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[S][W][R]Return of the U6 Project

2nd August 2005 by Dino

After over a year of inactivity (the site being inactive, not the team), The Ultima 6 Project returns with a brand new website. There is no new content and no real news yet, but the news page promises some 'exciting announcements' soon.

Check out the new poll at Ultima VIII - Exile; Corvwyn would like to know which game people consider to be the best Ultima.

The Titans of Ether celebrate the first anniversary of their forum, and bid welcome to five new team members (one of which is Sage, former leader of Enilno).

If any of you are curious to know what the Exult website looked like in its early days, head over to the Exult forum where Andrea B. Previtera (and Blackbird) posted a couple of links to archived versions of the Exult site.

OK, so here are a few updates concerning Dino's Ultima Page:

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