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[S][W]RG Interview and CRPG Addict Playing U7BG

1st May 2020 by Dino

Richard Garriott recently appeared in an interview in which he talked about the history of the Ultima series, Lord British, Origin, Ultima Online, and Shroud of the Avatar. A link to this interview has been added to the General Information page at Dino's Ultima Page.

Meanwhile, The CRPG Addict has continued playing Ultima VII: The Black Gate. His latest post, "The Black Gate Bonus: The Books of Britannia", is filled with trivia about where many of the in-game books came from. As a result, I've added a link to this post, as well as another link to The Notable Ultima's U7BG book transcripts, to the U7BG Writings page here at Dino's Ultima Page. I've also added a link to The CRPG Addict's earlier post, "The Black Gate: Wee Britain", to the U7BG Fun page since it has some notes on interactivity in the game.

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