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News articles

[W][R]Exult Mods Updated; U4:VoH version 7.0401 released; UIX:Redemption progress update

3rd April 2007 by Petrell

Exult mods Avatar Pack, Black Gate Keyring and Serpent Isle Fixes have been updated at Seven Towers.

Avatar Pack
version: 0.10.01
- Improved installation instructions.
- Added two new avatars: the bucket-headed avatar of U8 and U9 (both male and female versions) and a long raven-hair male avatar (XXXX).
- Retouched several avatars.

Black Isle Keyring
version: 0.11.10
- New title screen for Keyring mod.
- Modified avatar bodies to be shape 1098.
- Merged updates from the Avatar Pack.
version: 0.11.09a
- Improved installation instructions.

Serpent Isle Fixes
version: 0.15.05
- Added SI Fixes title screen.
version: 0.15.04a
- Improved installation instructions.

Ultima 4 : Virtue of Humility has been updated to version 7.0401.

Changes :
- Paying gold greater than or equal to what the Herb Lady wants, increases Honesty (Before it was Gold>cost)
- Iolo's class changed to a Bard
- Fixed Flicker, this time for good I hope. Y/ell sync to remove it if it does return
- Was told about /Z/tats removing game flicker as well..
- Fixed delay pause on load and changed resolution to 1024x768

Direhaggis posted a short progress update on Redemption at Titans of Ether forums. To sum it up : main plot about halfway done, 30 chapters in total, approx 60-80 hours of gameplay, chapters 1-6 scripted and implemented, 7-12 now being worked on, blacksmithing models and implements almost finished and some of the digitally painted 2D cutscenes finished.

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