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[W][R]Underworld Adventures discontinued; Withstand the Fury Dragon returns; Aiera site to be upgraded soon

4th March 2007 by Petrell

Vividos has announced the discontinuation of the Underworld Adventures Project :

Project discontinued

I'm sorry to say that the current status of the Underworld Adventures project is "inactive". I didn't find enough time in the last few months and years to productively work on the project. Another thing that slowed me down a bit is the fact that it should be possible without much work to get Ultima Underworld 1 and 2 to run on Windows XP and later (via the proper settings), using DosBox under non-Windows operating systems, or with using VMware (Player) to emulate the old operating systems.

Nevertheless Underworld Adventures was a fun project and I learned much about open source development, licenses, people, doing script and graphics programming. Hope you enjoyed trying the early versions of Underworld Adventures!

Withstand the Fury Dragon has returned. While away he switched jobs four times, got himself engaged (Poor chap. My condolences ;-p.) and has had more than his share of computer problems. Now that he's back he plans to upgrade Aiera site to, among other enhancements, allow the developers to submit news by email.

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