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[S][W][R]Forgotten World and Web Directory return

5th October 2008 by Dino

Hawkwind at Forgotten World wrote to me yesterday to let me know that their website has been updated after several months of inactivity:

After doing a lot of internal work, we decided to move our website to a more flexbile code-base which gave us reason to update our content were necessary. We also have a new feature: The poll. In the first poll, we want to know what people disliked about Ultima IX the most. We hope to have more regular updates from now on.

Although their website has retained the same URL, it now uses the Joomla content management system. Thus the site's appearance and the underlying code structure have both changed.

Yesterday I worked a bit on Dino's Ultima Page:

A big problem with my old Ultima Web Directory was that of how to categorise different Ultima websites, which could fall under several categories. Yesterday I created a database for Ultima websites, which makes the task of categorisation much simpler. However it will be a while before this will be released to the public, since I have yet to build a front end for this database (both for viewing and for updating), and there are many sites I have yet to add.

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