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[W][R]Catching up for Christmas

5th December 2010 by Dino

So, the Christmas season is around the corner, and it is traditionally good at keeping me busy. So let's catch up on the Ultima news lately...

The Forgotten World website has been quite busy with news lately. Here's a summary:

Spoony's Ultima 6 video review is online. Withstand the Fury Dragon isn't quite happy with the bashing of his (and my) favourite Ultima.

Ultima 6 Online has news of some sort of gargoyle invasion or such:

"Strange lunar forces are driving the Gargoyle horde deep into Britain! Arm thyselves to the teeth should you wish to visit Britain's Major shops! British Commands the town militia to advance! Log in and do such!"

The Titans of Ether have posted their update for October 2010.

More Ultima-related news from Aiera:

Aiera news that is not Ultima-related:

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