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[W][R]UXO Artwork, Book of Lore, Time Immortal

3rd July 2004 by Dino

Withstand the Fury Dragon's Time Immortal is back and beautifully redesigned, together with Lost Sosaria.

UXO Stratics pointed out that due to UXO's cancellation, Liquid Development, who played a large role in the development of artwork for the game, has released two demo reels alongside the UXO artwork it already had on its website. There is a Character Animation Demo Reel and a World Building Demo Reel.

There is also a new forum on UXO Stratics called "Ultima - The Book of Lore". This is supposed to be a new Ultima encyclopaedia, i.e. information is being collected in this forum.

Moriendor at UltimaDot pointed out a new UO Client Patch that has been released.

Another client update for Ultima 6 Online has been released. This includes updates related to combat, dialogue, spells, sound and stability.

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