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[S]Savage Empire Opinions restored; change in web host

6th June 2015 by Dino

Many of the Ultima info pages at Dino's Ultima Page have a page for Opinions, where people could once post what they thought about the game. Alas, these have been disabled for several years due to relentless spam attacks.

I am now in the process of restoring them to their former glory. A functional Ultima 1 Opinions page was added last year. Today, I have re-enabled the Savage Empire Opinions page. We all know this game has received lots of love. So please, visit the Savage Empire Opinions and write about it!

On another note, over the past couple of weeks Dino's Ultima Page (together with the rest of my sites) has transitioned to a different web host. This should be transparent to the rest of you, but it means I avoid getting ripped off by my former web host. A consequence of this is that the server is now hosted in Europe, but I'm pretty sure you won't notice any difference in page loading times.

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