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News articles

[W][R]Enilno Renders, U6 Project Offline

7th April 2004 by Withstand the Fury Dragon

Surely the biggest news has to be the release of four rendered images of what Enilno, the Ultima 2 remake, will look like "in-game". These images appear to be exclusive to UltimaDot, but news of them is also on the Enilno site.

Also on the Enilno site is mention of the posting of part two of their story introduction.

Strangely, the Ultima 6 Project website appears to be down for construction of some kind. Perhaps a left-over April Fool's joke? The site can still be reached through Planet DungeonSiege.

Imperial Chaos Dragon is now the latest Dragon on the UDIC roster.

As well, you might want to head over to the Time Immortal website, where there is mention of a proposed second project for that team.

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