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[W][R]U6 Project Correction

8th April 2004 by Withstand the Fury Dragon

Okay, first off, I would like to apologize to Team Archon and the Ultima 6 Project. I am, it seems, crazy. The U6 Project website is not actually broken; it's just that I have the wrong link here. Instead of linking to u6project.com, the link should point to u6archon.com, which is still active. Thanks and kudos to Gunnar and Zephyr for pointing this out to me. I'll inform Dino that some of his links are broken when he gets back.

In other news, there are two new Dragons on the roster, Dragon-tamer Kyara Dragon and inu Dragon.

Lastly, for anyone wondering what's become of U9 Redemption, you should check out their forum over at the Wayward Avatar, because there has been quite a lot of talk about the new team and the new site (which is due to launch very soon). From the sound of it, the team has regrouped after the apparent loss of Avatus, and a new leader who goes by the name Xodus316 has posted a call for new team members.

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