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[S][W][R]More Laz material

3rd February 2004 by Dino

The Lazarus team would like to thank three members of the Archon project, as the website says. More download mirrors for the demo have also been added. I took the opportunity to list all the known download mirrors in my Ultima 5 remakes section. UltimaDot has also put up a screenshot gallery for people who don't own Dungeon Siege.

Other news from UltimaDot includes an Ultima X interview at GameZone and a new Ultima X screenshot at OGaming.

For avid Ultima collectors, check out the latest column at Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe, which is about Mount Drash. This link has been added to my Complete Guide to Ultima: Escape from Mount Drash.

As Eric Fry (of Nuvie) has informed me, U6Edit 1.0 has been released.

January 2004 news has been archived.

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