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[W][R]Ultima Online: Serpent Isle

6th May 2020 by Dino

There's a recent project around that's bringing the world of Serpent Isle to Ultima Online. It's called Ultima Online: Serpent Isle, and according to its author:

higHChloride writes: "Ultima Online: Serpent Isle is a shard in active development featuring an ongoing recreation of the Serpent Isle map. The cities of Monitor, Fawn, and Moonshade are already completed, as is the Inn of the Sleeping Bull, and players are invited to log on now and begin their adventures. Alongside tile-by-tile recreations of the original locations, there are new areas which take advantage of unused or previously inaccessible parts of the map. The shard is running on modified Stygian Abyss era rules and PvP is enabled. A customized client is offered which includes both artwork and music featured in the original game. You can find more by visiting https://uoserpentisle.com."

I've added entries for this project in the Serpent Isle info page and in the WebDB2.

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