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Ultima Worlds of Adventure 2 - Martian Dreams

About Martian Dreams

Read about Martian Dreams at:

Bugs and Mistakes


Hacki's Ultima Page [German | English] has some Martian Dreams nitpicks [German|English].

Save Crash Bug

Several players have experienced a bug where the game crashes when saving. Different sources have blamed different conditions for this, so it is not clear what the cause is. See:


Martian Dreams sections can be found:

Martian Dreams pages can be found:


The Martian Dreams copy protection questions and answers are available on my copy protections document.


The Martian Dreams page at Wikipedia has a list of cameos and trivia.

More trivia can be found at the Martian Dreams page at the Codex of Ultima Wisdom.

The word "GRYPHON", written into the ice caps of the Martian Dreams map, is a tribute to the main map designer on the Martian Dreams team.


Thanian Dragon and Paulon Dragon have compiled a list of items [TXT] obtainable with MDHack. This list is available at The Other Codex (Wayback Machine).

Maps and Places

A tiny, illegible cloth map of Mars can be found:

Nice big cloth maps of Mars can be found at the High Resolution Ultima Map Project.

There is a whole page about places and interesting encounters at UltimaInfo.net (Internet Archive).

Computer-generated maps can be found at Andrew Jenner's Ultima maps page.

The face on Mars is a hill on the surface of Mars shaped like a face, which both features in the game and really exists. The following is a list of related resources.


See my page about MDHack at my Savage Empire Guide.

Thanian Dragon and Paulon Dragon have compiled a list of items [TXT] obtainable with MDHack. This list is available at The Other Codex (Wayback Machine).

There is an MDHack entry at The Ultima Codex.


Screenshots of Martian Dreams can be found:

Indie Gamer has a post about Martian Dreams (9th January 2020). It contains a brief description of the game as well as a YouTube video in which she plays the introduction and first moments of the game.


A whole selection of Martian Dreams music is available at The Bard's Library, part of Mysterious Sosaria.


From the Martian Dreams section at The Other Codex (Wayback Machine), you can download a zip file containing icons made from the portraits of the Martian Dreams NPCs.


The Ultima Codex has a list of projects related to Martian Dreams.


Read about Martian Dreams at:


The story of Martian Dreams can be read:


A walkthrough was written by Aubrey Kalyn Chen aka SwiftHeart Dragon on 12th June 1995. It can be found:

Another Walkthrough, by Lim Soo Ling [TXT], is also on the Ultima Web Archive.

The Other Codex (Wayback Machine) has an excellent walkthrough, as well as answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (Wayback Machine).

The Let's Play Archive has a Let's Play Martian Dreams walkthrough. Let's Play walkthroughs are known for the massive amount of screenshots accompanying them and for the humourous approach taken in completing the games.


Some Martian Dreams videos on YouTube include:

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