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[W][R]Titans of Ether looking for new team members, EUO goes 3D and other Ultima news

5th February 2008 by Petrell

Well, WtFD at Aiera beat me to most of these news but anyway :

The Titans of Ether team is looking for World Builders and Writers.

We are looking for 1 or 2 enthusiastic people to help us create NPC's for a few of the cities of virtue, dungeons, the wilderness, and perhaps even locations in the Ether itself. We want an active commitment from folk who are willing to stick with the team until at least alpha testing. For anyone interested, please contact me via PM. Thank you!

There also new developers diary up, this time by Sage, one of the teams dialogue writers.

Ranman posted couple of new gif animations from his Ultima V for Ti Calculators. First shows what happens if Avatar is caught by the guards in Lord Blackthorn's castle and second what happens if entire party succumbs to death.

EUO, the Ultima-like online RPG, is being converted to 3D. More info can be found in EUO3D topic in games forum and the brave can even give the early alpha builds a go.

Realms of Ultima released New Magincia Prefab. It still lacks building interiors and caves but the island itself is fully explorable.

In his blog, Ophidian Dragon has finished Runes of Virtue 2 and is on his second day of playing Ultima IX : Ascension.

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