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News articles

[S][W]CRPG Addict in Jhelom

29th June 2020 by Dino

Another update from The CRPG Addict's Ultima VII: The Black Gate playthrough today: he has visited Jhelom, settling a local dispute and picking up Dupre. Further exploration led him to visit nearby caves and the Dungeon Destard, before finally meeting a unicorn. He will be going to Yew next.

Dino's Ultima Page has also seen a few small updates today, namely:

[S][W]Ultima 6 Speedrun Script

28th June 2020 by Dino

Almost 30 years ago, Strong Axe Dragon wrote a script for speedrunning Ultima 6. Recently, he played through it again, optimising and polishing it for publication. With his permission, the updated version can now be found in the Walkthroughs section of the Ultima 6 Guide, here at Dino's Ultima Page.

Just a few days ago, The CRPG Addict played through The Forge of Virtua, effectively ending up with superpowers.

[W][R]Corven Relaunches Kickstarter, Is Funded

23rd June 2020 by Dino

Following the recent cancellation, a new Kickstarter campaign was launched to fund Corven: Path of Redemption, at a more modest goal of $20,000... which has already been reached after just over a day! Aside from the Kickstarter page itself, more details about the relaunch and the funding goal being reached can be read at The Ultima Codex. Sir Cabirus, who is in the game as an NPC, has also posted some interesting details about the new campaign, including the updated demo and an interview with Florian Kasper (aka Corv, who leads the development effort) on RPGWatch.

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