Dragon.

The good news all comes from Aiera today:

Did I say the good news all comes from Aiera? Well, I was about to forget to mention that I'm preparing to move back to shiftedphase. The domain is back, and I'm settling some things before moving back there (especially the forum which is giving me lots of trouble to re-adapt). The address will be almost the same as before, though with a small change... I'll let you know everything in due time.

[W][R]Remake updates

16th October 2004 by Dino

There has been an update to Underworld Adventures after a long period of slumber, about which I had read last time on Aiera but forgot to mention here. The developer log has been updated and also has an RSS feed now. Some screenshots of their debugger have also been added.

The links on the Enilno site have been updated; a couple have been added and some dead ones were removed.

Another fiction has just been added to the Infinity Eternal website.

Two dragons have been added to the roster, the latest being Drakesteele Dragon.

The Pentagram website reports that a TrueType font can be used for conversations, and that saving and loading from the diary menu is working right (apart from some other fixes and improvements).

[W][R]SI-French New Website

13th October 2004 by Dino

Artaxerxes reported in the Exult forum that the SI-French website is now hosted on Sourceforge.

There's a little progress report at the Titans of Ether site that reports some worldbuilding progress.

[W][R]Misc Remake Updates

6th October 2004 by Dino

At the Lazarus site you can find re-recordings of the Resistance and Oppression themes: that's two new music samples remade from old ones.

There has been a "huge update" at Infinity Eternal: one word in the fiction has been changed.

The Titans of Ether team is living up to its promise to keep us aware of what goes on in its production. The team is concentrating on worldbuilding, 3D design and scripting features. A couple of new team members have also joined the team.

[W][R]Exult 3D

3rd October 2004 by Dino

The newsbit of the moment is surely the sudden appearance of an Exult 3D, of which many screenshots have been posted on the Exult forum. This effort by Sam Matthews is just like the actual Exult, using the original graphics and all, but adjusted into a nice 3D view.

Someone asked nicely on the Lazarus forum and two new music samples have been released on the Lazarus website.

If you're interested in Ultima IX - Infinity Eternal, you might like to have a look at the new fiction that has just been put up.

For those of you who have had trouble running Nuvie while it was undocumented, there is now some basic documentation that can help you get the game running and that can give you some background information about the changes from the original in Nuvie.

[S][W][R]Remake updates

2nd October 2004 by Dino

My web directory has been updated, not with new entries but with changes and additions to existing ones. In the remakes page, I've updated the Ultima IV: The Dawn of Virtue entry to reflect its cancellation, and added some surviving information for Ultima IV: The Dawn of Virtue, Ultima 1 - A Legend is Reborn and Eriadain.

The Ultima IV: The Dawn of Virtue forum will be deleted in two days' time, on the 4th of October. If there's anything you want to save from there, be quick about it.

The Titans of Ether have attempted to contact EA about getting permission for their remakes, but got the same answer as everyone else ("no"). They have thus removed EA-related material to follow EA's request but will continue with their projects.

The homepage of Ultima 6 Online has seen a redesign, as well as an update. The gypsy character creation has been added, as well as the possibility of having up to 8 party members. New NPCs have also been added.

La Legende d' Ultima has been updated with the latest important news since the last update, particularly featuring the shutdown of The Dawn of Virtue and the rise of Titans of Ether and Infinity Eternal.

UltimaDot have news of a live publish schedule update for Ultima Online.

[W][R]Dawn of Virtue cancelled

29th September 2004 by Dino

I only noticed from Aiera that Ultima IV: The Dawn of Virtue has been cancelled. The reason for this is that EA (as with all projects) refused to grant permission for the remake. A farewell notice has been posted where the site once was.

My web directory will have to wait to be updated about this. I am too busy at present to make any changes to the site other than these little news postings.

More hopeful news is an update from Nuvie. New features keep on being implemented, and the latest progress report mentions many of these. FM-Towns audio support, using of some complex objects, resurrection, inn-sleeping, save descriptions and more - these are the latest features you can find in Nuvie.

[W][R]Remake media

28th September 2004 by Dino

News from Aiera:

In more recent news, icons have been added to Agape for better handling of frames.

In other news, the latest dragon on the roster is now Time Guard Dragon.

[S]WebDir updated again

26th September 2004 by Dino

I have added three new sites to the general info page and four to the specific info page of the Ultima Web Directory. Latest additions are listed at the end.

On another note, I start school tomorrow, so updates may slow down a little. Still, I'll do my best to keep the site up to date.

[S]PME 1.03 released

25th September 2004 by Dino

For those who still use the old Pentagram Map and Shapes Viewer, I have released the Pentagram Map Executer version 1.03. You can get it from my U8 Utilities page, although you won't see any changes to the page - the changes are within the zip file.

[W][R]Titans of Ether: new site

24th September 2004 by Dino

The new site for the "Titans of Ether" team, which are creating both Ultima 9: Redemption and Ultima X: The New King was launched yesterday. The new site has a structure much like the Redemption site used to have, but with a chilly feel. All the site has been made compatible with both projects.

[S][W][R]Ultima Classics Revisited

23rd September 2004 by Dino

I learned from Aiera that there's another Ultima project out there called Ultima Classics Revisited. This is a project to remake all Ultimas from Akalabeth to Ultima 6 - that's seven games in all. Currently there is no support for Windows systems, but that may very well change sooner or later, as the project is an SDL project (like Exult), and SDL is cross-platform.

Once again, my web directory has been updated, with a larger update than yesterday. It is slowly nearing completion:

[S]Avocet is back

22nd September 2004 by Dino

Peter informed me that Avocet Dragon's Journey to Sosaria actually still exists at a different web address. Hence my Web Directory has been changed to reflect this.

Apart from this, the following additons were made to the web directory (I told you it isn't complete yet):

[S]Web Directory

21st September 2004 by Dino

A new section of Dino's Ultima Page is finally released: the Ultima Web Directory. This basically lists all the Ultima sites I know of. It's far from complete, and I have a whole list of sites I have yet to add, but the essential stuff is there.

[S][W][R]Old info sites

20th September 2004 by Dino

I've been working on the upcoming Ultima Web Directory, which is to replace the old Links page, and have stumbled upon some news about old Ultima information sites that probably nobody checks any more. First of all, the old "Avocet Dragon's Journey to Sosaria", one of the great info sites of old, appears to have vanished from the web. Secondly - and this comes almost seven months late, but nobody else has mentioned it yet - the Moongates Ultima 4 Annex has been updated last February after three years to give mention to xu4.

News from Aiera, apart from announcing the new "Agape" Ultima 7 remake, brings relieving news from Lost Sosaria: the missing areas have already been recovered.

Speaking of the Ultima Web Directory, I'm glad to say it's almost finished. I'm hoping to release it this week, but if I don't, it will have to wait a little while longer, as I start school next week and will no doubt be very busy.

[W][R]U7: Agape for NWN

19th September 2004 by Dino

The website of a new project called Agape - a remake of Ultima 7 for Neverwinter Nights - has gone live. The authors of this remake are the same ones who released a demo of Pagan last month, and who abandoned remaking Ultima 8 when they discovered the existence of Exile.

[W][R]New King and Redemption Merge

18th September 2004 by Dino

The big news promised at the Redemption forum has been announced. The news is that the teams from Ultima - The New King and Ultima IX: Redemption have merged into a new team called Titans of Ether. Therefore both projects will be hosted at the old Ultima - The New King website and the forums for both projects are also at the same location; and Corv will lead the newly-formed team.

Ultima - The New King will be a sequel not to Ascension, but to Redemption. Thus the team will work on finishing Redemption first, although a lot of The New King will be ready once Redemption finishes, since many things such as lancscape, scripts, etc. are shared by both games.

This fusion, as was its purpose, brought back motivation to the Redemption team even when it was on the brink of failing. Many inactive team members have become active again, and Xodus who left a few days ago has returned.

On another note, there's news from Aiera - the site has been redesigned a little, and reports bad news from Lost Sosaria, which lost some of its maps due to a motherboard error.

[W][R]Infinity Eternal Screenshots

17th September 2004 by Dino

New screenshots of Serpent Isle in Infinity Eternal have been released - see them at the media page.

The dragon roster has become populated with another three dragons, the latest being Mediocre Dragon.

[W][R]Good news from remakes

14th September 2004 by Dino

Some screenshots of Skara Brae were requested in the Lazarus forum. Tiberius kindly contented us and there are four new screenshots to see.

Enilno is now two years old. Sage has posted some commentary about what happened this last year. The story introduction has also been continued, and you can now read chapter 2.

Aiera reports that Nazghul and Ultima 4 Multiplayer have been added to the site.

[W][R]U4 Multiplayer going alpha

13th September 2004 by Dino

Looks like Ultima 4 Multiplayer will be entering alpha testing soon. The latest news says that the big work is ready, and all that's left is tweaking. Before alpha testing can begin, a volunteer is needed to host the server.

Two much-requested Redemption screenshots have been released, along with news that a team member resigned.

[S][W][R]More site building

11th September 2004 by Dino

I have now restored the General Information section and the Ultima 8 Guide. The General Info section has been revamped and been split up into a number of pages. The Ultima 8 Guide has progressed a little with a new page in the Walkthrough and a nice new interface for the writings section. A known bug is that scrolls may look a little out of place in Internet Explorer 6, but I'm trying to fix that.

The devblog at Nazghul, as usual, is being updated very regularly. The latest entries are about improvements with trolls.

Ultima - The New King writes an update to mention that a new scriptor has joined the team.

[S][W][R]Rebuilding the site

10th September 2004 by Dino

This will be the home of Dino's Ultima Page for a few weeks, so I am slowly rebuilding the whole site in this new design (most of it is already done but needs a bit of adapting). You can now access the "About Site" page, the Credits page, the Contact page and the Mount Drash Guide. All these pages are completely up to date now, with the exception of a few broken links which are inevitable due to the forced move to this server. One thing of note is the new FAQ - it's totally different from the one there used to be in the early days of Dino's Ultima Page, and answers some of those questions which I regularly find in my inbox or my forum.

Fawn screenshots from Ultima IX - Infinity Eternal have been released (9 screenshots). They have not yet been added to the Media page but are hanging in that directory.

Moriendor at UltimaDot has been posting news about Ultima Online client patches and strategy guides. If you're interested, check out the Ultima Online update centre.

[W][R]Remake updates

9th September 2004 by Dino

Ultima - The New King now has a feature list, to give a better picture of what the module will contain (as well as to accomodate public requests).

There have been many updates to Ultima IV Multiplayer as of late; most are about interaction as well as the implementation of dungeons.

[W][R]Spanish beta 2 of U7 translation

8th September 2004 by Dino

The second beta of the Spanish translation of Ultima 7 has been released at Dantoine and can be downloaded from there.

[W][R]Publisher for Collector's Guide

7th September 2004 by Dino

Stephen Emond, otherwise known as Commander Falcon, has been working on an Ultima Collector's Guide for years now. His site now gives the good news that he's found a publisher for the guide, and it's likely to be published as three separate books.

In other news, there have been three updates to Ultima - The New King in the last five days. There are a couple of new team members, and a screenshot of a house has been released.

[W][R]Pentagram bugfixes

5th September 2004 by Dino

There is news from Pentagram reporting several bugfixes, including one that occurred in the original game.

[S][W][R]Server problems; Aiera launch

2nd September 2004 by Dino

Hello, all. Those of you who visit Dino's Ultima Page regularly must be wondering why Dino's Ultima Page, and inevitably, both shiftedphase.com and exodusmachine.net are down. I'll satisfy your curiosity at once. ExodusMachine and ShiftedPhase, first of all, are on the same server, and Dino's Ultima Page is a subdomain on ShiftedPhase. Our host has recently taken to changing server, but some unexpected problems occurred, and the server may remain down for a while. Withstand the Fury Dragon has been kind enough to offer a temporary home for Dino's Ultima Page until things settle and the server is back.

You'll also be wondering what happened to the "Dino's Ultima Page" that you know. No navigation, different look. Let me tell you that this is only a temporary measure. Dino's Ultima Page was part of a hub of four websites back on ShiftedPhase, and was bound to them. Separating it from them takes more work than is worthwhile, so I did not transfer the entire website here. Since the news section is what visitors want most, it's what I've brought to the temporary server. As for the look of the site, this is what Dino's Ultima Page is going to look like when it will be re-released under a new design with more content. If you like it, well and good. If you don't like it, then tell me so, or you'll be stuck with it once I release the redesigned site. You can reach me on a new email: [dandago at gmail dot com]. My old shiftedphase mail is as defunct as shiftedphase itself, so you can't reach me there. If you sent any emails to my shiftedphase address, please resend them at this new address.

The most important news is the release of Withstand the Fury Dragon's "Aiera" website: a website that continues the legacy of Ultima: The Reconstruction, which is no longer maintained. Aiera provides a more up-to-date archive of the existing Ultima projects, as well as an Orphanage for abandoned projects like Eriadain.

Aiera is also providing news of the Ultima remakes, as Reconstruction once did. The latest concerns a new client update for Ultima 6 Online and new screenshots released for Ultima IX - Infinity Eternal.

[W][F]Little things

23rd August 2004 by Dino

The Dragon Press has been updated... not with new fanfiction, but with a few fixes.

Unique Dragon (what a unique name...) is now the latest dragon on the chronological roster.

[W][R]Reign of the Just: site updated

22nd August 2004 by Dino

Following the announcement of the second demo of DOUG the Eagle Dragon's "Reign of the Just", the site has finally been updated nearly two weeks ago. The site update features new screenshots and you can go ahead and download the demo (30MB).

I see that Bootstrike has also been updated; among the many non-Ultima-related updates, there is a mention that a patch for Ultima 7 in Windows XP has been added to the Ultima 7 files section.

[W][R]Lazarus screenshots

21st August 2004 by Dino

Some new Lazarus screenshots have been released on the site of one of their newest team members. They show some interesting places like the crypts of Covetous, the Fens of the Dead and some headless-infested ruins among others.

[S][W][R]Another 2 NWN Remakes

19th August 2004 by Dino

As if the recently found projects (I'm counting at least 3 this month) weren't enough, Hoki-Aamrel the Cherry-Red Dragon (also known as WWWWolf) has found another two Neverwinter Nights remakes! An in-progress Ultima 7 remake, announced recently at the official NWN forums, seems to be moving at a surprisingly fast pace, even though there is nothing released yet. Then there is an Ultima VIII - Pagan demo for Neverwinter Nights, which isn't the "Exile" remake.

As a consequence of these findings, my links page has been updated, with the following changes:

[W][R]ERA Reasons

17th August 2004 by Dino

Telemachos, who leads Peroxide (which won't keep that name for long), has posted the reasons for closing down project ERA. The reasons are apparently because the team cannot maintain a site and meet expectations as yet; as well as the fact that they are still finding it hard to open a game company.

On another note, UltimaDot is pointing out news about UO publish 26.

[W][R]Ultima: The New King

15th August 2004 by Dino

Although it's my 17th birthday today, I'm popping in to let you know that I've found a new Ultima project called Ultima: The New King. This is a very recent project; in fact it began on the 3rd of August. It aims to create a totally new Ultima in Morrowind, which could be considered Ultima X, but which actually isn't.

La Legende d' Ultima has also been updated today (it says 15th July, but it's actually August). It reports the shutdown of Eriadain.

[W][R]Pentagram progress

14th August 2004 by Dino

The latest Pentagram progress report speaks of improvements in the movement system and the implementation of targeted jumping and item stacking.

Also, UltimaDot has news coming from Ultima Unreal, who have screenshots of four new models.

[W][R]Eriadain falls

13th August 2004 by Dino

Moa Dragon has announced the death of Eriadain. Those who have been checking the website often could probably have guessed at this, but it's still sad to lose another remake. Those who want to play around with the original files of Eriadain will be able to do so, as they will be made available for download.

More pleasant news comes from UltimaDot, who have found that the Nazghul engine is going to be used for a complete game called Haxima.

[S][W]Ultima game preservation

11th August 2004 by Dino

My Links page has been updated again. This time, I've worked on the Ultima Remake Sites, adding "Finished Games" and "Online Games" subsections. I've also added links to three more Ultima Engines.

By chance, today I came upon an article titled "Ultima game preservation". It is short, but it's a very good read, as it sums up all that Ultima is about: a unique game series, followed by a massive fan community including many who take the trouble of remaking the games.

This article also links to another article at GameSpot where Ultima 9 is judged as the "Most Disappointing Game of the Year". It pretty much sums up all that is bad about Ultima 9 (except of the statement that "it stays very true to the nature of the popular series"). Some of you might have already read it, but I guess others (like myself) have not. It's a funny coincidence that if you click on the link to Worst Game of the Year at the bottom, you'll find that it is also by EA.

[S][W][R]2 new projects

9th August 2004 by Dino

First of all, I'd like to point out that my Links page has been updated. It previously was totally obsolete and had lots of broken links. It's still not fully updated, but is much better than before.

Edbgon pointed out the existence of a SDL game called Aklabeth, which is actually a remake of Akalabeth.

Another remake project has been announced in a topic at the Exult forum. This new project is called Ultima IX - Infinity Eternal, and is being made in Morrowing by a former member of Ultima IX: Redemption. See his FAQ to find out why such a project is actually necessary, considering the existence of Redemption.

Finally, July 2004 news has been archived.

[R]Ultima IX Original Plot: Further Findings

7th August 2004 by Dino

Natreg Dragon recently pointed out to me that three PDF-format scripts of the Ultima IX cutscenes that were made for the original "Bob White Plot" can be found at the website of Michael Morlan, who wrote, directed and animated the cutscenes.

Artaxerxes announced at the Exult forum that a new version of SI-French has been released.

The latest dragon to be added to the roster is now Symphony Dragon.

[W][R]ERA to change name... again

5th August 2004 by Dino

One year and eight months after "Ultima 1 - A Legend is Reborn" changed name to "ERA: The Arken-Throne", it has been announced that the project will change name again. This time, though, the company name will change too, and "Peroxide" will be no more:

"A warm thanks goes to anyone who have followed this project thus far. We are still hard at work on bringing you the rpg you always wanted.
After long consideration we have decided to continue the production under a yet unannounced title and company name."

In other news, a Mac OS X binary for Exult 1.2 has been released.

[W]DOUG the Eagle Dragon bio

1st August 2004 by Dino

Those of you who have been to IT-HE Software and enjoyed the site might want to know more about its author. In that case, you're in luck, because Parcival at UltimaDot has interviewed DOUG the Eagle Dragon.

[W][R]UVL Contest Winners Announced

30th July 2004 by Dino

The six winners of the "Get Your Face In The Game" contest have been announced on the Lazarus website. Another twelve people, including Tailrace Dragon and Amazing Dragon (who wrote the Lost Vale fanfiction hosted here) achieved a 100% score in the trivia challenge but were not selected in the final drawing.

[W][R]New Project: U4 Multiplayer

29th July 2004 by Dino

A new Ultima project has recently appeared: Ultima IV Multiplayer. The project is very close to alpha testing, and although it may be some time before a download will be available, you can already read about it, view screenshots and discuss it.

The Pentagram site reports that dropping objects precisely at the mouse target has been implemented.

UltimaDot draws our attention to the Ultima Online Update Center, where an Ultima Meetup with the Ultima Online team has been organised for 2nd August.

[W][R]Redemption Update; Lazarus Screenshot; Lost Sosaria Countdown

28th July 2004 by Withstand the Fury Dragon

Redemption has posted a major update, including a snazzy new site banner, an updated team page, and some new sea travel music!

Telemachos has continued to post lots of new screenshots [10, 11, 12, 13, 14] from his Underworld Game Creation Kit's development process over in the ERA Forums. Later on in the thread he also discusses the cross-platform nature of the project.

Claymore, over at Lazarus "accidentally" released a screenshot in the Lazarus Forum.

Lastly, over at Lost Sosaria, a countdown of sorts has begun as the project approaches its 1st year.

[S]Dino's Page Turns Two!

27th July 2004 by Withstand the Fury Dragon

There may be other news from the Ultima Community today, but for now surely the foremost is that, today, July 27th, Dino's Ultima Page celebrates its Second Anniversary!

There's a new thread in the forum where you can drop off your birthday greetings!

[W][R]Enlino's New Home; Latest U6O Clientl Nazghul 0.2.0

26th July 2004 by Withstand the Fury Dragon

Enilno, the Ultima II Remake project, has moved to a new domain. It seems their previous domain was stolen from them, which is rather unfortunate.

A new client was released for Ultima 6 Online, featuring a whole host of updates to the game's functionality.

xu4, the Ultima IV Remake, has added a FAQ section to their site.

After a goodly while, Nazghul 0.2.0 has been released, adding - among many other features - the ability to save.

Direhaggis at Redemption gave an indication in their forum about the latest developments in that project.

[W][R]U6 Project Dev Diary

21st July 2004 by Withstand the Fury Dragon

I was tripping around the U6 Project forums when I found this little tidbit: Frilly Wumpus' development diary for July, 2004. Sounds promising! His June 2004 posting is also quite a good read.

[S][W][R]Underworld Game Creation Kit

20th July 2004 by Dino

Head over to the "Underworld fun..." topic in the Era forum to read the news of the day: six new screenshots of Telemachos' Underworld Viewer have been released, and he has announced that this once-called "Underworld Viewer" is developing into an "Underworld Game Creation Kit".

Bid welcome to Psi Phi Dragon, the latest and 15605th dragon on the roster.

Tomorrow is the third anniversary of Hacki's Ultima Page. Happy anniversary!

This will be my last news update this week. I am going abroad to central Europe (Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria) so I will be away. Withstand the Fury Dragon has kindly agreed to keep you posted with the latest Ultima news while I'm away.

[W]Spanish Ultima 7

19th July 2004 by Dino

Another interesting bit of news from Natreg: the first public beta version of the Spanish translation of Ultima 7: The Black Gate, including Forge of Virtue, has been released. You can download it from Dantoine.

[W]UO: Samurai Empire

18th July 2004 by Dino

Natreg informs me that the new expansion pack of Ultima Online has just been announced. Entitled "Samurai Empire", this expansion pack claims a link with the mainstream Ultima series, as it is based on the Land of the Feudal Lords from Ultima 1; apparently an attempt to draw hardcore Ultima fans towards Ultima Online.

[W]Peroxide Underworld Viewer Revamped

17th July 2004 by Dino

As UltimaDot announced, Telemachos at Peroxide recently posted a topic in the Era forum about the Underworld Viewer. Telemachos has rewritten the Underworld viewer from scratch, improving it by far in the process. While the new version is not yet available for download, some screenshots of the new viewer can be seen from the topic.

[W][R]In your face

16th July 2004 by Dino

Ultima V: Lazarus has set up a "Get Your Face In The Game" contest of 40 Ultima 5 trivia questions; if you get 40 on 40 correct, one of the Lazarus NPCs can have your face as its portrait.

Interesting news of progress comes from Pentagram: you can climb walls and other objects, and the death sequence of monsters (i.e. how they die, and what loot they leave) now works properly.

Enilno Sage has informed me that the Enilno forum has moved to a new location. It also appears that the Enilno site is also up on the same server.

[W][R]Lots of various news

14th July 2004 by Dino

The Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter just topped and exceeded 15600 dragons, having added about 15 in the last couple of days. The latest dragon on the roster is Tiamant Dragon.

The Lazarus French and German demos have been released a few days ago.

If you aren't tired of reading articles about Ultima X: Odyssey's death, and understand French, you can have a look at La Legende d' Ultima where Sergorn Dragon has written about the cancellation of Ultima X.

Updates from UltimaDot (here in brief):

[W]Another UXO Opinion

8th July 2004 by Withstand the Fury Dragon

Now that I remember how this news script handles its carriage returns...

I was digging around the site where the new Lazarus Interview was posted, and I stumbled across an excellent (if slightly profane) opinion piece written about the demise of UXO and EA's motivations for it.

It pretty much reflects what a lot of us have probably been thinking, and what Dino and I have talked at length about...this is just another (albeit expensive) way to shift attention back to Ultima Online.

[W][R]Opera Dragon is Back; Lazarus Interview; Time Immortal Pictures

7th July 2004 by Withstand the Fury Dragon

Dino is still away, pending repair of his DVD drive. A few new developments, though, include:

[S][W]Dino is Away; Some Web News

6th July 2004 by Withstand the Fury Dragon

Dino will be away for the next couple of days, and so he's turned news posting over to me for the time being.

So let's see what's new...

Extern Dragon is now the latest dragon on the roster.

Also, it appears that the Ultima Nation is back and has been redesigned. They are hosting some of the Lazarus screenshots.

Houston Dragon's Ultima site seems to be down for updates of some sort.

[W]Ultima IX Freedom Mod Released

5th July 2004 by Dino

Withstand the Fury Dragon found an interesting announcement posted recently by Michael "FIrstkniGHT" Menapace at the Wayward Avatar. FIrstkniGHT developed a mod for Ultima 9 that allows access to all cities from the beginning of the game, and released his "freedom mod" at Ultima-Ascension.de. Even though the site is in German, his post about the mod at the Wayward describes the mod in English.

[W][R]Ultima engine updates

4th July 2004 by Dino

Surprisingly, the websites of the engines for Ultimas 6-8 have all been updated in these couple of days.

Nuvie, the engine for Ultima 6, speaks of changes since the last update, especially the implementation of saving, and hints at what areas of the game will be developed after saving is completely done with.

The update on the website of Exult, the Ultima 7 engine that started the whole trend of engine-making, takes a different stance as it is not a progress report but the announcement of plans for the future. The news update, in fact, warns that the coming implementations will make Exult very unstable due to the complicated changes, so people intending to finish Ultima 7 should use the official releases and not the snapshots.

Pentagram for Ultima 8 has seen the basics of combat integrated into it, as the website says. There is still a lot to do as far as combat goes, but you can at least kill people and monsters even though they won't react or have loot.

[W][R]UXO Artwork, Book of Lore, Time Immortal

3rd July 2004 by Dino

Withstand the Fury Dragon's Time Immortal is back and beautifully redesigned, together with Lost Sosaria.

UXO Stratics pointed out that due to UXO's cancellation, Liquid Development, who played a large role in the development of artwork for the game, has released two demo reels alongside the UXO artwork it already had on its website. There is a Character Animation Demo Reel and a World Building Demo Reel.

There is also a new forum on UXO Stratics called "Ultima - The Book of Lore". This is supposed to be a new Ultima encyclopaedia, i.e. information is being collected in this forum.

Moriendor at UltimaDot pointed out a new UO Client Patch that has been released.

Another client update for Ultima 6 Online has been released. This includes updates related to combat, dialogue, spells, sound and stability.

[W]Ultima X cancelled

1st July 2004 by Dino

No, you aren't going to believe it. I didn't either when Withstand the Fury Dragon informed me, so I checked the official Ultima X website, and it redirected me to this press release:

June 30, 2004

Dear Ultima X: Odyssey community members,

As of today, development on Ultima X: Odyssey has ended. We feel that Ultima Online is where we need to focus our online efforts and most of my team will be moving to the UO expansion pack, the UO live team, and an unannounced Ultima Online project. Development on UO will be greatly enhanced as we consolidate our resources behind that franchise.

This isn't an easy decision but it's the right move for the future of all things Ultima, including the community and the team. We look forward to sharing our plans for the future of Ultima Online very soon.

I would like to thank all of the Ultima X: Odyssey supporters who have been with us from the beginning. I hope you will continue to support the Ultima franchise and the development team as they transition to new projects.

Thank you,
David "InQWis" Yee
Producer, Ultima X: Odyssey

It is interesting to note, however, that the official UXO site is still accessible from the main page after the splash page, for those who want to view it as a memory.

Further reading:

[W][R]Reason for AOB shutdown

27th June 2004 by Dino

Yesterday I had a chat with Wind Walker, who originally led Adventures of Blackthorn. I invited him to shed some light on why his project vanished suddenly in mid-February 2004. The conversation can be read online at Dino's Ultima Page.

The Lazarus site's latest news points to an interview with Claymore at Grimwell.

DrCode, one of the developers on Exult, has posted in the Exult forum about some things he is implementing:

Now that 1.2 has been released, we can work on new features. This means that the daily snapshots could become more "interesting". I've just merged in the following:

  1. Support (not complete) for multiple maps.
  2. Combat uses dexterity to determine how fast you can strike.
  3. Wand charges are kept track of.

Other news from UltimaDot includes:

[W][R]Pentagram site launched; UltimaDot promises U9 Guide

25th June 2004 by Dino

As Gunnar rightly pointed out (since I was too distracted to notice myself), the Pentagram site has finally been launched in all its glory. Apart from a short but interesting progress report on the news page, there is also an array of screenshots, some links and documentation among other resources.

Parcival at UltimaDot has released a first version (preview) of a new Ultima 9 Guide. The full guide should be ready by the end of the year, but there is already some good information in this first version.

If you like Ultima music, you will find a new theme on the Lazarus website: the Truth theme.

[W][R]UO 7th Anniversary Edition now available

23rd June 2004 by Dino

Team Lazarus are looking for help and have a few new openings available.

The latest dragon on the UDIC roster is now O'neo Dragon.

UltimaDot pointed out a UO Interview as well as the fact that the Ultima Online 7th Anniversary Edition is now available.

[W][R]Exult 1.2 released

19th June 2004 by Dino

The Exult team have released Exult 1.2. A list of changes since the last version can be found at UltimaDot.

Tired of forum problems, The Lazarus forums have been moved to a new location.

U6Edit, the Ultima 6 Editor by Paul Gilbert, has been updated (as UltimaDot pointed out). The new version 1.1 has a few enhancements including a memory improvement that fixes previous problems with running the program.

More news from UltimaDot: the Ultima Online 7th Anniversary Publish has been released worldwide.

[W][R]U6O Large Update

16th June 2004 by Dino

As if the Ultima 6 Online updates of late weren't enough, a new client update was released two days ago with a number of fixes and improvements. There are 9 changes listed on the site, and others that aren't mentioned.

UltimaDot are now mirroring the second Lazarus alpha demo.

[S][W][R]Lazarus Alpha Demo 2 released

12th June 2004 by Dino

Ultima V: Lazarus has released its second alpha demo, just over four months since the release of the first one. I unfortunately don't have Dungeon Siege, but from the gallery that UltimaDot set up showing screenshots of it, it looks beautiful.

The editors at UltimaDot have noticed that Ultima 4 features at number 21 in a series called "The Essential 50" on 1UP.

Checking the chronological dragon roster, it seems that former Ressurrection Dragon is now the latest dragon, under the name of Resurrection Dragon. His Internet-Explorer-only website has been redesigned; his project renamed like him from Ressurrection to Resurrection, and even those who don't like Ultima can delight in reading his version of the Ultima History.

April 2004 and May 2004 news has been archived.

[W]Ultima Sims Art Pack

10th June 2004 by Dino

Commander Falcon's Falcon Designs has experienced a couple of interesting updates. In the downloads section, you will find a new Ultima Art Pack for the Sims. See the screenshots in the Downloads section to see what it looks like. Under "Legendary Series" you will also find some new stories about some of the games and the ages.

More news from UltimaDot includes:

[W][R]U6O again: new client update

4th June 2004 by Dino

Always up to date, the Ultima 6 Online website announces a new client update. This adds features such as global and private messages, the ability to pick up partial quantities of an object, and the ability to make panpipes.

[W][R]U6O: Great Progress

30th May 2004 by Dino

The Ultima 6 Online website has seen a couple of major updates lately. Among the improvements are the ability to cast spells, the healing effect of consuming food, the respawning of monsters and the ability of monsters to poison you.

[W][R]U4: Virtue of Humility update

29th May 2004 by Dino

The only interesting news today is from UltimaDot, concerning the Ultima IV: Virtue of Humility remake. George Stephan, who made this remake, has started upon a project to remake Ultima 5.

[S][W][R]Dino is busy; Numerous Updates!

26th May 2004 by Withstand the Fury Dragon

Hey, all. In case you were wondering why the site here hasn't been updated in a while, Dino contacted me yesterday and informed me that he's been busy these last few. To that end, he's turned the helm over to me for a couple of days while he polishes off some work.

Firstly, starting from UltimaDot:

Other updates of note include Time Immortal's move to their new site. This won't be the final move for Lost Sosaria, however, as a new site design is being finalized.

Jaakko Peltonen replied to a thread in the forums for Dawn of Virtue concerning the apparent inactivity of that project. Interesting talk of newly added features.

[W][R]U5 back from E3; UltimarX 10 announced

17th May 2004 by Dino

I was checking a topic in the Exult forum and discovered a "new Ultima remake in the works", as the topic title reads. A band of er... developers have decided to follow the footsteps of Ultima IV: Elijah in the creation of the all-new UltimarX 10: The Legend of the Warriors False Gate Isle (go remember that). It's such an amazing project that I won't spoil more of the fun for you... just go there and see it for yourself.

Ian "Tiberius" Frazier, project lead at Ultima V: Lazarus, along with Matt "MasterMinoC" Regnier, are back from this year's Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3). The Lazarus website shows off a picture of Tiberius and MasterMinoC with Richard Garriott, and also explains what happened at the E3. Tiberius was busy showing off a second alpha demo there, which will be released to the public in two or three weeks' time.

[W][R]U5 Wallpaper; U6 TechDemo gallery at UltimaDot

16th May 2004 by Dino

Apart from promoting the Ultima 6 Project's tech demo, Ultima V: Lazarus have released a new wallpaper featuring a beautiful Lazarus world map.

The newly-updated dragon roster, with the latest addition of FoxFire50 Dragon, now totals 15573 members.

News from UltimaDot includes:

[S][W][R]U6P Tech Demo released; Tabula Rasa revealed

9th May 2004 by Dino

As if the new screenshots added recently to the Ultima 6 Project's website aren't enough, they have now released their first tech demo. You can read some impressions about the demo at the Ultima 6 forum, and you can post your own.

More important news is the unveiling of Tabula Rasa. This is shown not only in a GameSpy preview about the game (pointed out by UltimaDot) but also in the Computer Games Magazine, of which you can see several pictures linked by La Legende d' Ultima.

In other news, four new dragons are listed on the roster, the latest being Aldwyn Dragon.

UltimaDot also points out the following:

[W][R]UltimaDot and UDIC roster updates

3rd May 2004 by Dino

UltimaDot has pointed out an update to the Ultima Online update centre, where the 4.02c patch has been released, as well as a page about Ultima Unreal at GarageGames.

The UDIC chronological roster has been updated again; the latest dragon is now Alfre Dragon.

[W][R]U6O Progress update

27th April 2004 by Dino

Another progress update was posted on the Ultima 6 Online website on the 21st of April. Things have been going well. Magic, combat, monster stats and the U6O interface are planned to change in the near future and be more akin to the original game.

[W][R]Origin's goodbye gift to Origin Museum, U7 usecode documentation

26th April 2004 by Dino

Wizardry Dragon, who frequents the Exult forum regularly, has posted a link to some of his Ultima 7 usecode documentation. This is still a work in progress, but it appears that a very useful document will come out of this very soon.

UltimaDot brings news about the Origin Museum. Following Origin's relocation to California, some of the employees sent a whole treasure of Origin relics to the Origin Museum. There is a story about it that you can read, followed by photos of this treasure.

UltimaDot also points out what Tiberius said about Ultima V: Lazarus in a particular topic in their forums. The E3 is three weeks away, and some Lazarus team members will be there.


25th April 2004 by Dino

Team Archon, who is developing the Ultima 6 Project, has released a number of screenshots of their upcoming tech demo. These include a screenshot of nightshade, one of the Light spell, and two of transportation (by ship and by moongate).

23rd April marked one year since the last update of Ultima: The Reconstruction. Unfortunately, this once-great site is getting out of date, as Voyager Dragon, its webmaster, hasn't found time to update it for the past year. The worst part of it is that those who are skeptical about the Ultima remakes are taking The Reconstruction to represent all the Ultima remakes, and have been taking it as a sign that Ultima remakes in general are dying. This is obviously not the case. Let's hope things take a turn for the better and Voyager finds time to update The Reconstruction once again.

UltimaDot has been announcing some important updates about remakes, among others, including:

[W]New Dragon; RPGDot joins Jolt

21st April 2004 by Dino

Bid welcome to Ilcid Dragon, the latest dragon on the roster!

A notice is now shown on UltimaDot, concerning the RPGDot Network, of which it forms part. RPGDot is now owned by jolt.co.uk, and this change of ownership has been made in the best interest of the RPGDot Network and the quality of the news they provide. Read the full notice at UltimaDot itself.

[W]Hacki's Poll: U8 Storyline

19th April 2004 by Dino

Hacki's Ultima Page finally has a new poll, which is about a much-discussed topic: whether the Avatar is evil in Pagan. The previous poll, asking which virtue system was best, was won by the traditional Truth, Love and Courage system.

[W][R][F]New Nitpicks, Dragon Press back

17th April 2004 by Dino

Hacki's Ultima Page has been updated! Therein you will find lots of new nitpicks, along with a theory on floating elevators in Ascension. Enjoy!

The Dragon Press has been down for a couple of weeks, but is now back up for your reading pleasure.

Vistaer Dragon at Redemption has seen fit to go over the site and fix whatever needed fixing, particularly those hardly-legible red links which so many people complained about; the site surely looks much nicer and user-friendly now. Furthermore, the media section has been added, and comes with some new music and fan art. And that's not all, as Redemption now has its own forum, hosted in its own server as opposed to the old one which was on the Wayward Avatar.

In addition to all this, there's more news for you to see at UltimaDot, which includes:


15th April 2004 by Dino

UltimaDot has been spreading the news that the RGCU* FAQ has finally been updated again. It's been over a year since Samurai Dragon last updated it, but it's now up to date once again.

[S][W][R]U9R Site Relaunched

14th April 2004 by Dino

March 2004 news has been archived.

The Ultima 9: Redemption is back, after months down, with new material and news about the team. There is a new desktop wallpaper along with new fanfiction to accompany the newly-redesigned site, now free of frames. Avatus has apparently gone missing, and Chlorthos Dragon has temporarily taken the lead of the Redemption project along with Xodus until Avatus' return.

There is more news from other projects, brought to you by UltimaDot:

[W][R]U4 and U5 updates

13th April 2004 by Dino

I'm back from a great trip around Andalucia, southwest Spain. I would like to thank Withstand the Fury Dragon for taking care of the news here while I was away. Let's see what else has been up lately...

The UltimaDot editors have taken a look at the Ultima 4: The Dawn of Virtue forum and found a short progress report by Jaakko Peltonen which makes up for the lack of updates to their website, and tells us to expect an actual update "soon". The progress report is a little vague, but fog in particular has been mentioned as a weather improvement.

The Ultima V: Lazarus website tells us that a review of their demo is in the May issue of the Computer Games Magazine, in the "Mods & Things" column on page 36.

[S]Easter Wellwishing

10th April 2004 by Withstand the Fury Dragon

Just want to wish everyone a safe and happy Easter weekend!

[W][R]U6 Project Correction

8th April 2004 by Withstand the Fury Dragon

Okay, first off, I would like to apologize to Team Archon and the Ultima 6 Project. I am, it seems, crazy. The U6 Project website is not actually broken; it's just that I have the wrong link here. Instead of linking to u6project.com, the link should point to u6archon.com, which is still active. Thanks and kudos to Gunnar and Zephyr for pointing this out to me. I'll inform Dino that some of his links are broken when he gets back.

In other news, there are two new Dragons on the roster, Dragon-tamer Kyara Dragon and inu Dragon.

Lastly, for anyone wondering what's become of U9 Redemption, you should check out their forum over at the Wayward Avatar, because there has been quite a lot of talk about the new team and the new site (which is due to launch very soon). From the sound of it, the team has regrouped after the apparent loss of Avatus, and a new leader who goes by the name Xodus316 has posted a call for new team members.

[W][R]Enilno Renders, U6 Project Offline

7th April 2004 by Withstand the Fury Dragon

Surely the biggest news has to be the release of four rendered images of what Enilno, the Ultima 2 remake, will look like "in-game". These images appear to be exclusive to UltimaDot, but news of them is also on the Enilno site.

Also on the Enilno site is mention of the posting of part two of their story introduction.

Strangely, the Ultima 6 Project website appears to be down for construction of some kind. Perhaps a left-over April Fool's joke? The site can still be reached through Planet DungeonSiege.

Imperial Chaos Dragon is now the latest Dragon on the UDIC roster.

As well, you might want to head over to the Time Immortal website, where there is mention of a proposed second project for that team.

[W]Going abroad...

6th April 2004 by Dino

I'm going abroad tomorrow, to Spain, for seven days. I'll be back on Tuesday 13th April 2004. While I'm away, I'm entrusting the news of Dino's Ultima Page to the care of three of my most trusted regular visitors, so you might still see news on Dino's Ultima Page until I'm back on Tuesday.

Meanwhile UltimaDot have news about Ultima X from OGaming: They have a "Design a crest contest and some new fan-made wallpapers.

[W][R]U3 in Windows and U6 for GBA

4th April 2004 by Dino

Another Dragon, WhiteAngel Dragon, is now losted on the roster.

I just noticed that the latest Dragon after WhiteAngel Dragon - Dubs Dragon - has a site about Ultima 6 for Game Boy Advance. It seems only to work in Internet Explorer, and it's a bit difficult at first to figure out that navigating the site involves moving the Avatar into the various rooms on the map, but the site looks very, very interesting.

UltimaDot brings news that the Ultima III Project, which has been on hold for a couple of years, is back in action. It is even including the option of playing Ultima 3 in 3D, and screenshots of this are shown on the site.

[W][R]April Fools

2nd April 2004 by Dino

Eriadain and Redemption are still alive! Ha! April Fool! Yesterday the maintainers of three Ultima sites (Lazarus, Exult and Enilno) had a little laugh by posting their April Fool's joke on their website. I mean, when you see a whole row of extraordinary news piling up on UltimaDot - "We've given up our project!", "Our website has been hacked!", "Our code has been stolen by John Brown!", coincidentally sitting beside the date of 1st April 2004, you begin to wonder what kind of idiot the people maintaining these sites think you are. It would have been worth a giggle if they actually came up with something original. Despite it being evidently a joke, the Exult 'press release' was worth the giggle. But ironically, Lazarus posted that they are shutting down, just two months after their first demo. Very original. So original that I was actually thinking of posting a joke myself that I would discontinue Dino's Ultima Page, even before I read the April Fool's jokes today. The Enilno joke was very distasteful, as it even contained foul language. I know April Fool's Day is a day of fooling around (trust me, I had a whole day doing just that), but there's a way to do it.

Anyway, in other news...

UltimaDot also has a couple of updates dated 30th March which I haven't pointed out yet:

[W][R]Remake updates

28th March 2004 by Dino

UltimaDot has four news articles related to the remake scene:

[W]UXO news

26th March 2004 by Dino

UltimaDot has been posted with a notice to say that the official Ultima X website has been updated with a series of monster animations.

La Legende d' Ultima has been converted to PHP, and also points out a topic in the UXO Stratics forum about a new Ultima X producer - David "InQWis" Yee.

[W]UO updates from UltimaDot

23rd March 2004 by Dino

UltimaDot has two news updates concerning Ultima Online. The first is that the Character Transfer system is going to Japanese shards. Secondly, Ultima Iris now has the option of playing in 2D, aside from the normal 3D of the client.

[W][R]U6O found hosting

21st March 2004 by Dino

Heading over to UltimaDot, you'll see that:

You will also notice a new dragon, Mystic_River_of_Darkness Dragon, if you check the latest dragon on the chronological roster.

[W]Bootstrike back

19th March 2004 by Dino

Bootstrike, a major Ultima information resource, was forced down recently because of trouble with its host. However, it is now back: 17th March 2004 [...] Web site is back thanks to Philip!

UltimaDot have posted a link to an article about EA dominance in the gaming industry. If you're interested in learning more about the power of tyrant EA in the gaming industry, this is what you are looking for.

[W][R]Notable Domain; Nuvie Progress

17th March 2004 by Dino

Underworld Dragon kindly informed me that his website, The Notable Ultima, now has its own domain. You can find his site straight at http://www.notableultima.com/ other than at the old address (http://home.hiwaay.net/~rgregg/ultima/).

If you look at the Nuvie website, you'll notice a large update. Its first birthday was just three days ago, and there is a large list of updates and changes to Nuvie since the last progress report. Some include great features such as the ability to scroll back through your conversations, custom music support, and new ALT codes (among many others).

Makofan Dragon is now the latest dragon on the chronological roster.

The Ultima VIII - Exile website has been updated another two times in the last four days. They are both about NPC schedules; and while one speaks of the progress made in the schedules, the other points to a discussion about them in the Exile forum.

The Ultima 6 Online site has bad news - "Unfortunately we have been unable to find a temporary host for U6O so from March 23rd until May U6O will be unavailable." The latest update also speaks of the addition of the various magical rings and a couple of other minor things.

UltimaDot has other news worth looking at:

[S][W][R]Pentagram resources and more

13th March 2004 by Dino

The Ultima V: Lazarus website announces an interview with Claymore at Grimwell Online.

Two new members have joined the Ultima 6 Project's team.

Two new dragons are listed on the UDIC chronological roster, DomMok Dragon being the latest.

La Legende d' Ultima has been updated again, featuring two small updates to the actual site, namely the Ultima X and Remakes pages.

More updates from UltimaDot lately are the following:

My Ultima 8 Utilities page has been updated with these new Pentagram resources, as well as with links to a resource on Mad Hatter's homepage (thought dead by many since it actually relocated some time ago).

[W]Death of UXO

7th March 2004 by Dino

Dhruin at UltimaDot pointed out an article entitled "The Death of UXO". The article speaks of how the main people behind Ultima X have had to leave Origin because of EA's recent decision to move the company. To sum it up, La Legended' Ultima's latest update is a whole essay about this matter.

The screenshots of updated robes at Ultima VIII - Exile that were promised in the last update are now in the Media section.

There is a whole load of new nitpicks on Hacki's Ultima Page.

[W][R]Exile news & Virtue of Humility interview

4th March 2004 by Dino

After almost four months of slumber, the Ultima VIII - Exile site now has news. The news speaks of two modellers who have applied to join the team, and of the enhanced robes permitted by the Neverwinter Nights updates, which you will be able to see from screenshots which will be released shortly.

Parcival at UltimaDot has taken the opportunity to interview George Stephan, the man who made and completed, on his own, the Ultima 4 remake, Virtue of Humility.

[W][R]Exult 1.1.10RC2 released

3rd March 2004 by Dino

Exult 1.1.10RC2 has been released; it's mainly related to bug fixes, including the plot-stopping kind.

The Ultima 6 Project has released version 0.2 of its Font Builder.

There have been quite a few general additions and changes to the Ultima V: Lazarus lately. The progress bars have been updated, and while the team roster has also been updated, the ever-growing team is still looking to expand and the job openings page has been updated to reflect two new openings. A new wallpaper, entitled "The Shadows Come", has also been released.

Other updates are brought to you by the editors at UltimaDot:

[W][R]OSI relocation and other news

27th February 2004 by Dino

Sad news is running around the net about the relocation of Origin Systems Inc. to California, which may result in the laying off of employees, and possibly Origin's shutdown. Read more about this in the following locations:

More news from UltimaDot is as follows:

[W][R]U9R to be back soon; Lost Sosaria alpha release

22nd February 2004 by Dino

There has finally been an update to the remains of the Ultima IX: Redemption website. The little notice that has been there for a couple of months has been added with a notice saying that the Redemption website is "returning soon".

Twice has the Ultima V: Lazarus website been updated today. The first update points to the openings page, as Team Lazarus is looking for a musician. Moreover, an interview with Tiberius can be found at Gamer's Radio.

And once again, there are plenty of updates at UltimaDot:

[W][R]Era wallpaper and U6P Font Tool

19th February 2004 by Dino

Era's homepage has been changed a little, recently. In the news section, the quest for publishers and investors has been summarised in two short paragraphs; the team augurs a good 2004; and it says that a wallpaper has been added to the download section to replace the obsolete wallpapers.

The Ultima 6 Project has released its Font Builder, with which modders can easily create custom font sets.

There has been an update to the Ultima 6 Online website just today. After the news of progress posted on the 12th, whereby quite a few gameplay improvements were implemented, today there has been more progress. 16 NPC dialogues have been completed, and basic saving/loading features should be available by the end of the month.

If you look at UltimaDot, you'll find lots more news:

[W][R]Blackthorn joins Allysium??

16th February 2004 by Dino

The link to the Adventures of Blackthorn website seems to redirect to a website called The Road to Allysium. Taking a closer look at the news, it appears that Wind Walker from Adventures of Blackthorn has joined this project:

Welcome!! to the new Allysium site!! our First major announcement is that Prizm Entertainment (Team Blackthorn) has hopped on board with Mystical Productions to bring you a better Allysium!! and we are becoming chock full of custom content!! Have a look around and be sure to join the forums, we want to hear from you!!

It would seem that there will be no Adventures of Blackthorn, as Wind Walker is giving a hand with Allysium.

UltimaDot's only news is an Ultima X contest at MMOG Hell requiring participants to design a guild crest.

[W][R]Ultima X updates

13th February 2004 by Dino

The news today is all related to Ultima X. La Legende d' Ultima points out the updates to the official Ultima X website; and UltimaDot has mentioned that along with the following news:

[W][R]Era screenshots

9th February 2004 by Dino

UltimaDot has over a dozen new updates but the main one is that it has ten new Era screenshots, showing dungeons, landscapes, a town, and one particular screenshot of a ship which I consider most beautiful, as the water looks so nice and realistic.

Three more dragons are new to the roster.

The Lazarus website has been updated with new music as well as the mention of a couple of photos by Ymochel the Dark Elf Bard showing Lazarus played on a projector screen. I also just noticed that there are a number of screenshots from the demo in the screenshots page.

Other updates from UltimaDot include:

[S][W][R]Exult, Ultima translator

5th February 2004 by Dino

The Exult website tells of a change in audio configuration, including how to use digital music.

Speaking of Exult, it was on the Exult forum that Artaxerxes announced a web tool with which to translate Ultima 7. It is available at the SI French Project Files page on SourceForge.

2 more mirrors now host the Lazarus demo, as its official website reads. These links have again been added to my Ultima 5 info page where I have listed all the available mirrors from where one can download the Lazarus demo.

UltimaDot set its spotlight on the Ultima Lair of Great Siberian Dragon.

[S][W][R]Lazarus mirrors

4th February 2004 by Dino

The Ultima V: Lazarus is flowing with life and has been updated again; there are two new download mirrors and the Lazarus demo has been featured on a GameSpot news article. My Ultima 5 info page has been updated to reflect these new links.

The Ultima 6 Project also stepped forward to announce the Lazarus demo release, pointing out that the conversation engine is a fruit of U6P-UVL collaboration.

[S][W][R]More Laz material

3rd February 2004 by Dino

The Lazarus team would like to thank three members of the Archon project, as the website says. More download mirrors for the demo have also been added. I took the opportunity to list all the known download mirrors in my Ultima 5 remakes section. UltimaDot has also put up a screenshot gallery for people who don't own Dungeon Siege.

Other news from UltimaDot includes an Ultima X interview at GameZone and a new Ultima X screenshot at OGaming.

For avid Ultima collectors, check out the latest column at Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe, which is about Mount Drash. This link has been added to my Complete Guide to Ultima: Escape from Mount Drash.

As Eric Fry (of Nuvie) has informed me, U6Edit 1.0 has been released.

January 2004 news has been archived.

[W][R]Ultima V: Lazarus alpha demo released

2nd February 2004 by Dino

A demo of Ultima V: Lazarus has finally been released! I unfortunately don't have Dungeon Siege, but other people who played it have made very good comments about it. Read the opinions expressed on Hacki's Ultima Page, UltimaDot and La Legende d' Ultima where this news has been announced.

In other news, the Lazarus progress bars have been updated.

UltimaDot also brings to our attention three new Ultima X screenshots at UXOVault and news of an upcoming Ultima X Dev Chat.

[W][R]Various news

31st January 2004 by Dino

UltimaDot brings various news from the Ultima community, including the following:

[W][R]Exult 1.1.9RC1 released; UDIC roster links

29th January 2004 by Dino

Exult 1.1.9RC1 has been released. Everybody is urged to test this release to help report bugs and ensure that the upcoming Exult 1.2 release will be the most stable ever.

I see an improvement to the UDIC rosters (by date or alphabetical) - the name of those dragons who have a website is now a link to their own website.

UltimaDot has news of an Ultima Online land rush and amnesty program, as well as a third Ultima X designer diary at Gamespot.

[W][R]One week to the prophecy

27th January 2004 by Dino

The Ultima V: Lazarus website reminds us that only one week is left for the prophecy of the Codex to be fulfilled.

Again, the UltimaDot news is focused on Ultima X. At Ogaming there is a new screenshot; at the IanStorm forums there is information about Ultima X, and GenGamers has a music file from Ultima X available for download.

[S]No more common network pages

25th January 2004 by Dino

I've removed the pages that were common to all sites on my network, such as the "About me", "Disclaimer" and "Contact" pages. Dino's Ultima Page now has its own "Contact" page; the disclaimer is provided on the main page of Dino's Network and Dino's Ultima Page now has its own "About me" page. I've also created a new personal site, so while the "About Me" page describes my personal experience, you can go to my personal site to learn about other areas of my life.

This is the first step towards a redesign of Dino's Ultima Page. If you find anything that doesn't work, please let me know.

[W][R]Exult 1.2 coming soon

24th January 2004 by Dino

A discussion at the Exult forum has led to information about the next Exult release, which should be out very soon. To quote Colourless Dragon, "1.2 should be coming out 'real soon now'.... Actually in less than a week is the current forecast."

UltimaDot posted news about Origin wanting input about Ultima Online, a discussion at the Era forum and two updates to the Features section of the official Ultima X website.

[W][R]U7 Remixed to be back soon

22nd January 2004 by Dino

UltimaDot has news of the Ultima 7 Remixed project. In fact, a notice on the site tells us that "Return to Britannia will return shortly".

The latest Dragon on the roster is now Cybernetic Dragon.

[W][R]U6P and UVL fusion produces ships

21st January 2004 by Dino

The union between Lazarus and the Ultima 6 Project has led to the making of nautical navigation, i.e. ships. Both websites have been updated to point out the screenshots on the Ultima 6 Project's site.

Lifelust Dragon is now the latest on the roster.

Bootstrike, despite the notice that has been there since October about it having to eventually be put down, is still up. The "bye-bye" notice has been removed, but there seems to be no indication as to whether Bootstrike will remain alive and kicking or be forced to be put down with its web host. Since the Serpent Isle section has been updated on New Year's Day, it seems that the site is alive and well for now.

UltimaDot's latest news consists of having pointed out an Ultima X screenshot at OGaming and more Ultima X screenshots at Gamer's Pulse.

[W][R]Lands of Ultima

19th January 2004 by Dino

Apart from having mentioned the third GameSpy Developer Diary for Ultima X, UltimaDot pointed out a new Ultima website called The Lands of Ultima which contains a nice collection of Ultima maps made with Xenerkes Dragon's Ultimatrix.

La Legende d' Ultima mentioned the Ultima X website's update and added some new screenshots of the Playstation version of Ultima Underworld.

The Ultima 6 Project's Interface Designer has been upgraded, and you can download version 0.2.6.

[W][R]Hacki's Ultima Page is back!

17th January 2004 by Dino

Hacki's Ultima Page is back after months of repose! Hacki was kept back by "a university study, a broken computer in the summer and the sudden desire for a general overhaul", but now the site has been updated with a new design, loads of new nitpicks (including a new system of laying them out), an organised news archive by month and a new navigation structure to name a few things.

In other news from UltimaDot:

[W][R]U6P, U6O and other updates

16th January 2004 by Dino

The Ultima 6 Project have given us a new collector's card, an update to their API definitions and the promise of a new version of their Interface Designer very soon.

UltimaDot brings news of:

[W][R]Various news

14th January 2004 by Dino

UltimaDot mentioned the Lazarus news with an explanation to the "Groundhog" bit (i.e. that the release date of what is coming should be around 2nd February). Apart from this, the editors at UltimaDot pointed out a heated discussion about Ultima Online servers, and that the decompiled scripts of the new Ultima 6 editor have been released with an update today.

[W][R]Lazarus, Archon and Elemental cooperating on Dungeon Siege

12th January 2004 by Dino

The Lazarus, Archon (Ultima 6 Project) and Team Elemental websites have been updated to say that the latter two teams are cooperating with Lazarus. Furthermore, the Lazarus site has a link to a runic message which reads:

"Long have the people of Lazarus laboured upon a work which may bring them much fame. Known only by the words "Project Houston" for reasons which no man can name.

This work's end is now fast approaching, its time is, at last, close at hand. Prepare yourselves thus for its coming, when the Groundhog seeks shadow on land."

New dragons keep being added to the roster. The latest is Gossamer Dragon.

UltimaDot, apart from the update at the official Ultima X website, has pointed out an exclusive Ultima X screenshot at OGaming.

[W][R]Various news

10th January 2004 by Dino

Three new dragons have been added to the roster.

As UltimaDot announced in their news today...

[W]New Dragon

8th January 2004 by Dino

A new Dragon has joined the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter. He is Valdric Dragon, and is now listed as the latest Dragon on the chronological roster.

[S][W][R]Speculation on redesign

7th January 2004 by Dino

In my forum, I've been discussing the possibility of a redesign to Dino's Ultima Page. This wouldn't change much in terms of appearance compared to how it is now, but much more content would be added and the site would be more dynamic, allowing easy addition of new content. This update may take very long, but at the end of the day it will benefit the site a lot. Such a redesign is currently speculation, but may become in progress soon if I get enough feedback.

Nytefall, a 2D artist, has joined Ultima V: Lazarus. Team Lazarus also thanks Team Elemental and Team Archon for their recent help.

UltimaDot also brings another two updates to attention - the first is that Era may have been updated with new Emers Isle screenshots but made no note on the news page about such an update, and the Lost Sosaria website has been relaunched with some new content and revised pages.

[W][R]UltimaDot & La Legende

3rd January 2004 by Dino

La Legende d' Ultima has been updated and its 2003 news has been archived. It speaks of a mistake made with Tabula Rasa screenshots, and of an RPG called Teudogar and the Alliance with Rome that seems to be inspired by Ultima 7 due to a similarity between the two engines.

There are 3 updates on UltimaDot today, including:

[S][W][R]Project updates

2nd January 2004 by Dino

Apart from the Nuvie and Ultima 6 editor news, UltimaDot have found 3 other updates on other sites:

December 2003 news has been archived.

[W]New U6Edit editor

1st January 2004 by Dino

A new Ultima 6 editor has been announced at this thread in the Nuvie forum. U6Edit, as it's called, has not yet been released, but the screenshots on the website make it look very promising.

UltimaDot has been updated just to tell us happy new year.

[W][R]Nuvie - great progress

31st December 2003 by Dino

Nuvie has given us a nice big progress report as a New Year's gift. One of the new features consists of eggs now spawning monsters. This engine is always coming nearer to the original Ultima 6!

Formerly located at http://members.shaw.ca/cmdrfalcon/, Falcon Designs, the home of the upcoming Ultima Collector's Guide, has moved to a new address. The old site is still there but the new one is more up to date.

The only updates to UltimaDot today are the announcing of the Era update and of the birth of a new site in the RPGDot Network, SiegeDot.

Happy New Year!

[W][R]Era wallpaper

30th December 2003 by Dino

The Era website has been updated to wish us happy new year, and a wallpaper has been added.

UltimaDot points out a new Ultima X screenshot at ogaming.com.

[S][W][R]General Info updated

29th December 2003 by Dino

I've removed a couple of dead links from the general information page and added links to the "Dragon Gallery" biographies at UltimaDot to the bottom of the page. I have larger plans for the general information section, but as with most of my other plans for this site, it requires time...

Instead of showing the directory index, the location where the Ultima IX: Redemption website once was shows the message: "The Project Is Currently On Hold", whatever it means in this case. Let's hope all is well.

[W][R]Era looking for investors

28th December 2003 by Dino

The Era website's news has been replaced with a plea for investors to fund Peroxide. Most of the site has in fact been changed to be aimed at such people.

[S][W][R]U9 Ghost ship screenshots

27th December 2003 by Dino

Infinitron Dragon, the webmaster of Ultima Thule!, has spotted a ghost ship at the Britain docks in Ultima 9 and has kindly provided five screenshots, which have been added to my Ultima 9 gallery.

Parcival at UltimaDot found a link to a new screenshot of the Labyrinth of Worlds remake.

[W][R]U6P site redesign

24th December 2003 by Dino

The Ultima 6 Project's website has been totally redesigned. There's a new picture of the week, new documentation and updates to pretty much the whole site.

Apart from this, UltimaDot has been updated to mention the following:

Merry Christmas!

[W][R]U6O update mentioned on UltimaDot

22nd December 2003 by Dino

The Ultima 6 Online update I mentioned yesterday is now shown on UltimaDot as well.

[W][R]Thesis on soft shadows

21st December 2003 by Dino

There have been four updates to UltimaDot yesterday:

There is a new update to the Ultima 6 Online website dated tomorrow (!) about a security problem that has been fixed; it also says that the online download will have to wait a few more days.

La Legende d' Ultima has been updated with its regular update explaining what happened in the Ultima scene since the last one. The most recent Ultima X website's update is mentioned, as well as concept art of Tabula Rasa (a game Richard Garriott is working on) at Eric Shawn's website.

On a side note, my Christmas Holidays have started; this means more free time. I've been replaying Ultima 5, and I'm in the process of collecting information (once again). With some luck, I might even release some soon, or else I might just wait until I collect enough information to start a guide... depends how things turn out.

[W][R]U4 dev diary, UXO update

19th December 2003 by Dino

Yesterday, the update to the Ultima IV: The Dawn of Virtue website was delayed for the third consecutive day. However, today there has been an actual update - a new entry in the development diary describes what's been going on in the remake's development.

UltimaDot has also pointed out the above update to the Ultima 4 remake's website. Furthermore, modeller requests in the "Fan Development forum at the Wayward Avatar has also been pointed out. As far as Ultima X is concerned, UltimaDot links to the fourth part of RPGVault's Ultima X interview, as well as to the official Ultima X website, where there has been an avalanche of updates including new media (AIM icons, videos and wallpapers), Links (Developer Feedback and fan sites), a new feature (Virtue Abilities), a new orc fiction and an update to the FAQ.

[W][R]UXO beta?

17th December 2003 by Dino

Silverado posted a link in my forum to some kind of promotional notice about an Ultima X: Odyssey Beta Giveaway on MMORPG.com! From what I can understand, people with an MMORPG.com account and who live in the United States or Canada have a chance of winning the UXO beta in January.

Another brief notice has been posted to the Ultima IV: The Dawn of Virtue website, telling us to wait another day because the actual update is not ready yet.

Tuga Dragon is now the latest Dragon on the roster.