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[S]Ultima Info Restoration and Assimilation

2nd August 2015 by Dino

I've continued cleaning up the dead links in the various info pages of Dino's Ultima Page. The ones restored this weekend include: Ultima 4, Ultima 5, Ultima Underworld 2, Ultima 8 Maps and Places, and Ultima 9. I have also restored my old (2003) Exult Review among other minor improvements to the Ultima 7: The Black Gate section.

While doing this cleanup, I realised how much Ultima information and how many resources have been lost over the years as sites continued to disappear. For instance, most mirrors of the latest Ultima 5: Lazarus release are down, and no mirrors survive that used to host their first two demos. The policy at Dino's Ultima Page has always been to host original content (or content by other people where permission is given), and link to information on other websites (rather than copying it, as many websites did at the time). Today, this policy changes. In order to preserve Ultima resources as much as possible, I will begin hosting maps, walkthroughs, etc from third-party websites where it makes sense to do so. I have already begun doing this in the Ultima 5 info page, where a lot of resources still survive only thanks to the Internet Archive.

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