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[S][W][R]Speculation on redesign

7th January 2004 by Dino

In my forum, I've been discussing the possibility of a redesign to Dino's Ultima Page. This wouldn't change much in terms of appearance compared to how it is now, but much more content would be added and the site would be more dynamic, allowing easy addition of new content. This update may take very long, but at the end of the day it will benefit the site a lot. Such a redesign is currently speculation, but may become in progress soon if I get enough feedback.

Nytefall, a 2D artist, has joined Ultima V: Lazarus. Team Lazarus also thanks Team Elemental and Team Archon for their recent help.

UltimaDot also brings another two updates to attention - the first is that Era may have been updated with new Emers Isle screenshots but made no note on the news page about such an update, and the Lost Sosaria website has been relaunched with some new content and revised pages.

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