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[W][R]Introducing Ultima4Ever

3rd April 2011 by Dino

The latest addition to Spoony's Ultima video reviews is an Ultima Underworld 2 review. This review seems to focus more on Spoony's frustration at getting ripped apart by basic creatures, and less on the actual gameplay and story. In fact the review has received lots of negative comments, both at the Aiera article and the review itself, prompting Spoony to write a followup note (below the video).

Aiera's article about the freeware-ish nature of Ultima 4 has sparked a lot of comments below the article itself, and also across the web. Slashdot has also featured the article in one of its newsposts, as did many other popular websites. Aiera has since posted a followup addressing many of the misconceptions made by these other websites. In more recent news, an anonymous Aiera visitor provided a glimpse of what appears to be Mythic's secret Ultima 4-based project: Ultima4Ever. This piece of news features a snapshot of a video, showing a Britannia-like map. Another clue suggests that it will be an online RPG.

The Titans of Ether have posted an update for February.

More news from Aiera:

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