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[S][W][R]Classic Ultima Online Update

3rd November 2015 by Dino

Back in September, Classic Ultima Online (formerly Ultima 4 Multiplayer) was re-released for the 30th anniversary of Ultima 4. The website was updated today with some new info and a downloader for the game client. From the website's latest news:

Classic Ultima Online is once again available to play, thanks to server hosting by David Baity of www.megawars.net. Please visit the download page for the RUM Portal utility used to download, update, and launch the game. The CUO client requires an official installation of Ultima IV Quest of the Avatar, so be sure to get your free copy from gog.com.

I've added an entry for Classic Ultima Online in the U4 info page (under Remakes).

In other news, I've cleaned up dead links in the Ultima 9 Gallery.

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