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[W][R]Exult 3D

3rd October 2004 by Dino

The newsbit of the moment is surely the sudden appearance of an Exult 3D, of which many screenshots have been posted on the Exult forum. This effort by Sam Matthews is just like the actual Exult, using the original graphics and all, but adjusted into a nice 3D view.

Someone asked nicely on the Lazarus forum and two new music samples have been released on the Lazarus website.

If you're interested in Ultima IX - Infinity Eternal, you might like to have a look at the new fiction that has just been put up.

For those of you who have had trouble running Nuvie while it was undocumented, there is now some basic documentation that can help you get the game running and that can give you some background information about the changes from the original in Nuvie.

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