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[W][R]Ultima 1-4 Released on Good Old Games (and more)

5th September 2011 by Dino

The CRPG Addict has been progressing well with Ultima 5. He has just killed the Shadowlords and is preparing to attempt his final quest.

The Ultima 6 Online website reports that the server IP has changed to the following:

The Titans of Ether posted an update for April-August 2011, and also changed server.

Some interesting posts from the UDIC Facebook Group:

At Forgotten World, Beautiful Britannia 2011 R2 has been released. In other news, a new screenshot shows an the amalgamation of the current U9 tools. Hawkwind has returned to the team to work on the world builder, and progress with property and trigger types was also mentioned.

There have been a number of interesting releases at Good Old Games. Those following Aiera knew that more EA titles were coming, and later that Ultima 1-4 would be released. Aiera complemented each Origin release with a shower of related material:

Later, Withstand the Fury Dragon wrote about patches relevant to the Ultimas on Good Old Games, and Pix released Patcher that handles patching them for you.

More from Aiera:

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