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4th October 2008 by Dino

Natreg wrote to me last week to tell me about a couple of Ultima blogs I hadn't seen before. The first is his own, called Beyond the Void:

In Natreg's own words: Problem is, it's in spanish. I think there are enough ultima blogs in english, and Ultima is not known that much at Spain, so I decided to show people all about this games.

I'm taking it at a very slow pace (1 post per week), and also not rushing my playthroughs, doing maps (which I post on the blog), and explaining bits of the storyline.

The second blog is Pix's Origin Adventures. This blog is particularly nice because it does not simply walk through the Ultima series textually; it is heavy on images. It is also nice because it deals not only with Ultima but also with other Origin games. In the latest entry, posted today, the author finished Ultima Underworld 2.

News from Aiera: Realms of Ultima, which is the NWN2 equivalent of Project Britannia, has been updated twice recently:

From Aiera: For starters, project lead MokahTGS has posted an article in which he discusses a few of his inspirations, as well as some of the new features of an upcoming NWN2 expansion pack that he is looking forward to making use of.

But additionally, he and fellow developer Jaesun have been working on a contribution to Bouncy Rock Entertainment’s “Community Halloween Project.” Their contribution will evidently be the Grumpy Strumpet tavern, which will in due time become the tavern in [Buccaneer's Den].

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