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[S][W][R]Legend and U6P; SE guide progress

6th September 2005 by Dino

Sergorn Dragon is still adding content to The Ultima Legend. The latest additions are a Martian Dreams walkthrough and the "Other Universes" section.

Meanwhile Team Archon (which is developing the Ultima 6 Project) is proud to welcome on board the new SFX contributor, Exotronium, who is fairly young but also very talented.

My Savage Empire guide is still in progress. I know I said on 26th August that the guide may be released "in a few days' time", but that was a rather optimistic estimate. I've been working mostly on adding dialogues and cutscenes, and I've been writing the walkthrough, which is about half-done. Quite a few pages are already done (including Companions, Magic, Fun, Opinions, Credits and the Main page) but others still need a bit of work (Travel is almost done, but Items, Maps & Places and Landscape in particular still need a lot of work). Besides, some of the cutscenes and dialogue I've transcribed from the game are still written on paper, and it will take a lot of work to add them. I won't release the guide before it's as complete as can be, so this can take a month or more. I'll keep you posted.

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