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News articles

[W][R] Worlds of Ultima : Lost Sosaria WIP module released

2nd March 2008 by Petrell

Work in progress version of Worlds of Ultima : Lost Sosaria module for Neverwinter Nights has been released. Also problem with broken/corrupted downloads users may have experienced downloading the files earlier should also be fixed.

EUO3D 0.14 has been released. The new version fixes the minimise bug and integrates all changes from moa 0.82.

Ranman has posted an update on his progress with Ultima V for Ti Calculators :

The Feudal Lands and Seven Towers have been inaccessible past week due to Wizardry Dragon losing u7feudallands.com domain but are now back online with new addresses. Please update your links accordingly.

Serpent Isle Fixes and Black Gate Keyring at Seven Towers have also been updated to fix problems introduced by bugs in Usecode compiler. Better diagonal moongates were also added to Black Gate Keyring mod. Also the Exult Intrinsic Reference has on the site has been updated but modders have to wait later snapshots of Exult to make use of the new features.

Sage has added two new entries to his developer's diary at Titans of Ether forums.

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