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[W][R]Catching up a bit

8th March 2006 by Dino

Most of the news mentioned here has been posted by Petrell in the Ultima news topic, so thanks a lot to Petrell.

Galadis (website: fantasiart), who has done quite a bit of artwork for the Ultima community, has finished his 83-page Ultima 7: The Black Gate comic. The finished comic was released on 15th January, and is available only in English.

The Pentagram team posted an update:

The last few months have been a bit quiet, but development has been moving forward. We have fixed a couple of potentially serious usecode interpreter bugs, and some further Avatar movement problems. Preliminary support for the Japanese version of Ultima 8 has also been added.

News from UltimaDot: according to the EUO development journal, EUO will apparently no longer be worked on, but is not being shut down.

Posted by Hoki-Aamrel the Cherry-Red Dragon: "Apparently, GameTap.com, a game subscription service, will be publishing Ultima 1-6."

Kevin Fishburne, who's developing the Ultima 5 for Morrowind mod, got a new web server, and got the forum working again. Also, he has announced that new screenshots and Littoral's source code will be released soon.

News from the Ultima 6 Project:

At a topic in my forum, Lutefisk (who used to be (is?) a regular poster at the Exile forum) announced that he is working on a multiplayer version of Ultima 8, but needs the help of a graphics programmer to get the job done.

JP Morris of IT-HE Software fame has released version 0.93 of his IRE (IT-HE RPG Engine).

Speaking of IT-HE Software, the latest news there (19th January) mentions that JP Morris' "current project is U5:Lazarus". I presume this means that JP Morris is someday going to write an anti-walkthrough for the remake.

There is still a lot of news I have to catch up with, especially from Lazarus, Exult mods, Nazghul and Ashes, but there's too much to post all at once. I'll continue catching up later on.

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