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[W][R][F]Back from slumber

5th December 2005 by Dino

I realise that I've been a bit negligent with updating this site. I could go on ranting about how busy University keeps me, but I'm not one who likes bringing excuses, so let's get down to business. Petrell has kept posting news at the news topic, so you can see a complete list of news since the last update here, complete with quotes from the relevant sites. There have been too many updates in the past month to list in one update, so I'll just list some of the most prominent updates and then post the rest some other time.

After a long period of silence, Corvwyn, leader of Ultima VIII - Exile, posted at a topic in the Exile forum that he is not going to continue working on Exile. While there is still a chance that he reconsiders, Exile can now be considered cancelled, temporarily or otherwise. Here's what he wrote:

I haven't done anything on Exile in a very long time now and to be honest I'm pretty fed up with it. It's mainly the nwn toolset that's busting my chops and I just can't get it to do what I want it to. I also have lots of other things to do, like working on a game for my main project at school.

The way I imagine it now is that once I'm done with that game project I'll have gotten much better at making engines and I'll be able to use that knowledge for Ultima Exile. I'm not promising anything here, but I might just make an engine for Exile. I think it will be much easier to get it the way I want it to and I won't get tired of it like I did now.

I'll have to think about all this though, but unfortunately I don't think I'll continue this project. It's with a heavy heart I say this since I've promised things to you already and I really wanted it to work out.

Sorry guys (and girls even though I don't think there are any) ...

And after several months of silence, there is news at the Nuvie website. Among the many additions are cosmetic improvements and added functionality, but the most prominent news is that combat is being implemented.

Among other changes, the Pentagram website reports that the Pentagram savegame format has been fixed, so that there should always be backward compatibility for savegames from now on.

A fanfiction called "Saying Goodbye" by Opera Dragon, which was originally a fanfiction for Ultima IX: Redemption, has been added to the Dragon Press.

With the release of their remake nearing with every day that passes, the Lazarus team have released a series of talking points at their forum:

  1. Talking Point #1: Eb the Busboy by J.theYellow - shows Lazarus from a dialogue perspective, featuring Eb, the busboy at the Wayfarer Inn in Britain (includes the original dialogue, some new dialogue, and portrait).
  2. Talking Point #2: Four New Faces by J.theYellow - four characters that weren't in the original game and will be new faces in Lazarus (with portraits and extracts from dev docs).
  3. Talking Point #3: Wrong Place, Right Time by Claymore - a journey into Dungeon Wrong (with screenshots of the original dungeon and that in Lazarus).
  4. Talking Point #4: Questing On by Sutek - about questing (with Lazarus screenshots).
  5. Talking Point #5: Region Profiles by J.theYellow - about "literary guides for all habited regions of Lazarus" (includes the region profile for Castle British and a screenshot).
  6. Talking Point #6: NPCs and the Backstory by Fengul - shows how the dialogue with Nicole of Jhelom reflects the problems in the world (includes dialogue screenshots).
  7. Talking Point #7: An American Newbie in Britannia by Dirt - about Ultima seen through new eyes (includes excerpts from design documents).
  8. Talking Point #8: Visiting a Sick Friend by J.theYellow - documents some time spent in Trinsic, particularly to show off NPC scheduling (includes screenshots).
  9. Talking Point #9: Campfire Tales by J.theYellow - documents a night of sleep in the wilderness, accompanied by an apparition of Lord British in a dream (includes screenshots).

Aside from the talking posts, a Lazarus trailer (10MB) has also been released. Download links are available on the project website (under the relevant news).

That's all for today... I'll go on catching up with news another day.

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