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[W][R]Forgotten World strides ahead

7th August 2011 by Dino

A lot of things have been brewing at Forgotten World, as Iceblade wrote in his most recent news posts:

On an Ultima-unrelated note, Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera responded to Rock Paper Shotgun's article about game photographer and posted several screenshots of The Sims 3 and Galaxy on Fire 2 (both for iPhone). Being a 'game photographer' is probably very common among gamers - we all tend to love keeping memoirs of our progress through games, and the many recent Ultima playthrough blogs are testimony to that. I personally have also screenshotted my way through several games, including several Ultimas (see walkthroughs in Dino's Ultima Page) and other games (see Game Info page in my other site).

Still on an Ultima-unrelated note, WtFD wrote a bit about file hosting services, giving his opinion on which service would be better for hosting any (possibly Ultima project related) material.

Aiera has the following news concerning Richard Garriott and Origin:

Other Ultima project-related news from Aiera:

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