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[W][R]Ultima to be re-released with DOSBox

3rd October 2010 by Dino

I got an email from Lord of Ultima about three game updates that are scheduled to be released by the end of the year. They are curiously named "Serpent Isle", "Ascension" and "Forge of Virtue". Following the misuse of the Ultima name in EA Phenomic's latest browser-based strategy game, this announcement is like pouring salt on an open wound to many Ultima fans, most especially seeing how the reuse of classic Ultima game names is not even in the right order!

Sergorn's playthrough of the Ultima series ("Ultima Adventures") is doing well, and for the past few days, having finished Ultima Underworld, he has been playing Ultima 7. Admittedly I have not been following his progress so far, but you can expect to see updates about it here from now on.

As for Sergorn's other Ultima pastime, and that is the relatively new yet ambitious Return to the Serpent Isle project, a September update has been posted. In it, Sergorn tells of the team's progress for the past month. Worldbuilding has begun, and the media page contains screenshots of Withstand the Fury Dragon's work. Also, writing of NPC profiles is ready, and dialogue writing will begin soon.

Those of you who have been following The Spoony Experiment's Ultima video reviews may have come across the Grass Battle competition organised by The Spoony Experiment. From what I could understand, this was a competition where amateurs would put together a short video of an epic battle against grass. Now it turns out that the fifth honourable mention, that is a video called "Journey Onward", is intentionally Ultima-themed. While most of the video is devoid of any story whatsoever, the ending is pretty classic to say the least.

Aiera has been updated a lot in recent days, so let's begin by catching up with its Ultima-related news:

And these are other updates from Aiera which are not Ultima-related:

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