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[W][R]Various updates

7th January 2006 by Dino

If you thought only Exult was being developed for the GP2X handheld device (see 22nd December news), take a look at the screenshot in this topic. One of the reasons that projects like Exult and Nuvie are so great is that they are so portable. Apart from posting a screenshot of Nuvie on GP2X, Eric Fry also wrote something about what he's working on at the moment, in that topic.

The Ultima 6 Online website tells us to look out for a client and host update in 7 days (from 6th January).

News of Ultima VIII - Exile's demise has finally reached its website's news page. Corvwyn posted an article about the cancellation of the project.

All Lazarus music is now available online, along with album art. Also, Carsten "Cavon" Vonnahme is the first person to have finished Lazarus, and is about to receive a Team Lazarus polo shirt as an award.

The following news comes courtesy of Petrell who posted it (along with all the rest) in the news topic:

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