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[W][R]Various updates (yes, AGAIN)

7th February 2006 by Dino

Again, I have been very busy (with exams this time) and have been unable to take care of this site. And as usual, Petrell has been posting updates in the old forum topic. Because of the ever-increasing length of that topic, we agreed to start a new news topic. Petrell has been posting news there ever since.

A concern arose at my forum recently because Hacki's Ultima Page and The Wayward Avatar (forum) could not be found at their original locations. Both have been found:

The Ultima 6 Project mentions three new recruits; but it still has lots of open positions for people willing and able to join the team. One of the new recruits, responsible for bringing the gargoyles to life, has a kind of online journal of his work.

Ultima 6 Online has been updated. There are new spells to cast and new places to visit, and you can upload custom portraits and use your microphone to voice chat.

That's all for today, but there have been a lot of updates I haven't mentioned here yet. I'll be posting them here sometime soon, but until then, stay current with Petrell's updates to the Ultima news topic in the forum.

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