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[S][W][R]Back to decoding Ultima 1... or not?

7th November 2008 by Dino

Over the past few days I restarted the project I was working on a year and a half ago - that of building a basic engine for Ultima 1. The original project was written in C, and wasn't very well-structured, so I was reluctant to get back to it. The project had nonetheless reached map viewer stage.

At this point I have a better-structured program written in C++. It's still at the tile viewer stage, but it will take little effort to make a map viewer out of it since it's already work in progress.

I am going to have to take a break from this little trip to the past, because of University. My attitude to this new project is the same as that I had for the old one: I don't promise it will ever get anywhere, and where it's got to is already far better than nothing. It has served to populate the Ultima 1 Guide with technical info anyway.

Anyone who would like to play with the code or extend it is welcome to contact me. Natreg is also giving a little hand with technical info, and I will soon be updating the information in the Ultima 1 Guide to reflect the latest information I have about the file formats.

Now for some news from the web...

After almost two months of silence, Ophidian Dragon posted a review of Ultima 5 in his Blogging Ultima page.

Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera posted about the new Feudal Lands website, which I thought had disappeared from the web until today.

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