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[W][R][F]Dragon Press and more

6th June 2006 by Dino

The Dragon Press now hosts two new fanfictions by Great Siberian Dragon - "Great Siberian Cousins" and "Avatar's Pagan Journal". The Dragon Press also mentions that Damien Barban's Ultima 7 comic is complete, and has a new link to the Serpent Isle comic that is now in progress.

The Titans of Ether have launched a new contest: answer 43 questions correctly and you can (be the only one to) get to see an exclusive in-game video.

Other news from the Titans of Ether is that Redemption featured in a PC Powerplay article.

Infinity Eternal updates I missed:

The Forgotten World project has a new home. The site has undergone some minor changes, and some new members were recruited.

David Randall, responsible for the remake of Ultima V for TI Calculators, wrote that "NPC shoppe talk is complete"; more information is available at the U5TICalc forum at TI-Freakware.

Ultima 4 Multiplayer has seen several updates since the last news I mentioned here (15th April). Since the site has been redesigned, you can read the news on the site's main page or at the server site. The new updates include:

Petrell noticed a post at Aiera's Sword and Shield forum, where Major_Error (leader of the slumbering Agape project) stated that "Agape is closed untill the release of the new NWN2 toolset," "hopefully around September or earlier".

The Lazarus homepage sports a beautiful crossbow, hand-made by David "Iolo" Watson himself, which was sent to Tiberius as a gift from fans. The crossbow comes complete with a serpent logo and is signed by Lord British himself.

An Ultima 5: Lazarus review has surfaced on UltimaDot. Lazarus scored a considerable 10/10 in the review.

Petrell spotted a topic at the Exult forum about using a dance pad to actually walk in Britannia in Exult. There is also a page with instructions on how to use it for Exult.

That's all, folks! (for today)

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