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[S][W][R]Server problems; Aiera launch

2nd September 2004 by Dino

Hello, all. Those of you who visit Dino's Ultima Page regularly must be wondering why Dino's Ultima Page, and inevitably, both shiftedphase.com and exodusmachine.net are down. I'll satisfy your curiosity at once. ExodusMachine and ShiftedPhase, first of all, are on the same server, and Dino's Ultima Page is a subdomain on ShiftedPhase. Our host has recently taken to changing server, but some unexpected problems occurred, and the server may remain down for a while. Withstand the Fury Dragon has been kind enough to offer a temporary home for Dino's Ultima Page until things settle and the server is back.

You'll also be wondering what happened to the "Dino's Ultima Page" that you know. No navigation, different look. Let me tell you that this is only a temporary measure. Dino's Ultima Page was part of a hub of four websites back on ShiftedPhase, and was bound to them. Separating it from them takes more work than is worthwhile, so I did not transfer the entire website here. Since the news section is what visitors want most, it's what I've brought to the temporary server. As for the look of the site, this is what Dino's Ultima Page is going to look like when it will be re-released under a new design with more content. If you like it, well and good. If you don't like it, then tell me so, or you'll be stuck with it once I release the redesigned site. You can reach me on a new email: [dandago at gmail dot com]. My old shiftedphase mail is as defunct as shiftedphase itself, so you can't reach me there. If you sent any emails to my shiftedphase address, please resend them at this new address.

The most important news is the release of Withstand the Fury Dragon's "Aiera" website: a website that continues the legacy of Ultima: The Reconstruction, which is no longer maintained. Aiera provides a more up-to-date archive of the existing Ultima projects, as well as an Orphanage for abandoned projects like Eriadain.

Aiera is also providing news of the Ultima remakes, as Reconstruction once did. The latest concerns a new client update for Ultima 6 Online and new screenshots released for Ultima IX - Infinity Eternal.

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